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Shkolnikov Helena Petrovna

( Honored Artist of Russia.)

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Biography Shkolnikov Helena Petrovna
Elena Shkolnikova was born in Moscow, in a musical family. Father - Peter Demichev Nilovich (1918 g.rozhd.), Starting from 70-ies in 20 years was the Minister of Culture of the USSR, and then was chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council. At the present time - retired. Mother - Demicheva Maria (1919 g.rozhd.) Professional singer for 20 years worked in the chorus im.A.V.Sveshnikova. After becoming the first vocal teacher Lena, mother and now remains the most rigorous of its critics, adviser and friend, who more than anyone else worried about every performance of his daughter. Son - Peter Shkolnikov.

From early childhood, Elena started to play music on the piano. After graduating from music school Gnesin and eighth grade English special school, she enrolled in music school Gnesin on choir conductor separation. After graduating with honors from college two years she studied at the vocal faculty of music school at the Moscow Conservatory in the class of Professor ED Kruglikova. Then, from 1973 to 1978. was a student of the vocal faculty of the Moscow Conservatory: first engaged in the class of ED Kruglikova, and later - Professor EV Obraztsova.

When Helen first came to the lesson to EV Obraztsova, she was very timid because Obraztsova - its ideal, the legend. Shkolnikov reviewed all the performances with the participation of famous performers, constantly listening to recordings, chamber concerts, and now it was her student! Embarrassment and shyness quickly gone. Elena was friendly and patient. Schools, which she passed with EV Obraztsova, according to the singer, it will last for a lifetime.

After graduating from the Moscow Conservatory excellent Elena Shkolnikova was admitted to graduate school and, simultaneously, in praktikantskuyu the Bolshoi Theater.

A year later, Helen was enrolled in the trainee group of theater, and after the performance of the party Despina in Mozart's opera "Cosц╛ fan tutte woman" she was transferred to the Bolshoi Theater as a soloist in opera

. Over 18 years of work in the Main Theater of the country EP Shkolnikova created a series of expressive memorable images: Brigitta (Iolanta Tchaikovsky), . Xenia (Boris Godunov "by Mussorgsky), . Prilep ( "The Queen of Spades Tchaikovsky), . Despina (Cosц╛ fan tutte women "Mozart), . Sonia Gurvich ( "Dawns Here Are Quiet" K. Molchanov), . Oscar (Un ballo in maschera Giuseppe Verdi), . Olga (The Story of a Real Man "by S. Prokofiev), . Antonida ( "Ivan Susanin Glinka), . Marfa (The Tsar's Bride "N.V.Rimskogo-Korsakov), . Sophie ( "Werther" by J. IAIS), . Louise (Duenna Prokofiev), . Iphigenia (Iphigenia in Aulis, by Gluck), . Violetta (La Traviata Verdi) and other,

At the Bolshoi Theater Elena Shkolnikova repeatedly toured in this country and abroad.

In addition to working in the theater Elena Shkolnikova devoted much time concert activity. Since 1996. She is a soloist of the Moscow State Philharmonic. She has performed with various ensembles: brass band with Bolshoi Theater under the direction of Andropov, . sextet with the Bolshoi Theater, . with symphony orchestras led by V. Fedoseev, . V. Dudarova, . D. Kitaenko, . National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Russia im.N.P.Osipova running N. Kalinina,
. With a sextet of the Bolshoi Theater Elena Shkolnikova toured abroad: in Italy, Greece, Japan, Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey.

For years, Helen Shkolnikova worked closely with the Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television under the baton of Alexander Mikhailov, who was her husband. As Elena said, it was a true love that can ever be in life and very important for women. He was a man and a very talented man

. With this team of Helena Petrovna participated in many television, . concerts, . dedicated to the works of contemporary composers, . participated in a series of television shows for young people in the Great Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic, . concerts in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, . which were performed "Requiem" Mozart, . Requiem Verdi, . "Carmina Burana" by C. Orff, . The Bells by Rachmaninov,
. With Symphony Orchestra conducted by A. Mikhailova Elena Shkolnikova repeatedly toured in this country and abroad: to Spain, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Norway, United States. In New York at Carnegie Hall, she sang soprano in the Requiem, Mozart.

Last year EA SHkol'nikovoj produced and performed several solo concerts in which music played Schumann, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Grieg. In 1998. held recitals singer in Switzerland.

Speaking at the best scenes of the world, she performs the works of a variety of genre, form, content. Here and classical arias from operas and vocal works accompanied by organ, original works by contemporary composers, excerpts from operettas, popular songs.

A sensitive world, a woman with a profound spiritual experiences, Elena Shkolnikova could not ignore the element of the Russian romance. In 1998. was recorded a CD with the program of Russian romances. In, . as they sang Elena Shkolnikov, . even in the modulations of her voice, . many national, . truly Russian, . that one is reminded of her Martha from "The Tsar's Bride", . Ksenia from "Boris Godunov", . Antonida of "Ivan Susanin" - wonderful images of Russian women with their spiritual Stainless, . faithfulness, . devotion, . their courage,

Her voice - a lyric coloratura soprano - combines the ease and expressiveness, agility and passionate tenderness. When she goes on stage, it fascinates listeners with sincerity of execution, the desire to share with all the dearest, most cherished. She has mastered the magical power to influence the audience and gives them a sense of contact with this great art. The singer was able to say that life, despite everything, is beautiful and it is, what joy and love that.

Elena Shkolnikova - Honored Artist of Russia (1986), winner of the International Vocal Competition im.Viotti in Vercelli (Italy, 1983).

Idol of the singer, an example of diligence and fanaticism in the works for her is Elena Obraztsova. She likes to work the world opera stars Mirela Freni. Favorite domestic film actor - Vladimir Tikhonov, burning, V. Ivashov, E. Bystritskaya, L. Hityaeva, N. Gundareva.

His credo Elena Shkolnikova believed to carry light and joy to people. This, it should be not only on stage but in his spare time. She loves to dance, she has a huge thirst for self-improvement, to the knowledge of the world. That is why a lot of time, it pays to read the psychological and philosophical literature of different systems of healing, for example, agni yoga, regularly dousing with cold water and is engaged in fasting. Elena loves nature, animals, living in her house, two dogs and a cat.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Shkolnikov, Elena Petrovna

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Shkolnikov Helena Petrovna

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Shkolnikov Helena Petrovna, photo, biography
Shkolnikov Helena Petrovna, photo, biography Shkolnikov Helena Petrovna  Honored Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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