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Eisen Arthur Arturovich

( People's Artist of USSR)

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Biography Eisen Arthur Arturovich
photo Eisen Arthur Arturovich
Born June 8, 1927 in Moscow in a family of Latvian revolutionaries. The house Eisen always sounded music and poetry. My father loved to read poetry, played the violin, the whole family sang folk songs. And in the house was an old gramophone records and Shaliapin. Arthur, Jr., in the courtyard at school nicknamed the "artist" - he enthusiastically participated in the school hudrozhestvennoy initiative - and so nobody was surprised when fresh from school in 1944. after school A. Eisen joined the cast of the High School drama school named after BV Shchukin at the State Academic Theater im.Evg.Vahtangova, . where he studied with the future stars of the theatrical arts Yu Borisova, . V. Lanovoy, . E. Simonov, . M. Ulyanov,
. The artistic director of the course was an outstanding master of the theater I. Tolchanov. In college Artur Eisen also studied and musical subjects: his teacher was a pupil of plastic Jacques-Dalcroze W. Griner. At the same time taking classes in vocal from singer known in the past N.Popovoy-Narutowicz. Her memories of Chaliapin further inflame "passions of the opera" Young Vakhtangov. He frequently attends performances of a nearby opera studio of the Moscow Conservatory, increasingly sings at student gatherings and "Voices".

Arthur Arturovich loves theater in all its manifestations. "At the bottom," "Children of the Sun", "Old Friends", "Boris Godunov" - just some of the productions Theater Vakhtangov, in which participated A. Eisen. After graduation in 1948. Arthur Eisen was adopted in Theater im.Evg.Vahtangova and simultaneously became a member of a new youth association "Moscow literary reading". Seemed determined creative way to the summit of Mount Olympus.

But "Mr. Case has turned the life of an actor in his own. While still a student Arthur Eisen for the first time "tried" to be a vocalist: first, he skillfully copied famous singers - A. Pirogov, . M. Reizen, . Mikhailova, . and then during the first tour of literary theater in Ukraine on one of the concerts the audience "requested" ... songs,
. Arthur Eisen then sang all their vocal repertoire, repeated them for an encore and was the "highlight" of the program. Back in Moscow, could not resist - again became a student. First, a music school, a year - Musical-Pedagogical Institute Gnesinyh, and the third course - the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. A year before its end came the first success. Summer 1955. at the V World Youth Festival in Warsaw, the jury unanimously awarded the Vocalists Muscovite Arthur Eisen gold medal and the Laureate title.

In parallel with studies at the Conservatory Arthur Eisen became a singer twice his Red. A. Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army (1949-1956 gg.). Working in such a highly professional team - an important milestone in the creative life of the singer. It was a difficult period in his life, . demanded A. Eyzena perseverance, . extracts, . determination: lessons in the Conservatory, . exams and rehearsals, . performances and visits to the concert brigades in the country, . tour abroad and binding, . daily rehearsals with the accompanist,
. The singer is preparing a big solo programs for performances at major concert halls of Moscow. It was in these years, the singer comes to the wide popularity. He frequently appeared on radio, in his performance sounded very many Soviet songs, his voice became a recognizable. In 1956, Mr.. Arthur Eisen received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

At the end of 1956. took a brilliant debut Arthur Eyzena at the Bolshoi Theater in Don Basilio in the play "The Barber of Seville". Since January 1957. To this day, A. Eisen - soloist opera theater of the first countries. The harmonious combination of vocal and acting of data when one is not sacrificed to another, identifies talent Eyzena even against the backdrop of a brilliant galaxy of soloists of the Bolshoi Theater - A. Pirogov, A. Krivchenya, I. Petrov, E. Ivanov, A. Ognivtsev ... Here are just some of the parties, . sung artist, . during more than 40 years of work on the main stage of Russia, . in the most prestigious opera houses throughout the world: Don Basilio (Il Barbiere di Siviglia Rossini), . Mephistopheles ( "Faust" by Gounod), . Pestel ( "Decembrists V. Shabalin), . Ivan Khovansky (Khovanshchina), . Boris Godunov and Barlaam ( "Boris Godunov" by Mussorgsky), . Ivan the Terrible (The Maid of Pskov by Rimsky-Korsakov), . Sobakin (The Tsar's Bride "), . Tsar Saltan (The Tale of Tsar Saltan "by Rimsky-Korsakov), . Farlaf (Ruslan and Ludmilla "by Mikhail Glinka), . Galitsky (Prince Igor "A. Borodin), . Miller ( "Mermaid" M. Dargomyzhsky), . Sergeant Vasco ( "Dawns Here Are Quiet" K. Molchanov), . Baptista (Taming of the Shrew "V. Shabalin), . Tkachenko (Semyon Kotko Prokofiev), . Fedotov ( "Not Only Love" by R. Shchedrin), . Commissioner ( "The Story of a Real Man" by S. Prokofiev) - a gallery of various and vivid images!,

. The priority in the work of the party for the AA Eyzena always been a musical interpretation of the image, the vocal side execution
. Voice Eyzena differs remarkably wide range, soft sound, mobility, colorful. The singer takes it easy and low bass sounds, and at the same time affects confidence and brightness of filing baritonovyh upper. However, there is absolutely no "break" in the timbre coloring or unnatural sounding voice.

Performances on the opera stage do not limit the creative activities of the entertainer - it is still versatile and full of. Arthur Eisen serves the most famous venues around the world accompanied by the best orchestras and ensembles. He was lucky to work with such fine conductors as Melik-Pashayev, S. Lynching, BI Khaikin, M. Zhukov, V. Nebol'sin, K. Kondrashin, E. Svetlanov. So, with the State Symphony Orchestra under Evgeny Svetlanov, he sang the title role in the opera by Rachmaninov's Aleko, was among the first performers on the concert stage, opera B. Rubin "July Sunday". With G. Rozhdestvensky and the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra was made in the Thirteenth Symphony Shostakovich, R. Shchedrin in the oratorio "Lenin in the heart of the popular".

In the Paris Grand Opera maestro Arthur Eisen from Moscow three times, he sang an encore the famous "Dubinushka". The hall was going on something unheard. Japanese press called A. Eyzena "bass Italian type, with excellent staging Voices. British critics noted that "in the lower registers of his voice can be as rich as the sound of an organ. Its nuances are forced to remember the magic string instrument ". The American described the singer as "a superb singing actor".

A great place in the creative biography of the singer's concert activity takes. For many years, AA Eisen performed in ensemble with a wonderful accompanist, student Newgause - Kirill L. Vinogradov. This creative friendship gave rise to a whole program of works by classical composers, folk songs. In his concert repertoire includes works by Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Mussorgsky, R. Schumann, Beethoven, Schubert, Grieg, Delibes A.. Singer willingly performs with vocal academic programs, consisting of operatic arias and songs. At the same time in his repertoire is a great place and chamber music: works by Russian and Soviet composers. He became the first performer of many of them in concert. Among them - "Findlay" G. Sviridov on the works of R. Burns, and "Serenade of Don Quixote" Kabalevsky. Each vocal miniatures by the artist - a brilliant genre scene, be it "Goat" by Mussorgsky, or "Worm" Dargomyzhsky. And what a laugh - in "Flea" by Mussorgsky and Gounod's Mephistopheles' serenade: a gruff, folk humor and subtle "satanic" irony. For many years, an artist fascinated by expanding the geographical range of its performing assets. Thus was born the program "Songs of different peoples, representing distinctive vocal portraits of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Spain.

In recent years, Arthur Eisen often and has toured extensively with the winner of the All-Russia competition and international festivals quartet "Moscow Balalaika". Concerts were a great success in many cities of Russia: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Arkhangelsk, Tomsk and Kurgan, Chita, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, and Syktyvkar ...

Cooperation with KL Vinogradov gave an impetus and teaching Arthur Arturovich Eyzena. For many years now a professor at Russia's Academy of Music Gnesinyh Arthur Eisen transfers its skills to young artists. Five of his former students are now soloists of the Bolshoi Theater.

A. Eisen - People's Artist of the USSR, Honored Artist of many union and autonomous republics, the Chevalier of the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1971), the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1988). He was awarded honorary decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of former Soviet republics, the medal "For Valiant Labor in commemoration of 100 anniversary of the birth of Lenin ', a bronze medal VDNH USSR.

One reason for the consistently high art AA Eyzena is his inexhaustible energy, optimism, in his enthusiasm for life, people, nature. He is always cheerful, smart, courteous and considerate, being a living example for the young, and sometimes reproach their negligence and laxity. Painting, poetry, hiking, hunting, fishing - this is not a complete list of artist's passion. Well owning the Latvian language, it translates into Russian poetry John Rainis. Favorite Eyzena poets whose works he ever reread - R. Gamzatov and K. Kuliev. A. Eisen - a connoisseur of fine paintings by Russian artists, the Wanderers, while at the same time it attracts sophisticated color paintings by French masters. Traveled the world, Eisen likes to spend free time at home outdoors, in a quiet, untouched by civilization. Communion with nature, according to Arthur Arturovich - the best incentive to creative activity, a good charge for further work.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • jenja for Eisen Arthur Arturovich
  • I am deeply shocked by the news of the death of Arthur Arturovich. I knew him for performances in touring productions of Gorky's opera and remember him rezhde all, as an outstanding singer and beautiful, friendly person. Land him down.
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    Eisen Arthur Arturovich, photo, biography
    Eisen Arthur Arturovich, photo, biography Eisen Arthur Arturovich  People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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