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Komleva Gabriela Trofimovna

( People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate)

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Biography Komleva Gabriela Trofimovna
photo Komleva Gabriela Trofimovna
Born Dec. 27, 1938 in Leningrad. Father - Komlev Trofim Ivanovich (1904-1942), worked as a senior electrician Baltic Shipping. Mother - Komleva (Kulyavik) Lucie Petrovna (1910-1987), daughter of Poles from the Warsaw and the Germans of Kronstadt colony near Oranienbaum.

Father Gabriela Komleva to his service often went to the foreign traffic, so the house was seldom. The beginning of the war he met in Tallinn and was saved by a miracle: the bystanders were fleet was defeated. The Hip hit the shore, air and sea. Go grayer - in thirty-six years. In the first winter of the blockade maintained diesel-powered "Molotov", standing in the Leningrad port: the vessel gave the electricity the production process. Here ill with pulmonary tuberculosis. Patients sent him to perform a special assignment. In the unconscious it was removed from the train to Vologda, and July 5, 1942 he died. He was buried there in mass grave.

It was my father's family owes its salvation in the severe winter of the siege 41-th. Autumn shipping company as usual, at the end of the last foreign voyage, the remnants of food distributed. Biscuits dressed relatives. Father then managed to get on board of wood, a bag of coffee and some biscuits. These wood, coffee and biscuits helped the family survive.

Spring Gabriela overcame dystrophy. The doctor warned - save can only check in, and his father insisted on the evacuation.

Through Ladoga crossed when the ice has melted, and the machine went on the water. Some failed. Their vehicle reached the shore. Eventually got to Siberia, where we found my grandmother and grandfather, who had to leave not taken by the Nazis Kronkoloniyu, fearing not so much hunger and shelling, as my grandmother's German origin. There, in the Lower Tavda, Gabriela with her mother and lived the remainder of the war. My mother worked as a tutor in an orphanage for children who lost parents in those years. It also learned removed from besieged Leningrad students. Leningrad teachers organized performances and concerts. Thus began the "artistic activities" Gabriela Komleva.

In 1948 he returned to Leningrad: mother felt sorry for her orphaned students and long put off the departure from Siberia. As a result, the family lost the right to left in the city of living space: the term has expired announced. Sheltered Komleva relatives: they are now once again live together, as in Siberia, sharing one room in a communal apartment corridor type. Later, a huge house in Ligovka near Moscow railway station resettled and rebuilt in the hotel "Oktyabrskaya".

Traction Gabriela decided to support the dance, and she was led to view the Leningrad State Choreographic School. In the composition of selection committee attended the famous Vaganova. She identified the girl and prophecy: "Out of this, with a huge bow, may withdraw sense!".

Komleva did not have to learn from the Vaganova, but school graduation Vaganov it was better than any other direct pupils. She studied it with zeal. Classical dance lessons from wonderful teachers: first - in E.P.Snetkovoy-Vecheslova, then - at VP Mey. Accomplishes choreographic education in VS Kostrovitskoy, niece of the great French poet Guillaume Apollinaire. Brilliant methodologist, the closest aide Vaganova, she was a true artist of dance and the St. Petersburg intelligentsia. Knew and loved music, poetry, literature. Well versed in painting and even painted herself. These traits of his character with the Vaganova schooling she gave her favorite pupil.

In the graduating class Gabriela zeal that led to serious injury. It was believed that the profession dancer eliminated. Traumatologist NA Dembo undertook to help and literally put their feet Komleva. By passing more than six months, she was taking state exams, along with classmates. She danced on our final performance pas de deux from "Don Quixote, Grand Pas from" Laurencia "and the lyrical number, staged for her teacher to dance duet NN Serebrennikov -" Consolation "by F. Liszt. As a result, Gabriela Komleva received a diploma with honors.

From 1957 to 1989 Komleva - in the ballet troupe of the Leningrad State Academic Opera and Ballet Kirov (now Mariinsky Theater). Due to lack of vacancies at first it was accepted as an intern. Beginning with the corps de ballet, but immediately began to receive and solo space. Rehearsed Party classical repertoire with wonderful artists BV Sharov, EM, Luc, NV Baltacheevoy, NV Belikova.

Initially thought Komleva lyrical dancer, whose ideal - the party of Maria in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai. But it was the first fully revealed in the ballet to music by J. Belsky Petrova "Coast of Hope", in conventionally stylized, enigmatic party lost loved. This was the first real premiere in the life of artist: so she had access to the modern repertoire.

Contrasts tragically bound in body and cruise breaks hand passed the hopelessness of crying, frustrated outburst girl-bird fly. And if the next greatest successes were Komleva Nikia, . Raymond, . Mekhmeneh-Banu, . Kitri, . Lot besides, . then "Cowboys" - a concert room, . posed for Jacobson, G. and K. Komleva Zaklinskaya, . surprised even the most ardent fans of his ballerina acute specificity,
. Surely only a seer could predict Jacobson Komleva in this crazy, angular girl, so funny and charmingly combines awkwardness - with acrobatic feats, whim - with genuine openness of heart. That was new for all, suddenly and defiantly funny: has unveiled yet another facet of life multi Komleva.

In 1961, Belsky put the "Leningrad Symphony" to the music of the first part of the Seventh Symphony of Shostakovich. In the performance involved only young actors and rehearsals were held after working hours. Party Girls was created specifically for Komleva, and became for her a favorite. While Komleva appeared on stage, she always insisted that the statement was not dropped from the repertoire. Subsequently, on TV was filmed excerpt from "Coast of Hope" (all that remained of the play) and the whole - "Leningrad Symphony".

Much of the creative biography of Gabriela Komleva identified a meeting with NM Dudinskaya. In 1962, the artist included in its youth-led class enhancements. In the same year under the leadership of Dudinskaya Komleva prepared the role of Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty". Over the next eight years she has received from the hands of mentor all parties of the classical ballet repertoire. Teacher and pupil combined obsession, a passion for dance, demanding of themselves, the obsession with virtuosity, musicality. Komleva participated in the creative evenings Dudinskaya - "Class Concert" at the stage of Philharmonic Hall in Leningrad and Moscow. This repertoire was enriched by the dancer Paquita, a fragment of "Crystal Palace" D. Balanchine to music by Bizet, "Pas de Quatre" C. Puni staged by A. Valley.

Participation in the formulation of M. Vinogradov "Goryanka to music Kazhlaeva M. (1968) was a milestone in the development of modern dance artist. It is extremely virtuosic dance became a sign of extremely intense inner life. Komleva was interesting to compete in skill with brilliant dancers Panova, O. Sokolov, contest gave a special nerve and the dynamics of the performance.

Each role in the repertoire Komleva had a long life, and the entire repertoire - an unusually extensive. Almost everything is the leading roles of classical ballet, modern choreographers, many roles, put on her special: it is enough to call Konstantin Sergeyev, L. Jacobson, J. Belsky, H. Aleksidze, D. Bryantseva, O. Vinogradova, M. Murdmaa.

Komleva cherish the purity of dance. It can be called the guardian of the canons. It is important to no end to develop the role of a dance or a passage, and find there's plenty of shades and versions. For her, these shades are primarily meaning that you can develop, improve, endlessly read in a new. She always refers to the party, as a living organism - growing, changeable. The concept of "ready-role" is not for Komleva: it is important improvisation with strict fidelity to the interpretation of the canonical basis of.

Her poems - instrumental academic dance. In the XIX century it was the height of Petipa's choreography for, in the XX - for Balanchine. Dance Komleva conquer musicality, entirely dependent on the music, was subordinated to its laws - but in the end was perceived as an equal with her. Virtuoso form, subtle sense of style and freedom in the dance opened Komleva move to the solution of any image.

Dar Komleva versatile. In the "Moor's Pavane (Jose Limon ballet to music by Purcell, explanations of Shakespeare's" Othello ") Komleva danced Emilia. In this work better than many could judge the life of a ballerina in the image, how it builds its relations with the role of. On stage occurred elegant lady of the English royal court in a long dress of orange tones. It minted elastic step, but remained cold and indifferent. Nevertheless, a huge sense of inner strength, the significance of the heroine did not leave the audience. That would be Lady Macbeth: Shakespearization image made him a multi-valued.

In performing repertoire Komleva had a lot of discoveries, a lot of unexpected turns. Complete their "Romance" directed by G. Sviridov D. Bryantseva. He - E. Neff, and she - G. Komleva. For Komleva ballerina was natural to express the spiritual essence of the image in the dance of abstract and abstract, in the pure classical lines. And suddenly, in "Romance" She made poetry a simple woman as the mouthpiece of the modern world. Because of its spiritual nature expressed initially clumsy, wrapped inside the movement, an Indian triumph, when there is a dream, not that of waking arose, that he should, giving a moment of happiness, once again disappear into oblivion, forever. In a moment of absolute happiness became a heroine to the fingers, as if rising above itself, denying itself. And then opened up such a mass of Indian burning ... That means there are different dance - classical and classical counter - to create plans multi-faceted image. And if in the beginning of creative way Komleva-lost loved from the "Coast of Hope" was based on the updated, . but all the same academic forms of classical dance, . then in the "Romance" clot experiences of the heroine, she expressed her dance, . which can not be called a classic, . but how were they wrong side of the, . first image,
. She - also lost a beloved and not waiting for nothing.

"Romance" found in Komleva hitherto unseen depths. If you bring the classics of the brackets, this modern novelty meant as much to her creative destiny, as Parsley for Nijinsky as for Juliet Ulanova, like Cinderella and Laurencia for Dudinskaya.

Creative evening Gabriela Komleva on the stage native Theater, Leningrad and Moscow Philharmonic concert hall "Russia" and "October" to some extent compensated hunger for a new repertoire. Leningrad television made it possible to implement the idea of cycle of 17 documentaries about the ballet for the widest possible audience, entitled "The Wisdom of Terpsichore". Television Komleva had to learn the choreography western nouveau. The result was a film "Moor's Pavane" and "Crazy Isadora" with remarkable choreography X. Lemon. A total Gabriela Komleva starred in nearly 30 films, including "La Bayadere" (the best film of 1979, the Air Force), "Cinderella," "The Firebird", "Leningrad Symphony," "Pas de Quatre", "Images of Dance "Dancing Gabriela Komleva" and others.

His teaching career began in Gabriela Komleva Theater and Ballet School, replacing NM Dudinskaya during her long absences abroad. In 1978, while continuing to dance, she became a teacher and coach-class improvement in the home theater. In 1984 he graduated with honors from the Leningrad Conservatory as a choreographer, coach, in 1987 became a Professor of choreography, and since 1989 the choreographer-coach at the Mariinsky Theater

. As a choreographer Gabriela Komleva carried out the transfer and renewal of the scenes of domestic and foreign theaters of a number of performances of classical heritage: "Swan Lake", . "Sleeping Beauty" (both - Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet), . "La Bayadere" (Sverdlovsk Opera and Ballet, . together with N. Yananis, . E. Evteeva, . P. Gusev), . "Sleeping Beauty" (Ulan-Ude Opera and Ballet), . "Pas de Quatre (Kirov Opera and Ballet in Kazan), . Paquita, . Shadows, . "Les Sylphides" (all - Shtaats Opera, . Berlin), . Adagio from the "Crystal Palace" (The Mariinsky Theater), . "La Sylphide" (Bolshoi, . Moscow, together with O. Vinogradov, . N. Spitsyna), . "The Nutcracker" (New National Theater, . Tokyo),

Today Gabriela Komleva as demanding on the dancers, which rehearses the classical repertoire of his party, as always demanding visited by a. Since 1993, she headed the St. Petersburg Ballet Master Class. As a guest teacher and choreographer, she has repeatedly conducted master classes and summer courses in the United States, Canada, England, Switzerland, Taiwan, Norway, Japan. In 1994 she was elected president of the English society of the Russian style of ballet.

G. Komleva - People's Artist of the USSR (1983), People's Artist of the RSFSR (1975), Honored Artist of Russia (1970), Honored Artist of Dagestan (1968), laureate of State Prize of the RSFSR Glinka (1970). Awarded the title "Best Actor of the Year" (Leningrad, 1968), "Best Actor in TV film" (Leningrad, 1982), "The best coach" (7 th International Competition of Ballet Dancers, Moscow, 1993). Since 1963 - Member of the Union of Theater Workers.

Main hobby Gabriela Komleva akin to her art - music. Among her passions - flower arrangement.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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Komleva Gabriela Trofimovna, photo, biography
Komleva Gabriela Trofimovna, photo, biography Komleva Gabriela Trofimovna  People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate, photo, biography
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