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Moiseev Igor

( People's Artist of USSR, Ph.D., professor of International Academy of Sciences of San Marino)

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Biography Moiseev Igor
photo Moiseev Igor
Born January 21, 1906 in g. Kiev in the family landed gentry. Father - Moses Alexander - Lawyer, Attorney. Mother - Anna Gren. Wife - Moses (nee Chagodaeva) Irina. Daughter - Olga Moiseeva (1943. born.).

Dancing studied in Moscow - first in private ballet studio Masolova VI (1920), then in the choreographic college State Academic Bolshoi Theater in class A. Gorsky (1921 - 1924 gg.). In 1933 he graduated from the University of the Arts. After graduating from college was admitted to the Bolshoi Ballet (1924 - 1931 gg.), Then became its lead singer (1931 - 1937 gg.). At the Bolshoi, he could become one of the leading soloists: his first installment in the theater - the role of Raoul in "Teolinda, Mato in" Salammbo, "Joseph in" Joseph the Beautiful "and other. But he was attracted by the idea of composing dances himself. Even at 24 years, . 1930, . remaining Ballet, . he became ballet master: first, he was stage director of dance suite in the operas "Carmen", . Demon, . The Love for Three Oranges ", . Turandot, . and in 1930 he had saved from the failure of the ballet "Footballer", . and soon at the Bolshoi Theater to appear bright, . original ballets "Salammbo" (1932), . "Three Fat Men" (1935), . "Spartacus" (1958),
. His work on the dramatic scene, in cooperation with Vakhtangov, were theatrical events in Moscow. In the 20-40-e years, the government instructs the young choreographer staging athletic parades, mass sports and dance festivals. In these years a growing interest by Igor Moiseyev, a folk art - on foot and on horseback, he traveled the Pamirs, Belarus, Ukraine, the Caucasus, collecting images of dancing folklore. His interest did not go unnoticed - in 1936 he became head of the choreographic part of the Theater of Folk Art, and soon carries out statement I All-Union Festival of Folk Dance. The success of these endeavors paved the way for the establishment in 1937, the country's first professional ensemble of folk dance. The first rehearsal of the new ensemble was held February 10, 1937. For 60 years, IA. Moses is a permanent artistic director of the ensemble. Under his leadership, were delivered to all programs: "Dances of the peoples of the USSR" (1937), "Peace and Friendship" (1953), "Away and Home" (1983) and other. The program is "The Road to the Dance" (1965), Moses was awarded the Lenin Prize, and the collective - the title of Academic. Moses is also the stage director of several one-act plays in the ensemble: "Polovtsian Dances" to music by Alexander Borodin (1971), . "At the rink to music by Richard Strauss (1980), . "Night on Bald Mountain" to the music of Mussorgsky (1983), . "Evening in the Tavern" (1986) and many,
. All the ensemble's repertoire collected hundreds of folk dances - a painting, a suite, dance poems and short stories. Among recent works should be given a suite of Greek dances to music by M. Theodorakis (1991), a suite of Jewish dances "Family Happiness" (1994). Moiseyev dancers were the first Soviet artists, representing our country abroad: in Finland (1945), China (1954), France (1955), USA (1958). The ensemble has successfully conducted a tour of more than sixty countries around the world. An outstanding artist, Igor Moiseyev is a pioneer in the art. He created a new genre of stage choreography - a bright, original theater folk dance. In the contemporary dance world Theater of Moses determines the development of the whole folk-stage dance not only in Russia but also abroad. In 1943, Igor has created the country's first professional school of folk dance (Choreographic School Studio with GAANT). Its graduates swell the troupe ensemble, as well as all the major groups of Russia. Igor Moiseyev was directly involved in the organization of national professional ensembles in the country and abroad, including Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia and other countries, for which he presented to the honorary award of these countries. In 1966 in Moscow Moses was founded Choreographic Concert Ensemble (now the Moscow Theater of Classical Ballet under the direction of H. Kasatkina and in. Vassileva). Simultaneously with the work in the ensemble IA. Moses in the years related to the Government and the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, now Russia. He was stage director gala concerts and cultural programs on the outstanding events of public life: 60-anniversary of the founding of the USSR, 40-th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War and other. For many years IA Moses headed the jury of TV folklore festival "Rainbow", was a permanent member of the jury of many international competitions and festivals, folk dance, participated in the Peace Committee. Activities Igor Moiseyev duly appreciated by his contemporaries. He holds the unique number of titles. He was conferred the title of People's Artist of the Buryat SSR (1940), . Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1942g.), . People's Artist of the RSFSR (1944), . People's Artist of the Moldavian SSR (1950), . People's Artist of USSR (1953), . People's Artist of the Kirgiz SSR (1976),
. In 1976 he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He is laureate of the Lenin Prize (1967), State Prize Winner (1942g., 1947., 1952., 1985., 1996.). His work is marked by higher government awards of the USSR and Russia. He was awarded three Orders of Lenin (1958, 1976., 1986.), The Order of the October Revolution (1981), two Orders of Red Banner of Labor (1940, 1966.), The Order of Merit of the Fatherland "III degree (1996) , Order of Honor (1937). Many nations of the world noted the great art of Igor Moiseyev. He - Knight of the Order of the Bulgarian "Holy Alexander and Crown" (1945), . Romanian Order of "Officer of Culture" (1945), . Polish Order of Polonia Restitula (1946g.), . Yugoslav Order "Brotherhood and Unity" (1946g.), . Mongolian Orders "Polar Star" (1947), . Hungarian Order "Officers culture" I degree (1954), . Lebanese Order of the Golden Cedar "(1956), . Hungarian Order "Officers culture" II degree (1960), . Mongolian Order of Sukhbaatar (1976), . Czechoslovak Order of the White Lion "(1980), . Hungarian Order "Officer of Culture" (1989), . Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland (1996),
. Igor Moiseyev - Commander of the Order of the Hungarian (1997), Commander of the Order of the Spanish "Citizenship Award" (awarded the Order of the King of Spain Juan Carlos II in May 1997.). I. Moiseev won the American Oscar in dance (1961, . 1974.), . American Journal Award "Dance magazine" in the field of dance, . honorary member of the National Assembly of France and a member of the French Academy of Music and Dance (1955), . PhD International Academy of Sciences of San Marino,
. Igor is a member of the College of the Bolshoi Theater and a member of the Presidium of the Russia Academy of Arts. After Rostropovich and V. Cliburn Moses was awarded the prize of the International Fund for the development of cultural relations between Russia and the U.S. (November 1995).. Igor Moiseyev, devoted thousands of articles, several books, scientific research. He is the author of numerous scientific articles on the choreography, the autobiographical book "I remember ...", which tells in detail about his life and work. Igor Aleksandrovich characterize universal knowledge and a unique outlook. Perfectly familiar with the painting, architecture, literature (from the Renaissance to the present day). Favorite book - the Bible. It is well know film and theater. Favorite actors: all the old MAT - from Stanislavsky, with whom he worked on the opera, to Nemirovich - Danchenko, the productions of Bulgakov's "Moliere," which taught manners and fencing. Worked with Simonov on the play "Beauty from the island of Lulu", was friends with Mikhoels, worked with Okhlopkova. Posing with Alexey Popov's "Romeo and Juliet". Knew Grigory Alexandrov and Lyubov Orlova. Very friendly with Irakli Andronnikova and Sergei Sergeyevich Smirnov. Very fond of animals - horses and dogs, sports - athletics and, especially, rhythmic gymnastics. He enjoyed playing chess, excellent swimming. Fluent French.

Lives and works in g. Moscow.

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Moiseev Igor, photo, biography
Moiseev Igor, photo, biography Moiseev Igor  People's Artist of USSR, Ph.D., professor of International Academy of Sciences of San Marino, photo, biography
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