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Antonov Yuri Mikhailovich

( People's Artist of Russia, singer, composer)

Photo Gallery Antonov Yuri Mikhailovich (27)
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Biography Antonov Yuri Mikhailovich
photo Antonov Yuri Mikhailovich
Yury Antonov was born February 19, 1945 in Tashkent in the family of a serviceman. Father - Antonov, Mikhail Vasilyevich (1916g.rozhd.), Soviet army officer, fought at Moscow, on the Don in the ranks of the Marine Corps. Mother - Antonova (Litovchenko) Natalia (1921g.rozhd.).

His father during the war fought in a separate brigade, Marine. Summer of 1944 a prize of his leave, and he arrived in Tashkent, where he lived in the evacuation of his wife, Natalya. Exactly nine months after a stay in this light there was a future star of Russia Yuri Antonov stage (except in his family had another child - a daughter Jeanne).

His son Mikhail seen sporadically, as in the three years he worked in Berlin commandant. When Anton's family is finally reunited, it was decided to move to permanent residence in Belarus - in Molodechno. There Yuri went to school.

Yard Yura considered hefty bully, though the company of his friends were smoking and non-drinker. They climbed on a neighbor's gardens, stocked with carrots and apples ... In turn, stood "on nix, imagining themselves partisans. In the evening went to the river, lit bonfires, baked potatoes. No special delights in clothes was not: hat, jacket, tarpaulin boots. In the local House of Culture at a dance they were not allowed, considered young. For something to occupy myself on the street, they become spectators, and even parties fisticuffs, when one area was a wall on the other. But the battles were to be honest, lying will not be beaten ...

Seriously interests in music at age 14. Became the leader of the choir at the local railroad depot (in the same choir, he played the accordion, received 60 rubles per month). Since the club was located 25 kilometers from Maladzechna, Antonov had to get to it in different ways: when walking, when the hitch. Most of the money earned Yura gave the parents a little left out of pocket expenses: bought lemonade, sweets.

. In 1959, Yuri Antonov enrolled in music school in his hometown and graduated from it in 1963 on the class of folk instruments
. Here, Yuri Antonov, organized his first band - pop band. Although the orchestra, this band name was difficult. There were no musical instruments, no music ... but it was a great desire to play. In notes for the orchestra traveled to the western city of Vilnius, which, thank God, was within hundreds of kilometers. At this time, Yuri Antonov acquainted with jazz classics, which later will play in his work a role.

1964 was the year when Yuri Antonov first heard through the crackling noise and a small radio Spidola''''music ensemble Beatles. Everything turned upside down ... It was a miracle! In 1963, after the musical college Yuri Antonov was also a lecturer of music in children's music school in Minsk, where his parents had lived. However, work as a teacher of music was not included in the plans, Yuri. When he was invited to work in the Belarusian State Philharmonic as soloist, instrumentalist, he immediately agrees.

In November 1964 he joined the Soviet Army. After demobilization he returned to the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society and organized its first team. Since 1967 he worked as musical director of ensemble "Tonic" People's Artist of the Byelorussian SSR Victor Vuyachich. In 1969 he was invited to the then known band "singing guitar" and moved to Leningrad. At this time he wrote one of the most famous of his songs "You're not beautiful". This song brought fame to Yuri Antonov-Union. At the same time they were written pop songs that are included in the repertoire of the ensemble, - "Wait, do not shoot the soldiers" and "Song of the good youth and maiden".

In 1971, Yuri Antonov moved to Moscow and became a soloist VIA "good youth, and immediately fall under censorship. In a solo program were allowed to sing no more than 1-2 songs from the repertoire of the Beatles, but must necessarily be present songs of the Union of Composers. Otherwise, could not produce on the stage. But Yuri firmly said: "Never it will not sing!". They tried to force - failed. In "Rosconcert" ensemble "good youth," in which it was lead singer, had to take the concert program to 18 times! The fight, which George had in those years, much of his hardened.

. Then the youth was the fashion for long hair and whiskers, as Tom Jones
. But it did not recognize the artistic council. One group was taking regular program, and the committee members demanded that the musicians to shorten chevelure. In protest, they all team postriglas shaved. "What have you done!" - Then resented jury. On the boys answered: "That's so no one's image banned?"

Meanwhile, Yuri Mikhailovich was invited to the Orchestra n / a Anatoly Kroll, as a soloist-vocalist. Protested in Moscow. At this time in the womb "Rosconcert" hatched plans for a Moscow music-hall and guidance "Rosconcert" promised Yuri own group in the Music Hall. He agreed. It was his first group in Moscow. Subsequently, this group became independent and was named "Magistral". With this ensemble Yuri Antonov toured across the country with his own solo program.

"Tune" are starting to go his first records, as long as more flexible. The whole country sings the songs, Yuri Antonov, but the road is closed on TV. And with artistic council, Melodia "is not so simple. Many songs Jury not allowed to publish. The reason for all - not a member of the Composers' Union. Nevertheless, the popularity of the Soviet listeners is growing like a snowball. Circulations of his records are growing like mushrooms after rain, millions have gone. Yuri Antonov new team - Airbus. Begins recording new songs on the "Melodies". "At the Chestnut Street", "I'm going to meet you", "White ship" ... other. Millions of records sold. This is a success! But this rise is yet to come. This is a big job to "Tune" with "Araks".

In the works of Yuri Antonov combines not only the vocal and artistic skills, but also the warmth of the soul, love for his people. Songs like "roof of your house," "Poppies", "Pyrrhula", "homes", "Mirror", "Sea", "On the high bank," "carrying me over," the birch and pines, and many, many others have become truly popular, and entered the golden fund of the national pop art.

Odessa Film Studio invites him to write music for the c / f 'Protect women'. Thus begins the work in the cinema. Yuri Antonov wrote the music for the c / f 'Beauty', 'Before you leave', 'Order', 'A strange song', 'Predators', 'Fools die on Friday' and others. Together with the famous poet M. Plyatskovskim, Yuri Antonov wrote a children's musical fairy tale-musical 'The Adventures of grasshopper Kuzi'. In this musical was first performed the song 'The roof of your house', which became very popular in the country. Total Melodia released 4 records of this remarkable musical tale: "The Adventures of grasshopper Kuzi" (1983), "The New Adventures of grasshopper Kuzi" (1983), "Wanted grasshopper Kuzya" (1989), "Grasshopper Kuzya Tuami on the planet" (1989 ).

In the early 80's Antonov was denied the rank of Honored Artist, although "Rosconcert" earned him huge money. Yuri offended at the invitation of his friend, Mahmoud Esambayev went to Grozny. Worked for three years in the Philharmonic, for which the Government of the Chechen-Ingush Republic awarded him the honorary title. Honored Artist.

He worked for the biggest concert halls of the country: Kiev - 20 concerts at the Palais des Sports, Rostov on Don - 12 concerts in the Palace of the dispute, Moscow - 8 concerts at the Palais des Sport in Luzhniki, and t. d. But the real record Yuri Antonov - 15 days - 28 concerts in the CCM of. Lenin in g. Leningrad, at each concert was attended by 14 thousand spectators.

In 1985, Yuri Antonov invited by 'Polarvoks the Music' in Finland to record an album in Russian and English. Since then, and now Yuri Antonov works in his studio on the new CD, working with young performers, gives concerts.

. In 1997-2002 came out in the finals of the Festival 'Song of the Year' (including in 1999-2002 with their songs of past years)

Total to date, Yuri Antonov released about 30 LPs and CDs with a total circulation of more than 48 million copies. Among the most popular - "The roof of your house" (1983), "Believe in the dream" (1985), "The long-awaited aircraft" ( "Melodia", LP, 1986), "From sorrow to joy" (1987), "Moon Path" (1990), "The Mirror" (1993), "carries me over" (1993). Many of them have been reprinted both in Russia and abroad.

Yuriy Antonov - the only of Soviet and Russian pop figures received accolades of the legendary Paul McCartney, highly appreciated art Yuri Antonov, in his interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in 1991. And it turned out: Yuri Mikhailovich was familiar with the producer McCartney, he came to Moscow to conclude a contract for the release of the album 'Back in the USSR'. He referred to McCartney cassettes with recordings of Yuri ... When he McCartney visited Moscow, Antonov was on tour in Tatarstan.

In music groups, led by Yuri Antonov, a good school, many now well-known musicians and performers: A. Ukupnik, V. Matetskiy, E. Morgulis, V. Zinchuk, V. Golutvin, M. Fainzil'berg, K. Nikolsky and others.

. Currently Antonov lives and works in Moscow.

. Awards

. Yuriy Antonov - People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the National Music Prize "Ovation" in the category "Best Concert of the year"
. In 1997, Star Square at the concert hall "Russia" founded "Star Yuri Antonov. During the celebration of 850 anniversary of Moscow Yuri Antonov took an active part in the anniversary concert, for which he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Government of Moscow. In 1998, one of the stars in the constellation Pisces named Yuri Antonov (Certificate 10 N 000285). Artist awarded medals "20 Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945пЁпЁ." (1965) and "850 anniversary of Moscow". In 1999, Yuri Antonov awarded the National Music Award "Ovation" in the category "living legend".

Interesting facts

For more than 10 years, M. Antonov is a permanent vice-president of the International Union figures pop art. On his recommendation, he leads a large patronage job for law enforcement officers and troops of the MIA of Russia. Since early 1999, have passed some of his concerts for the employees of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Ministry of Interior of Russia, the Tax Police, the Attorney-General Russia. M. Antonov is chairman of the Joint Council for the aesthetic and moral education of staff of the Main Office for Combating Organized Crime Ministry of Interior of Russia. In 1999 he awarded the MIA of Russia.

Yuri Antonov loves animals. Now in his country house live 16 dogs and 20 cats. All he knows by name and likes. And her first kitten Yury started in 1987, Kuzma met with him 21.

Antonov keen on sports - football, tennis, billiards. Summer of 1997, the composer finally completed the construction of a three-storey mansion in Peredelkino. Nearly half years of his Turkish master to build his own project Antonova. The new housing is now the artist has it all: a recording studio, gym, billiard.

Antonov Favorite drink - red wine.


Yuri Mikhailovich was married 3 times and believed he had had enough.

First Jury in 1976, he married a girl who gathered the whole family to move to the West, has prepared herself and her necessary papers, bought tickets. Helped them move to the States, paid all expenses and ... remained in their country. I understand that he could not leave Russia forever. Subsequently never regretted that decision. Former wife had remained in New York, lives there to this day.

On his second wife, little is known as Antonov preferred not to expose his personal life on public display. She was Russian by birth, currently lives in Paris.

The third wife was a Yugoslav, now lives in Zagreb.

Until the summer of 1997 Antonov was living in Moscow, in a two-room apartment in the Vorontsov ponds. Lived alone, as his third wife divorced several years ago. Later he explained his loneliness: "I was married three times. And I've had enough. Almost all of my friends dream quickly swim out of what is called a quiet family haven. Women with the character I was never interested. Let nature show somewhere on the side, away from me. A normal woman should be soft, flexible. If a man brings money into the house, the two chapters in it can not be. We must respect the guy, and under him postraivatsya. And if not, the family ends. There are many women who like me at a distance: they are very individual and independent. You can make friends, talk: "Hello - hello!" But close - no, bye. This is certainly great lover and wonderful friend. But not his wife ... "

. The composer has a son Michael (born in 1996), lives in Moscow.

. Discography

. 1973, single - Yuri Antonov and Orchestra 'Contemporary' (Melody)
. 1975, single - Poet Yuri Antonov, with VIA 'good youth' (Melody)
. 1975, single - Yuri Antonov and VIA 'Magistral' (Melody)
. 1979, single - Yuri Antonov and group 'Aras' (Melody)
. 1980, single - Yuri Antonov and group 'Aras' (Melody)
. 1982, single - Yuri Antonov (Melody)
. 1982, single - Yuri Antonov (Melody)
. 1983, LP - The roof of your house (Melody)
. 1983, LP - Blue Bird in Luzhniki (Melody)
. 1983, LP - The Adventures of grasshopper Kuzi (Melody)
. 1983, LP - The New Adventures of grasshopper Kuzi (Melody)
. 1985, LP - Believe in dreams (Melody)
. 1985, LP - My favorite songs (Polar Vox)
. 1985, LP - Yuri Antonov (Jugoton)
. 1986, LP - Long-awaited aircraft (Melody)
. 1987, LP - from sadness to joy (Melody)
. 1989, LP - Wanted grasshopper Kuzya (Melody)
. 1989, LP - Grasshopper Kuzya world Tuami (Melody)
. 1990 - Moon Path (Metadidzhital)
. 1990, CD - Moon Path (Melody)
. 1991, CD - Mirror (Distronics Ltd.)
. 1993, CD - carries me over (Z-Records)
. 1994, CD - Music and songs from movies S
. Antonov (RDM)
1996, CD - Songs for Children (Z-Records)
1996, CD - Mirror (Z-Records)
1996, CD - Moon Path (Z-Records)
2001, CD - You're not beautiful. 50/30 (Fiam-Disc)


1981 Keep Women
1984 Before you leave
1985 Beauty
1990 Fools die on Friday

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Photos of Antonov Yuri Mikhailovich
Antonov Yuri MikhailovichAntonov Yuri MikhailovichAntonov Yuri MikhailovichAntonov Yuri Mikhailovich

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  • Dear Yuri Mikhailovich! My husband and I are very fond of your songs with them, we have been living for thirty years, our family life. Always a pleasure to listen to your concerts. In your creative evening with "New Wave" 2009goda listened to your songs performed by other artists, and realized that none of them sing better than you! Thank you for your work! Years you! Sing to yourself!
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