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Eugene B. Boldin

( producer, winner of the National Musical Prize "Ovation", president of the company 'Es En Vie Enterteynment'.)

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Biography Eugene B. Boldin
Born April 13, 1948, Mr.. in Moscow
. Mother - Boldin Nina Gerasimovna (rod.17.08.1926 g.), . raised three children: Eugene (Senior), . his brother, Alex (1950 g.rozhd.) - now a businessman, . owns culinary and confectionery shops, . sister Valentine (1956 g.rozhd.) - Trade Worker,
. Daughter - Boldin Ekaterina (rod.22.09.1973 g.). Her fate, it seemed, was doomed his father's profession, she entered GITIS, but after the 4-th course abruptly changed their destiny. Relying on his own vision of their future, graduated two-year nursing courses. Being a deeply religious man, and considering that her calling - helping sick, and seriously ill people who worked in the intensive care unit of the First Gradskaya hospital, was admitted to the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education Sechenov MMA. Its future is inextricably linked with medicine.

Working career EB Boldin started with 14 years to students of vocational schools, which graduated with honors from parallel with the school for working youth (1962-1964) and enrolled in 1966. in Industrial-Pedagogical College. After his graduation he served in the Soviet Army in the Taman Guards Division in the rank of second lieutenant. From 1971 to 1973. worked as a teacher in high school drawing.

In 1974. in the life of E. Boldin event occurred, which abruptly changed his fate. Chance Meeting (the one which from the category of regular) with Oleg Nepomnyashchikh and Mikhail Plotkin, people who are already in those years professionally engaged in the organization of concert activity. The meeting, which was followed by an invitation to Soyuzkontsert to place an administrator in organizing and hosting concerts and special measures. The share of Yevgeny Boldin had the mission - to become a direct participant in a number of developments in the domestic culture, when the Soviet art with all its pluses and minuses there was a switch, and then collapse in the direction of popular culture. This is a difficult problem was subsequently the subject of study EB Boldin as a student, then graduate GITIS, where he graduated in 1980. (Faculty of Economics and theatrical production and concert and entertainment events)

. During, . when the Variety lived in the grip of the planned network CPSU, . centralized tariff, . Hard rates, . normalized concerts, . tour, . in the schedule which combines the best areas of the country and rural clubs, . EB Boldin passed the difficult school administrator, . and then director of concert programs of the Division of festivals and special measures Rosconcert,
. And started when, . that in 26 years, . no experience, . ties in this world, not just, . living in their written and unwritten laws, . he had to be in the kitchen festivals, . concerts, . tour, . special measures, . with participation and crowned maestro S. Richter, . and the first country singer Muslim Magomayev, . and ambitious, . Talented L. Leshchenko, . G. Khazanov, . S. Rotaru - the future stars of the national platform of the first magnitude,

. Had to take on difficult and not very grateful role of the manager (the word, . which was then under the de facto taboo), . performing numerous duties of administrator, . Director, . When concerts, . performances, . Culture Days, . days of the city, . who organized E. Boldin were under the watchful eye of city committees and biased, . regional committees and their functionaries,
. Thousands of artists tend to budget money moved around the vast country, speaking in the houses of culture, shops businesses in rural areas, ships, etc., sowed a reasonable, good, eternal. It was necessary to meet the head of household, . Salary, . ideology concert numbers, . often in a "scissors", . where one blade - Actor interest, . his work, . potential, . Skill, . and another - Censorship, . rigid rate, . rule, . where the main is called "impossible", . "no more", . "not above", etc.,

When, in 1978 EB Boldin became director of pop group AB Pugacheva, his future wife (from 1980. They lived in a cohabiting as husband and wife, then after registration in 1985. to December 1993. formally married), he precipitated a special good fortune, a special test and special good fortune: to help realize the creative potential of the stars, and then superstars, legends, Soviet, Russia's stage, a phenomenon in the cultural and social life. Since then and for many years AB Pugachev - singer, author, director of its programs, EB Boldin - Director, Producer. In this combination, they created a number of programs that have become, without exaggeration, a bright event in the stage 70-80-ies. Among them: music concert performances of the Monologues singer "(1979), . "We have guests Maestro" (1981), . "She came and said," (1984) in SC "Olympic" and the self-titled musical film, . television show "New Year's attraction" (1981-1983 gg.), . "Christmas meetings" in SC "Olympic" (1989-1992 gg.), . Charity Action "Account 904" for the victims of the Chernobyl disaster (1988),
. These programs and projects have become an excellent platform for creativity EB Boldin as a producer, in those years probably the main producer in the Soviet Union, gave him the opportunity to fully realize their own potential.

The whole country becomes a touring venue for Alla Pugacheva, concerts and tours, organized by EB Boldin. Plans A. Pugacheva and EA Boldin go further. They are aiming to "break through" the cordon, to understand, to feel, to conquer the world, it would seem strange, incomprehensible, the one where only by the order of the CC CPSU fell Moiseyev, "Birch", Alexandrova, some representatives of the Soviet circus. The conquest of Europe began with the Scandinavian. Virtually every significant town in Sweden, Finland became the site of concerts by Alla Pugacheva, love her songs, and with them the modern Soviet music. Olympia (Paris), . "Carnegie Hall" (USA), . site, . act which is an honor for any artist of the world's most popular, . Halls Helsinki, . Stockholm, . Sydney, . "Jacob's Ladder" (a popular Swedish TV presenter Jakob Dalis) in Sweden and Russia, . hundreds of speeches on all continents of the Earth - the facts from the biography of singer Alla Pugacheva, . facts from the biography of her manager Yevgeny Boldin,

In 1984. Yevgeny Boldin, . despite the strict prohibition of the time, . but following the logic and common sense, . creates together with Lars Overstremom and Peter Sachau - Sweden's leading music managers, . gramzapisyvayuschuyu company "World Record Music", . E. Boldin which serves as co-producer,
. The company's goal - to satisfy the public interest in the Scandinavian to the Russian star Alla Pugacheva and her songs. The company produces albums and CDs, which cause a constant delight at the seemingly low-key Scandinavian.

Star Alla Pugacheva shines brighter. This requires a fundamentally new approaches, creating a new industry, essentially creating what is now routinely referred to as show-business. Yevgeny Boldin mastering new skills. Light, . sound equipment, . logistics, . which is designed to give befitting effects concertos first lady Soviet music is created, . including, . on own drawings E. Boldin on the most high-tech enterprises, . usually, . military-space complex,
. A. Pugacheva phenomenon has caused a need for completely new types of advertising products: art posters, . booklets and the like products of highly quality, . - All this is mastered EB Boldin for A. Pugacheva, . and for other stars of Soviet variety,

In 1987. A. Pugacheva and E. Boldin create a "Theater of Songs" as part of which declare themselves to the future stars of the first magnitude - Alexander Malinin, . Vladimir Presnyakov, . Christina Orbakajte, . poet Ilya Reznik, . Olga Kormuhina, . Chris Kelmi, . Igor Nikolaev, . Vladimir Kuzmin, . Alexander Kal'yanov, . Group Retsital ", . "A-Studio" and a huge number of talented young performers, . which were organized in theater performances, and chief among them "Christmas Meetings", . who was, . essentially, . "take-off ground" for the majority of modern domestic pop stars,

Perestroika Gorbachev finds EB Boldin as the wizard to create concert programs. His authority reinforced by the title of a member of the artistic council of the Ministry of Culture (1984-1990). But the new situation developing in the country, dictates an entirely new solutions - market. Crumbling Gosconcert, . Soyuzkontsert, . Rosconcert, . Moskontsert, . - Organizations that for many years operated tour, . concerts, . Soviet festivals, . Russian, . Moscow artists of any genre from high opera - to amateur art,
. In 1989. "Theater Songs," creates one of the first joint with partners from U.S. companies "Es Hey Wee Enterteynment, which becomes president Yevgeny Boldin, and he leads in the same capacity to this day.

It starts with a fundamentally different job, develop and create other rules of the game. They have to understand and implement market in Russia, the CIS market. EB Boldin aims to enable the stars of Russia's culture to show to the world, takes over the functions that implement the decade-Gos, Soyuz, Ros-, Moskontsert. It organizes tours of the Bolshoi Theater, . drama theaters in Moscow, . Circus, . folk ensembles and folk groups, . contacts with agents, . who represent the interests of first-magnitude stars pop -, . rock culture, . and, . as a logical development of these contacts, . receives from the major European and global agents, Harvey Goldsmith and Andrew Zveka (United Kingdom) Proposal to do promotional work in the territory of CIS,
. After examining the requirements, . being placed in the organization of concerts of the star level of Tina Terrenette, . Diana Ross, . "Scorpions" and the like, . Yevgeny Boldin as the president of the "Es Hey Wee Enterteynment" (together with his partner Nadezhda Solovieva) and its Western partners decide to hold the first concert in 1995,
. Elton John. Several months of preparation, it is extremely tough test agents and producers to meet the requirements of the contract, where everything must be accounted for to the last detail (and hundreds of little things), renovation (at your expense) the dressing rooms of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, etc.. etc.. The first concert of Elton John - success. Company E. Boldin receives a special diploma for the best organization of a European concert tour of Elton John

. Since then the company "Es Hey Wee Enterteynment" EB Boldin organized and held in Moscow on a tour of many world stars (Diana Ross, . David Bowie, . Sting, . Paul Young, . Tina Turner, . Rod Stewart, . Bryan Adams, . Patrissiya Kaas, . Charles Aznavour, . Group: "Scorpions", . "Zi-Zi-Top", . Prodigy ", . "Pat Shop Boys, . "Depeche Mode"), . concerts in St. Petersburg, Kiev, . Minsk,
. During the celebration of 850 anniversary of Moscow, the company organizes concerts Luciano Pavarotti in Red Square and Patrissii Kaas in the State Kremlin Palace. EB Boldin can make a rare television rights to broadcast these concerts so that the viewer all the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States was able to witness the world's idols.

Company "Es Hey Wee Enterteynment" entered the world catalog of show business - no doubt in recognition of one family member of the world of show business. For better organization and conduct tours of foreign stars in Moscow company Yevgeny B. Boldin was twice awarded the title of winner of the National Musical Prize "Ovation" (1995, 1997.)

. Company Yevgeny Boldin takes part in a unique event for Russia - opened in Moscow restaurant world-famous network of "Planet Hollywood" with the participation of such stars of world cinema, . as Sylvester Stallone, . Steven Seagal, . Arnold Schwarzenegger, . Patrick Sveyzi, . Gц?rard Depardieu (1997), . taking to ensure PR (public releyshenz),

In February 1999, Mr.. EB Boldin was elected a member of the Academy of Social Sciences.

In his spare time Yevgeny Boldin likes to take home with friends, playing pool, chess, backgammon, solitaire, is keen on design, construction and photography, has created an exhibition of portraits. By sport is quiet, preferring to physical work outdoors. Favorite sport - swimming. Likes to travel, especially driving a car. Is a fan of theater, movies and musicals. Prefers the historical literature, but in the plane with pleasure to read detective stories.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, Milyutinskij Lane., 15/24. Phone: +7- (095) 924-56-76

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Eugene B. Boldin, photo, biography
Eugene B. Boldin, photo, biography Eugene B. Boldin  producer, winner of the National Musical Prize "Ovation", president of the company 'Es En Vie Enterteynment'., photo, biography
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