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Gotovtsev Lev Ivanovich

( Producer, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia)

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Biography Gotovtsev Lev Ivanovich
photo Gotovtsev Lev Ivanovich
Born September 9, 1953, Mr.. in the Far East in the village of Grodekovo Primorsky Krai in a military family. Father - Gotovtsev Ivan, a war veteran, Colonel. Mother - a war veteran, participant of the guerrilla movement, teacher, teacher of the Belarusian language. Wife - Gotovceva Valentina, singer, Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the All-Union competition of folk artists, winner of international competition in Yugoslavia. Daughter - Gotovceva Olesya Lvovna, law student, the Institute of Youth.

As a child, Lev Ivanovich was an active member of the school initiative, choir soloist. In sports: football (sports school CSKA Moscow), freestyle wrestling. After leaving school in 1969. entered the Moscow Food Institute, at the same time passed the entrance exams GITIS to separate the actors of musical comedy. Interest in the theater and the desire to realize themselves in the arts influenced his choice in favor of GITIS.

In 1972. parallel with the training started working as an intern in the Moscow Operetta Theater, and in 1975. was invited to the Ivanovo Operetta Theater. Repertoire Leo Gotovceva been vocal in the performances: "Silva" (Edwin), . "My Fair Lady (Freddy), . "Wedding in Malinovka (п-п+п¦я-п¦п¦п¦п¦) and other classic party, . illustrate Role "lyrical", . and such character roles, . as Troshkov in the operetta "Trouble Girls",

In 1977. Leo Gotovtsev starts in Moskontsert soloist vocal and instrumental ensemble "Metronome" under the direction of YacцЁn. In 1980. of VIA "Metronome" Lev Ivanovich became a laureate of the All-Russia contest for the best performance of Soviet Song (2 nd prize). The popularity of the ensemble identified and tour schedule staff, along with L. Gotovtsev gave about 1000 concerts in the USSR.

In 1982, Mr.. Leo Gotovtsev invited as a soloist of the Academic Choir of Russian Song of All-Union Central Radio and Television. He participated in many television. Noting organizational talents, leadership team has offered him apart from the vocal work of the inspector of the choir. From 1982 to 1993 i.i. Leo Gotovtsev worked in the studio folk USSR Radio and Television.

In 1989. started working as a producer of Musical Marathon "Hit Parade" Evening Moscow ". In this project, L. Gotovtsev collaborated with S. Lisowski and J. Krutoy. In the bright show "Hit Parade" Evening Moscow ", . conducted in the most extensive area of the capital - SK "Olympic", . was attended by such pop stars, . as: Hope Babkin, . Lyme Vajkule, . Oleg Gazmanov, . Philip Kirkorov, . Valery Leontiev, . Alla Pugacheva, . Masha Rasputina, . Igor Tal'kov, . group "Na-Na" and others,
. Star cast with the professionalism and creative research team led by Leo Gotovceva contributed to the fact that in a short time "Hit Parade" Evening Moscow "has become one of the most popular concert programs.

In 1991-92 and 1995 i.i. Leo Gotovtsev is the producer of folk festivals Valentina Gotovceva invite friends "in the Hall of Columns. Here is the first time in the history of Russia's platform was based on the principle of so-called "race genres: pop singers" in competition "with the star of the folk genre - Honored Artist of Russia Valentina Gotovceva. This producer's discovery was largely determined by the durability of the project.

Continuing to support the folklore traditions of the genre, Leo Gotovtsev organized and conducted from 1993 to 1996. a massive project as a "parade of folk stars of Russia". The "Easter bells" conducted in 1994. this project at the Concert Hall of Tchaikovsky, was recognized as the best folk program, the.

With such classics of the national musical culture, as Nicholas and Alexandra Pakhmutova Dobronravov, in 1993. Leo Gotovtsev opened to the public of the young talented singer Juliana, as a director who held a series of concerts. Among them - the debut of Julian at the theater stage with the program "Here we are years of love", as well as recitals in the concert hall "Russia" in 1994 and 1995 i.i.

In October 1994,. Leo Gotovceva invites cooperation pop star, poet, singer and composer - Oleg Gazmanov. Job L. Gotovceva as executive producer Oleg Gazmanov, . the opinion of professionals, . coincided with the development of a new stage in the creation of the famous artist: so the cycle of solo programs "Gentlemen", . held annually on the stage the most prestigious concert platforms of the country - concert hall "Russia", . since February 1995, . was a bright beacon of not only the creative biography of the Oleg Gazmanov, . but the modern history of domestic show business in general,
. Using its experience and embodying the creative vision of the singer, . Leo Gotovtsev made every effort to, . to recitals "Gentlemen" became a massive show with vocal and dance groups, . military band and orchestra,
. The participation of over 160 artists with the most advanced pyrotechnics and lighting effects, . perfected the strategy of advertising promotions and post-production, . - As a full producer of the project, . - All this made the show "gentlemen" shining example of professionalism Leo Gotovceva and his team,
. Since May 1996. on request of the concert hall "Russia" concerts "Gentlemen" were conducted and Victory Day.

In 1995. Leo Gotovceva awarded the title "Honored Worker of Culture of Russia". In 1999. He was awarded the National Musical Prize "Ovation" in 1998.

The highlight of the creative work of Leo Gotovceva was a producer for the project "A squadron of my songs crazy" - show with superstars performing songs Oleg Gazmanov, which passed with the full house on Nov. 22, 1997, Mr.. in SK "Olympic". An important step in producing work of Leo Gotovceva was the organization of the first professional tour Russia's pop stars in the U.S. and Canada in June 1997.

Event of the celebrations for the City Day 6 and 7 September 1998. Music Festival has become "Heart of Russia" on Vasilevsky descent, gathered for two days about 30 thousand spectators - Muscovites, the general producer of which was Leo Gotovtsev.

Rich life and work experience, brilliant taste, extensive communication and impeccable reputation make superprofessionala producer Lev Ivanovich Gotovceva one of the key figures of Russia's show business.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Gotovtsev Lev Ivanovich, photo, biography
Gotovtsev Lev Ivanovich, photo, biography Gotovtsev Lev Ivanovich  Producer, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, photo, biography
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