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Malikov Yuri Fyodorovich

( Honored Artist of Russia.)

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Biography Malikov Yuri Fyodorovich
Born on 6 July 1943. in the Rostov region. Father - Malikov FM, mother - Malikova RI. Wife - Convolvulaceae LM. Kids - Dmitriy Malikov and Inna.

In 1957 he entered the Industrial Technical. During the study took part in amateur performances. In 1958 in Podolsk enrolled in an evening music school, studied it for two years. In 1962 he entered the Music School,. Ippolitov-Ivanov, and in 1965. - In the Conservatory, class of bass. The head of the department then was Mstislav Rostropovich, SW. Malikov was taking his exams during training. The teacher was Professor Malikova Astakhov. In 1969, S. Malikov graduated from the conservatory, it was the anniversary, the 100-th issue.

Concert activity, he began back in 1961, was accompanied by singers. Yu Malikova wanted to create an ensemble of modern youth songs, with fashionable rhythms, but in our country, Russia, lyric and dramatic basis. Since the autumn of 1970. Yuri started to create an ensemble of 'Gems'. At first, performed songs of various composers, made his arrangements of songs by Soviet composers in this style, so it was interesting to young people. From the whole country to send notes, songs. 'Gems' can be regarded as the ancestors of vocal and instrumental genres. They created a romantic image of the singer, but the direction of pop music. In our country, 'Gems' steel, trendsetters in the manner of execution, in appearance, in the songs.

For the first time their appearance was in the garden variety theater 'Hermitage in Moscow in the summer of 1971, and shortly after a successful debut in the radio program' Good morning 'to them played his songs' I'll go eh, eh, I'll go 'and' Uvezu you I'm in the tundra '.

At first, the musicians were selected only on the degree of vocal talent and skill in the possession of the instrument. Later Malikov has become more demanding, seeing how important for Entertainer of its overall culture, character actor data.

Ensemble set out to become a worthy advocate for Soviet Song. With all the difficulties of forming the repertoire, they succeeded. 'Gems', singing modern poems set to music, have for younger audiences fascinating conversationalist, a good partner. Songs: "For that guy '(music. M. Fradkin, lyrics. R. Rozhdestvensky), 'Good signs' (music. M. Fradkin, lyrics. E. Dolmatovski), 'Verba' (music. V. Shainsky, sl. V. Urine), 'There, behind the clouds' (music. M. Fradkin, lyrics. R. Rozhdestvensky), 'Do not repeat this ever' (music. S. Tulikov, lyrics. M. Plyatskovskogo), 'We, the young' (music. Vyach.Dobrynina, and Yu Malikov, sl. V. Kharitonov) were not just popular, they became popular.

Y 'gems' quickly formed their own performing tradition: the predominance of light lyrical chant, accompanied by a dynamic pulsating. Yuriy Malikov diversified soundscape: in the ensemble sounded bass-drum solo-guitar, trumpet, skasofony, organ, piano, drums, flute, harmonica, tambourines, rattles, celesta. Orchestral multicolor back 'full circle', and voice tools, zamolkshie was, at the time of electron-guitar yoke once again been reinstated.

In terms of musical variety, 'Gems' continued the line of 'ensemble of soloists', the beginning of which we have, we can see more in jazz L. Utesov, and then - in the orchestra O. Lundstrem, vocal groups, the first of the 'Friendship' or 'Orera'. On the other hand, Malikov experimented in the field of convergence of vocal and instrumental voices, which also had its roots (for example, in the orchestra SW. Saulsky 'VIA-66'). 'Gems' looking for a special warehouse Polyphonic. And so in their first composition, too, found some 'zest'. Together with Yu Malikov, S. Berezin, Y. Peterson, G. Zharkov, V. Deacon, A. and Yu Mogilev Genbachevym sang here Shachneff I.. It was not a copy of the old accords 'Friendship', where the female voice soloist, shaded flexible masculine timbre background. The young musicians from Moscow, the combination of a female voice with an ensemble of male, . gave the exact effect: it 'Gems' lead vocal line, . in which all the sounds seemed to coalesce at the take-off - in the high register (functions as bass tones and contrast are given the tools),
. Extending this line, which originated in the work of big-bit groups, 'Gems' sought exclusive expression in the singing.

Ensemble Malikova sought, like some of his brethren, to revive the form of concert performances. They appeared on various platforms: theater scene, the Sports Palace arena, a platform in front of the stands, staging a small club ... And each time, especially the 'locale' demanded of its executors of organics, other mode of communication with the public, the exact approach to the sound of activity or sensitivity of the playing song. 'Gems' sought to build a concert on the logic of musical form. Harmonious program was framed by a prologue and epilogue, where the melody sounded D. Tuhmanova and V. Kharitonov 'My address - the Soviet Union'. 'Gems' not only singing, but also commented on his statement, refusing the services of entertainers and intrusive service 'bundles'. Director's concert included the construction of accurate light accents, emphasizing the movement of programs, gives it an atmosphere of attention and concentration, and, where necessary, and strongly break the rhythm of action and mood. Born theater songs 'gems'.

In the early 90's, when life in Russia has changed, the creative activity of the ensemble fell, it seemed that dried up the creative potential. In 1995, when the ensemble celebrated its 25 years anniversary came 'Old songs about the main thing'. Old songs got a second life and have become popular again, not only among older people, but young people.

'Gems' and revived. We serve two groups of soloists of the ensemble: I. Shachneff, V. Dyakonov, V. Belyanin and Presnyakov, O. Sleptsov, A. Nefedov, G. Vlasenko. Songs of the ensemble received, however, a second wind. Spectators with pleasure and interest to listen to favorite songs, which can rightly be called a classic song.

Ensemble 'Gems' recorded on the company 'Submit' twelve plates, minions, issued a four-disc giant. ( 'My address - the Soviet Union' (1972), 'We have a young' (1974), 'The path to the heart' (1980), 'forecast' (1984). Since 1996. by 1998. soloist was released a few magnitoalbomov with remixes of old songs.

Yuriy Malikov - Honored Artist of Russia, vice-president. International Union activists stage. His hobbies are sports: football, athletics. Likes to travel. In addition, interests are: construction, architecture, design. Favorite author - F.M. Dostoevsky.

One of the best creations Jury Malikov and ensemble 'Gems' has become Dmitry Malikov, son of Yuri Fyodorovich, who continued the tradition of musical dynasty Malikovs. In 1986, he debuted as a soloist ensemble 'Gems', a pianist and singer, then graduated from the School of Music at the Moscow Conservatory, the very Conservatory class of Professor VV. Kostelskogo, repeatedly became the laureate of the festival song of the year. (1989-1992 gg. ,1995-1998.) Became the winner of the Moscow Komsomol Prize, winner of various music charts and competitions. A 'soundtrack' 'Moskovsky Komsomolets' acknowledged its 'discovery in 1988'.

In 1995 won the 'Grand Prix' International Music Festival 'Monte Carlo-95' - as the best performer in Eastern Europe. Winner of festivals 'Generation 95, 96', 'Golden Gramophone 97, 98'.

Diversification talent in the field of classical and pop music D. Malikov embodied in his writings, which have repeatedly heard in the programs of television, radio, recorded at the recording studio in Russia and Germany. In 1992. young pianist, singer and composer, a lead role in the film 'See Paris and die' rezh.A.Proshkina. In gratitude for the assistance in the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the name of D. Malikov made an honorary board of the Temple.

Such songs D. Malikov, as 'Moon Dream', 'You'll never be me', 'Until Tomorrow', 'All back', 'marriage procession', 'part of your relatives', 'Golden Dawn', 'Emerald City' favorite songs were millions of listeners.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Malikov Yuri Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Malikov Yuri Fyodorovich, photo, biography Malikov Yuri Fyodorovich  Honored Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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