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Tolkunova Valentina

( People's Artist of Russia.)

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Biography Tolkunova Valentina
photo Tolkunova Valentina
Born July 12, 1946, Mr.. Armavir in the Krasnodar Territory. However, considers himself a Muscovite, because it learned to talk, walk, love, trust. In Moscow, was when one year old. I finished school in Khovrino - Railway near Moscow. Even in childhood, was the contest in the ensemble of the Central House of the Children of railway running SO Dunaevskogo, where 10 years sang in the choir at the beginning of a wonderful musician TN Ovchinnikova - the first teacher in music.

In 1964, Mr.. came to learn from the conductor-choral department at Moscow State Institute of Culture, graduating in 1976. In 1971, Mr.. graduated from the School of Music Gnesinyh.

In 1966, Mr.. the contest was held in the SIV-66 (vocal and instrumental orchestra conducted by Yu Saulsky), where she worked for 5 years the soloist-vocalist and sang jazz instrumental music.

In 1971, Mr.. in the television movie "Day after day," V. Tolkunova voiced song composer I. Kataev the verses M. Ancharova. They quickly became popular, and began active work with a composer of songs: E. Kolmanovskii, M. Tariverdiyeva, P. Aedonitskim, E. ZHarkovskij, M. Minkova, V. Uspensky, E. Ptichkin, L. Liadov and others.

In 1972. was invited poet LI Oshanin sing on the stage of the Hall of Columns at the concert, which successfully made with the song W. Shainsky. Opened a highway on TV and radio.

She has performed dozens of songs, liked by the audience in all corners of our country. Among them: "I'm standing on polustanochke (I. Kataev, . M. Ancharova), . "Silver Wedding" (P. Aedonitskogo, . E. addiction), . "Talk to me, . Mama "(V. Miguli, . V. Gina), . "NOZZLES-kurnosiki (B. Yemelyanova, . A. Bulycheva), . "Where you used to be" (E. Kolmanovskii, . E. Dolmatovski), . "The old words" (Felzman, . R. Rozhdestvensky), . My dear, . If it were not for war "(M. Minkov, . I. Shaferana), . "Song without end" (E. Kolmanovskii, . I. Shaferana), . "I can not do otherwise" (Pahmutowa, . N. Dobronravov), . "I do village" (V. The dark, . AP Chernyaeva), . "Forty-five" (V. Dobrynin, . M. Ryabinin), . "We are on the boat rolled, and many others,
. Only in the musical film and theater spektalyah it performed more than 300 songs. Valentina Tolkunova 23 times becoming the winner of TV contest "Song of the Year"

. Singer issued on 12 LPs and CDs: "I'm standing on polustanochke" (1972), . "In all I want to get to the essence" (1973), . "Komsomol is dedicated" (1975), . "NOZZLES-kurnosiki" (1977), . "Dialogue with the Christmas tree" (1982), . double album, "If it were not for war" (1985), . double album, "Conversation with a woman" (1986), . "Serge" (1989), . "Forty-Five" (1992), . CD "I can not do otherwise" (1995), . "I do village" (1997), . Dream Grass "(1997),

In 1989. based Mosconcert, where V. Tolkunova worked since 1973, founded the Art Society "ART", drama and musical theater songs, the artistic director of which is the singer. Theater created musical performances and programs: the opera "Russian women" the poem by Nekrasov, . on poems by Pushkin and Koltsov (1986); play "Waiting" (music by V. Uspensky on verses R. Rozhdestvensky); play "Champagne Bubbles" (1989, . 1991); musical performances singing "I can not do otherwise" (1990), . "Do not leave me, . Love "(1992), . devoted 25 years of creative activity VV Tolkunova, . "I dew thy, . Rossiyanka "(1995), . "New Spring VA Tolkunova" (1997),
. All the performances were staged the Concert Hall "Russia".

Valentine Tolkunova - one of the favorite local artists pop. On location touring and widespread recognition of her work shows an impressive collection of honors and awards singer: People's Artist of Russia (1987), . Honored Artist of Russia (1979), . Honored Artist of Kalmykia (1975), . Laureate of Lenin Komsomol (1980), . laureate of the Interior Ministry of Russia (1995), . Honorary railroader Russia (1996), . Honored Energy of Russia (1997), . Honorary artekovets, . Honorary bamovets, . Honorary Border,
. She was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1996), Honorary Badge FAPSI (1997), the medal in honor of the "850 anniversary of Moscow" (1997), Diplomas of the Governments of Estonia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kalmykia, Kabardino-Balkaria.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Tolkunova Valentina, photo, biography
Tolkunova Valentina, photo, biography Tolkunova Valentina  People's Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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