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Chepraga Nadezhda

( People's Artist of Moldova)

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Biography Chepraga Nadezhda
photo Chepraga Nadezhda
Born in the north of the Republic of Moldova in the village Raspopov. Father - Chepraga Aleksey. Mother - Chepraga Zinaida Dionisovna. Male - Eugene A. Litvinov, doctor of economic sciences, professor. Son - Ivan Litvinov Evgenjevich, student.

Parents Hope to work on the farm. The family had four children: Nadia, Nina, Ivan and Nikolai. The family is very musical - his father played the violin beautifully, my mother had a wonderful soprano. The children all sang and danced - as a single ensemble. Fate kindly disposed hope - it was she went to the professional scene. Noticed it at the festival of songs already in the fourth grade. It becomes a soloist with amateur groups "Dumbrava", named after the river that runs through the village. In the sixth grade Nadia starred in a short film studio "Telefilm Chisinau" "At the assembly of grapes" in the role of the soloist ensemble.

Parents like to hope entered the Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages Department (at the branch of the French language), but it whirled touring "star field". His fellow villagers were very fond of her and tried to help her around, were ready to work for it in the field, if only she had come to him with a concert.

In ninth grade, Hope Chepraga debuted in one of the popular children's TV program "Alarm clock" with the song Yevgeny Doga "Merry Wedding", words which are written to the youngest female singer. Professionals speak about it, and soon Hope takes part in the transfer of the Central TV "Screen gathers friends". Editor transmission Cyrus Anenkova and announcer CT Svetlana Morgunova steel for her as a "god". After that, N. Chepraga as the winner of the transfer, the orchestra was invited to the All-Union Central Television and radio are running Yu Silantieva, with whom she recorded for the May Day "blue fire" his first song "The Merry Wedding".

In 1972, People's Artist of USSR IM Tumanov invited hope in the long tour to France on a festival of folk songs, where she received a gold medal. It was there and began her professional career. With the song "The guy from Paris, she debuted in the hall" Olympia ". In 1973, Mr.. 17-year-old Nadezhda Chepraga stands at X-th World Festival of Youth and Students in Berlin. Here she again succeed - after performing the song "Doina" she gets the title of laureate and "gold medal" in competition "Folk-music". In the same year released the first EP-mignon "Guitar Strings" with the song W. Doga on words Lazareva "Spring - a contemporary love" performed by Hope Chepraga.

Her name is becoming popular in Moldova. N. Chepraga becomes a soloist Symphonic Orchestra of the Republican State Television and Radio, where she worked 10 years. Work on television and radio in those years gave her the most important thing in life and work: patience, hard work, constant search for new, learn work with composers.

Parallel Hope Chepraga studies in musical college im.Shtefana Nagy at two faculties - vocals and choir director (1973-1977 gg.). From 1977 to 1982. - Studied at the conservatory im.Gav.Muzichesku Chisinau studied vocal and choral conducting. Fate was kind to Nadezhda. Her teacher, a teacher of life, almost a mother becomes the People's Artist of USSR Tamara Cheban. To learn more about his star pupil Tamara Cheban suggested Nadezhda least a year to stay with her. This was an unforgettable, wonderful school, not only professional, but also in life, there have been many things: language training, advice on how and what to read, how to cook and serve coffee, what music to listen to, etc..

During these years, the singer takes part in numerous competitions, festivals, TV listings. It becomes: the winner of the festival "Towers of Vilnius-74" (Lithuania), . diploma of "With a song of life" (1976, . special prize for artistry and telegenic), . winner of festival "Star of Bulgaria (Bulgaria), . winner of the festival "Intertalant" (1977, . Czechoslovakia), . winner of Youth and Students Festival in Berlin (1973), . Havana (1978), . Pyongyang (1983), . Moscow (1985, . after performing the song "Let's Join Hands, . friends "with the American singer Dean Reed),
. In Pyongyang, Nadezhda Chepraga during the opening and closing of the festival had the distinct honor - she performed a waltz festival in Korean. In 1988. the festival of Soviet-Lao friendship with the Lao singer Nguyen Tnyanom she completes the festival of national Lao song.

Since 1977, Mr.. N. Chepraga - continuing member of the concluding concert "Song of the Year" for Central Television. After singing the song "I dream of rain" in show "Blue light" and "Song-76", which became a sort of "anthem" astronauts, the singer learned the whole country. In 1980. Hope Chepraga participated in the anniversary festival Intervision "Sopot". The next day after the local press noted Moldavian singer as distinctive and original singer, skillfully synthesizing folk motifs with modern rhythms. In a white, embroidered with national patterns dress she seemed the most Moldova. American singer Jimmy Lawton shared his impressions: "Listening to her, you feel something real, serious. First time I have this opportunity and very happy. "In the same year the singer became a member of the cultural program of the Olympic Games-80 in Moscow. In 1986. singer took part in the final gala concert of the Goodwill Games, and on behalf of the Soviet side, welcomed the organizer of the games with the American side - Mr. Ted Turner. Hope Chepraga - a permanent participant of festive concerts at the highest level, . concerts, meetings with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in Kiev, . Minsk, . Chisinau, . Honorary guest of the folklore festival "Melodies of the Heart in San Francisco (1993, . Prize of the audience for the song "Hava-Nagila"), . Competition "Garland songs" (Los Angeles, . 1994) and the festival "Voice of Singapore" (1994, . silver medal for the song "The Lark"),

N. Chepraga much removed for television. Central Television, with its participation shot 7 films, 11 films - in Teleradio Moldova. Among them: "The Vintage" (TV Moldova), . "Songs of the Dniester River (Moldovan TV), . "And the glorious day has come" (TV Moldova), . "Six years from home" (TV Moldavia), . Hope Chepraga "(CT), . "Meeting with N. Chepraga" (1982, . CT), . "Sketches for a Portrait" (1992, . CT), . Two hands, . Heart and Crown "(1998, . Studio Dineyr ") and other,
. On the song "Three Line", "Rent me, curly," "deceiver and a cheat", "Roma-Roman", "You chuzhoyN", "Breeze", "Slave of Love" and "Do not forget to" shoot the video. The funds of the Central Television, All-Union Radio and Teleradio Moldova about 200 songs sung N. Chepraga domestic and foreign composers. The most popular of these are: "I dream of rain", . "Whirlpool, . "Tumbleweed", . "Codri Moldova", . Three Line, . "The human voice", . "Slave of Love", . "I want, . Yes prickly ", . "Maria-Mirabella", . "You chuzhoyN", . Roma-Roman ", . "Fortune" and many others,

. Nadezhda Chepraga created several solo concert programs, . which has successfully served the country and abroad: "Carousel" (1979, . Chisinau), . "Only for You" (1980-1983 gg.), . "With Love to You" (1987), . "Tumbleweed" (1987), . "More expensive song is just the heart" (1989, . Yugoslavia), . "That's what she's like" (1996),
. While numerous foreign tours Hope necessarily performs the song in the country where the case, the original language. So it was in Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Denmark, Syria, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Greece, the United States and other countries

. Hope Chepraga recorded 3 minion ( "The strings of a guitar" (Melody, . 1978), . "Lovers" (Melody, . 1980), . "You should walk" (Balkanton, . 1981), . 6 CD-giants ( "Moldavian souvenir" (Melody, . 1980), . "Only You" (Melody, . 1983), . "That's what she's like" (Melody, . 1990), . "Queen of the Gypsies (Yugoslavia, . 1990), . "Flowers and People" (Art-records, . Bulgaria, . 1991), . "Tumbleweed" (Melody, . 1991), . 4 solo CD ( "Hope Chepraga" (AVA Records, . 1994), . "Slave of Love" (Z-records, . 1996), . "Maria-Mirabella" (ADM-records, . Israel, . 1996), . "Unmarried" (ORT-records, . 1998), . as well as CDs of folk music "Songs of Peace" (Delta-records, . NY, . 1990) and "Day of the Angel" (Mold-records, . 1991),

In 1980. N. Chepraga received the title of Honored Artist of Moldova, and from 1988. She - People's Artist of the Moldavian Republic.

Hope Chepraga - a member of the International Telecommunication Union figures pop art, the Moscow business women's club "Faith", Rotary Club. Fluent in Russian, Romanian, French, and bad English and Italian.

His hobbies are sewing, loves good books, movies, music. Among the favorite artists: N. Kryuchkov, M. Ladynina, L. Smirnova, E. Leonov, M. Pugovkin. Is engaged in jogging, gymnastics, swimming. Hope Chepraga assembled a unique house museum - more than 300 pairs of shoes, which appeared on concert stages. Among the pets - two cats and Cocker Spaniel Annie.

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  • Marc Aubort for Chepraga Nadezhda
  • I miss your silvery voice ever after meeting you in Moscow in October 1990.
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    Chepraga Nadezhda, photo, biography
    Chepraga Nadezhda, photo, biography Chepraga Nadezhda  People's Artist of Moldova, photo, biography
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