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Zapashny Mstislav Mikhailovich

( Artistic Director and Director of the Sochi State Circus, People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate)

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Biography Zapashny Mstislav Mikhailovich
photo Zapashny Mstislav Mikhailovich
Born May 16, 1938 in Leningrad. Father - Zapashny Mikhail Sergeyevich (1900g.rozhd.). Mother - Lydia Zapashny Karlovna (1905g.rozhd.). Wife - Zapashny Irina (1953g.rozhd.). Daughter - Helen (1965g.rozhd.). Son - Mstislav (1967g.rozhd.). Grandchildren - Valeria, Jaroslav, Lada.

Mstislav Zapashny "was born in the sawdust" - is usually said about hereditary circus artists, those whose first impressions associated with the smell of the stables, light projectors, triumphant music, applause, debilitating many hours of rehearsals. Zapashny - now a child of the arena. His circus pedigree he elevates to 1882. This date refers to a circus Encyclopedia, telling about a clown and eccentric musical Carla Tomsone, speaking under the pseudonym of Milton. This man was the ancestor of the famous dynasty.

Mother Mstislav Zapashny - Lydia Karlovna, daughter of Milton's clown, as a fifteen-year girl who famously rode a horse, twisting somersaults, juggled, played the piano. His father, Mikhail, was on the arena greenhorn. Before entering the arena, he worked as a longshoreman in Eyske and was famous for huge power. Fate has prepared him fabulous changes. Once, it was after the Civil War, he was discovered by the legendary Ivan Poddubnyi and invited him to try himself as a fighter. In those days, when the French Championships were fighting in the circus, Ukrainian surname Zapashny no use for the posters, and Michael left the arena under the name of Eaglet.

But Michael did not suit the simple demonstration of physical strength, and the young fighter was to acquire other circus genres. Together with a friend George Melchenko he created a number of power acrobats in traditional style at the time gladiators. In the posters, they were called "Brothers Miltons". Partners were also happy with the number "Acrobats Failed", and dangerous - "Acrobats snipers". Michael was a "bottom" - a kind of living pedestal - Hold a partner in the rack "head to head" or standing upside down, holding George's feet. The man aiming with the mirrors, shot at a target of "melkashki". Fired and "lower", while "upper" acted on his head stood on one hand. And from all sides surrounded by riding public, and the accuracy of the shot, from the calm and harmony of acrobats depended not just the success rates, but also the safety of spectators.

Here in this family was lucky to be born Mstislav Zapashny. Five brothers and sister inherited a phenomenal performance, and the undoubted talent of parents. But Gorbachev himself resolutely did not want his children to devote themselves Manege. He sought to give each of them a good education and decent profession. To permanently unable to carry a family with him, he bought a small house and put the family in Leningrad. Here Mstislav found war. Father and older brother went to the front. My mother was on tour and return to the besieged city was unable to. In besieged Leningrad four children (Walter, Igor, Mstislav and Anya) stayed with my grandmother, Anna Makarovna. Then there was the road of life and the evacuation. After the siege of Leningrad family was in the Volga region, there met with my mother ... Lydia Karlovna partner with her husband stood in the room "Tags arrows". They lived in great misery. At night, after the performances, my mother went to unload the barges and wagons. On his father's ban on close approach to the circus had to forget.

In Saratov Walter bomb shelter and little glory began rehearsing their own circus. They first came to the arena in one program with mum. Walter then went seventeenth year, Mstislav - seventh. In 1946, the brothers officially enrolled in the artists, but in 1947, when the family toured the Far East, the number of junior Zapashny it was decided to disband. Walter was outraged and convinced my mother to go to Moscow. Brothers were allowed to speak at the Moscow Circus, which came the formidable panel of Glaucus. "The young acrobats - announced ringmaster. And the boys ran into the arena. Walter had no doubt that the audience will support the issue, because in his arms Glory performed somersaults, pirouettes - the difficult stunt combination of seven elements. Seemed: juggling a younger brother. And the audience did not let down - organized a real ovation. They were called every ten or twelve, and each time the glory of riding bore himself Pencil. It was a real victory: not only boys were allowed to speak, they have set salaries for the highest category. Mstislav Zapashny still recall with pleasure his first triumph.

In 1949, Walter was called up. Eleven Mstislav followed his brother, received the status of the son of the regiment. Work began in Song and Dance Ensemble of the Odessa Military District. Here Zapashny learned to dance and loved the art of ballet. To this day, Mstislav Zapashny, . acknowledged master of the arena and the circus director, . creator of large works of circus arts, . great attention to the plastic side of productions, . creating an image of the spectacle and circus, . and choreographic tools,

In subsequent years, when sharing a room with Walter glory replaced younger brother Igor, Mstislav dabbled in various genres: acrobatics, aerial gymnastics, clowns, train horses, and large exotic animals and birds of prey.

In 1954 all four brothers have created a number Zapashnys "Acrobats voltizhery". It was a masterly work. Junior - Mstislav and Igor high fly up in the hands of older brothers, impeccably performed unique tricks that no one is repeated until now. RECORD Zapashny audience warmly applauded, and at the VI World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, the brothers won four gold medals.

Meanwhile, Mstislav assailed new ideas. In the twenty years he knew for sure: all that he would do in the circus would be a real discovery. There were changes in genres, partners came and went, but one thing remained constant: the beginnings of Mstislav Zapashny different scale of magnitude, the grandeur. That's what happened: almost all of them by numbers always popular with viewers and entered the golden fund of domestic and world of circus arts.

In 1964, Mstislav Zapashny, lifting acrobats-voltizherov on the backs of horses, has prepared a room "Acrobats voltizhery on horseback", which was, in fact, the opening of a new genre in the world of the circus. While touring in France and Japan was awarded the highest number of international prizes.

In 1977 he created the world's only performance in which the eternal enemies of the jungle - elephants and tigers - were united in a single cell. Training of large predators in itself is complicated and dangerous, but it becomes increasingly complicated when you enter the cage with the tigers, elephants. Attraction "Elephants and Tigers" became not only a bright and exciting spectacle, and artwork with a precise and rigorously constructed by composition ostrosovremennoy idea - the idea of friendship, caring person about the world around him. The play was one of the greatest achievements of Russia and the world of circus arts. Attraction "Elephants and Tigers won the State Prize of Russia in the field of literature and art.

In 1991, M. Zapashny created a heroic and historic circus spectacle-pantomime of "Spartacus", which is on the artistic embodiment, the composition of actors, number of animals and new technology has no analogue in the history of the circus

. Mstislav Zapashny is also a director, . stage director and performer of the main roles in air-magical attraction "To the Stars" (1970); in attractions: the Soyuz-Apollo "(1974), . "Shar courage", . Air Flight, . "Rope-walkers", in case of circus performances: "In the arena - Muscovites" (Saratov Circus, . 1965), . "Russian Winter" (Moscow Circus on Prospect Vernadskogo, . 1967-1968), . "In the space age" (Leningrad Circus, . 1970), . "Spring meet" (Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, . 1971), . "We - the circus performers (to 100 anniversary of Penza circus, . 1976), . "Fair of Wonders" (to the 100 anniversary of the Nizhny Novgorod Circus, . 1983), . "What starts Motherland" (to the 70-th anniversary of the October Revolution, . Minsk State Circus, . 1987), . "Our Russian circus" (Sochi, . 1997), in the pantomime: "Song of the dockers', . "Little Pierre", . "Courageous", . as well as in children's performances: "The Adventure Ivanushki", . "Well, . Weather Watch, . Dr. Aibolit ", . "The New Adventures of Sinbad", . "New Year Carnival", . "New Year's Ball at the circus", . Captain, . Captain - Smile! ", . Adventures Mishutka ",

Since 1992, MM Zapashny is the artistic director and director of the Sochi State Circus. By the 25 th anniversary of the Sochi circus in 1996, M. Zapashny put two large-scale programs: "I love you, . Russia and the super-circus show "Stars of the World Circus", . who for two seasons were a great success in Sochi, Russia's major cities,
. These two works of circus arts are the basis for a gala presentation - artistic farewell tour of Europe and South-East Asia (Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia). The farewell tour took place in Krasnodar, Rostov, Voronezh, Saratov, Kazan, the capital of Russia - Moscow, the northern capital - St. Petersburg, and, finally, in the southern capital of Russia - Sochi.

Having accumulated considerable experience in the leadership of show business, knowing the inside circus and variety art, wanting to preserve and increase the best traditions of the national circus, M. Zapashny now successfully implementing a number of major new programs. This building and the creation of Sochi Theater marine animals, . Mobile transformation of the auditorium, two thousand and turning it into a music hall or theater, vaudeville, . continuous operation during the night dancing, . casinos and restaurants in the building of the circus,

. In 1994 - 1996 years MM Zapashny was vice president Rosgortsirka, . and from 1991 to the present time is the vice-president of the World Association of professional circus school and a permanent member of the Commission under the President of Russia on the State Prize in Literature and Art,

MM Zapashny headed the jury and the organization of the First World Competition of Circus Arts in 1996 in Moscow on Red Square. He - a permanent member of the jury at the world competitions in Monte Carlo, Paris, China.

MM Zapashny - People's Artist of USSR People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize of Russia, the winner and six-time winner of gold medals at international competitions circus performers. Awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree.

Lives and works in the city of Sochi.

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    Zapashny Mstislav Mikhailovich, photo, biography
    Zapashny Mstislav Mikhailovich, photo, biography Zapashny Mstislav Mikhailovich  Artistic Director and Director of the Sochi State Circus, People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate, photo, biography
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