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Kuklachev Yuri D.

( People's Artist of Russia.)

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Biography Kuklachev Yuri D.
Despite the fact that the name of Yuri Kuklachev is a circus and catchy, it does not belong to any circus dynasty. His parents were engineers come from Chekhov District, Moscow Region. Wife Yuri Dmitrievich - Elena - as artist, working in the Theater Cat. Ibid working their eldest son - Dmitry. Younger children - Catherine and Vladimir - schoolchildren.

Yuri Kuklachev first performance took place in the All-Union review of amateur, where he was awarded the winner. At the final concert, which took place in the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, first entered the arena. For a young man drew the attention of experts, invited to circus school. Thus began a circus career literally unique, the most beloved and brilliant clown and trainer - Yuri Kuklachev.

In 1971, Mr.. Yuri Kuklachev graduated from Moscow State College of Circus and Variety Arts. His teacher was NA Kiss. Here novice circus artist trained mastered equilibrium, acrobatics, juggling. Later, Yuri Kuklachev graduated from the State Institute of Theatrical Art, specializing in theater critic ".

From 1971 to 1990. - Artist "Soyuzgostsirka". In February 1976. Yuri Kuklachev first appeared in the circus with a number, which advocated domestic cat. Hearing about this event immediately spread in Moscow, because the cat was considered an animal, behind-dog training, and her appearance at the circus was a sensation. At the arena went clown in a blue suit trimmed with white peas. On his shoulder sat a cat arrow, followed by running dog pate. Already the first appearance of this company has caused loud laughter of spectators, and the most incredible thing was that the cat out of the arena to escape was not going anywhere, she has performed with artists as though it were the most important.

Created by an artist of "Cats and clowns" and "The City and the World" won the audience and in our country and abroad. He toured in Romania (1973), . Cuba (1974), . in Canada (1976), . USA (1977), . Puerto Rico (1978), . Germany (1980, . 1990.), . Japan (1981, . 1985.), . Argentina (1982), . Uruguay, . Peru, . Venezuela (1983), . France (1984, . 1994), . Israel (1990, . 1992), . Netherlands (1990), . Belgium (1990, . 1993.), . Britain (1991), . Italy (1992) and many other countries,
. While touring in Canada Yu Kuklachev had the honor to dine with Prime Minister Trudeau. In England, . where due to border quarantine, the actor was unable to bring all your pets, . he was just three months has created a unique circus, . protagonists in which they were trapped on the streets or donated by the British cats,
. This room was named best comedy numbered years, and the artist was awarded the honorary diploma.

YD Kuklachev - artist of many genres. He and a juggler, and a juggler, and stunt man and magician and animal trainer. According to the artist himself: "The clown is not the one who knows how to laugh, but someone who knows how to do everything". Maybe that is why he is so popular among children and adults.

In 1990. Yuri Kuklachev opened the first in the world, the private theater cat ( "Cat House"). It is located in a former cinema "call" on Kutuzov Avenue. Yuri Kuklachev and his like-minded friends - artists, designers, photographers - turned it into a cozy and unique world of "Cat House". It is convenient and fun live and directors and actors, and choreographer, and their assistants, and, of course, wonderful dogs and cats, and their troupe of more than 100. In the foyer of the theater of permanent exhibition of cats, created by the hands of artists - paintings, graphics, ceramics, wood, metal ... While touring in Paris, the theater was awarded the Gold Cup and the title of "most original theater in the world". In 1991-1993. the theater on a voluntary basis there was a school of clowns.

Over the years the theater Yuri Kuklachev formed a close alliance with the creative well-known filmmaker, part-principal director of the theater, G.E.Yungvald-Hinkevichem. They jointly prepared by the 5 programs: "The kidnappers of cats," "Nutcracker Prince and the Rat King," "Cats, clowns, and love," "Puss in Boots against Carabas-Barabas", "Cats of the Universe". At each presentation of children come from orphanages, there are special discount tickets for the disabled and veterans. Theater holds regular charity performances in children's and disabled homes, sanatoria for impaired children, in children's hospitals.

Yuri Kuklachev participated in the shooting of more than 50 children's programs, it is - a constant and welcome visitor program "Good night, kids", he is often invited to the most popular television shows. He starred in films: "The Cat and the Clown," "With a smile, good," "Above the Rainbow". The Soviet-Finnish film "Letter from Tampere Kuklachev played a major role in the Soviet-French films he had a chance to play with the eminent French actor Marcel Marceau (for technical reasons a film on the wide screen is not released).

In 1977. YD Kuklachev was awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1979. for staging the play "Circus in my luggage and performance in its main role - the title of" People's Artist of the RSFSR ". Yuri Kuklachev - Officer of the Order of Friendship (1995), laureate of Lenin Komsomol Award (1976)

. Original talent recorded a variety of foreign prizes and awards: "Golden Crown" in Canada (1976) for outstanding achievement in taming, . for the humane treatment of animals and promotion of humanism, . Golden Oscar in Japan (1981), . prize "Silver Clown" in Monte Carlo, . World Cup of Journalists (1987), . honorary member of the Association of Clowns of America,
. Yuri Kuklachev enjoys extraordinary popularity in France. There he devoted an entire chapter in a textbook in the native language for French students - "Lessons of Kindness". A mail San Marino, in recognition of the unique talent of the artist has released a postage stamp dedicated to Yuri Kuklachev, who became the second clown on the planet (after Oleg Popov), awarded this honor.

Creativity Yuri Kuklachev devoted hundreds of publications in national and international media. The artist himself is the author of several books, including "My favorite cat" (published in Paris), "Cat House", "Jurij Kuklachev and 120 cats, as well as manuals for students of Circus School" If you want to be a clown ".

His hobbies are painting and woodcarving.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Photos of Kuklachev Yuri D.
Kuklachev Yuri D.

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Kuklachev Yuri D., photo, biography
Kuklachev Yuri D., photo, biography Kuklachev Yuri D.  People's Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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