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( General Director of advertising agency Leo Burnett & Moradpour Moscow)

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Biography Edward MORADPUR
photo Edward MORADPUR
Born June 28, 1947 in Tehran (Iran). Father - Moradpur Habib (1901-1993), was engaged in international trade, particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals. Mother - Lishchinskaya Eugenia (1924g.rozhd.), Was born in Kiev, now lives in Paris. Daughter - Moradpur Frederick (1967g.rozhd.), Since 1990, working in the field of "public relations" in Paris.

Until the age of ten Edward Moradpur studied French in elementary school in Tehran, then continued his schooling in Paris at the Lycee Janson de Sailly, and then in high school, receiving a bachelor's degree and mathematics. In 1971 he received a higher university degree in marketing and management in the Graduate School in Paris (HEC) - the equivalent of "Harvard Business School".

His career in the advertising business, Edward Moradpur begins in 1971 in Paris as an intern at an advertising agency NCK (currently FSV). He quickly rises through the ranks of Client Service, . working in five major international advertising agencies: NSK after he enters the group Navas п-dvertising, . then Leo Burnett Paris, . then in the EURO-RSCG (to Jacques Seguela) and, . Finally, . at Saatchi & Saatchi Paris as a member of the Board of Directors,

After several years spent at work in the field of Client Service, he finds that his new vocation is "creative advertising". That is why in late 1982 along with three companions, he creates his own business in Paris: Agency MGTB (Moradpur, Gilder, Treger, Beli). In the newly created agency, he is chairman and creative director of the department. This is the beginning of his career, entrepreneur and creative people at the same time. MGTB very quickly gaining success by major advertising campaigns, visible and attract attention, such as advertising campaign Timberland shoes.

In 1983, the agency acknowledged "the best young of the Year". Edward Moradpur quickly gaining a good name for themselves, their clients and your agency. If in 1982 he began working with a team of 4 people, already by 1987 the agency has grown to 100 people and became a leading group of 15 of the first advertising agencies of France. And yet his soul, the soul of an entrepreneur is far from being satisfied, since Edward Moradpur is primarily a creator.

In 1987 he sold his shares of associates and the group AYER (agency receives the name MGTV-AYER) and was adopted for the creation of a new advertising agency with a group of Young & Rubicam - Agency MDLP (Moradpur, Dalzas, Langlois, Pizanti). And again he succeed. However, the passion to take risks, pushing him to conquer new horizons.

In 1989, the Russian soul (in Edward Moradpura Russian roots through the mother) leads him to Russia (then USSR), in a country that has just opened the world. Edward Moradpur has a fervent desire to become a pioneer in the advertising business in Russia 90's, where advertising makes only the first steps. Given that he speaks in Russian, work in Russia seems to him a predetermined. In 1989, the first group of CARAT, an agency of Number 1 in Europe in the field of media planning and buying advertising space, invites him to open a branch of Moscow. In October 1989, at a time when the Berlin Wall had not yet fallen, Edward Moradpur feeling in the USSR puff of wind of democratic change, went to Moscow in order to prepare future. From 1989 to 1993, he spends much time in Russia, quickly opened two offices SARAT URSS and INTERSPACES, combining two complementary in the field of advertising.

From 1989 to 1993, Edward Moradpur carries large projects, strikes up a strong friendship with many of Russia's leaders in politics, economy, famous people of culture and art. In particular, during the elections in 1991, he worked on the first television political advertising campaign of the Supreme Soviet of Russia Ruslan Khasbulatov.

This is just one of the most interesting episodes of the period, which began in 1989, to which he was in Russia, the country that entered the path of democracy and market economy. This experience has given him a good understanding today's Russia, the evolution of trends and attitudes, that it was necessary to develop and implement effective advertising campaigns.

Many of today's Russian-known advertisers began his career in a team of Edward Moradpura. They feel a deep sense of respect for him and consider him a founding father of modern advertising in Russia and, undoubtedly, the most prominent creative alien in today's Russia.

Edward Moradpur dreams of creating a better advertising agency in Russia. To implement these ambitious plans, he seeks to unite their efforts with the international advertising agency, aspirations and opportunities that meet its own. Finally, he meets with a group of Leo Burnett. This is the largest advertising agency in the USA (hosted by Chicago) is a global network that includes 83 agencies and has over 8000 employees worldwide. The agency is one of the most famous and most creative in the world, having among its clients such prestigious companies as Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Sola, Pilsbury, General Motors, Kellogg's, Heinz, McDonald's, etc..

Since the work of Leo Burnett in Paris in 1977 Edward Moradpur believed Mr Leo Burnett's spiritual father and a model of creative person. He shared the values that contributed to the success and reputation of his agency in the world. Just in 1994 there was a meeting with a group of Edward Moradpura Leo Burnett. He was invited by the agency Leo Burnett Paris (Bordele, Lemene, Leo Burnett) to open a group of Leo Burnett in Russia.

Since 1994, Edward Moradpur finally settles in Moscow in order to create here a major international advertising agency with a true "Russian Roots". His knowledge of Russia and his Russian skills will be a crucial element of his success (he had personally invented one of the most famous advertising slogans in Russia: "Clean - clean Tide"). He decides to recruit to the agency only to Russian officers. They were enough to give quality education in the various agencies network Leo Burnett abroad. This policy has allowed Eduardo Moradpuru rally around a strong and professional team interested in a common cause of people.

Open in 1995, the agency Leo Burnett & Moradpour Moscow is today in the leading group of large advertising agencies in Russia. Even the financial crisis of 1998 could not shake the achievements of the agency. On the contrary, after the crisis, his reputation and market share strengthened. In the crisis period, the agency has retained most of its employees and customers, and since late 1999, gaining new brands

. In 2000, the agency Leo Burnett & Moradpour Moscow has an impressive list of clients and advertised brands: Marlboro, . L & M, . Arollo Soyuz, . Tide, . Myth, . Tamrah, . Vidal Sassoon, . Max Factor, . Nevskoye, . Tuborg, . Ambassador-coffee, . Ferrero, . Hennessy, . Ariston, . Tylos Tea, . Heinz, . Johnnie Walker and many others,

The Agency has worked very well known for its campaigns, its work has been awarded numerous prizes advertising festivals. In particular, it received the Grand Prix of the advertising festival in Moscow for a television campaign Tylos Tea ( "Grandma" and "Domino") and numerous prizes for a television campaign Ariston (nine and a half cycles), . example, . Prize advertising festival in Portoroz,
. Edward Moradpur personally contributed to the successful promotion of major campaigns the agency: "Tide" ( "Clean - clean Tide"), . "Myth" ( "Moidodyr"), . Tulos Tea ( "Very english tea"), . Ariston (using the idea of the movie "Nine and a half weeks"), . "Source" - vodka and many other,

For ten years, Edward Moradpur pursued the same goal - to create the best advertising agency in Russia. Today, this goal seems to be implemented.

Edward Moradpur speaks five languages: French, English, Russian, Spanish and Persian. Naturally, the profession advertiser takes most of his time, nevertheless he was happy to devote time to their hobbies. Very fond of cinema, which is well known and has often been the source of his inspiration, love traveling (visited more than 30 countries). He was fascinated by photography, he photographed and displayed a large number of images taken during his travels. Very fond of classical and contemporary music. It has a special passion for astrophysics, interested in everything that regards this science, and if he did not for publicity, you may be happy to have devoted himself astrophysics. However, life is long, and who knows, maybe someday Edward Moradpur will reveal the secrets of "big bang" ( "Big Bang") NNN

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Edward MORADPUR, photo, biography
Edward MORADPUR, photo, biography Edward MORADPUR  General Director of advertising agency Leo Burnett & Moradpour Moscow, photo, biography
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