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VASAKNYAN Marina Razmikovna

( Hairdresser International Class, winner of international competitions Hairdressing)

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Biography VASAKNYAN Marina Razmikovna
photo VASAKNYAN Marina Razmikovna
One of the most titled masters of Russia Hairdressing. Despite her youth, already have and own school, and students, and numerous titles, the enumeration of which occupies nearly a whole page. Here are some of them: a member of the national team of Russia on hairdressing, . master "Golden Hands", . Champion of Russia (1991), . medal winner Cup Tokyo "(1992), . winner of the Grand Prix Championship Cup of Antwerp "(1993), . silver medalist Cup of London "(1994), . winner of world championships in Washington, DC (1996), . European Championship bronze medalist in Vienna (1996), . winner of the Grand Prix "Golden Rose of Paris" (1996), . Grand Prix National Championship of Belgium (1996), . gold medal of the national championship of the Kingdom of Great Britain (1996), . Grand Prix of the European Cup in Helsinki (1997), . silver medalist "European Cup" in Frankfurt (1997), . winner of the European Tour "Golden Tulip" in Utrecht (1997), . bronze medal final of the European Championship in Athens (1997), . winner of the Grand Prix Championship of Europe in Brussels (1998), . World Championship medalist in Seoul (1998),
. Marina Vaskanyan - master of international class on hairstyles, winner of National Award "Ovation" for creating a better image of the male on the stage in 1996.

Hometown Marina - Rostov-na-Donu. It was there that started professional development. The parents initially opposed the choice of his daughter, but then resigned. Soon there came the first success. Marina took part in the Rostov city competition of hairdressers and took 1st place. In 1991. - It is already champion of Russia, next year - a member of the national team of Russia on hairdressing, 1992. - Japan, winner of the prestigious tournament "Cup of Tokyo. Russia became a member of the first five of the world of hairdressing skills.

In the 16 years after high school, Marina is a student working in a hairdressing salon, in the men's room, she very much wanted to make it beautiful men. Day was the administrator, the entire second shift was at the seat of their teachers. She wanted to see everything, know everything, to taste. First the client still remembers. Beginning strongly, scissors were obedient, sheared and suddenly felt a responsibility towards this crazy man ... Frightened, gave up work and ran. After that two months have not seen her in seat.

First his diploma - male master - Marina received in his salon. And then, in addition to work, were contests. First - the city - on the title of the best salon, best masters, then - the regional, zonal. And the first serious competition - All-Russia, which in 1991. held in her native Rostov, - and immediately the 1st place and won the championship among the men's masters. Success is not reassured, and provoke: "We need to learn." The desire to rise to the heights of skill was so great and seriously, that Marina went to ask for studies to the most Dolores Kondrashova. It was another world, another school ...

Immediately after the London tournament, where Marina was the bronze medal, she was invited to the Center "Vella-Dolores". It became clear that ply between Rostov-on-Don and Moscow, with an interval of two to three weeks is not serious, and Marina has already had a family, baby. Almost half a year, she reflected on the proposal Dolores moved to the capital - in fact it was necessary to drop everything and start over.

Now it is Russia's only holder of the newest technology intensive care sections of hair. At its disposal are wonderful hot scissors "with computer control, which" sealed "the ends of hair, allowing hair to maintain the level and healthy for two or three months.

Despite the fact that it is competitive male artist, Marina, and are subject to women, and children's haircuts. To her family come. If there is such a profession - Hairdresser psychologist, then it could be completely attributed to the Marine Vaskanyan. Her name is well known hairdressers in Russia and abroad, as well as those who need to create the image, who is looking for harmony between the internal state and external manifestation of. Marina believes that a component of success - a subtle psychological approach and talk with the client, especially if people came for the first time. Charming, soft, smiling and friendly, Marina knows how to win and win the trust of the most serious and cautious client. Businessmen, artists, students, school children - how many characters, so many images and will create a tireless M. Vaskanyan. Her teacher and mentor - Chairman of the Union of Hairdressers Russia, . World Championship silver medalist in Paris, . Judge of the international class, . coach of Russia on hairdressing Dolores Kondrashov says Marina, . as a man of talent, . extremely hard-working and good,

Twentieth century, to focus the practicality and functionality, seemed reduced to a minimum hairdressing in men's hairstyles. Nevertheless, in the creation of modern men's hairstyles are changing with time and fashion trends, which means that there are new names asses - professionals and masters of "aerobatics".

Employment firm Vella-Dolores ", trainings, contests, win ... Already there were students who require care and attention. Not enough time to chat with friends.

The recent festival "World of Beauty" 1998. - Is not only a competition, your unique hairstyle. This is a unique show of masters of international class. This is a celebration of beauty and goodness. At this festival, Marina Vaskanyan submitted its master-class. Immediately after the show, Marina went to another contest and won the Silver Cup "Golden Rose of Paris".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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VASAKNYAN Marina Razmikovna, photo, biography
VASAKNYAN Marina Razmikovna, photo, biography VASAKNYAN Marina Razmikovna  Hairdresser International Class, winner of international competitions Hairdressing, photo, biography
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