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Igor Chapurin

( Fashion Designer)

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Biography Igor Chapurin
Logo Igor Chapurin - a bird with long legs. Himself as a designer obyasnyaetee appearance: "It turns out that the name" Chapurin may byti different spelling - through "e". I learned, . that in a city Vladimirskoyoblasti Suromna, . in which he lives a lot of Chepurinyh.Mne became interesting, . pochemuN In the dictionary of Russian names I read, . that the word "Chepur" for this area represents a bird with long nogami.Mne so liked this opening, . I decided to bring the bird on svoylogotip,
. In the future, if things go well, birds with long nogimistanet symbol of my future House of Fashion and prisutvovat will go - naaksessuarah, lined coats, to jewelry and other products. "Most likely, it will be so. His first in the life of press konferentsiyuChapurin began with the words: "When I was young ...". Then he bylovsego 2b, but he already had a lot in life. Igor Chapurin (born in 1968godu) graduated from Vitebsk Technological College in the class "konstruktorzhenskoy clothes" and worked for a year as an artist-designer in vitebskomatele higher level. In 1991 he enrolled in the Vitebsk tehnologicheskiyinstitut. The make - Igor wanted to take part in the competition molodyhmodelerov behalf of Nina Ricci, but allowed him only to students. In itogeChapurin received two specialties: "designer women's clothing" and "artist-designer", which provides its collections not tolkointeresnye design decisions, but also the perfect technological response.

. In 1992, Igor became the fulfillment of his dream by taking part in fashion konkursemolodyh name Nina Ricci
. Chapurin lucky - he got in desyatkuprizerov and in December 1992, visited Paris, representing Russia at the X International festivalemolodyh designers. The competition was held under the auspices of UNESCO, and its zhyurisostavili such big names as Sonya Riksl, Kenzo, Pierre Cardin ... Parizhskiegazety wrote that after the Chagall in Vitebsk lit second star. Poslestazhirovki in Paris, Igor was invited to work in the firm of Max the Magician. "From this proposal Chapurin declined: in Moscow in front of him as otkryvalisvesma tempting prospect - a young designer began creating platyadlya beauty queens. As a result, since 1992, all Russia's girls participating in beauty contests, Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Europe, Miss International, Miss Evraziyai Oceania "," Miss Russia ", etc.. serve in the evening tualetahot Igor Chapurin. Perhaps dresses from Chapurin bring happiness - in 1993godu Julia Alekseeva receives the title "Vice-Miss Europe" in izyskannomnaryade - Igor Chapurin multiplying 45 meters of green silk on the elements of rococo. Immediately thereafter, Igor receives an order for seven platevdlya finalists in the first contest "Miss Russia". In October 1993goda dress Chapurin serves mascot Elmira Shamsutdinova - it becomes a "Vice-Miss International".

Autumn-winter season of 1994-95, perhaps the most memorable time in zhiznidizaynera. In December 1994, Chapurin shows his collection at Mezhdunarodnomprazdnike fashion in Bulgaria. February 1995 was very important in biografiiChapurina - Igor first showed his collection in Moscow. He called svoydebyut "On the way to Russia" ( "What Russia with Love"), because at that time his name was better known in the West than at home. Pokazsostoyalsya in hotel "Metropol". Arrived in Moscow spetsialnopo this occasion, President of the Committee elegance of France Roger Seyler outputting not only recognized the collection corresponding to the European level, but sdelalzakaz thirty costumes for the show "Miss Europe-96". A pevitsaTamara Gverdtsitely asked Igor Chapurin sew her dress for otvetstvennogovystupleniya at Carnegie Hall. While working on this collection Igorizobrel own way of embroidery. Know-how was born this way: "We menyabylo little time to hire fancy was already busy, so the day spent trying on, and embroidering at night, thinking up new moves, and finally combined in one embroidered with gold, pearls and corals. Then I showed uzhegotovuyu collection of embroidery, and found that none of them prostone in a position to repeat. Because my embroidery was made voprekivsem canons embroidery ". Among other things, then Chapurin potryasMoskvu that dressed in embroidered with pearls Russian kokoshnik darky parizhskuyumanekenschitsu Eugenie.

In November 1995, Igor Chapurin demonstrated collection "Vechernyayamoda: Yesterday and Today". At this time, along with mannequins in platyahChapurina defile People's Artist of Russia Tatiana Vasilieva. Dekabr1995 year proved to Igor's hot sometimes - he is developing a model kostyumovdlya employees boutique "Rene Garraud" and cocktail dresses dlyaprezentatsii cosmetics company "Estee Lauder".

Serious interest in creativity Chapurin showed Italian dizaynerIren Golitsyn, which at one time famous for the invention of style "palatstsopizhama" designed for active women travelers. His podostoinstvu appreciated Jacqueline Kennedy, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor. Golitsynapredlozhila young designer to focus on creating women's clothing line podmarkoy "Galitzine"

. His potential clients of Igor Chapurin sostoyatelnyhdam considers the age of thirty, capable to comprehend the aesthetic subtleties egoidey as well as their music immediately sees three women - Alla Demidova, TatyanuVasilevu and Marianne of Peter
. Marianne - a "person" kosmeticheskoyserii firm "Givenchy", Western journalists believe it vneshnostangelskoy. After photographing the models from Chapurin Marianne said: "NaZapade my appearance is treated more gently and feminine. New image, sozdannyyChapurinym, was surprisingly close to me and to some extent stalotkrytiem. "

1996 Igor Chapurin also held a very creative. He started with sozdaniyakostyumov for Miss Russia-95 ". It was in his modelyahteper appears in the television channel ORT helmsman "convoy" IvanDemidov, . Leading a new TV show "Yum" Tatiana Lazarevana TV-6 also shows in its broadcast of Chapurina.Osoboy Igor Igor is an honor to work with a brilliant actress, . narodnoyartistkoy Russia Alla Demidova,
. We can mention the brilliant and sotrudnichestvoIgorya Chapurin with the famous stylist Leo Novikov, . Skill kotorogopomogaet young designer to achieve purity and expressiveness of the image kollektsiy.V Vilnius in English Villon hotel will soon open a boutique Chapurin,
. Sovsemneploho for 28 years.

Its place in fashion Igor Chapurin sees this: "I am looking for a compromise mezhdukommercheskim recognition and artistic originality of things. For menyauspeh - this is where things are bought, when they are. Things should prostoobyazany used, and only if they live their lives and opravdyvayutnazvanie "fashion". A creative credo designer Igor Chapurinaumeschaetsya in three short words - simplicity, harmony, perfection.

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Igor Chapurin, photo, biography
Igor Chapurin, photo, biography Igor Chapurin  Fashion Designer, photo, biography
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