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Sergei Fyodorovich Letov

( Musician)

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Biography Sergei Fyodorovich Letov
Sergey Letov was born in Semipalatinsk, Kazakh SSR, 24 September 1956, Mr.. and then lived in Omsk (where he now lives his brother Yegor Letov), studied at the physico-mathematical boarding school in Mr.. Novosibirsk. Since 1979, Sergei Letov live in Kraskovo (Moscow), 1998 - in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology. University, postgraduate studies at the Institute of Aviation Materials, Variety-oven department Tambov Cultprosvet school.
First public appearance - with Mikhail Zhukov and Percussion Ensemble of Mark Pekarsky in 1982. (solo on baritone sax).
In 1983-1993 he. - Cooperation with Sergei Kuryokhin. Performed together in a duet. In addition, Sergei Letov participated in the combo Sergey Kuriokhin "small" Pop-Mechanics (since April 1984) and the orchestra of the "big" Pop-Mechanics, and before they are formed in the orchestra Sergei Kuriokhin 'Crazy Music Orchestra' (1983). In addition to numerous performances in Leningrad and Moscow were speeches in Sverdlovsk (1986 - Duet), . Riga and Tallinn (1987-1988 - a small "Mechanics"), . in Finland in 1988 (first trip and Kuriokhin, . Letov and abroad), . Italy, . France (big "Mechanics") and Denmark (a small "Mechanics"), . shooting in movies and on television ( "Musical Ring"),
. There have been other projects, such as Quartet Kurehin-Grebenshchikov-Letov-Kondrashkin "double quartet Kurehin / Letov comprising: Kurehin, Grebenshchikov, Choi, Africa (Sergei Bugaev), Letov, Zhukov,, Valentina Goncharova Svetlana Golybina.
Since 1986. - Collaboration with singer Valentina Ponomareva. The duo performed in Novosibirsk, Moscow, Arkhangelsk, in Zurich (Switzerland), acted in films (film Tatiana Chivikovoy "Male and female, or several views of the lizards against the background of Mount Ararat). In addition to the duo - the set of ensembles with LaDonna Smith, Yuri Parfenov and TRI "O".
. In 1985 founded a brass ensemble TRI-O in the composition: Arkady Shilkloper (horn), Arkady Kirichenko (tuba, eufonium, bass, trumpet, vocals), later - Alexander Alexandrov (bassoon), Yuri Parfenov (trumpet), Ivan Volkov (saxophone , clarinet)
. TRI-O acted on almost all jazz festivals in the USSR, . 1988 acted in Poland, . Bulgaria, . Switzerland, . Germany, . Austria, . Italy, . Finland, . Norway, . Holland, . United States, . including in such clubs as the Knitting Factory (New York), . Bimhuis (Amsterdam), . Moods (Zurich), . Sud des Alpes (Geneva), . Blue Tomato (Vienna),
. However TRI-O has performed and recorded Sainkho and singer Valentina Ponomareva.
In 1992 C. L. together with Alexander Nesterov (Kiev, midi-guitar) and Yuri Yaremchuk (Lvov, saxophones, clarinets), founded the "RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN PROJECT", speaking in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, including Vilnius Jazz Festival.
. In 1997, founded a large project "A NEW ALTERNATIVE TO RUSSIAN" with Alexei Borisov and Roman Lebedev (electronics), . Yuri Parfenov, . folklore-ethnographic ensemble "People's Celebration", . The Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble, . dancers "Class Expressive Plastics / Rebel, . Natalia Shirokova, . Marina Konovalova and Sveta Moskvina, . Vadim Koshkin (animation / film, . computer graphics), . Oleg Lipatov (guitar), . Vitaly Bykov (Bitmap), . Alexander Alexandrov, . Anna Koleychuk (designed, . objects, . Costumes, . V),
. With alternative is Valentina Ponomareva.
The latest musical project - "Juba, 2 Macintosh and Naked Body" was first implemented in December 1997. In this project Sergei Letov participate Andrew Suchilin (by electronic compositions, . computer PowerMacintosh, . guitar), . Alexander Pillai (computer PowerMacintosh, . guitar, . keyboards), . Sveta Moskvina (dance), . Anna Koleychuk (organization of space, . slides), . Anna Zapolskaya (artist body-art),
. The project is a film by the New Zealand video artist Colin Anstee. The project in February-June 1998, also participated Alexei Borisov (DJ), Marina Konovalova (dance), Anna Kormilitsyna (model body art'a).
Sergey Letov was involved in numerous projects, many musicians. Among them - the German band EMBRYO, . Danish band NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA (concerts in Denmark, . Germany and Russia), . Orchestra Anatolia Vapirova, . Italian composer and bassist Enrico Fazio, . Singer Sainkho (performances in Russia, . Austria, . Switzerland, . Germany and the USA), . American viola player and violinist LaDonna Smith (performances in Russia and the United States), . cellist Vladislav Makarov, . Leningrad drummer Alexander Kondrashkin, . Lithuanian Vytautas trombonist Pilibavichyus, . Folklore Ensemble "Folk Festival" (Moscow), . American ensemble UT GRET (Liouville, . USA), . American cellist Boris Raiskin (performed in Russia and the United States), . German trombonist Heinz-Erich Goedecke, . Ensemble HATCH (Oleg Lipatov, . Vitaly Bykov), . guitarist Andrew Suchilin.,
. Since 1994 Sergey Letov represents Russia in the European Jazz Network (EJN).
. Sergey Letov plays soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, flute and alto flute.

. CDs:

. 1
. TRI-O. Trialogue. SoLyd Records, SLR 0031, 1995
2. Document. New music from Russia. The 80-s. [TRI-O & Sainkho] Leo Records CD LR 805
Conspiracy. Zurich 1989. [TRI-O] Leo Records CD LR 810
Conspiracy. Zurich 1989. [Valentina Ponomareva & Sergey Letov] Leo Records CD LR 811
Conspiracy. Zurich 1989. [Anatoly Vapirov Big Band] Leo Records CD LR 812
Sergey Kuryokhin. Polynesia. RCA Victor. VDJ-1209
sergey kuryokhin & pop-mechanika. live in france. kurizza records, kr cd 804
Enrico Fazio. Vittorino Curci. Favola. C. V. C. 9921-2
Kings & cabbages. Moscow Composers Orchestra. Leo Records Laboratory Leo Lab CD 005
Moscow Composers Orchestra & Sainkho. Life at City Garden. U-Sound UD 95027
Soft Animals. Conquest of the Arctic. random mdcd 001
dice 2 [she says]. Ishtar Records CD002/1996
Kurehin. The tragedy in the style of rock. SZCD 0679-97 UNION.
Serguei Kuryokhin. Divine Madness. Leo Records LR CD 816
DK. Tea cup. SS Records 0973
Soldat Semyonov. Not one step back! ZVUKOREKI AS-005
Sainkho. Out of Tuva. Craw 6 EFA CD 07609 26
DDT. Time. DDT Records BD 154
phonograph records (vinyl):

THREE HOLE. Contemporary Music Ensemble "Three" O ". Melodiya C60-28461
Sergey Kuryokhin. Polynesia. Melodiya C60-28421
Sergey Kuryokhin. Introduction in Pop-mechanics. Leo Records LR 146
Popularnaia Mehanika. Kino. West Bam. EFA WSFA 3F 57
Valentina Ponomareva. Temptation. Melodiya C60-28293
Valentina Ponomareva. Intrusion. Leo Records LR 156
Rocking Soviet. Antenne / Janus JD 10 CNUF 29749 10030
Leningrad Jazz International `89. Melodiya C60-30587

Moscow Composers Orchestra. LIVE IN MOSCOW. Ascension Music CC 010/1993
DK. On April. 1984. Studio Bell. Moscow Rock Laboratory, 1997
DMB-85. Studio Bell. Moscow Rock Laboratory, 1997
DK. Tea cup. Studio Bell. Moscow Rock Laboratory, 1997
Sergey Kuryokhin. Polynesia. ERIOTREK CAR 022
DDT. Time. DDT Records

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Sergei Fyodorovich Letov, photo, biography
Sergei Fyodorovich Letov, photo, biography Sergei Fyodorovich Letov  Musician, photo, biography
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