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Adrian Belew (Adrian Belew)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Adrian Belew (Adrian Belew)
When some time ago, the creator of the official web site of Adrian Belew (Adrian Belew) Rob Merfri gave me, . that this remarkable musician happy to give an interview to "Music Box", . I have great worry: not too often falls to personally interact with human, . which is equally easy to feel, . working with such diverse performers, . as Herbie Hancock, . Cyndi Lauper, . NINE INCH NAILS and Mike Oldfield,

. Moreover, . namely "Fender Stratocaster" Adrian was able to put an end to the absolute rule of Robert Fripp (Robert Fripp) in KING CRIMSON, . group, . from which, . According to the experts, . before any more or less significant rock musician can hold a maximum of a chain of two musicians,

Robert Steven Belew was born Dec. 23, 1949 in Kentucky.

His parents recall that in the age of four, Adrian began to sing along to Elvis Presley, hearing on the radio onogo. Since the beginning of the 60th to mid 70th years Belew has played in numerous groups, performing the cover songs, mostly THE BEATLES

. These groups have managed to achieve a certain popularity at the local level, . but the rapid rise in Adrian's career began only after they met in 1975 with Frank Zappa (Frank Zappa), . overheard talented guitarist in a small club, . where she performed another cover band Belew Sweetheart,

. It is working with Frank has become for him a kind of start in life: then followed by a tour and a session with David Bowie (David Bowie), . acquaintance with David Byrne (David Vurne) and Brian Eno (Brian Eno), . a well as an invitation to join KING CRIMSON from the Fripp,
. Ever since the name of Adrian's always been on the list of the best rock guitarists of the planet, . his interviews are seeking leading professional publications, . a master of the guitar part in recording the album feel lucky to even such well-known artists, . as Paul Simon (Paul Simon) and Joe Cocker (Joe Cocker),

My concern was unfounded: Belew was a gay and cheerful person, and communication with nym not like a conversation with a living classic. It turned out that Adrian also felt some excitement about his first interview for Russia's editions, and even specifically found somewhere, as will be "goodbye" in Russian.

MB: First, let me thank you for having agreed to answer a few questions. As far as I know, this is your first interview for Russia's Edition.

AV: Good day. Indeed, this is my first interview for Russia. We have several pripozdnilis with this, not nahodishN

MB: Adrian, not so long ago you said the fiftieth. How do you think, what is your greatest achievement today denN

. AV: My main dostizhenieN My life makes me happy - nothing dostizhenieN

. MB: When did you decide to become a professional muzykantomN were any alternative plans for buduscheeN

. AV: Musician, I decided to be in ten years
. I joined the school band as a drummer. Even then, my main passion was music. I thought that I could be the leader of the orchestra, playing all the instruments and teach others. And as early as fifteen years I knew that I wanted to record, and now studio in my home!

MB: In the sixties you for the most part played the drums. And now you're still a very good drummer. Why in the end you prefer guitar shock ustanovkeN

AV: I love drums and still often enough to play them. I borrowed a guitar when I was sixteen years. Then I began to learn to play it, because I wanted to write songs. It so happened that the guitar - my main "voice", but I am happy to expand into other tools. Every instrument of his own "and therefore requires a special approach. My main goal was and continues to be "is written artist", that is to achieve excellence in all aspects of the art recording.

MB: Adrian, you have a very peculiar way of playing. You samouchkaN If yes, who had on you the greatest vliyanieN

AV: Yes, I taught. In these small spots on paper I do not sense. As to influence, at first they were THE BEATLES, Roy Orbison, Harry Nilsson and Ray Davies, composers: Stravinsky and George Gershwin (George Gershwin), of the guitarists: Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix) and Jeff Back (Jeff Beck). Once I learned from records of the style set by guitarists Les Paul (Les Paul) and Cheta Atkins (Chet Atkins) to Segovia (Segovia), I decided to try to find their own sound, different from other guitarists. It remains a strong desire to make a guitar sound the way it sounds absolutely should not. I began to imitate the sound of gulls, car horns and so on. And I tried to use these effects in such a way to get music. For example, after I mastered the sound resembling the cry of an elephant, I wrote the song "Elephant Talk", by which my elephant sound appeared suitable habitat.

MB: Adrian, do you really the reputation of a man who can make his guitar sound like anything from the piano and ending with seagulls and elephants. Many of the readers of "Music Box" - and professional musicians. Could you share some of their secrets (playing technique, equipment and so on) N

AV: Well, for this interview it would be too long. As you probably know, for my life I have acquired an extensive library of sounds, each of which requires a certain technique of performance, which is often combined with special effects (processors, etc.). I have no special secrets, all that I have repeatedly discussed in various guitar magazines, but there are too many specific details to elaborate on this issue in one article. Instead, let me give a basic comparison, which I often use. If you are an artist, . then you have lots of ways to do: you simply draw a graphic pencil, . this will be the same, . how to write a song for one acoustic guitar, can be glued sand to the canvas, . as if to pass through the guitar fuzz box, you can use spray paint and add the arsenal of electronic effects to the guitar sound, and can even work with abstruse computer 3D animation, . and it will be similar to the use of digital workstations, . Pro Tools or Digital Studio,
. The main thing is that these are only tools that should be used only as far as is necessary to express their individuality.

MB: In recent years, many famous guitarists publish his early works. You have no plans to submit to the public that an entry is the 60's or 70's godovN

AV: My first solo record I made only in 1981, so I have no record 60th and 70th years. But I am preparing a special edition consisting of several disks that are going to be called "Dust". It will be published next year - in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the publication of my first solo disc. In "Dust" will include rarities, demos, previously unreleased songs and instrumental compositions, live recordings, and much more. As long as I have in stock ninety tracks of solo material, as well as records and THE BEARS KING CRIMSON. So this "boxing" to attach the wheels spinning.

MB: You have worked with such diverse artists as Frank Zappa and David Bowie. Whose music was thee blizheN

AV: I was pretty bad sign with the music of Frank before they started working with him, and many of the songs I played David's even before his acquaintance with their author, so at first I was closer to the work of David. However, over the years my musical tastes great to have changed, and now I wonder what Frank did, especially his recent work. I still have very fond memories of working with Frank and David, I'm just happy that I had the opportunity to work with such "musical giants"

. MB: Who of those artists with whom you've played during your career, you like to work more vsegoN

. AV: What I like to record myself, but I think for me is very helpful to participate in such groups as THE BEARS and KING CRIMSON, where there is no one leader, and ideas are born as a result of joint creative work, or presents to each other
. I enjoy working with all actors. The only drawback of this work is that by the end of it you rarely vidishsya with colleagues. In an ideal world, Paul Simon would have to live next door to Laurie Anderson (Laurie Anderson), but close to them - David Bowie, so that I, Andy Partridge (Andy Partridge) and Ino could be with him going to the bowling alley on Friday evening.

MB: Is there a possibility that you'll be re-written with David Bowie and Nine Inch NailsN By the way, how you met Trentom Reznorom (Trent Reznor) N You seem quite different interests in music. Or something in common yet estN

AV: I hope that I happen to work with them again. At the time Trent got in touch with my manager and asked him to play on the album. Before that we never met. We have to Trentom have similar interests: we strive to create a sound that nobody had heard. I really respect what he does, and I get enormous pleasure from watching him work in the studio.

MB: Let us turn to your current projects. They say you cook for three solo albums this year, could not some of them rasskazatN

AV: First, I write full-fledged solo album, based on the sound of aggressive guitar trio. Secondly, I have almost finished work on new album THE BEARS, consisting of pop songs for adults. Incidentally, one of the songs from this disc guitar solos will be performed by Robert Fripp. Slowly but surely, I continue to work on the second experimental guitar album. Well, as I said earlier, next year I will issue box-set "Dust", which is a huge collection of rarities. Fragments of all four projects can be heard on my latest CD, recently released on Thirsty Ear Records. Album is called "Coming Attractions".

MB: Could you describe the following work of KING CRIMSON "The ConstruKction Of Light" N

A. Q: With become a more heavy metal music. On the record reflects a very broad spectrum of musical styles, some of which have been strongly associated with KING CRIMSON, at the same time, the group managed to work on a completely unfamiliar territory for himself. In general, the sound is very dense and disturbing. Pat (Pat Mastelotto) and Trey (Trey Gunn) invented a unique musical landscape, which throughout the album and we are studying with Robert.

MB: What do you think about the current composition KING CRIMSONN

AV: It is this composition is very good. Maybe even brilliant. I hope that together we will write many more albums. I prefer the quartet, because it all has to work harder.

MB: I once read an interview where you said that you was not easy to play KING CRIMSON in the eighties. And not so long ago, Robert Fripp wrote in his diary that in you were serious doubts about his future as a member of the group. In my opinion, it is simply impossible to overestimate your importance to KING CRIMSON and how brilliant the author, and as an excellent performer. How do you feel yourself in a group seychasN

AV: With KING CRIMSON always difficult, it is a challenge to himself. That's why I like it. Currently I'm just happy in the group, going to continue to give of their best works and all his enthusiasm for KING CRIMSON.

MB: And besides KING CRIMSON do you plan in the near future, any projects with other muzykantamiN

AV: I have just finished recording with the group THE FLECKTONES for their next album. They have won four Grammy Awards, and the group leader, Bela Flack (Beta Fleck), living as I do in Nashville. Next week I will travel to Cincinnati to within one week to write songs from THE BEARS.

MB: And you're not going to give concerts in Eastern Europe with a group (KING CRIMSON, or even THE BEARS), or solnoN

AV: KING CRIMSON soon begin European tour. Here are a few confirmed dates in Eastern Europe, about which I know: June 9, Poznan (Poland), 10 and 11 June in Warsaw (Poland), June 13 in Prague (Czech Republic).

MB: Your favorite pesnyaN

AV: "Rhapsody In Blue" by Gershwin.

MB: And what of their songs do you think nailuchsheyN

AV: My song for me as a child, each valuable in its own way. I can not choose some one.

MB: Thank you very much, Adrian. I hope someday to see you with concerts in Moscow. Well if you ever wanted to say something to the fans in Russia - now the perfect moment.

AV: I hope someday to see your face. Many thanks for your support. (In Russian) Yes svizhdanya!


1. Lone Rhino - 1982
2. Twang Bar King - 1983
3. Desire Caught By The Tail - 1984
4. Mr. Music Head - 1989
5. Young Lions - 1990
6. Desire Of The Rhino King - 1991
7. Inner Revolution - 1992
8. The Acoustic Adrian Belew - 1993
9. Here - 1994
10. Experimental Guitar Series # 1: The Guitar As Orchestra - 1995
11. Op Zop To Wah -1996
12. Belewprints. Acoustic Adrian Belew Volume 2 - 1998
13. Salad Days -1999
14. Coming Attractions - 1999

With King Crimson:
1. Discipline - 1981
2. Beat - 1982
3. Three Of A Perfect Pair - 1984
4. Heartbeat. The Abbreviated King Crimson - 1991
5. Frame By Frame. The Essential King Crimson - 1992
6. Sleepless. The Concise King Crimson - 1993
7. Vrooom - 1994
8. Dinosaur - 1996
9. Thrak - 1995
10. B'Boom. Official Bootleg Live In Argentina - 1995
11. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream - 1995
12. THRaKaTTaK -1996
13. Absent Lovers - 1998
14. Live At Cap D'Agde, 1982 -1999
15. Cirkus. The Young Persons' Guide To King Crimson Live - 1999
16. On Broadway, 1995 - 1999
17. Live In Mexico City, 1996 -1999
18. The Vrooom Sessions, April 1994 - 1999
19. The Deception Of Thrush. A Beginners Guide To ProjeKcts - 1999
20. The ProjeKcts - 1999

With ProjeKct Two (Adrian Belew, Trey Gunn & Robert Fripp):
1. Space Groove - 1998

With The Bears:
1. The Bears -1987
2. Rise And Shine -1988

As a session musician:
2. Stage - 1978 (David Bowie)
3. Lodger - 1979 (David Bowie)
4. Sheik Yerbouti - 1979 (Frank Zappa)
5. Remain in Light - 1980 (Talking Heads)
6. Maybe It's Alive -1981 (Robert Palmer)
7. The Red and The Black - 1981 (Jerry Harrison)
8. Tom Tom Club - 1981 (Tom Tom Club)
9. The Shakeman Show - 1981 (B 52 `s / The Plastics)
10. Magic Window - 1981 (Herbie Hancock)
11. The Catherine Wheel - 1981 (David Byrne)
12. Escape Artist - 1981 (Garland Jeffries)
13. The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads - 1982 (Talking Heads)
14. Baby Snakes - 1983 (Frank Zappa)
15. The Key - 1983 (Joan Armatrading)
16. Left-Handed Dream - 1983 (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
17. Ladies & Gentlemen - 1984 (The Adults)
18. Zoolook - 1984 (Jean-Michel Jarre)
19. The Gremlins Soundtrack - 1984 (Peter Gabriel)
20. Mister Heartbreak - 1984 (Laurie Anderson)
21. Confusion - 1984 (Yoshiyuki Ohsawa)
22. Lights Out - 1984 (Peter Wolf)
23. You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1 & 6 - 1998 (Frank Zappa)
24. Home of The Brave - 1986 (Laurie Anderson)
25. True Colors-1986 (Cyndi Lauper)
26. Graceland - 1986 (Paul Simon)
27. Earth Moving - 1989 (Mike Oldfield)
28. Walk On Water-1990 (Jerry Harrison)
29. Rhythm of The Saints - 1990 (Paul Simon)
30. Sound + Vision Vol. 3 - 1992 (David Bowie)
31. El Silencio - 1992 (Caifanes)
32. God Shuffled His Feet - 1993 (Crash Test Dummies)
33. Paul Simon: 1963/1993 - 1993 (Paul Simon)
34. Sheffield Steel - 1993 (Joe Cocker)
35. Bright Red-1994 (Laurie Anderson)
36. Simbolos - 1994 (Santa Sabina)
37. Necessary Angels-1994 (Sara Hickman)
38. Downward Spiral - 1994 (Nine Inch Nails)
39. Patient Zero - 1996 (Bentmen)
40. Lefty Loose Righty Tight-1997 (Bob Fetters)
41. Backwards Boy - 1997 (Irresponsibles)
42. Two Kinds of Laughter - 1998 (Sara Hickman)
43. Blue Plate Special - 1998 (Rick Altizer)
44. When Pigs Fly - 1999 (Irresponsibles)
45. Neon Fixation - 1999 (Rick Altizer)
46. Meetings With Remarkable Friends - 1999 (Artie Traum)
47. Fragile - 1999 (Nine Inch Nails)

With various artists:
1. Christmas Guitars
2. Guitar Speak III
3. Come Together - A Guitar Tribute to The Beatles
4. For The Love of Harry ... Everybody sings Nilsson
5. Come and Get It. A tribute to Badfinger
6. TWANG!!! A Tribute to Hank Marvin & The Shadows

Photos of Adrian Belew (Adrian Belew)
  • Adrian Belew

Photos of Adrian Belew (Adrian Belew)
Adrian Belew (Adrian Belew)

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Adrian Belew (Adrian Belew), photo, biography
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