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Biography Brian SETZER (SETZER Brian)
"I will not say that it is hard nut to crack," - says Setzer about the audience of his Big Band, - "but it is not those who will sit on the ground"

. From the clubs of New York to rock the basement of Cleveland, from public festivals and amphitheaters in California to the prestigious jazz festivals in Montreal and Europe 17 members Brian Setzer Orchestra wows the crowd

This orchestra, in which five saxophones, four pipes, four trombones, piano, bass, drums and electric guitar, is reviving rock and roll for everyone - from teenagers to fifty-year. Setzer, undoubtedly, the most tattooed leader of the group in history, re-defines the musical priorities

. On the album Guitar Slinger, . recorded in the studio Interscope Records, . second album and the first, . recorded under this brand, . who produced the legendary Paul Ramon (Count Basie, . Paul Simon, . Sinead O'Connor, . Barbra Streisand, . Paul McCartney), . Brian Setzer Orchestra combines several musical elements, . to create a unique sound of the orchestra Setzera: classic Count Basie, . blues Louis Jordan and own, . Setzera, . version of American rock 'n' roll,

"I did that, not considering it as a novelty," - says Setzer, whose albums have sold more than than eight million copies worldwide. "I do not know how many records we had to sell or how many concerts to play. But I knew that we are doing everything correctly. This is something completely new, and if all is well, then people will like it. It was a huge responsibility, but it was worth it. How many people can say they have done something, something to which nobody has ever done? "For Setzera this project - not the revival of the past, and the revival of this. "This is primarily a rock," - he says. "Rock to Big Band, to play as loud as any rock band, not jazz, not swing."

. Unlike mad vaunted debut album Brian Setzer Orchestra, . released in 1994 and named as, . a group, . Guitar Slinger for more original works, . than cover versions, . and its content is permeated with the spirit of rock 'n' roll:,
. desperate guys, balancing on the edge, the femme fatale on his heels, penetrating as a stylet, and rebels like John Kool

Not for the first time raised the genre Setzer. Stray Cats not only returned to music rockabilly, but also have caused an explosion of interest in accompanying her style. Setzer believes that the same thing happens with fans of his Big Band. "I call it a" Kustom Lifestyle ". They found the roots of music, found, came from Big Band, they will come to listen to blues artist or relax at a party, or completely immersed in the music swing. These are people who like alternative music. Brian Setzer Orchestra has arisen as a result of a chance meeting has grown into an experiment and now is a separate phenomenon in the music. "

. In late summer of 1992 in Los Angeles company of guys who play the wind instruments, a party in the house next door to the house Setzera
. One of them saw him and called out: "Brian, take his his guitar and sets!" Setzer joined them.

"They thought that I could not bear, I will keep. They played snippets Thelenious Monk, Miles Davis and others quite complex things, which I tried to get. And after some time the conclusion was - "This guy right, he can play". Perhaps the reason this is not noticed before, was in the belief that you can not play, not knowing how to read music and write music and not knowing jazz chords. You have to pore over these chords and play them. Having played together several times, Setzer decided to create a few rooms and join in the Big Band in the hope to give several performances in Southern California. In December 1992, Brian Setzer Orchestra debuted at the club on the West Coast.

Already after the third song the whole audience was on their feet. After the second speech in Los Angeles, Brian Setzer Orchestra has become the "hot" group of city. In 1994, following the release of their debut album, Brian Setzer Orchestra took a commercial tour of 50 concerts across North America, which included an unusual presentation of a jazz festival in Montreal next summer.

"When we started, we were like any new group, it does not matter, 3 in her person or 17. We were supposed to be the team to find her face It was even harder than usual, because we had no example to follow. If you want to create a punk band, then you have before your eyes Sex Pistols. Here were mostly jazz musicians, and it was difficult to explain to them how to play rock. But we overcame this road and to the jazz festival in Montreal, we were a team. We did this because we like it. "

Setzer was born in Grennwich Village, in New York. He grew up in Massapekua, Long Island, and the first instrument on which he began playing at 8 years old, was (a) euphonium, and not the guitar. He played on wind instruments for 10 years and their influence on his music since quite. Even when he began taking guitar lessons (also at 8 years old), his teacher was a saxophone.

As a teenager he left school and went off into town to hang out in jazz clubs. Because of the age he had to secretly sneak into places such as Village Vanguard and Village Gate. Setzer recalls that once, when he saw the Mel Lewis Orchestra, he thought: "Classroom idea when the leader of Big Band - guitarist. But the story seemed conspired against this idea. Acoustic guitar has not been traditionally the leading instrument in the music of Big Band, and the electric guitar was just beginning to cast a vote in the 50's, when the Big Band is actively penetrate rock and roll.

In the late 80's young Stray Cats left America for London. During their stay, the trio had full sensation in Britain, Europe and Japan. But in America, two of their previous album, The Stray Cats and Gonna Boll, came as imports. Then came a breakthrough: the album Built For Speed (1982), including 3 from the top ten hits ( 'Stray Cat Strut', 'Rumble In Brighton' and 'Rock This Town'), reached second place in the list of popular albums and received a platinum award.

But the idea of creating a Big Band is still not left Setzera. Moving from town to town, he was on the bus listening to Gene Krupa and Bobby Darin, practiced jazz chords and imagine how his songs would sound arranged for Big Band. There followed a gold album, Rant N 'Rave With Stray Cats (1983), then Rock Temporary (1986), Blast Off (1989), Rock This Town: Best Of The Stray Cats (1989) and Choo Choo Fish (1992). Send as 2 albums with solo numbers Setzera - Knife Feels Like Justice (1986) and Live Nude Guitars (1988). Then he was presented to the release of Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, Paul Rogers and Ricky Lee Jones.

In 1996, Setzer, along with Bryan Adams will head the show "Duets" and will be heard on the soundtrack to the Striptease and re-released the album Aristocats (he had previously contributed to the album's release The Songs Of West Side Story). "I feel very fortunate. I went through the 80-s and kept self-respect as a good guitarist. When people hear Clapton play, they learn it. All I want is that, having heard me play, people said: "This is Brian".

When the creation of Big Band has finally ended, it is caught unawares Setzera. "How much you can use an electric guitar?" But this is not rock music - with one brass. I created a band for fun, but now we go for the second album. "As a result, the first album is largely comprised of cover versions. "The process of writing was so fast that I have not had time to create an album consisting of original songs, and I went to collect it bit by bit. For the album Guitar Slinger I first wrote the song. So they stood on their seats. "

Meeting with Joe Strummer was a happy coincidence. Setzer and former leader of the Clash were both strangers in London. "We both were old Cadillacs, he had 55, and I'm 60," - says Setzer. "One day he called me and wanted to know where to get spare parts. "Strummer spent with Setzerom couple of months, they both chased by cars and, of course, writing songs.

Setzer has produced her first album, but another coincidence led to that Guitar Slinger has a new producer. Phil Ramone saw the performance of the group and told him "I want to produce it". "Really?" - Said Setzer, who was in a good mood. At that Ramone replied: "You need to be recorded in the same way as you play live. If the guitar you do not bother singing along with you, the group sounds quite different ". Ramone wore headphones and played PA, removing the wind. Although it was not a live album, the musicians played on Guitar Slinger as if he was alive.


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Brian SETZER (SETZER Brian), photo, biography
Brian SETZER (SETZER Brian), photo, biography Brian SETZER (SETZER Brian)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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