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Biography DALE Dick (DICK DALE)
photo DALE Dick (DICK DALE)
When I first heard played by Dick Dale, I wanted to cut off their fingers and rinse them in the toilet. It was in 1963, I was just being formed as a guitarist. One of my boyfriends brother put the record with "Miserlou" and my jaw just dropped. It seemed incredible that a simple human flesh, clamped down on steel strings, can produce what I heard. It was not just "technically pure" play on guitar. It was a genuine outburst of passion and individuality, machine-gun staccato, scribbling on the surface of my brain. I first heard that the guitarist was not playing well, as is: a man.

I was in good company - Dick Dale has influenced countless guitarists over the years of his work (his concerts attended, even Jimi Hendrix), despite the fact that he rarely played outside of Southern California. He did not just invent the sound of the guitar in the surf-rock - he made a central figure of the guitarist. In the days when guitarists were playing through 20-30 - watt amplifiers, Dale first realized the importance of noise rock-n-roll, leaving behind a trail that is only now beginning to truly recognize.

Dick (real name Richard Monser) was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in the ethnic family: his father was a native of Lebanon, and his mother - Polish girl. Thus, . from birth, he was influenced by the diverse music - exotic oriental melodies and folk, . reflected in such features of his style, . as tremoloobraznoe, . as mandolin, . musicianship, . and the use of dark, . minor tonalities,
. In addition, a huge influence on him has also provided music big bands, the former, in fact, pop music of the era.

Especially lasting impact on Dick at the time of the formation of his musical consciousness had percussionists. Here's what he says about it: "I play the guitar as a percussion. I tell my musicians, . when rehearsing with them: "Look, . I can play the guitar, . as plates (show), . at leading, . on the barrel. "PochemuN Because, . that Gene Krupa (drummer) was one of my first idols, . I listened to on records with Big Band,
. Thanks to him, drums were my first musical instrument. By pure coincidence, the obsession with Gene Krupa, Dick has left its mark on his mother's kitchen utensils.

Dick received no musical education, but it did not stop him from trying to play many instruments, some of it still plays at his concerts. He is proud of its innate tendency to multi-instrumentalism. "I do not know the name of all that I play. So why should I bother terminamiN I do not claim the title of "maestro". I have always said that the general public does not know what "increased Tercia". And I do not know, and I do not care. I'll not even range of play! Well chtoN But I can extract the sounds from any existing instrument, and it comes from my heart. "

The same approach is a talented self-taught and Dick employed in the development of string instruments. It all started when in the comics Superman on the last page of Dick read that, selling jars of cream Noxema, you can win a Hawaiian guitar ukulele with a picture a cowboy on a horse waving a lasso. Dick spent many rainy evenings, knocking on neighbors' yards and their inhabitants vparivaya countless jars of cream Noxema. (Incidentally, he still shave with it.) Finally, Dale sent earned by the sweat of money, and after four months was: not a guitar, and painted green wood chopping which soon gave way. Dale was nothing left to do but throw this object in the trash.

Sorting out the bitterness of loss, Dick nazbieraе-aе? this time, bottles of Pepsi, handed them, and the proceeds 5 dollars 95 cents bought my first, plastic chetyrehstrunnuyu ukulele. On this instrument he learned to play the things Hank Williams (known country singer) and the accompanying rhythm in the style of the aforementioned Gene Krupa. The only thing not mentioned in the tutorial, was that the tool must keep the other party. The fact that Dick was left-handed, and the guitar was designed for conventional guitar. But he still learned to play and sing country music, putting his fingers as shown in the charts with chords. Finally, for $ 8 he bought a six-string acoustic guitar with a flat deck, again for right-handed. Two extra strings puzzled Dick. Playing chords on the ukulele as he began jamming them, and nobody noticed this. Dick continued to bend his line.

The unusual manner of Dale playing guitar, holding it upside down and backwards, drew the attention of professionals. Leo Fender was surprised and intrigued by its performance, . and Barney Kessel, . phenomenal jazz session guitarist, . Dale said: "Dick, . if you only moved the strings correctly, . I'd be the greatest guitarist in the world. "To which Dale replied:" Why change something, . if so neplohoN ",

. Dick sang and played the popular hits at the time in country style-end westerns like "Tennessee Waltz," and his musical talent developed rapidly
. Career, Dick took up his father in 1954. perevezshy family in Southern California. It was at that period, young Richard Monser was renamed the Dick Dale disc jockey Country Music T. Texas Tiny. Stars give away a lot of autographs, and "Richard Monsour" was too complicated to write.

One evening, returning home, his father, Dick saw the searchlights in the air and a huge crowd of people that were represented talent show. Deciding that his son would surely must participate in it, he has ensured that in the end, Dick was on the scene in the heart of Los Angeles, playing the latest hit Presley's "Teddy Bear". Later, he received notification that won the competition imitators of Elvis. The first prize was right to speak before the first showing of the film "Love Me Tender" with the King of Rock 'n' roll. Dale loved theater 1 200 new viewers and was not objective for another four months. Supported by his father, Dick made his first recording studio on Del-Fi in Hollywood with rockabilly bagatelle "Ooh-Whee Marie," which also became his first single based on his father, Del-Tone Records

. Perhaps, . Dale's musical career would be well and went to the trivial direction of country-western-end, . if still in their teens, . already fully acclimatized to the new place of residence, . He would passionately carried away surfing not long before, . how he became a national insanity,
. By combining these seemingly contradictory studies, like surfing and playing music, Dick tried his guitar playing to transmit physical sensations and emotional ecstasy from sliding over the waves. This intrigued his fellow surfing. As it usually happened later in his musical career, the title of "King serfingovoy guitar" he invented himself, and did not receive it from any record company - a monster show business. "So I called the guys with whom we had been on the boards.

They told me: "You're the king, dude, you are king of surfing and guitar!" All that I ever did, was inspired by communicating with ordinary people, my audience (which is also in the future prompted him to name many of his things).

Once, in the late 50's, traveling on a motorcycle in Balboa, luxurious serfingovuyu zone in southern California, Dick found a concert hall "The Rendezvous Ballroom". This huge area was empty due to decreasing interest in big band, once spoken here. Now it is rented for graduation parties and other local activities. Dale with his father appealed to local authorities to re-arrange her live concerts. Convince officials it was not easy.

According to Dick, "I was the only person in the whole California, received permission to open a private dance floor for teens. All other refused, as any rocker with a guitar was the personification of vice, playing the "devil" music. So they called her, and - "devil's music". My father managed to persuade local authorities to the question: "Where do you prefer that your children spend time - on the street or in tantszaleN" They replied: "OK, but let them all come in a tie!"

. Have you ever seen a man with surfboards and galstukeN! Well, we bought a tie game and gave them barefooted youngsters with whom we have every day riding on the boards
. Here's how it all began. Then friends of 17 surfers, our attendance has grown to 4 000 people in one night.

Father Dale has obtained permission from several cities to the fact that Dick came and performed in local dance halls, deafening the audience capacity of its speakers. True, Mr.. Pasadena authorization has been canceled after the first concert as never before the administration of the local hall had an influx of 2 000 visitors, packed to the rafters and 1 500, left on the street. But Dale has initiated major concerts indoors

. Across southern California quickly spread the fame of the manic guitarist, . that plays a hitherto unheard-of music to unprecedented volume, . writhing postures, . which would have envied professional acrobat, . and owns any existing in the nature of instrument,
. The fact that Dick and his group, called the Del-Tones, done in the late 50's and beyond, bore the imprint of purity of spirit and evolution of natural musical gifts, Dick, was inspired by the idea of surfing. The names of almost all the songs were suggested by his fellow surfers. Under the "Let's Go Trippin '" meant something like "run to listen to Dick Dale plays." Title song "Shake-N-Stomp" (shaking and stamped) spoke about the demeanor of the participants on stage. In the ocean, beautifully packaged and supplied to the masses of pop production handful of surfers, led by Dick Dale began plucking at the water and making waves.

So, Dick played the major dance floors across southern California. At his concerts have come to watch and learn is not known if The Beach Boys, and The Ventures, and Jan & Dean. A great admirer of talent, Dick was a young Jimi Hendrix, while working in the accompaniment of Little Richard. In one of their free evenings he went to one of the crazy and loud show Dale: Well, and stayed after graduation to ask Dale a lot of questions (obviously, the two left-handed guitarists that were discussed).

During this fruitful period of his father, Dick created the record company Del-Tones Records, to publish a recording of his son. The first five singles did not have much success, but then - there he is, the moment! - September 1961. released single from "Let's Go Trippin '". Now the thing is recognized as the first recorded surf-rock. Then nobody knew how to call it, but it was clear that was born a new style in music. The song (in fact, instrumental) was on top of Southern California polls, but the real success was waiting for her at the national level: it hit the hot hundred "magazine" Billboard ", which lasted nine weeks. Despite the fact that the next pair of singles do not repeat this success, Dale rushed to release debut album. "Surfers' Choice", which were presented in live performance the most successful of the concert numbers, Dick, was released in 1962. and sold in the amount of 80 000 copies. parallel hitting the charts "Billboard".

Period Del-Tone Records, before the first peak in the musical career of Dale, was marked by several important creative achievements. During this time it was released a few notable singles such as "Surf Beat" and the immortal "Miserlou". Then, a combination of guitars and amps, formed his incredible sound - clean and metal, on the one hand, and long and warm, on the other. Enriched with reverb unit just appeared Fender Reverb Unit, sound, Dick was not only a product of new technologies, but also need to be audible to a large audience in an era of primitive amplification systems. (Historical note: reverb was not made for the guitar, Dick, and for his voice. Dale did not have a natural vibrato singing, but did not want his voice sounded dry. Dale plugged in the Fender Reverb Unit his microphone, and sounded like Elvis!

Only later he got the idea to connect to the same, and his "Beast" (Fender Stratocaster). And it was marriage, . prisoner of rock 'n' Roll Heaven! A final note: contrary to the assertion of some sources, . reverb is not used in the above-mentioned Surfers' Choice, . Dale which established the title "King serfingovoy guitar", . because he was not invented at that time.),

. Prominent role in shaping the band's sound Dale played his communication with Leo Fender
. Dick Dale is not just invented a new style called surf-rock, he also proposed a new way of performing music. In 50-ies in the group used the bass. The guitar was not a loud instrument. Leo Fender, guitar god and Einstein, has just created his Telecaster, especially for country guitarists using stakkatny receive "chicken-piking". No one had an amplifier that can pass for a mark 5 (50 watts), even if the scale was from 0 to 10. Chuck Berry and the guys like him played in 6 -, 8 - and 10-inch drivers. Some manufacturers have tried to cheat musicians. People do not realize that somewhere after the grades 3, together with the volume begins distortion. But Leo made amplifier, where the volume really increased to a mark 10 on the scale, and overweight begins only after 8.

Says Dick: "I told Leo that I want juicy, surround sound. He gave me a Stratocaster, released a year ago, and said: "Here, soaked through from it all, what he can do and say what you think about it." I did so, but I needed a more surround sound. Then we locked ourselves in his lab, and I began to try all means there amplifiers and speakers. There were a couple of dozen, this wall somewhere two meters in height and three in length. Right there sounded loud enough, but on stage, in front of more than an audience of thousands, the lower classes were drowned - were not enough volume. Then my amps were out of order. I broke somewhere 40 or 50 amps and speakers. Ignition occurs. Leo said: "And why do you need a gromkostN"

. But then he visited one of my concerts in front of 4-htysyachnoy audience, and returned with him, made the first transformer with output of 85 watts, which is inserted in the power and called it my name
. Then we need the appropriate speaker. I brought down all who were - diffusers pour out. Not surprisingly, I'm playing on the strings of a thickness of .016 to .060. (From the author: Dick uses a thick string, and hang them. He grind under a zero 5.6 mediators for a song. So, be virtuous in this life, and not something in the next will become one of the mediators of Dick Dale.)

. We went with Leo to the firm JBL, . and told them: "We need a 15-inch speaker!" We need a thicker winding, . voice coil larger. "We also told them to grease the front and rear edge of the dynamics of rubber cement, . that he could not fall off,
. Employees JBL thought we were crazy. They asked: "Where are you going to put him on the lift, that liN" All they comply with our request, and eventually turned 15-inch speaker D-130F. The first amplifier, running Leo in commercial production, was "Showman". We took the same speaker and put it in the column size somewhere 100h50h30 cm. Then we connect a transformer that with the release of 85 watts. In the column itself was not sound ports. Turned out the transformer is capable of producing 100 watts. That's when Dick Dale sound barrier! Other guitarists, if not tried, they could not move for a mark 5 on the scale of the amplifier. But I reached 11!

A week later I told Leo that I want to put another 15-inch speaker in the same column with the delimiter. We did. Even today I'm playing through these speakers (prototype production model Fender Dual Showman, first released in 1962 under the name "Double Showman 15"), and get the sound of slaughter. Leo had to modify the transformer, making it to 100 watts (peak - 180 watts), 4 ohms - even by modern standards, very loud. "

. So what is the contribution of Dick Dale in the history of rock-n-rollaN He not only invented a new style called surf-rock, but also became the father of loud sound
. That is why in Australia it is considered louder than Motorhead. Another add to the warmth and depth to his band's sound - the winding itself copied Marshall, but no one could copy the "transformer Dick Dale - Leo died with this secret, without selling his CBS (who bought the Fender Co. at the end of 1964).

Illustrative example: once a concert in memory of Leo, the entire collection of which was directed to the treatment of disease, destroy him. They were all great guitarists, playing on the "Fender": James Burton, Yngwie Malmsteen, Albert Lee and of course, Dick Dale. Also it attended by the former manager Leo Fender. At one point, he gathered around him all guitarists, embraced by Dick and others said: "If not for this one guy, you would not now play on your instrument." Amen.

But back in 1963. Dick Dale and his group signed a contract with Capitol Records. At one point Dale got all the advantages of the largest record company and entered the world of big show-business. However, the alliance between the "men in suits, dictating the rules and a talented musician and an individual, to break the rules, was not among the prisoners in heaven.

At first all went well. On the first album, released on Capitol, was brought to music, similar to that previously played Dick in dance halls, with a rather raw sound, only sometimes sweetened with brass section. In all earned promotion machine: Dick has appeared in the journal Life magazine, in a televised super-Ed Sullivan Show, as well as in the movie Beach Party (1963).

In the same 1963. obsession with surfing peaked. Countless imitators sound of Dick Dale, and do not forget to ride on surfboards. The most talented followers The Surfaris ( "Wipe Out," "Surfer Joe"), the Chantays ( "Pipeline") and The Beach Boys. Guitars Fender Stratocaster, Dual Showman amplifiers and external reverb sold out in the blink of an eye in the shops from coast to west coast. Meanwhile, the man who started it all, experienced difficulties in the Capitol, frustrated with the sound engineer there the ability to transmit it to sound firm that eventually led Dick to leave.

A year later it is time the British invasion. The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five, The Kinks and dozens of other artists in one moment changed the fashion, squeezing surf-music. Having recorded five albums for Capitol, Dick went out without regret, while maintaining his vision of music and his incredible talent. Across southern California, Dick remained loyal fans, who thought his music was his. Dick continued to speak to them every night at the new location, touring in a radius of 100-200 miles.

In 1966, Dick's life was in danger, when doctors diagnosed him: cancer. His condition was hidden from the press, but in music circles spread the news that Dick Dale dies. When she came to Hendrix, . who recorded his album "Are You ExperiencedN", . He dedicated his old friend to the track "Third Stone From The Sun", . accompanied by a whisper, "You do not hear the surf-music." The only pure instrumental, from all records Hendrix,

Fortunately, Dick has survived, but after the operation, his outlook on life is changing. Fight with death taught him to appreciate life even more. He did quit smoking, became concerned about the protection of rare animals, became fascinated by Eastern philosophy and the study of martial arts, but rather in the spiritual than for defensive purposes. However, music has become involved. In 1973, Dale made headline at the First International Festival of surfing in the "Hollywood Palladium", and three years later released the album "Dick Dale And His Del-Tones Greatest Hits". Also during the 70's and 80's he continued his speech to southern California, playing every weekend to correct it "simple" public.

In 1986. Dale for the first time in many years, recorded the single "One Double One Oh!," And a year later appeared in the film "Back To The Beach", where they were with Stevie Ray Vaughan sang old serfingovy hit "Pipeline" of The Chantays. This stylish duo received a Grammy in the category "Best rock instrumental". In 1993 and 1994 i.i. Dale has released two albums with his new band, respectively, "Tribal Thunder" and "Unknown Territory". This time, its interaction with studio sound producers have been much more successful than in the Capitol. These works have made the present furor among fans and critics. Dick began to tour throughout the United States, has returned to the wave of popularity.

Here we come to the topic of Quentin Tarantino. Director prodigy was a fervent admirer Dick Dale. Moreover, the creation of "Pulp Fiction" Tarantino inspired "Miserlou" Dale. Once Tarantino said Dick, that this thing - just a masterpiece, and that he wants to make a movie with the same mood of deprivation, as in the song. Dale liked the idea, and he blessed her. Tarantino went to Amsterdam (a favorite place of speeches by Dick) and withdrew his or her "Pulp Fiction". The rest, as they say - history. "Miserlou" became the leitmotif of the film. Album with the soundtrack to the film bought up millions of copies.

Perhaps the first time in his career, Dick has become such a demand. In the summer of '96, he goes on tour with alternative commands, Rocket From The Crypt, Fishbone and Pennywise in support of their new album "Calling Up Spirits".

To, night after night, leaving the stage to touch a chord with so many people want most to be so lively and restless in my soul, how is Dick Dale, who has decided to tour the rest of his life. As he himself says, "I do not want to die in a rocking chair, and on stage at the moment of highest emotional intensity."

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Photos of DALE Dick (DICK DALE)

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DALE Dick (DICK DALE), photo, biography
DALE Dick (DICK DALE), photo, biography DALE Dick (DICK DALE)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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