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Photo Gallery DAYMBERG Darrell Abbott (DIMEBAG DARRELL) (1)
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Biography DAYMBERG Darrell Abbott (DIMEBAG DARRELL)
Musicians "Panther" hiding in a beer soaked Daymbega Darrell's home studio, terrorizing neighbors tracks from his latest album, "Great Southern Trendkill".

House of man can be a fortress, but for Daymbega Darrell is also a fully equipped test site for its music games.

Place for a mix, recording studio, alcoholic bar - this is the castle of Sir Daima, which fairly littered with platinum discs and a major collection of liquors, for which there would be a shame to any bartender.

For television hangs hefty advertising whiskey "Seagram's 7", a keg of beer "Coors Light" settled in the living room, and ready for the operations of the guitar "Washburn" lurkers in every room.

Even in the bathroom you can find a cheap guitar with nylon strings. "There is nothing better than to know that I can pick up the guitar at any time and under any circumstances, even in the jerk" - grinning cowboy with a purple goatee. - "I think I can be called sortirnym poet!

Located in a quiet provincial town of Arlington (State of Texas), Darrell House is a matter of pride. Despite the typical dormitory atmosphere, this house was the first exploratory step Daima in his adult life. "I always missed the place where we could arrange a jam. After our last tour, I decided to do this close. I decided for once in my life to spend money to benefit, rather than squander them on beer and tattoos ".

Clad in shorts and a T-shirt with the image of Ace Froelich, Darrell demonstrates located in the backyard garage. Here and it was almost all (except vocals) album "The Great Southern Trendkill" (a track Phil Anselmo recorded in Trent Reznor's studio in New Orleans).

"It all started with the usual rehearsal" - Darrell says, pacing the withered, not trimmed the grass in the direction of his improvised studio. - Then we decided to write our demo right here and brought back some what equipment - three mnogodorozhechnika "Tascam 88" and a small mixer "Mackie". Demo obtained such powerful and deadly by the sound of that we decided to continue in the same spirit, got a mixing console "MCI 500, on which, incidentally, recorded all our albums and the studio was ready.

First, we wanted to record in Dallas is 45 minutes away. Frankly, to me, this idea just did not like. Well, as usually happens - you wake up, jump into his "Cars" and went'd go. And if hungry, you have to run into the street to buy something to eat. These things just beat off all the desire to work. And you're sitting at home, watch TV, play pool and drink beer, so we pishemsya here ".

As expected, in the studio reigned home furnishings. Small hardware is filled with works of art in the field zvukoobrabotki. But the horror of the room on the floor with chalk is surrounded by the silhouette of the human body. What is it - the scene of the brutal murder or sound crossed the forbidden chertuN "No, just one day after a difficult rehearsal, I fell right here. Generally I can sleep anywhere "

. After showing some favorite toys from a huge pile of guitar washes with which he experimented with recording the last album, . Darrell is sent to the house, . in the common room to show roughly mixed by the last album "Panther",
. "I'm sorry, but I do not have the final note of the options, I just yesterday finished writing a solo tracks."

Once the music hit the speakers, Darrell Narula a glass of "Black Tooth Grin" (Black Smile). This brand drink "Panther", consisting of a good dose of whiskey "Seagram's 7" and a little Coca-Cola. "Our fans know that we will never fail them!" - Darrell shouting through music. After the 11th song and the same number of glasses can only accept. Yes, sir, "Panther" again done its job.

Your father was the owner of the studio, which was recorded a lot of blues and country. Influenced by whether you stay in such a musical sredeN

Darrell: "Yes, yes. I am from Texas, dude! There are many people who claim that they have blues roots, but I grew up among the musicians who played with my father. I came home from school and watched as all these extraordinary people were playing his music. All of them are not very well known outside of Dallas, however, they are amazing musicians, and what I have seen them play, damn influenced me. And of course, had a strong influence on me Reverend Ji (Billy Gibbons). I saw him more often than just at concerts or in studio.

Should be, you play a lot blyuzaN

Darrell: Well, no, I did not say that I have some 'powerful blues guitarist, or something else, but what I do, by its nature is blues. It is difficult to explain, it is something that exists in every Texans.

Tell us about today's "Panther" and how the group progressed in the last 7 years since the release of their debut album "Cowboys from Hell" N

Darrell: Frankly, now we feel like never good. We have progressed exactly as a group, rather than as those teams in which to view only 1-2 people. We are a group in the full sense of the word! This is all we have, we are always together and support each other.

What is the difference between "The Great Southern Trendkill" from the three previous album "Cowboys from Hell", "Vulgar Display of Power" and "Far Beyond Driven" N

Darrell: This is something like "The Best Of Pantera". Some riffs on this album date back to the time when we recorded three previous albums, some even earlier, before signing the contract. For example, when we were still playing small clubs, I loved the hack to death a 20-minute solo, consisting of the entire row of "Eruption", Eddie Van Halen before "(Revelation) Mother Earth" by Randy Rhoads, and what came to me at that moment in head. Permanent fragment of this solo was a long passage, which now can be heard in the song "Floods".

By the way, solo guitar on "Far Beyond ..." represented a very modest.

Darrell: Yes, on this "piece of shit" quite a bit solo, but I sacrifice quantity for quality. My solo more focused, in some there is even a sort of theme, for example in the same "Floods".

I like Randy Rhoads, duplicate their parties, but the mixing did not lay on the right / left channel, and output the two middle. To some it may seem that I use a lotion such as "chorus", but this effect is created when duplicating a guitar. Incidentally, on the new album a lot of different guitar music and again the rhythm guitar is already too lively. If someone wants to play these songs are indeed correct, it will be enough just to learn the riff, it is necessary to identify all the technicalities, slurs, braces, etc.. All these little tricks to bring our material is much more steep than the mindless gashes in each song.

While "... Trendkill" solo guitar more than his predecessor, but still it is the moments in which, ideally, should be a solo, but you, nevertheless, play a rhythm there.

Darrell: throw a solo from the song - the last case, but if it is decorated with a song, I welcome this. I'm not saying that do not want to play solo, because I'm primarily a solo guitarist. I work a lot on his technique and all that, damn it, coming straight from my heart! Give me the fully tiled in a song than trying to impress other guitarists, rubbing his neck. Certainly, . You can express themselves and as a solo guitarist, . but in my opinion there is nothing nicer, . What to watch for a group, . playing some rhythmic patterns and making it cool! When it is done live, . is very impressive, . regardless of the style of music,
. When we work out a riff, this involved the whole group. In the song "War Nerve" was supposed to be solo-Box, but I could not think of anything worthwhile. Improvising on the theme of this break, we came across a cool riff. "In the ass solo - we thought - we'll make a drum break and he slides all, when we play it live. Panther - a machine, and we got this really cool! "

It seems that the title track from the album "... Trendkill "is a game slide.

Darrell: This is my favorite thing on the album. There are several chips, moving from channel to channel, and a little slide. It happened quite by accident, before I used the slide to add the sound of a little iron ( "Strenght beyond strenght" with "Far Beyond ..."), but never, until now, I have not played in uppercase.

What prompted you to do this seychasN

Darrell: Riggs (nicknamed Vinnie Paul, brother Daymbega) produced by my guitar on this album, and once remarked - "Listen, you got like a slide". I thought it looked a little string on the guitar, put the blues zvuchki, took a slide and set to work. Although I know nothing in this area, but since I'm a big fan of Billy Gibbons, I still have some idea of how it is done. Slide hard to control - if you took a wrong note, you already do not save. I really respect people who know how to handle this thing.

Your rhythmic style is full of all sorts of tricks and stunts, it is not difficult to duplicate the rhythm of the party with such an abundance of technical izlishestvN

Darrell: The only problem is time. Sometimes it takes a lot, but it pays. When I recorded the first track, I try to put there a little more life and make it as best as possible. I need the original track, full of feeling and fervor, much as it is duplicated, I think later.

The average number of rhythm tracks for the song was recorded on the album "... Trendkill" N

Darrell: Just two. I tried four, twelve, and so on, but realized that the smaller the better. If you make them too much, it will only chaos. I prefer two tightly prescribed rhythm tracks, with the mix of full-derived.

Your music is very energetic, apparently you played the guitar while standing.

Darrell: Yes, 97% of the material on this album was recorded while standing. So I feel better. You can not fight, sitting on a chair.

Ispolzuesh Are you recording naushnikiN

Darrell: Actually, I do not mind, but sometimes they make you too picky to sound and generally interfere, especially when you're in a frenzy. I mean, it is difficult to "hack" when you "bananas in their ears and very long wire wrapped around the butt. Therefore, in most cases, we use music Monitors.

On this album from your guitar sound just killer. Have you changed the equipment after the previous albomaN

Darrell: Yes, a little. I abandoned the old speakers "Randall RG-100, on which was written" Cowboys from Hell "

. What happened to "Randall Century 200, which you did not leave for quite a long vremyaN

. Darrel: When we dzhemovali and recorded various demos, I was reluctant to carry with them a common set of equipment had to be anything on what could be played
. I rummaged through old junk and find something. Along with "RG-100" I used the old parametric equalizer "Furman RQ3", . strengthen its structure differs from "PQ4", . who stands in my main rack, and my blue 6-band graphic EQ MXR and a small cheap squelch "Boss Noise Gate",
. So all that is necessary I have.

You have a whole heap of studio Wash. In addition to the above, what else do you polzueshsyaN

Darrell: The song "10's" it "MXR Flanger / Doubler". In the same song I used the "Pandora Box" company Korg. In "The Underground in America" I have achieved depth by "Lexicon Vortex". Also, I can name the pedal "Roland AP-2 Phase II", . "Korg AX30G", . course "Digitech Whammy", . xopyc "Boss CE1" and a bunch of old shit like "Electro-Harmonics - Small Stone Phaser", . "Electric Mistress Flanger / Filter Matrix", . "Little Big Muff" and "Soul Preacher Compressor / Sustainer",

On the record clearly hear "wah".

Darrell: Damn, I almost forgot. I started recording with his "Vox Wah", and then Jim Dunlop sent me one of his rack Wash "Crybaby DCR-1SR". With this thing you can do anything! I like that it can connect to multiple pedals. The only thing that the Rex would not like it, because on stage he always will be for them stumble.

On the album are the guitar "Washburn" signature model "Dimebag Darrell Signature".

Darrell: Yes, and only they. I do not even think to pick up their "good old" "Dean" with lightning. This "son of a bitch" lies in his coffin. Although I still play on it, because I was a child an eye on it in one of the directories. Seeing this trick the first time, I thought - "Dude, look, this is damn cool. Half the "Flying V", half "Explorer", just a golden mean, what should you! I simply must get it! "Before that I had a fake" Les Paul ", but it does not suit me. My guitar can seem cumbersome and inconvenient, but in fact they are well balanced, even for the game while sitting. I'm really pleased with the tools that the company offered me a "Washburn", I do not need more.

Your neurotransmitters are always sharp as a razor. You're still doing a lot, when a free from writing or turneN

Darrell: I'm always very concerned. During the tour, every night has to play the same songs, and over a year or even more. So you just have to love his music. I never play my solos alike, always add or me anything. We grew up in the club seyshenah, where two - three hours playing songs of different groups, so I had enough time to learn how to improvise. But in general I just nice to know that in any place and any time I can take a guitar and play a really cool. I play almost constantly. Every guitar that I take in hand - electric, acoustic 12-string - makes me think of something new. It was written by "Suicide Note Pt.1" - company "Washburn" sent me a 12-stringed acoustics and it spurred my imagination. I wrote that riff, the first time taking a 12-string in hand.

If you think "Panther" his family, if you do not confuse the situation, when Phil writes or touring with the band "Down" N

Darrell: Not at all. Phil - a music guy, he must always be in. Like me, he is constantly jam. When not touring or recording, when I do not give interviews or do not fuss up to four hours taking pictures for the cover of "Guitar World", then most likely I can find some of my mnogokanalnika or with a guitar in his hands. All the time to be in the music - that's what we pin

. If we talk about musical experiments outside the "Panther", can we expect a solo album Daymbega DarrellaN

. Darrell: One day I will realize their solo project and name it "Daymbeg Darrell: The present king four tracks"
. Among my friends I was the first bought chetyrehdorozhechny tape. By the way, after buying, I did not part with him, day or night. I write songs about everything that happens to me. If I obozhrus liqueur, I come home and write a song about it. If my friend is kind of messy, like he had quarreled with his girl, I simply must write about this song and then play it to the guy, and along with all other. My mnogokanalnik always with me, I have a library consisting of thousands of records chetyrehdorozhechnyh. Some of them are fun to listen to, because they refresh the memory, some things almost forgotten. If I ever dare to release on the basis of all this delirium album, then it will have to sell, along with a booklet that includes a variety of comments and a dictionary of slang. And now I think only about the "Panther" and the upcoming tour.

Despite the excellent performance of sales, the album "Far Beyond Driven" was almost completely ignored by radio and MTV. There is a possibility that "... Trendkill" the same fate awaits. It will not bespokoitN

Darrell: No shit! We were, are and will continue regardless of all these goats! We - an honest group that does what it sees fit and trying to do it well. And if you want to twist our music - please, do not want to - your business! I was never bothered by the fact that "Vulgar Display of Power" almost never broadcast on radio and MTV. Incidentally, we then made some great clips. And this rotten MTV will never affect what makes our group.

Whether to make you value what happens in the rock world, 90-я-N

Darrell: Well, yes and no. I am interested in all this is only a musical point of view and seriously do not care, tk. this does not affect us. I do what I do and I think it is correct. I do not know if we can do it differently, but I am confident that we can move forward and stay true to themselves.

If the "metal" is dead, as claimed by many critics, how can we explain the success of a tour of Panther and the group "White Zombie", by the way almost no press coverage and MTVN

Darrell: All back to square one. If you once become a fan of heavy music, you'll stay forever and they never stop to listen to this music. The whole secret is in the drive, in sverhzaryade contained in the music. This in no style. Methyl groups still exist thanks to the dedication of fans. This tour ( "Panther" and "White Zombie") confirms the fact that it is not necessarily always be read on the pages of the press or on the screens of TV, to have an audience. For example, when Phil asks the crowd at a concert - "Somebody is going to the next show" Panther "N", the answer is most stunning of the evening. And those guys that come for 5-6 hours before the concert and hang out, waiting nasN We think of them as our support for. When the last time you stood in one spot, not eaten and did not go to sortirN I have in mind that these boys are a reason. Such emotions can be found here and only here!

Your concerts are held in a veritable frenzy ...

Darrel: When we write songs, we present ourselves in the crowd, looking at the group, which goes on stage and begins to drip all the brains of some rubbish. We want to bring down on people pandemonium, and nobody indifferent. We have a simple rule - "Our scene - this is our scene!"

Okay, but what to play among 20-30 obscure people tusuyuschihsya on stage and facing toboyN

Darrell: We must always be alert. I was 6 or 7 times broke grifhead. All these idiots are jumping around you, walk to hug, darting around the guitar and the only thing you can hear is the sound of falling bodies and the background of the speakers - like in movie. In short, we must look at both! Once, while playing one of the "clever" chips in a solo from the song "Psycho Holiday", I gape, and immediately got someone with your elbow straight grifhead. When I looked up I saw that the head hangs on the strings and the strings are held only by time from Floyd Rose. So the end of the song I was set slightly lower than in the literal and figurative sense. The next day, my technician repaired the guitar and I said - "She came back!" Yes, sometimes it goes out of control. Not so long ago at a concert, I was knocked out and lost consciousness. That dude came straight from the floor and flew at me with lowered skull, but I just did not notice. He hit me in the head as a long-range truck, and I passed out completely. This was the first time in my life when I lost consciousness. It was only the second song of the entire program, and I was ready. A few seconds later I realized that my guitar and started up fonit, and looked at Phil, I saw that all my partners stand side by side and die laughing. I still finish the whole program until the end, despite the excruciating headache. It was a stern show!

And what do you do at this point vyshibalyN

Darrell: Fry in Hell. If possible, we do without them. These goats are behaving as if they are good, and fans - poor. All the guards are pumped with steroids, and then come off in public. If this happens, we just stopped playing. We do not want to see on our show someone got on my ass. We have concerts there are no left-wing people, and whatever happens, we will always remain with his fans

. Have you ever tried to jump into the crowd with stsenyN

. Darrell: Yes, a couple of years ago I was doing, but after it fell slightly to arrive at a lump the size of a small ball, I thought it was better to stand still on stage!

. Today, for many groups on tour is a risky financial venture

Darrell: The downside of generations of computers and MTV is the fact that most people live performances are nothing more. It has become fashionable not to make a show and entertain people. It has become fashionable to pull the 4 strings on a guitar, a string D tune a little lower. These gadgets no character, no heart, no soul, no matter what any case basis. This is not only my personal opinion. See how worn-out some of these guys look at the scene. All these three chords, atonality, simulated simplicity will not survive long, it will destroy itself.

Incidentally, there are rumors that you disapprove of the tour group "KISS", reunited in the initial composition.

Darrell: I thanked the Lord for it! Their reunion helped heavy music to get out of that deep hole, in which it was. This event has helped many people to remember their "metal" roots. Hell, if the return of Van Halen with David Lee Roth, everything goes on as before. All the people I know are increasingly listening to old recordings. Last time rarely happens that someone came to me with new music and said - "Listen, man, that's cool, crazy you can go!

Now many popular teams prefer to work on stage with a surprisingly compact device. You, like the group "KISS" and "Van Halen" trying to put on stage as much as possible equipment.

Darrell: There is no doubt cool when on the stage are 20 columns with 4 12 inch speakers. In my childhood dream to play all through a giant portal and preferably as loud as possible. And by the way, . When you pay 25 bucks, . to get to show their favorite team, . you want to see on stage - the very portal of the 20 columns or plyugavenky 20-Watt kombikN We can normally play with half the equipment, . but it comes at the expense of the show,
. We started with a small amp, . But when new and new, . we have not refused to old, . and included all together, . because they wanted to sound louder than I am all for this - engage in wall tents amplifiers and vdarit to someone on the ass! Even if you did not play, . Stage, . downtrodden apparatus to the eyeballs, . looks cool! There is nothing better, . than to go on show, . which you would like to see the entire life - and now this scene with huge drums and amplifiers with speakers to the ceiling! This gives instant visual impact and in general looks very promising,
. So in this whole point, at least for me.

You will not be inconvenienced by the label "heavy metal" gitaristaN

Darrell: That is not a burden, I'm even proud of it. I'm all in this music, but I call it "heavy shit". This musical style will never disappear. He was alive since the "Black Sabbath" and "Led Zeppelin".

Your fans touring seems very attractive, but you pass through every day, hundreds of miles in order to be on the scene just 90 minutes. The remaining 22.5 hours you are forced to waste, not being able to rest at home. As you have not gone umaN

Darrell: I vozhus with any type of garbage in my camera and a small quad tape. First, I try to sleep it off after a drinking binge. Then I get up and try to eat something, take vitamins, drink a little a little water to wake up and sober up, and here I am again ready to drink and how to have fun! Well, more ... I'm getting off the bus, I saw one of these machines, in which employees go the stadium and say - "We quickly, let's spray paint, let's give garbage bags and we will skate around them!" In short, I was only fooling. One night at such a small machine, we stopped at an amusement park. We approached the gate, called a servant and offered some free tickets to his concert for the fact that he let us inside. He agreed and we perekatalis to all attractions, and then returned to the place of collection. In general, no matter what happens, we are always ready to have fun.

As of recently heard struck you more vsegoN

Darrell: From the old or novogoN I still listen to old records and continues to trudge on them. For example "Go For What You Know" Pat Travers - this is really cool! This is a group that can come out and play really alive! Pat Travers and Pat Bus perfectly complement each other on this album. Also, I still listen to old stuff "Judas Priest" and "Van Halen". A recent strong impression was, perhaps, "Master of Puppets".

By the way, many loyal fans of Metallica after the release of the album "Load" and the statements of the group that they no longer have anything to do with metal, felt thrown. What do you think about etomN

Darrell: Damn, I just knew that I hear this question! This is a delicate issue, tk. I'm a big fan of Metallica, especially the old things, including the '91 year. Personally, I do not understand what they are now engaged. I really kills the fact that they all insist that they are not the ones for whom they have always taken. I would never say one thing today and another tomorrow. I do not understand, . and not only me - after "Load" I received 400 calls with a single question, "What kind of x ... N" All I can say is - "And here I am, . motherfucker, . it's not my job! "But in general they are free to do, . they want,
. There would be these guys - there would be no us, they had a huge impact on us. Their old stuff's great cleaned my brains! That is why many do not understand what is happening. But it is their personal business and all I can say - "Go on, bro '. Next question please ...

What do you advise young bands wishing to play "heavy metal", but doubted the correctness of their choice because of the current state of musical rynkaN

Darrell: I advise you not to pay attention to this nonsense. Now the guys are much smarter than before, and they understand heavy music only for the time lost its former popularity, and she comes back, that's for sure! As I said, much of what is now at the peak of their popularity - from the series here today, gone tomorrow ". So first find out what you like, and then move in this direction. Be not like the scumbag that will one day decide to put a "Mohawk" and pierce the body of 48-S earrings only because they saw it on TV. Do not get me wrong, I'm not against any hairstyle, or piercing, but first you have to be yourself. Look at me, my hair the same length as the were for a long time, ie. I know who I was and who I am. Do not be afraid to do what you believe and do not let circumstances guide you. God knows, never too late to start living in their own. And it does not mean that you have to go in spite of everything, we just have to be honest with oneself. Unfortunately, there are very few new rebels raging at the scene methyl. But the "metal", . or whatever you call it, . too early to send to the dump! I do not understand, . why believe, . that need to be equal to someone or to some standartyN Try something new, . guys! Buy a new lotion or one of my guitars or anything else,
. Look for new approaches and do not lose inspiration. Bratan, spit out that trendy!

So what else finally.

Darrell: For a fairly long period of time, people call me "Diamond Darrell" - is fundamentally wrong! Friends always called me Daymbeg, this is my real name. Daymbeg Darrell - ponyatnoN

Photos of DAYMBERG Darrell Abbott (DIMEBAG DARRELL)
  • Daymbeg Darrell

Photos of DAYMBERG Darrell Abbott (DIMEBAG DARRELL)

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  • This is undoubtedly one of the best guitarists and characters of heavy music!
  • metalmind for DAYMBERG Darrell Abbott (DIMEBAG DARRELL)
  • RIP Dimebag Darrell! You're always in our hearts!
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