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Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)
photo Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)
Jeff Beck - a virtuosic instrumentalist with outstanding originality - many call him the greatest guitarist - he never was able to rest on its laurels.

As the course of his career, which lasted for more than 35 years, Beck is constantly to keep pace with the times, setting new trends in music, but never followed rut

. "I'm still an umbilical cord attached to the drums", . - On the face topped hairdo, . magically retains the style and color, . a smile, . - "And I always thought, . that dance music should go from the complex rhythms, . rather than one guy, . dolbyaschego same sample bass drum ",

Stratocaster - a guitar, with which Beck began his journey, while still a teenager, growing up in Surrey, just outside the outskirts of London. In fact, facilitated the first meeting of the Strath Beg with his old friend, and also a British guitar legend Jimmy Page. Both, when their paths first crossed, was not yet twenty.

"We've introduced my sister" - recalls Beck - "They went to the same college. One day she came home and said: "In college, there is the same guy with a funny guitar like you". And I responded: "Where onN Take me to him!". Since in our quarter, and throughout my city, there was not someone who would know what a Fender Strat. Meet with Jim was great - how to meet the long-missing brother. And since we always got along very well ".

In the early 60's Beck voicing London stage of the guitar sounds of groups such as the Tridents, Nightshift and Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages. Playing concentrated "mods" Eel Pie Island, he became one of the first guitarists, who began experimenting with feedback.

"Eel Pie Island was the cradle from which all went to these noises. I brought the tape echo to the point where all can play a very. Just before you put a guitar amplifier, and it will publish these amusing sounds, which the plant people. Could play a 20-minute solo. It was like that raged with a brush, spraying paint on the wall, and watch as these people admire ".

Six-ingenuity Beck found the perfect way, when he in 1965 he joined the Yardbirds, taking the post of solo guitar from Eric Clapton. The place was first invited to an old friend of Beck Jimmy Page, but Page, refused, and instead recommended a Beck.

"Yardbirds allowed me to keep experimenting," - he says - "Keith Relf (vocals) and Paul Semvel-Smith (bass) are usually written melody contour, which allowed me to fabricate tricks that I otherwise would not make. All that I needed - three good tunes, and I started ".

In addition to the Yardbirds released a series of strong hits, they were also pioneers the concept of stretched blues instrumental jam. Yardbirds had a tremendous influence on the garage of the mid-60's. Part of the atmosphere of their legendary concert was given at the time such records Beck as "I'm a Man" and "The Train Kept A Rollin". (Free interpretation of the standards of blues and rockabilly), Beck developed a frenetic style solirovaniya: sporadic blasts of music and the sudden, nerve mnogooktavnye jumping up and down the neck - a wound-style, reflecting the pace Swinging London.

At the same time, Beck led suspenders microtonal strings on the same exotic Indian Territory, which began to explore the Beatles. Single Yardbirds "Heart Full Of Soul" with his guitar in the style of the course "raga rock" even for a few weeks ahead of the first record Beatles, which was the sitar - the soundtrack for Help. Play Beck on "Heart Full of Soul" and follow things such as "Over Under Sideways Down" and "Shapes of Things" was an important impetus for the psychedelic guitar in the late 60's.

"Yardbirds was invited to an Indian that he played on the sitar," - recalls Beck work on "Heart Full Of Soul", - "But he could not play a 4 / 4. What he did was magic, but he did not have any rhythm. So I showed him the guitar, what he thought was a good idea, a riff on the fourth string "hanging" an octave below. And said: "Excellent!" Let's leave it ". And we sent it back home Indian ".

Towards the end of Beck's work with the Yardbirds was "too good to be true" five-month period when the guitarist were both Beck and Jimmy Page. Who knows what could produce this magic combination, but health problems and the burdens of intensive touring Beck forced to leave in October 1966 Yardbirds. But the fate in store for the two guitarists other triumphs.

Popularity, more than in years with the Yardbirds expecting Beck, when he led the Jeff Beck Group. Supergroup with Ron Wood, . who later played in the Faces and the Rolling Stones, . on bass and future frontman Faces and international pop star Rod Stewart on bass, . Jeff Beck Group was at the forefront, . new heavy rock aesthetics, . Sharing a place in the group Liera with Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience,
. Beck for a year ahead of his old friend Paige, who formed his own band with heavy guitar, Led Zeppelin, only in 1969. Debut album by Jeff Beck Group in 1968 Truth, was a milestone classic rock song and flashed Yardbirds "Shapes of Things" in the interpretation of Beck.

"This was preceded by a wave of powerful rock 'n' roll" - recognizes the usual modest Beck - "This rhythm, which we caught. I think that if I called the inventor of the heavy metal, it is probably one of the best examples of heavy metal in its infancy ".

Beck received as a hero, when the Jeff Beck Group performed in 1968 in New York's Fillmore East. It was his first American concert, since he left the Yardbirds. Needless to say, that the whole team was nervous. "Rod did not even come out to sing face to the public. He hid behind some curtains. I even had to say in the middle of the speech that all of these sounds produces a person who is in the room ".

During this period, became a close friend of Beck Jimi Hendrix. Jeff Beck Group has consistently advocated in Manhattan, Steve Paul and Hendrix often joined by a curtain to the group.

"He came out on stage and completely surpassed and eclipsed all that we have done," - recalls Beck - "But nobody cared. It was just great. As for the singing Rod, well, when the two guitars is the issue - about him and there could be no. The club was packed to the eyeballs every night ".

In the early 70's he started the second incarnation of Jeff Beck Group - a one-time co-authorship with Stevie Wonder and short-lived band with drummer Karmin Eppisom and bassist Tim Bogert Vanilla Fudge and Cactus. He made his permanent instrument of strata, just about the time out of their key album Blow By Blow in 1975.

NaBlow by Blow and the ensuing Wired Beck burst into the 70's fusion with boundless passion, instilling the genre a much needed dose of rokerstva. With the participation of Beatles producer George Martin Beck has recorded two of the best selling instrumental albums.

"For many like Blow by Blow, because it was simplistic McLaughlin and sophisticated rock 'n' Roll" - recalls Beck - "It was one of those albums that are made so easy. There were many artists who wanted to play, and excellent material. For four days we recorded all. A superposition took four years! George Martin did not know what is taken. I took it and put it on his desk film. He looked and said that this might have something to be ".

Beck discovered the guitarist John McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra at the height of their popularity during the open concert in Central Park in New York. "I was raised the hopes of" - he says - "Because I thought that all so passionate about this and just love the music. For me, it was vital ".

Cooperation with sorcerers Beck, Jan Hammer, Mahavishnu synthesizer at Wired and subsequent release had a lasting impact on the style guitar. From the so-fine in conjunction with Hammer on such things with Wired, as the "Blue Wind" and "Led Boots", that at times difficult to understand exactly who is. Some unique techniques using the Hammer of the wheel controller on the analog synthesizer Moog seems forever etched in the distinctive style of work with tremolo Beck.

In the 80's Beck put his energy into many projects. He played on the release of Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Stanley Clarke, Mick Jagger and Jagger also went on tour. He also performed at major charity events: The Secret Policeman Other Ball, Trust Rock Gala and ARMS (in support of Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation). He recorded his own album, Three: There and Back, Flash, and Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop with Terry Bozzio and Tony Haymasom, having received the song from the "Escape" from the album Flash Grammys 1986.

In the 90's Beck found a few new ways to realize their restless talent. He made his first experience in writing telestsenariev, working on the Australian mini-series Frankie's House. He teamed up with London-based rockabilly enthusiasts Big Town Playboys, recorded them in 1993, Crazy Legs, a tribute to one of the very first musical idols Beck - Gene Vincent and his band Blue Caps. Beck enthusiastic to purchase their first Strata is many years ago, when he saw a photo with a guitar Vincent. And these come from country music, as Carl Perkins, lead guitarist Cliff Gallup Blue Caps, and his successor, John Mix, influenced the decision of Beck's play more fingers than a mediator.

"My sound production is one of those days" - he says - "when I had to see how Chet Atkins plays bass and melody simultaneously. But my heart was broken when I learned that Chet Atkins, Cliff Gallup and all those guys from the 50's used the "claws". You can not achieve such distinctness and clarity, not wearing a "claw". Therefore, for the tribute Blue Caps I had to learn how to use them. It was a nightmare. They dumped and scattered about the room ".

Upon completion of the Crazy Legs was time to return to what Beck can do better than anyone else - actual guitar music, which is entirely consonant with the time, but at the same time, undoubtedly original. Who Else! showed that the 35 year career, Jeff Beck, not lost the ability to surprise and perplex us.

"With all my tender love for rockabilly," - he says - "I do not think that I was back to something in this endeavor. This historical era is gone. Unable to progress, turning too deeply into the past ". If you studied the history of electric guitar, you can not afford to ignore the contribution of Jeff Beck in our art. From his early work in the straight Chicago blues and pop music of Swinging London, an era of supergroups the 70's, years before Shredi and subsequent examples Beck went through everything and is the most versatile, expressive, and just an interesting guitarist.

Three disc collection Beckology, which was released on Epic Records covering almost 30 years, the fantastic six-travel Beck. This classic collection is available for several years, but still, this is the best way for guitarists and music fans just get an idea of the vast discography of Jeff Beck. As Beck has always preferred to make breaks between records in a few years, the music presented on each Beckology era shows a completely different atmosphere.

Guitarists will find Beckology a gold mine of ideas that can be opened. Delving into this set, you can find sets coolest things that are worth a try. From the traditional slide guitar on the first issue (while Jeff was only 18 years old), . discoveries while working with the tone knob on the Telecaster "The Train Kept A-Rollin" performed by Yardbirds to the innovative use of Jeff talk of boxing in the early 70's collection shows a variety of techniques can be turned into great music,

Let Beck - King of guitar tricks, his work - this is the bible of turning tricks in a stylish technique. For the most part you do not hear many treatments on the guitar - usually just a guitar, amplifier and it sounds.

Like all of us, he has 10 fingers, but even on a quasi-pop songs such as "Cause We've Ended As Lovers," his sound and interpretation of staggering. His choice of music during the infatuation with jazz and fusion, stunning harmonics on "Where Were You" or aggressive tremolo on "Going Down" - all this unique Beck.

Therefore, as soon as you find yourself in a creative stagnation - grab Beckology and listen carefully

. Here are some albums that we recommend to listen:

. The Yardbirds, Over Under Sideways Down (Epic, 1966)
. The Yardbirds, Greatest Hits Volume 1: 1964-1966 (Rhino, 1986)
. Jeff Beck, Truth (Epic, 1968)
. Jeff Beck, Blow by Blow (Epic, 1975)
. Jeff Beck, Wired (Epic, 1976)
. Jeff Beck, Flash (Epic, 1985)
. Jeff Beck, Who Else! (Epic, 1999)
. Jeff Beck, You Had It Coming (Sony, 2001)
. Jeff Beck, Beckology (Epic, 1991)

. Life in Music

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Photos of Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)
Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)

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  • in NETE read, . that Jeff Beck takes part in the festival Crossroads 2004 ... I bought the DVD and looked at the entire festival, . it's not there, I just have long been looking for his videos and this festival has bought just for this information. Maybe you'll show where do you find the video of Jeff Beck,
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    Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK), photo, biography
    Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK), photo, biography Beck, Jeff (JEFF BECK)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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