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HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)
Place of Birth: r. Seattle, Washington.

Parents: James Allen "Al" Hendrix and Lucille Jeter (divorced December 17, 1951, Lucille died on Feb. 2, 1958).

Brothers and sisters: Leon Morris Hendrix, Joseph Hendricks, Kathy Ira Hendricks, Pamela Margerit Hendrix, Janie L. Hendricks (Kathy and Pam - daughter of Al's second wife, Janie - adopted daughter).

Education: studied in high school, Garfield (left 31 October 1960).

Military service: airborne troops (31 May 1961-2 July 1962); transferred to the reserve for health

. Diskogarfiya: The Velvetones (1958), . The Rocking Kings (1959), . Thomas & The Tomcats (1960), . Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers (1962), . The King Kasuals (1963), . Lonnie Youngblood (1963), . The Isley Brothers (1964), . Jackie Wilson (1964), . Sam Cooke (1964), . Little Richard (1964/1965), . Arthur Lee / Rosa Lee Brooks (1965), . The Starliters (1965), . Curtis Knight & The Squires (1965/1966), . King Curtis (1966), . Carl Holmes and The Commanders (1966), . The Rainflowers (1966), . Jimmy James and The Blue Flames (1966), . The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1966-1969), . The Gypsy Sun & Rainbows Band (1969), . The Band Of Gypsys (1969/1970), . The Cry Of Love Band (1970),

Perhaps among the pioneers of rock music will not find another like the original masters, which in so short a time could so strongly affect the musical process. Widely recognized as one of the most daring and inventive virtuosos in rock history, . Hendrix was a pioneer in electric guitar (he played the instrument Fender Stratocaster for the right hand - his famous "Electric Lady" - his left hand and turning upside down), . opening it a rich source of opportunities of the new sound,
. And although he remained on the scene as a solo artist at least five years, Hendricks has had a profound impact on virtually all musicians, ranging from George Clinton and Miles Davis and ending with guitarist Stevie Ray Voganom and Vernon Reid.

Hendrix was born November 27, 1942 and was named Johnny Allen. Later, however, his father, James "Al" Hendrix, son changed his name to James Marshall. While still a schoolboy in Seattle, the young Jimmy taught himself to play guitar and was strongly influenced by the legendary bluesmen BB King and Robert Johnson. Throwing his guitar behind his back, Jimmy had left his father's house and joined the Air Force 101y Division ( "Screaming Eagles"), where he served as a paratrooper, has not hurt his leg. After his discharge from the army under the pseudonym Jimmy Hendrix, James began working as a guest guitarist with such artists as Sam Cooke, Tina Turner and the Isley Brothers. After an intensive collaborative work with Little Richard in 1964, Hendrix has allowed itself to be drawn into the conflict, . wayward artist had started this round of contract, . and finally left him, . founded his own group, Jimmy James and the Blue Flames,
. However, with the exception of the single "My Diary" by Rosa Lee Parks, the group did not record anything of interest.

After playing for some time in the coffeehouses of Greenwich Village (still under the name Jimmy James), Hendrix unexpectedly met in New York City Club with Chesom Chandler, known for Animals. At Chandler's impressed by what he heard. He then was going to switch to the management and decides to take Hendrix to England with. In autumn 1966, Jimmy falls in London, where with the help of Chandler creates Jimi Hendrix Experience. In Experience, . supported by bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell, . Jimmy gets exactly, . what he needed: a seasoned rock 'n' Roll format wide open space for its dazzling experiments as a guitarist-virtuoso, . singer composer m,
. Chandler helps the group to go on the London pop scene, and within a short time, Hendricks became the main topic of conversation in the musical circles of the British capital

. Hendrix's first single "Hey Joe", . Recycling Song, . written by Los Angeles-based group of Leaves, . led the British charts in early 1967, . and soon was followed by "Purple Haze", . "The Wind Cries Mary" and the first shocking new trio album "Are You Experienced?",
. In the U.S., about a group yet few people knew, . but there "Are You Experienced?" eventually worked his way to the listener after the famous festival in Montreux, . which is known for his eccentricities group leader has created a sensation, . forcing guitar literally burning in his hands,
. The following year, Hendrix's electric psychedelia reached its peak and was expressed in the publication of two album "Axis: Bold As Love" and "Electric Ladyland", . the latter is still considered one of the greatest masterpieces, . created in the history of rock 'n' roll,
. However, . Stay on top of glory did not last long - the relationship between Hendrix and his bassist Redding began to deteriorate rapidly; besides succumbing to ill-effects fans, . constantly abused drug Hendricks began to suspect (incorrectly), . that its manager deceived,
. In 1969, Experience ceased to exist.

Summer of 1969, Hendricks stands in Woodstock with a random composition, known as the Electric Sky Chirch. This concert is a new turning point in the career of Jimmy. Soon he forms the group Band of Gipsys, which includes his old army friend of bassist Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles. New Year's Eve concert in New York gives them material for their first album "Band of Gypsys" (a more complete publication of the material that the show came out in 1986 called "Band of Gypsys 2"). In 1970, Hendricks returned to the composition of Mitch Mitchell and begins work on a new counterpart to Jimmy with a timid hope titled "First Rays of the New Rising Sun" ( "The first rays of the rising sun"). It was written only a few tracks for this project. Work in the studio had in the breaks between tours and the album, unfortunately, remained unfinished, when Jimmy died unexpectedly Sept. 18, 1970. The cause of death listed in official custody, it was choking on his own vomit as a result of barbiturate intoxication. In 1993, the investigation into the death of Hendrix was continued by Scotland Yard, but because new evidence had been found, the case was closed.

In 1971, several tracks intended for "First Rays", were collected and published as an album, called "The Cry of Love". In subsequent years, a flood of material about Jimi Hendrix: Books, dedication, videos and albums, which included the earliest, of little interest test recording of the great guitarist - just rushed to stores,. Posthumous publications received new impetus in the era of CD-ROM. In 1994, MCA released just three thematic collections: the first, . dedicated blues works, . recorded between 1966 and 1970 ( "Jimi Hendrix: Blues"); second - a concert in Woodstock ( "Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock"); and the third - an attempt to recreate unfinished fourth studio album Hendrix ( "Voodoo Soup"),
. In April 1997, was made another attempt resuscitation "First Rays". This time, however, the work led by co-producer Eddie Kramer, Hendrix, and historian John Mc Dermot, and the publication is a mark of approval from the family, Jimmy. Consisting of seventeen track album to date is probably the best attempt to collect the remainder after the death of Hendrix's musical material.

Despite the numerous abuses relating to its musical heritage, and the attempt itself to create what could only create, Jimmy, his soul and creative discoveries continue to live in the game every modern rock guitarist

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HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)

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    HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix), photo, biography
    HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix), photo, biography HENDRIX Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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