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John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)

( guitarist Dream Theater.)

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Biography John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)
Dream Theater guitarist. For a time he attended the Berklee College of Music.

He can play at high speed by any means (speed picking, hammer-on, pull-off, sweep picking), but he does not use them in the same place. His ability to create great melodies is worth it to listen to his music.

It is not just speed maniac, if you want to know how fast he can play, listen to his instrumental demo. He also released a great video for learning the game, titled "Rock Discipline". This video lasts about 2 hours and shows the main ways in which he uses himself.

If you like metal, which also play melodic music, it surely you like. Dumb believe that he is the best guitarist of the progressive rock scene.

John Petrucci was born into a musical family in Long Island, New York. Although his parents were not musicians, his older sister played the piano and organ, his brother played the bass guitar and the younger sister on clarinet. The sisters have influenced his musical development, although John himself says that the main impetus for him was the fact that all the neighbor kids playing on the guitar and it looked cool.

John started taking guitar lessons at age 12 and soon he became one of the most famous guitarists of the new. Articles about him periodically appear in the magazine Guitar World Magazine, John also participated in the development of 'Images and Words "and the musical benefits' Awake". He released Instructional video, which can be purchased in a music store. John influenced music of Steve Vai, Al DiMeola, Alex Layvsona, Steve Hove, Alan Holdsworth, and later Stevie Ray Vaughan.

John began to experiment with a seven-stringed guitar in the album "Awake", which, he says, gives the album more "gravity". He wrote a lot of music on chetyrehdorozhechnom recorder in a home studio, and constantly carries with him sequencer in Travel. In his spare time, John music to exercise, riding a bike, swimming in a boat and loves a good meal.

John lives with his wife Rena and their three children (SemiDzho, Reny and Kiara) in New York

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Full name:
. John Peter Petrucci
. Born: July 12, 1967
. Height: 5 feet 11 inches
. Hair color: brown
. Eye color: brown
. Equipment:
. Ibanez and Music Man guitars
. Mesa Boogie amplifiers,
. Lexicon PCM-70 reverb,
. 2290 TC Electronic effects and delei,
. Sony wireless,
. DBX 166 Compressor
. Favorite Movies:
. The Godfather,
. Jacob's ladder,
. Scarface,
. Angel Heart,
. Star Wars
. Favorite Actors:
. Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Mickey Rourke
. Favorite actress: Jodie Foster
. TV - Show: Murphy Brown, Melrose Place, Girls' Night Out
. Books: The Inner Game Of Music
. Foods: Italian, Mexican, Chinese cuisine
. Beverages: Coca-Cola

. interview for the company Mesa Boogie (summer 2000)
. Video school of guitar playing "Rock Discipline"

Photos of John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)
  • John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)
  • John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)

Photos of John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)
John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)

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John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI), photo, biography
John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI), photo, biography John Petrucci (JOHN PETRUCCI)  guitarist Dream Theater., photo, biography
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