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Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
April 1, San Francisco (California, USA). Telephone call: "Hi Kirk, This is Metallica, we just fired our solo guitarist and we need a new man. You interested? "

It's not the fact that everything was exactly, but the first concert with Metallica, Kirk played fifteen days later in New Jersey, after a concert manager Metallica Kirk pulled from the group Exodus.

Kirk Hammet playing Metallica and to this day, becoming incredibly popular guitarist with his own original style.

Kirk began playing at age 15. His first guitar was a Montgomery Ward and the first power something like a shoe box with chetyrehdyuymovym speaker. Years later KIRK "grown" to the guitar Fender Stratocaster. However, this search for the ideal to resemble a guitar did not stop.

Eventually KIRK chose Gibson Flying V (the same as with Michael Schenker - one of the idols Kirk). This guitar still is one of the guitars used by Kirk and she regularly appears in the albums Metallica.

Pick up the tool, Kirk begins to try to play in groups. This phenomenon immediately to light one is not very pleasant problem - money. Kirk is arranged to work in fast food outlets (Burger King), and as a result of working there he managed to accumulate on its first real power - it was a Marshall.

After some time with his friend Paul Baloff they organized group Exodus. A couple of times, this group performed the opening act for Metallica (29.11.1982 and 05.03.1983).

After the call from Metallica with difficulty found the money to fly to the East poberzhe, where the group played then. Of departure, KIRK first arrived at the other end of America, and even in the new group. Also confidence Kirk did not add the fact that the group did not propose Kirk finally enter into its composition until until it was time to write their debut album "Kill'Em All"

. After recording this album and subsequent tour, then, . KIRK decided to take his game in earnest and began taking lessons from renowned guitar teacher - Joe Satriani, . who taught Kirk blues, . jazz, . classical styles as well as the manner of the game itself Hendrix,

Equipment and Tools

ESP. Guitars
. WaveCaster-wave machine
. (hollow plexiglass body filled with wave machine fluid)
. M-II - Boris Karloff Mummy graphic
. M-II - Skull # 1
. M-II - Skull # 2
. M-II - Ouija board graphic
. M-II - Fuck You
. Flying V-Devil finger inlays
. Eclipse - Pushead Spider graphic
. ESP Semi-Acoustic Eclipse

. Guitars of other firms
. Gibson Les Paul Custom - black
. Fender Stratocaster SRV
. - Black
. Fender Stratocaster - natural finish
. Parker Fly
. All Aluminum Roswell
. Randy Rhoads Flying V
. Gibson Super 400
. 1963 Gold Fender Strat
. 1958 Gibson Flying V
. 1960 Gibson Explorer
. Early Gibson Les Paul
. Jackson Randy Rhoads V - black
. Ibanez Stratocaster - black

. Amplifiers and speaker systems
. Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 power amps
. Mesa Boogie MK IV Amp
. Mesa Boobie Dual Rectifier
. Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 speaker cabinets
. Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp
. Marshall JMP-1
. Marshall practice amps
. Marshall 4 x 12 speaker cabinets

. Effects and Accessories
. Roland VG-8
. Furman power strips
. Nady 1200 Wireless receivers and transmitters
. ADA MP-1 preamp

. Alesis Data Disk
. Juice Goose power strip
. Eventide H3000 SE
. Boss SE-50
. Rocktron Juice Extractor
. Custom Audio Electronics preamp
. Multiple Foot Pedals Custom Rackmount
. EMB Audio Remote Wah units
. EMB / Ernie Ball Wah Pedals-custom
. Aphex Parametric EQ

. Rocktron Patchmate
. Bradshaw Switching System
. Bradshaw Patch Bay Custom
. Ascot Road cases
. Dunlop pedals
. Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm Guitar Picks
. Pro-Co sound cables
. EMG 81 Pickups
. Peterson 520 strobe tuner
. Floyd Rose Tremelo Systems
. Dean Markley strings
. Whirlwind channel boxes
. Ultra guitar stands
. Rocktron RSB-18F pedal boards
. Ibanez Tube Screamer
. R & R road cases
. DiMarzio guitar straps
. Smokes (Cohiba, Lars Tetens, Fuente)

. Guitar Technician
. Justin Crew

. Brief profile - 2000

. Birth:
. Kirk Lee Hammett was born on November 18 1962goda in San Francisco (California)

. Marital status:
. The wedding was January 31, 1998 in Hawaii
. Wife - Lani

. Transportation:
. LandCruiser, Mountain Bike,
. 1955 Dodge Coronet (nicknamed "Kirkstine" - by analogy with "Krstinoy" Stephen King)

. Drinks:
. martini, vodka, green tea

. Food:
. Mexican cuisine, Indian cuisine, Thai cuisine, sushi, pasta

. Idols:
. Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Baker, Diane Arbus, John Coltrane, Charles Bukowski, Edward Munch, Joel Peter Whitkin

. Hobbies:
. mountain biking, horror movies, piercings

. Tattoos:
. at Christmas 1995 on the stomach was the inscription around the navel - "Made in SF 11-18-62"

. Favorite artists:
. Jimi Hendrix, UFO, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Joe Satriani, Warren Haynes, Adrian Belew, Freddy King, Buddy Guy

. First visit concerts:
. Eagles, Steve Miller, Heart, Foreigner

. How to earn besides music?:
. washing dishes in a Burger King

. Extras:
. hates sports, a vegetarian, loves Cuban cigars

. The opinion of himself:
. smelly, ugly, happy, obsessive, progressive, curious

. 4 most frequently asked questions

. Interview in Kiev (1999)

. Interview of Metallica for Playboy magazine

Photos of Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)

Photos of Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)

User comments
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  • Karfagen for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • Kirk just super solo guitarist, in general, is just super, so to speak another tough guy (first-James Alon Hetfield). Tell easier MetallicA - this is the most cool band in the world ! And who plays it - this is the toughest guys Kruche NO !
  • dredd for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • And for me, Kirk - just the ideal of a guitarist! My goal - to pick up all of his solos! A general analogs of Metallica and never will be, though I will try to maintain their style
  • Karfagen for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • Dude, are you Kroto decided at Kirka solos really real ! Our sologitarist also very steep as it takes, and can not disagree. I personally rhythm guitarist for my ideal as you can understand who - James Alon Hetfield, . pret me this guy, . and its reefs uuuuuuuuu as steep. MetallicA is why it is the only group of its kind, . unique, . cool, . because, . what was most real guys play ! MetallicA FOREVER !,
  • Paul for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • Hi, Kirk. I am a fan of Metallica in particular a fan of yours, I'm from Ukraine. Play 64 songs of your group, want to learn to play as you. Please come to me their lessons. I love your solo party
  • Skin for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • Metallica - Super Group, sitting on her 7 th grade, and Solo Kirk ahhhhhhh it's just - oh! I'm trying to learn as well, but the speed of his fingers is missing, and equipment пҐп?пЎя?п?пҐя? (boys write a lot of songs, who interesting to me MYLTE )!
  • Taya for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • Very charismatic and sexy man. And the music he had obtained the same exciting. With all my love to all group members and their creativity - Kirk most expressive, although at first glance inconspicuous. His game sometimes sets the tone for the whole song.
  • BOPOHuH for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • Blin Kirk here is very similar to Hendrix !
  • ROS for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • uu
  • Kirk Lee Hammett for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • NOT suffer yney X *! you think he comes here?? "I'm from Ukraine Send me your video lessons ..." maybe a million bucks under your pillow ask that b sent ... do not disgrace yourself and Ukraine!
  • Ilya for Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)
  • Kirk 11 in the list of the best guitarists in the world he Promtov mega guitarist and with the student Joey Satriani
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    Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk), photo, biography
    Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk), photo, biography Kirk Hammett (HAMMET Kirk)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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