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Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)

( outstanding guitarist, founder and ideological inspirer of great British group of DIRE STRAITS)

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Biography Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)
Mark Knopfler - an outstanding guitarist, founder and ideological inspirer of great British group DIRE STRAITS-after nearly four years of silence released a new solo album, "Sailing To Philadelphia". This event is for everyone who loves a good and beautiful music, who appreciates the music continuity, and for whom Knopfler name is synonymous with "professionalism". In a telephone interview with Mark we decided to talk about creating a disc, about the people with whom he worked over him, and about the songs included in the book.

Music Box: Mark, tell me, please, all of the songs on an album "Sailing To Philadelphia" new, that is, written after the CD "Golden Heart" in 1996 godaN

Mark Knopler: No, not all. Above many of them we worked a long time. For example, "One More matine", which is the last song on the album. Some lines of this song was written about 30-40 years ago, when I traveled to Leeds, to interview a group of mimes. Then I worked as a reporter.

MB: Tell us a little about the tour in support of the album "Golden Heart" N

MK: I really enjoyed my last tour, where I worked with guys who were recording this album. Here and there we were joined by another musician or two, but the core group remained the same as in DIRE STRAITS, the same as in NOTHING HILLBIELIS. There are people who are "on high" to act in different cities before the big cluster of people. But it seemed to me that this is not my. I decided that if I want to improve as a musician and performer, you need to do it differently.

MB: Have you started "Sailing To Philadelphia" immediately after "Golden Heart" N

MK: There was a short break, because at that time, I was swamped with work, including the music for films. If I recall correctly, I then proceeded to work on "Metrolend" and "Wag". I recently finished work on the music to yet another movie, called "Moment of Glory" Robert Duvall in the film were shot Ally Makkoyster and Michael Kitlp.

MB: But the main work vsetaki was "Sailing To Philadelphia" N

MK: Yes, the main task was to collect the album, and it was done very slowly. But we recorded it quickly, as they work in a team, in which it was possible to write directly to the actual final copy. Time of each record was short-lived. Much later had to cut. A few things I wrote with Amy Lou Harris, who then decided not to take. I want to record a full album with Amy. I am also going to record an album with Venom Morrison (Van Morrison), we are on this subject with him have said. This will be a blues project.

MB: Have you thought about Vene Morrison, when he wrote the track "Last Laugh" N

MK: Yes, I thought about it. Birth of songs - is a mystery. The song as it flows by itself, and you just follow her, she seemed to be a bridge, and you construct this bridge and write about the past. Wen and his music has always been a big part of my life ever since the University. Charms, when he sings the songs that I wrote, I hope we'll work together more.

MB: When did you know MorrisonomN

MK: We started to work with Venom in the 80's, I do not remember exactly how the project was called, but very well remember some things, for example, "Cleaning the window". Then we talked to him about working together in the future.

MB: Sometimes it be that song as if she herself asks to be recorded duetomN

MK: Yes, it happens. In "Sailing To Philadelphia" and was. Sometimes you need two characters. At that time I was reading a book by Thomas Pincheta "Mason and Dixon". I had hoped that the duo will take about 3 minutes, and thought about James Taylor. I asked him to sing with me and became his producer. I thought he was perfect for this song, because it can create a beautiful backdrop.

MB: How and where you write pesniN

MK: I usually write songs at home, sitting in some uncomfortable position for as long as I'm on something that is not distracted. For example, a cup of coffee or for any matters. This, of course, an amateur approach to business, but I have no special room or a professional environment to work.

MB: Let's talk more about the songs of the album, starting with the single "What is it", which sound reasons DIRE STRAITS.

MK: Yes, this song reminds DIRE STRAITS, and it feels the influence of Scottish. I love to come to Scotland in Edinburgh. This magical city of beauty and its old buildings have inspired me. In principle, this is another "road" song. You are traveling away from home, bored. And the song "What is it" just about.

MB: You mentioned the track, which gave the name of the album "Sailing To Philadelphia" ...

MK: For me, airport Philadelphia - a place where I just do transfer to another plane. There are many shops, and millions of people hurrying in different directions. Difficult to imagine: what life was like in times of Mason and Dixon. They traveled on a small ship that sailed from the port on the west coast of England and sailed for weeks. Lucky managed to get to their destination, and as for Dickson, then to make him get there, we had to sail the ship to Bristol, or to another port, and only then to sail to Philadelphia. Today we travel on large airliners and not think about these things. But still sometimes you can find small ships. This book is truly remarkable, because takes us into the past and makes us think that really represents America and who we become.

MB: And what can you say about the song "Who's your baby nowN

MK: This is a song written in haste. It simply describes a situation which can be attributed to different people and different cases. This is one of the songs, which is performed on acoustic guitar, and if I heard it in my childhood, I would want myself to pick up a guitar and play it, pobrenchat. This tradition. But frankly, I would not like that adolescents responded to download the desire to take his guitar and sit down in it to pieces.

MB: One of the most unusual names on the album - "Baloney Again" ...

MK: The song tells about a religious musical group of black Americans, going on a tour of the southern states of America in the early 50's. The guy who wrote the lyrics, telling how often they had to eat sandwiches with sausage instead of the restaurant steak. Sometimes this information is enough for me to start writing. But in general I have no special formula for writing songs.

MB: In the song "Silvertown Blues" involved Tilbruk Glen (Glen Tilbrook) and Chris Difford (Chris Difford) ...

MK: I wanted the song sounded the voice of Chris Difforda, because for me he and Glen are associated with the time when we Denforde played music.

MB: How did the idea of the song "Prairie Wedding" N

MK: The idea of "Prairie Wedding" came from the performance of brides correspondence. I once watched a movie, do not remember where and when, on TV without sound. In my opinion, this was at hotel. The film was on a similar topic. In general, gave me the idea to write this song to play and movie. And then was just my imagination that a person experiences when meeting with someone who had never seen before. The song says that it is now many things to millions of people have become easier.

MB: What inspired you to write the song "Sands of Nevada" N

MK: I do not remember where did the "Sands of Nevada". It represents a kind of folk melodies, but mixed with all sorts of things. This mixture of styles. I was fascinated by the idea, to understand the state of man, addicted to gambling. Thus, this is another song about human passions. But I do not know anyone who would be so much gambling, except, perhaps, the promoters, who are convinced that they are gambling.

MB: When we see you again on stseneN

MK: I'm one of those fortunate people who like everything to do with music. I love to write songs, I love to rehearse, I love to go on tour. Soon we will gather together with the five guys with whom I recorded the album, and went again to the path. But first we'll work on some projects specifically for TV, and then we will have time for tour.

MB: Have you ever been periods of so-called zastoyaN

MK: The only period of stagnation I was when I did not write. This is entirely my fault: I could not get myself to pick up a guitar and sit down at work, and rode a moped or walking. But still I try to treat the work with great responsibility, I just have to ... And I certainly do not want to show respect for his talent. If it is I do have, I want to be worthy of his talent.

MB: There are times when you feel awe when working with other muzykantamiN

MK: When you are in the studio with musicians such as Van Morrison, it is always a thrill and unwittingly become a fan of. I always think that I was very lucky. I have children and work, which I love. I think: it is simply a gift of fate.

ps. The author thanks Universal Music Russia and "Open Radio" (102.5 FM) for assistance in preparing the material.

. MARK KNOPFLER style of guitar

. Private Guitar - Part 1 (Gibson)
. Private Guitar - Part 2 (Fender)

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  • Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)

Photos of Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)
Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)

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Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER), photo, biography
Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER), photo, biography Mark Knopfler (MARK KNOPFLER)  outstanding guitarist, founder and ideological inspirer of great British group of DIRE STRAITS, photo, biography
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