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Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)
1967 - Ritchie Blackmore (genus. 14.04.1945), . played previously with such groups, . as "Outlaws", . "Screaming Lord Such" and "Neil Christian & The Crusaders", . was invited by the ex-keyboardist "Artwoods / The Flowerpot Men" by John Lord (which, . in turn, . called Chris Curtis - former drummer of "The Searchers") - for, . to form a new group,

1968 - In February, the group was created "Roundabout", consisting of three musicians: Chris Curtis (vocals), Dave Curtis (bass) and Bobby Woodman (drums). After months of hard rehearsals, Blackmore and Lord, left alone, was invited vocalist Rod Evans (formally held on to the "M15" and "Maze"), bassist Nick Simper (ex-"Johnny Kidd & the Pirates") and drummer Ian Pace. In April the group changed its name to "Deep Purple", . recorded an album in the style popular at the time of "Vanilla Fudge" and signed a contract with a British firm "EMI" and American "Tetragrammation" (the brainchild of the famous American comedian Bill Cosby),
. A few months later, the band first performed in Britain at the festival "Sunbury". In September came the first single from the album - "Hush" ( "Silence"), has risen by 4 place in the American charts. Album same, "Shades of Deep Purple" ( "Shades of dark purple), was among the top 25. In December of the same single, "Kentucky Woman" also experienced considerable success in the charts.

1969 - In the beginning, the band released the album "The Book to Taliesyn", a hit which was handling well-known song Ike and Tina Turner "River Deep, Mountain High". In July, an album with the same name, "Deep Purple". Almost immediately after that things went not very well and Rod Evans and Nick Simper left the band. In their place were the former members of the team "Episode Six" Ian Gillan (vocals) and Roger Glover (bass). The band's sound has acquired new momentum thanks to Blackmore, who quickly became one of the best British guitarists. In September the band released their most adventurous, in the opinion of many, the album - "Concerto For Group And Orchestra" ( "Concerto for Group and Orchestra") performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

1970 - In August, released a new album "Deep Purple In Rock" ( "Deep Purple In Rock"), which was more than a year in the UK charts of the four best. The album became a milestone in the history of heavy metal in history were Gillanovsky piercing vocals and furious game Blackmore. Such classics as "Black Night", "Strange Kind of Woman" and "Child In Time", were included in this album, which has attracted much attention in the UK.

1971 - In July, "Deep Purple" traveled around the U.S. with the album "The Faces". Two months later, the band recorded "Fireball" ( "Thunderball") - an album immediately taken to the 40 best albums of America and first became a leading album in UK charts. The group got its own "label" - "Purple" (EMI), just in time perplovtsy sent to Montreux to record. December 3, when the group recorded in the concert hall "Casino" (Montreux, Switzerland), during a performance of Frank Zappa and his group there was a fire and the concert hall burned. Ritchie Blackmore and the band immortalized the incident in the famous song "Smoke On The Water" ( "Smoke on the Water"), which was included in the next album

. 1972 - "Deep Purple" release a new album - "Machine Head", . who appeared at the top of the British charts (and was number 7 in the U.S.) and includes such classic heavy rock stuff, . as "Smoke on the Water", . "Space Truckin '", . "Lazy" and "Highway Star",
. Twenty-five years later, "Machine Head" remains one of the best rock albums of all time.

1973 - "Made in Japan" ( "Made In Japan") - the album was recorded "live" during the summer tour (1972) group, was released in January and reached the mark # 6 in the United States. Another album, "Who Do You Think We Are", released almost simultaneously with him and got in the charts for 15 place. In the mid-year, Gillan and Glover left the band, just before the song "Smoke on the Water" became a number 4 among the top singles and has sold over a million copies. In September, David Kaverdeyl (previously sang in the group "The Fabuloser Brothers" and has created five years later, "Whitesnake") and bassist Glenn Hughes (ex-"Trapeze") rooted in "Deep Purple".

1974 - In March, an album "Burn", which clearly manifested by the presence Kaverdeyla and Hughes. Changes in the composition did not affect the success and the album became the top in the Top Ten. During the year dipperplovtsy given to the surface one more album, ensnared in twenty of the strongest - "Stormbringer". In November came impostor posing as Ritchie Blackmore, who stole a g.Ayova car "Porsche" and broke it (Blackmore with the band was at that time in San Francisco). Hooligan was arrested and charged with fraud.

1975 - In April, Ritchie Blackmore left the "DP", to create a new group "Rainbow". It includes musicians from the American group "Elf" (which Blackmore once wrote in "Purple Records" song "Black Sheep Of The Family" - when "Elf" acted with a "DP" as the warming group) - Ronnie James Dio (vocals) - to continue to be the author of most songs, . Mickey Lee Soule (keyboards), . Craig Gruber (bass) and Gary Driscoll (drums),
. In May, an album "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow", recorded in the Munich studio "Musicland Studios". When the album began to climb the charts (reaching tridtsadki the best in America), . evaporated from the group Soul, . Gruber, and Driscoll, . and in their place Blackmore took a bassist Jimmy Bain (ex-"Hariot"), . keyboardist Tony Carey ( "Blessings") and drummer Cozy Powell ( "Jeff Beck Group"),

1976 - In July the band released their first album in a new composition - "Rainbow Rising". From early August until the end of the year band toured across the United States, Japan, Europe and Canada.

1977 - bassist Mark Clarke ( "Uriah Heep") was replaced by Jimmy Bain. In May, immediately after recording a new album, left, Tony Carey and Mark Clarke. Ritchie Blackmore redirected efforts to record live album. Gone replaced by David Stone and Bob Daisley. As a result, the light appeared live album "On Stage" (of Blackmore-Dio-Bain-Cary-Powell), the single "Kill The King" from which the first piece of "Rainbow", reached the charts. In the same year, later, the musicians to be doing a third studio album "Paris Studios".

1978 - Earlier this year, began a tour in America and Japan, which lasted most of the year. "Long Live Rock'n'Roll" was ready in May and immediately entered the Top100. In November, after a ten-month tour, Blackmore was disappointed in the group and as a result was left alone Cozy Powell (Dio became a member of "Black Sabbath"). A month later, Richie played in the London club with a former colleague at the "Deep Purple" Ian Gillan, and invited to the "Rainbow" keyboardist Don Elri.

1979 - Ritchie Blackmore completes the formation of a new composition of the group - singer appeared Graham Bonnet (previously recorded with "The Marbles") and former dipperplovets Roger Glover. , Produced by Glover "Down To Earth" was released in September and the first single from the album - "Since, as you left" (the author of the text of which was the Russ Ballard (ex-"Argent")) received well-deserved success at the end of the year.

1980 - In March came the single Blackmore and Glover - "All Night Long", which turned 5 spot in the UK. In August, the band performed at the first festival "Monsters of Rock" in Donningtone. Powell and Bonnet immediately thereafter leave for a solo career. Blackmore takes their place vocalist Joe Lynn Turner and drummer Bob Rondinelli. Around the same time, the first vocalist of "DP" Rod Evans brought his band and began performing under the name "Deep Purple". Blackmore and Glover had taken action to protect the name of the group and kept Evans from its use. In the end an album "Deepest Purple / The Very Best of Deep Purple". And when the year ended, there was live album "In Concert", which includes songs recorded in 1970-1972.

1981 - in February, "Rainbow" recorded the album "Difficult To Cure" ( "It is treated with difficulty"), from which the single "I Surrender", written by Ballard, quickly diverges in the UK charts. Company "Polydor" reacted quickly and re-released the group's first hit - "Kill The King" ( "to slay the King"), as well as their first album - "Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore". In December, the band recorded a collection - "The Best Of Rainbow".

1982 - April. Appears album "Strong Between The Eyes" ( "Right Between the Eyes"). The first single of this work - "Stone Cold", falls in 40 of the strongest and best album of thirty. Group tours worldwide. In the UK goes "Deep Purple Live in London" - first recorded in 1974. BBC radio studio at BBC.

1983 - The team, which now includes Blackmore, Glover, Turner and new members - keyboardist Dave Rosenthal and drummer Chuck Bergi, produces "Bent Out of Shape". Videoclip to the song "Street Dreams" is banned on MTV, like illustrating hypnosis. In October, the band toured extensively throughout the UK for the first time at any time since 1981. A month later, the album is of interest in the States, later taking 34 in the list of best albums, despite the fact that MTV has ignored the single.

1984 - Ritchie Blackmore decided to suspend the "Rainbow", as he and Roger Glover decided to revive the most successful of the "Deep Purple" (Ian Gillan - vocals, Lord - keyboards, Pace - drums). Each of the participants had been promised for $ 2 million, and the tour started. Before this trip, "Rainbow" is holding its last tour in Japan. At the last show when accompanied by a Japanese symphony orchestra sounds Blekmorovskaya Technology 9 th Symphony of Beethoven. In November, "Deep Purple" sign a contract with an American studio "Mercury Records" and released the album "Perfect Strangers", who took 17 place.

1985 - In January comes the first single from the album "Perfect Strangers" - "Knocking At Your Back Door", builds on the success of album title track - "Absolute Strangers". In July goes double compilation "DP" - "Anthology".

1986 - there is a double remix compilation "Finyl Vinyl", which includes no one had heard before "live" recording "Rainbow", as well as some songs that went before it only as singles. This was another step in a successful career of.

1987 - new album "Deep Purple" - "A House of Blue Light" ( "House of Blue Light") released in February and hit the top ten of America and Britain. Group tours throughout Europe.

1988 - "Nobody's Perfect" ( "Nobody's Perfect") - a concert, recorded live during the tour group in 1987., Published in July and "Deep Purple" immersed in a two-month tour in the U.S..

1989 - Ian Gillan left the band in July due to "musical differences".

1990 - "Deep Purple", which now consists Blackmore, Glover, Lord, Pace and vocalist early "Rainbow" Joe Lynn Turner - signed a contract with the studio "RCA Records". In November came the album "Slaves and Masters" ( "Slaves & Masters").

1991 - "DP" on tour with "Slaves & Masters" on the United States, North America, Europe, Britain, Japan, Greece, Israel, Hungary and the Pacific coast.

1992 - At the suggestion of the studio "RCA", Ian Gillan replaces Joe Lynn Turner, and the group begins studio work. As a result, the light appears on the album "Again raging battle" ( "The Battle Rages On"), produced by Roger Glover and Tom Panunzio.

1993 - "Deep Purple" - now with Gillan on his helmet "- begins a tour of Europe. In the middle of the tour Blackmore gives all understand that there is still not satisfied with the work of Gillan and going to leave at the end of the tour. Panel completes tour in Japan with guitarist Joe Satriani. Blackmore also returned to the States, starts looking for musicians to create a group of "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow".

1994 - Blackmore tries yet another embodiment of. At the end of the year, . the new group include: Scottish singer Dugl White (ex-"Praying Mantis"), . keyboardist Paul Morris (ex-"Doro Pesch"), . bassist Greg Smith (who worked with Alice Cooper, . "Blue Oyster Cult", . Joe Lynn Turner), . drummer John O'Reilly (Ritchie Heyvens, . "Blue Oyster Cult", . Joe Lynn Turner) and singer Candice Night (with its participation was recorded single, "Ariel") - "background" vocals,

1995 - from the beginning, the group makes a record in September completed the album "Stranger In Us All" ( "Stranger in each of us"). Company "BMG International" releases an album and the first week in Japan, sold more than 100 thousand copies. This remarkable fact was used by the magazine "Burrn!", . signaling, . that Richie was not less than seven awards by the readers, . including awards, . as "Best Guitarist", . "The best lyricist", . "The best 'live show'", . and "Song of the Year" - for the hit "Black Masquerade",
. Such honors were rendered Richie in Germany, where he was named "Best guitarist" by the readers. Shortly after the album "Stranger In each of us," a video clip to the song "Ariel" is often scrolled on the European MTV, supporting the success of the album. Toward the end of the year the group began touring Europe. Chuck Bergi, who played with the "Rainbow" in 1983, replaced by John O'Reilly, who just after the recording was injured while playing soccer.

1996 - "Rainbow" was played with a great success in places such as Chile, Kurittiba, Argentina and Brazil. After such a successful tour of South America, the group performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people during the European tour with "ZZ Top", "Little Feat" and "Deep Blue Something". The largest crowd amounted to 40 thousand fans. After one of the concerts of "Rainbow" Ritchie Blackmore in Germany called Pat Boone (famous for his white shoes) and invited him to participate in his new album of rock stars - "Pat Boone: Metal Thought. Flattered Richie is amused and he played the guitar part in Bunovskoy processing "Smoke Over Water". In addition to this work, Richie recorded the song "Apache" ( "Apache") for the album Hank Marvin and the Shadows ". In October, Blackmore began recording their album in the style of the Renaissance - "Moon Shadow" ( "Shadow Of The Moon"), which will not now enter the project "Rainbow" ... The new group will be called "Night of Blackmore" ( "Blackmore's Night") and implements the designs of the two main instigators of the project - Blackmore and Candice Night. The album also will include four medieval melodies, laid on the verses Candice Night and executed in modern style. Ian Anderson of "Jethro Tull" will make its contribution to one of the songs - "Play, Minstrel, Play." ( "Play, Minstrel, Play."). Studio "BMG Japan" documentary footage of the creation of songs and will release three clips.

1997 - Starting from February 20 "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow" on tour in the United States with the program "Stranger In each of us". American tour coincided with the release of their debut CD "Blackmore's Night" - "Moon Shadow", which became the pearl Candice Night - lyricist and performer of most songs. The album was released in late August, in Japan and in the first week it sold more than 100 thousand copies, and the album hit the "Billboard album charts on 14 place. May 31, at Esbergskom rock festival in Sweden, "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow" has collected 30 thousand fans. In early June the album "Shadow Of The Moon" was released in Europe and for 17 weeks remained in the charts.

1997 - July, the album "Deepest Purple" is in the United States gold and silver at the same time.

1997 - acoustic tour "Shadow Of The Moon" in Japan and Europe.


February 17 - the album "Shadow Of The Moon" released in the U.S..
March - in Brazil released a radio single, "No Second Chance" and is a 5 spot for three weeks in the Brazilian radio.
May 8 - released their first radio single, "Wish You Were Here".
May - Hit "Shadow Of The Moon" received the status of "Golden Track".
June - Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore returned to the studio to record their next album, "Blackmore's Night".
September 25 - in Greece, Athens - "Blacmore's Night" involved in the International Rock Awards Ceremony.
September-October - "Blacmore's Night" returned to Europe and give concerts in churches, synagogues, castles and theaters.
November - Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are involved in recording TV shows for London.
December 14-20 - Blackmore - invited to a radio show, Kevin Bacon, the legendary guitarist ".

January - return to the studio to complete work on a new project - "Under a Violet Moon" ( "Under A Violet Moon") - until the spring
. Spring 1999 - Rhino Records, produces a full set of disks "Deep Purple".



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. King of speed - an interview with Blackmore

. Electric guitar Fender RITCHIE BLACKMORE Stratocaster

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  • Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)
  • Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)
  • Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)
  • Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)
  • Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)
  • Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)

Photos of Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)
Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)Ritchie Blackmore (RITCHIE BLACKMORE)

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