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Steve Howe (Steve Howe)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Steve Howe (Steve Howe)
Some are well informed about the merits of this man, the other about it and never heard of. But even the latter is well known, at least one of his solos: a fantastic piece of flamenco in 'Innuendo' group 'Queen'. Howe - a man, seemingly in a rock 'n' roll stranger.
Stephen James Howe (Stephen James Howe) was born August 4, 1947 in North London. His fate is similar to the fate of Ritchie Blackmore (Ritchie Blackmore). And one, and others considered in the early sixties guitar geeks. Both worked for the legendary record producer Joe Meek (Joe Meek).

Both played a bit. Howe began his career in the group 'The Syndicats', which now no one would have remembered if not for it Steve. In 1963 the team consisted of Howe, bassist Kevin Driscoll, lead singer Tom Ladd, and drummer John Melton (Kevin Driscoll, Tom Ladd & Johnny Melton).

Play these shestnadtsatiletki could. Otherwise unlikely to be able to without special 'artillery preparation' (art - in the sense of art) to gain a good spot, becoming a permanent group of the club 'The Swan'. Facility could not compare with 'The Marquee' or 'Crawdaddy', but it was a measure of prestige. Melton adored Uncle Chuck (Chuck Berry), . therefore on the wagon of 'The Syndicats' adorned the inscription 'Society devotees of Chuck Berry', . and the material they performed appropriate: American rock 'n roll and rhythm and blues, . coupled with pop hits from the repertoire of 'The Beatles' and others of that ilk,
. What distinguished this group from others like her, so it is uncharacteristic rocker passion guitarist, egged on by friends to play a Les Paul, the Django Reinhardt (Les Paul & Django Reinhardt).

In the absence of 'The Syndicats' rhythm guitarist had to raise the children virtuosity: Howe guitar wove lace around striving for the two of Driscoll, who extended the possibilities of his instrument at the expense of two additional strings. Manage this quartet of Kevin's mother persuaded her to take their wards in 1964 participated in an audition for Joe Meek. New users have passed it without difficulty.

Signing a contract with them, Mike for the first single selected from the repertoire of two songs: 'Maybellene' Barry and written by Howe and Lang 'True To Me'. Not too many people there that can boast that they invented the first song immediately came to the plate. Steve was the case. Second single: on one side - 'Howlin' For My Darling ', not too well-known Willie Dixon blues (Willie Dixon), on the other - his own creation' What To Do '.

The last published works was the ballad quartet Ben King (Ben E. King) 'On The Horizon'. Only in 1995, the collection of early recordings by Steve 'Mothballs', it became possible to hear is not coming out by some reasons sorokopyatku a song with the famous 'Leave My Kitten Alone' and blues 'Don't Know What To Do' authorship Howe. End of 'The Syndicats' was inevitable: the staff at an impasse. In June 1965, Howe joined 'The In Crowd', a pale copy of 'The Rolling Stones', which since his arrival, quickly became a cult band, that is the big leagues are not samples, but has acquired quite a few fans. On the shield raised ensemble fashion.

'Fashion' - means not only 'The Who': a new band of Steve for music was closer to 'The Faces', as the traditional rhythm and blues soul was diluted to the extent. The structure of 'The In Crowd', but our hero, were rhythm guitarist Junior Wood, bassist Boots Alcott, drummer Ken Lawrence and singer Keith West (Junior Wood, Boots Alcott, Ken Lawrence & Keith West). By the spring of 1967 they released the first of two singles, which accounted for only one song, written by West, - 'You're On Your Own'.

The boundaries of popular music by 1966 essentially parted; guitar finally became not just a tool, and acquired their own language. In 'The In Crowd' Steve Howe is not just accompanied vocalist, and tried to compete with him, so that almost simultaneously with Blackmore's head Steve got the idea for their own single.

Richie luckier - his work still came. Two instrumental pieces as Howe - 'So Bad' (she is - 'Mothballs') and 'You Never Can Stay In One Place' - the fans were able to hear only the 'Mothballs'. Sketches nineteen young men and now amazingly resourceful. Why not see sorokopyatka svetN Perhaps, in its publication was not much point, as on his solo career, and Howe did not think. Surprisingly, but on this day the situation is exactly the same.

Group then consisted of the West, Howe, Wood, and drummer John Alder (John Alder). October 15, 1966, they participated in the event at the opening kontrkulturnogo magazine 'IT', but in the beginning of next year, recorded two songs for 'Blow Up' Antonioni (Michelangelo Antonioni). In the picture blanks are not included, however, refreshing producer gave us a unique opportunity to see a fragment of the last performances by Jeff Beck (Jeff Beck) with 'The Yardbirds'.

In 1967 th 'Sgt. Pepper 'and' Blonde On Blonde 'steel barrier that stopped the many. Outlived its usefulness and the idea of 'The In Crowd', in March transmute into 'Tomorrow'.

Now on the 'Tomorrow' forgotten, and then ... Playing at the legendary psychedelic club 'UFO', the quartet seriously compete with the 'Pink Floyd'. Podzhemovav with them, Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix) was struck by the powerful guitar riffs phased Steve. The glory of the team crossed the Atlantic, and in order to admire a sensation in London he went Zappa (Frank Zappa).

Hard sound preset 'Tomorrow' producer Mark Uirtsem (Mark Wirtz), to distinguish them from other musicians, vyryazhennyh in colorful caftans. And songs of the group in contrast to other non-narcotic soared in fantasy, but stick to the sinful earth. The first single, 'My White Bicycle', released in May, was devoted to the riots in the Netherlands. Uirts conceived project 'Teenage Opera', the two fell deeply in sorokopyatki, published under the name Keith West; followed with a single 'Tomorrow' 'Revolution' (his own song, not 'Beatles'), inspired by the Narcotic scandal 'The Rolling Stones'. Sponsor arrangement was made by Howe.

In February 1968 the ensemble has labored album 'Tomorrow'. In addition to having made some successful singles on the disc, it is worth noting a lively song, 'Three Jolly Little Dwarves' and clearly someone 'Strawberry Fields Forever'. Before the team opened the way to the top, but in April, 'Tomorrow' was not. In the mid-seventies, his version of 'Bicycle' group was reminded of 'Nazareth'. In 1998, a disc '50 Minute Technicolor Dream 'with a few records. And, tomorrow at the 'Tomorrow' was not.

Next haven guitarist was called 'Bodast', more precisely, 'Canto'. Under this 'sign' was recorded the song 'Come Over Stranger', and then came 'Bodast'. On the team, in which Steve spent a half years, from May 1968 to December 1969, did not know virtually nothing. Colleagues Howe during this time were: guitarist Clive 'Muldoon' Skinner, drummer Bobby Clarke and singing bassist Dave Curtis (Clive 'Maldoon' Skinner, Bobby Clarke & Dave Curtis). Curtis and Clark were the underdogs: group 'The Roundabout', in which they were initially enrolled, but with the advent of more skilled colleagues from unceremoniously put a couple of days became known as 'Deep Purple'!

. Due instrumental watering hero of our story Quartet performed what is called 'progressive rock', although the music ensemble has been observed traces of the blues of the past
. Despite the potential composition and very interesting - especially the guitar parts - material recorded in 1969, the album was released only in 1981 under the title 'The Early Years: Steve Howe With Bodast' (or 'The Bodast Tapes'). Steve participated in the composition of the three tracks of ten and independently wrote 'Nothing To Cry For'. Not fulfill themselves in 'Bodast', the musicians went in different directions.

Howe for a few months to take up with what others began, - sessional activities. And the first thing adorned his playing single and Curtis Muldoon 'Warn On A Ridge'. But there are also people, not thinking myself out of the collective! Steve is just such. It was just a team, where it would come to court. And this team was, yes.

In the sense of 'Yes'. The British quintet just parted with one of the founders, Peter Banks, along with bassist Chris Squier (Peter Banks & Chris Squire) who played in 'The Syn', which is often confused with 'The Syndicats'. Six-dream of almost all the commands of the progressive wing was Bob Fripp (Robert Fripp), to spite everybody who did not wish to dissolve their 'King Crimson'. Not persuaded him either 'Yes', or 'Genesis'. Neither they nor others have not miscalculated. Second went to Steve Hackett (Steve Hackett), the first - his namesake.

Banks left in May 1970, before the release of the second album, 'Time And A Word', on the cover of the American edition of which sported a picture of the ensemble Howe, did not play on a plate or sheet. Steve justified the trust of new friends. His thoughts are so coincided with the ideas of the phenomenal singer Jon Anderson (Jon Anderson), . that the author's fresh-baked duo practically subordinate to their creative needs of the other musicians: Squier, . organist Tony Keyya and unsurpassed master stroke Bill Bruford (Tony Kaye & Bill Bruford),
. From now on each album was acquiring works of John and Steve launched multipart drama.

The first such program in 1971 was 'The Yes Album' with the epic 'Yours Is No Disgrace', 'I've Seen All Good People' and 'Starship Trooper'. Final part was the last little thing Hau 'Wurm', which eclipsed 'The Clap', created by Steve impressed by the birth of their first son, Dylan (Dylan Howe): it was named in honor of a happy father's idol. Mastery Howe did not go unnoticed - he immediately received an invitation to highlight a dark album, Lou Reed's 'Lou Reed'.

'The Yes Album' withdrawn 'Yes' to the leaders of the art-rock. Prior to the success of global scale lacked quite a bit. This is a 'little bit' was called Rick Ueykmanom (Rick Wakeman). Monumental organ linen Keyya mate is the best supplement the sound artistry Anderson and Howe.

Two superb album 'Fragile' (1972) and 'Close To The Edge' (1973) and the live album of the same 1973rd 'Yessongs', coupled with a revolutionary at the time a laser show, raised the reputation of the team to an unattainable height. Pearl of 'Fragile' was a flamenco Steve 'Mood For A Day', on the stage as guitarist striking number of tools used. Long gone are the days when he managed a 'Gibson 175', at the present day collection Howe - a couple of hundred guitars; with them can be found in the book 'The Steve Howe Guitar Collection'.

Ambitions of musicians grew up: in 1974, is interested in different cultures Anderson proposed the concept of a double album, dedicated to Hinduism. Steve accepted the challenge and with Jonny wrote a program 'Tales From Topographic Oceans'. Rick opposed cumbersome project and immediately after the record had gone, freeing up space for the Frenchman Patrick Moraz (Patrick Moraz); Bruford before the 'Oceans' was replaced by Alan White (Alan White). 'Relayer' (1974) showed that the ideas of the musicians - the darkness, but the second double of the public would not have taken. So on the advice of John, all five in 1975-1976, helping each other, released on the plate. On the album, Steve 'Beginnings' (1975) played White, Moraz and Bruford, and Howe himself soloist in one of the songs uaytovskogo disk 'Ramshakled'

. 'Beginnings' showed bright palette guitarist: in' Will O 'Thп¦ Wisp', Steve has demonstrated pop, . in 'Ram' - adored rustic, . at 'Lost Simphony' - Folk, . same propensity to symphonic forms is reflected in the title track, . performed with strings and brass,
. Murmuring guitars Howe supplemented its not very strong, but flexible voice - back vocals in 'Yes' go to the benefit

. The program 'Yes' 1977-go 'Going For The One' with Wakeman was a masterpiece of already mature artists, but released a year later drive 'Tormato' just slipped up at the next session, held in Paris, had no luck at all, and John went out with Rick team
. Steve poured heart and soul into 'The Steve Howe Album' (1979): the same Moraz, . Bruford and White, . same fantastic artist 'Yes' Roger Dean (Roger Dean), . same style - and the same class music: what is only one piece of Vivaldi! In the country 'Cactus Boogie', . by the way, . knocked Clive Bunker (Clive Bunker) from the first of the 'Jethro Tull', . in 'Look Over Your Shoulder' sang Claire Hamill, . sister of Peter (Clair & Peter Hamill),

Steve still does not want to become a soloist. Album 'Yes' 'Drama' (1980) received less than a living: a vocalist Trevor Horn and keyboardist Geoff Downes (Trevor Horn & Geoff Downes) from 'The Buggles' Steve did not feel the closeness. Rescued manager Brian Lane (Brian Lane), to predict that bassist / vocalist 'King Crimson' and 'UK' John Wetton (John Wetton) nurtures a new project, 'Asia'.

Composing, along with Howe and Wetton did not, but it went with the arrival of drummer Carl Palmer (Carl Palmer) from 'ELP' and Downs, who co-authored by John. Debut album 'Asia' has started in 1982 and immediately 'was covered with platinum'. Disc 1983rd 'Alpha' has shown that talent Wetton and Howe get along well: John, Jeff and Steve diverted as little more than an accompanist, forcing simplify solo, which affected the success of the plate. Wetton left, but returned at the request of management, so that part of 'Asia' had Howe. In 1992, when the leader of 'Asia' was already Downes, guitarist, stayed on the plate 'Aqua' (1992) and several times took part in the tour

. Not wanting to sit idly, . Steve, in 1984, managed a hand 'Frankie Goes To Hollywood' from their 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome', . and in 1985 two of Steve, . consolidated Howe Lane and Hackett, . weaving together its easily recognizable guitar, . gathered a group of 'GTR' and recorded under the direction Downs Drive 'GTR', . preceded by written them in the first meeting hit 'When The Heart Rules The Mind',
. Both cX. included in the instrumental record for the number: Howe composed a gentle 'Sketches In The Sun'. Great success and the only tour concerts which, in addition to the material the album included solo performances of both the maestro

. Hackett, in contrast to Howe had lost the habit to be part of the collective, . so that before recording the second program 'GTR' become 'Howe And Friends', . and then - in 'Nerro And The Trend' with the well-known keyboardist Richard Berry (Richard Berry), . who played with Palmer at 3 ( 'ELP' without Emerson (Keith Emerson),
. More demo they have not moved, part of trained songs entered the 'Higher You Climb' (1995), vocalist 'GTR' Max Bacon and solo Berry

. In 1988, Steve decided to appeal to style, . which simply could not apply, . - To the New Age: First tried to force in creating the album 'Transportation' keyboardist Billy Curry (Billy Currie), . and then recorded together with the Swiss pianist Paul Sutenom (Paul Sutin) program 'Seraphim' - the product of successful, . but not so bright, . as solo works Howe,
. Drums on 'Seraphim' belonged to Dylan Howe, now plays the father in every solo.

Howe reputation as a classic in 1988 confirmed his invitation to the project 'Guitar Speak' with colleagues on shop: Robby Krieger, Alvin Lee, Hank Marvin (Robbie Krieger, Alvin Lee, Hank Marvin) and other. Creation Steve called 'Sharp On Attack'. Studio project stepped onto the stage, recorded 'live' his version was published under the title 'Night Of The Guitar Live'.

In September, Stephen put his letter in 'AWBH', that is, 'Anderson', Wakeman, Bruford & Howe ', serious rivals' Yes', led by Squier and Keyya. Album 'AWBH' (1989) was on par with the best creations of 'Yes'; fee included guitarist thought, not demanded 'Asia'. The second disc was not destined to be born, because after the recording of the concert 'The Evening Of Yes Music' 'AWBH' merged with 'Yes' to a 'Union' (1990)

. The lion's share was nominated for the 'Grammy' disc consists of works are not 'Yes', . and 'AWBH', . and, . finding, . that the 'Union', . essentially, . - Large advertising hype, and they nobody is interested, . Wakeman, . Bruford and Howe retired after the tour,
. Bruford and his namesake Steve Curry helped to record a third solo album - entirely instrumental 'Turbulence'. Program in 1991 a little different from the previous records guitar, being more rigid, but - no less interesting. Some of the material was already familiar to the listener, as well as expecting to settle in the 'Yes' and not too hoping to release solo albums, Howe used in 'Union' harvesting 'Hint Hint' and 'While's Rome Burning'.

A little earlier, in 1990, Howe ran into his old friend Brian May (Brian May), inviting a colleague to the yacht Freddie Mercury (Freddie Mercury), where Steve heard the outline of the new masterpiece 'Queen'. When asked whether he wants to add anything, he responded positively. Thus came into being famous solo acoustic 'Innuendo', repeated in an electric version of the Meem.

Released in 1993 CD 'The Grand Scheme Of Things' continued the line of Howe album seventies - is that in a little subdued under the influence of New Age as. Program can be rightfully called the family: drumming Dylan Howe, on the keyboards played Suten and second son, Steve, Virgil H., and the texts helped wife Janet (Virgil & Janet Howe).

In 1993, in 45 years, Steve Howe for the first time in his life ventured on solo tour. Was not mistaken. Speaking mostly in small halls, he managed to build almost intimate contact with their audience. Steve played and sang songs of 'Yes' and their own, . using only four guitars: three acoustic, . fourth - electric, . but not burdened by the effects of, . therefore well-sounding and designed by Dean live album, . published in 1994, . got, . as tour, . name of 'Not Necessarily Acoustic',
. The success prompted him to continue the job and in the same 1994 to go to another round, 'Pulling Strings'. At this time music was played more electric, besides Howe used the recording parties keyboards and string instruments. The audience took the veteran 'to cheer', learning from the first chord, even 'My White Bicycle' - it can be heard on 'Pulling Strings', recording, published in February 1999, the.

But Steve hard without company, so in 1995 he once again joining forces with Paul Sutenom - for New eydzhevogo disk 'Voyagers', pleasant, but not more. But other cooperation was more interesting: the single 'Lily's In The Field' Howe wrote with former vocalist of 'Renaissance' magnificent Annie Haslam (Annie Haslam), which was made at a charity concert in Philadelphia. Both liked, . and after recording 'Ripples' to 'Supper's Ready' and 'Turn Of The Century' for 'Songs From Yesterday', . CDs, . on, . respectively, . 'Genesis' and 'Yes', . guitarist and singer, started a solo project, . over which, . keeping fans in suspense, . working slowly and to this day,
. Not letting myself rozdyhu, Steve realized another idea: 'Homebrew. Volume I 'with their working notes 80, in the end ended up on the plates' Yes',' Asia 'and' AWBH '...

And in 1996, prodigal sons Howe and Wakeman reunited with his family 'Yes' and started to record' Open Your Eyes', for which in 1997 was followed by part studio part 'live' two twin, 'Keys To Ascension I' and 'Keys To Ascension II '. And everything went on as usual, except that in the middle of the tour Rick again broke away from friends. In the past year, . while the band relaxed, . Steve is not loafing, . first a couple with her son Dylan to create another tool blade, . 'Quantum Guitar' (1998), . and then - erecting a monument to another musical Dylan: 'Portraits Of Bob Dylan' - so-called album released a month ago,
. Howe was not going to skip the guitar wonders, . and wanted to show himself just arranger, . but where there! It would, . Well, you can create the songs BobaN Much, . if you are Steve Howe, . and you are helping a son and friends, . among them Geoff Downes, . Annie Haslam, . Keith West, . Max Bacon and John Anderson!,

. Earlier this year, Steve has released the first-ever interactive Master Class: Lessons on CD-ROM - just think! But he did not think to stay: in September we will hear a novelty 'Yes', the album 'The Ladder'
. It is hoped that the 'ladder' Steve Howe has a lot of steps.

Photos of Steve Howe (Steve Howe)
  • Steve Howe

Photos of Steve Howe (Steve Howe)
Steve Howe (Steve Howe)

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