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TONY Iommi

( Guitarist)

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Biography TONY Iommi
photo TONY Iommi
Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath - twin brothers! Tonny Iommi "woke up" Black Sabbath, a Sabbath woke heavy metal ... And off they'd go. "Paranoid", "Iron Man", "Heaven and Hell".. It seems that this list could continue indefinitely

. And this history began in the distant 60's, . when Iommi, . calling to help his old friends yard: Geezer Butler (Geezer Butler), . Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne) and Billy Ward (Bill Ward), . formed a group of Earth., . which soon changed its name to Black Sabbath ..,

For many years, but there years - decades, "the leader of" Black Sabbath, guitar-maker Tonii Iommi is passed through a series of metal legends of the sea of famous artists.

This is Ozzy Osbourne, and Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan), and Ronnie James Dio (Ronnie James Dio), and Glenn Hughes (Glenn Hughes), and Rob Helford (Rob Halford) ... At the end of the 2 nd millennium riffmaster released his first (!) Solo album, entitled sromnenko "Iommi"

. It should be noted, . that the plate is prepared and recorded within the last 3 years, . and it included 10 tracks, . on the soundtrack of which was marked by no means the last folk to modern rock industry, . namely: Ozzy Osbourne, . Dave Grohl (Dave Grohl), . Billy Corgan (Billy Corgan), . Billy Idol (Billy Idol), . Phil Anselmo (Phil Anselmo), Brian May (Brian May), . Henry Rollins (Henry Rollins) and many others,

This work demonstrates a solid, organic fusion of modern culture and classic metal "sabbatovskoy melodies and riffs.

Correspondent brutal-music electronic journal spider Metalblitz talk with Sir Iommi. Transcripts of the conversation and offers to your attention our magazine.

Metalblitz: He looks like a previous period of his life, Tony Iommi on the rhythm of his life in today's dniN

Tony lommi: You know, everything was always so, as now (laughs - prim.avt.) Cases are always full of. Kruchu like a squirrel in a cage. Frankly, I would like to life was a little calmer, but ... work much.

MB: Are you satisfied with the quality of material recorded on your last plastinkeN

TI: Oh, yes! All that I thought of - get. In mind I have compiled a list of 3 persons, with whom I wanted to work in the first place - this is Billy Corgan, Dave Grohl and Phil Anselmo. I would be happy to cooperate with at least one of them, however, I was lucky, and I've got all three. Billy Idol also came along to me by accident. Being close to our studio, he asked the producer Bob Marrletta: What was I there is busy, with whom I work, and asked to speak to us in the studio. Later, we, along with Billy and Bob went home and wrote a couple songs. It really was great. I will tell you sincerely: I am very glad that it happened with Billy ...

MB: Tony, it seems that your commitment to excellence inexhaustible. For example, I would like to know: Do you fully satisfies the sound of your guitar, or you are in a constant poiskeN

TI: Today, I am quite satisfied with my guitar sound, the. You can say, I found my sound - I was under the nominal model produced amplifiers, guitars and pickups. Yes, it's just cool (laughs - prim.avt.). This is the same sound, which went in search of a lot of time, and I think I found it. I always imagined how my guitar should sound, but the music as such, and even over the sound, including, in sweat and worked my fingers. They (the fingers) to their hard work and dedication, as if fascinated behind them and me. It sounds very strange, but true. The early BLACK SABBATH, I could not fully achieve the desired sound, as when I first worked on technique, worked with his fingers. So I created one original, his style of play that would allow me to play without straining

. MB: He seemed a little strange to you, perhaps, unfair to the fact that in the 90 years such groups as SOUNDGARDEN were on horseback, using your music of use, while, as SABBATH remained a second esheloneN

. TI: You know, I never thought about it, and I do not agree with those people who say that I remain in the second echelon, or, as they have demonstrated in the shadows
. No. For me always the most important thing was that I could go on stage and just play. I am sure that few people understand how important it is for me, this aspect of my life: to be able to again and again to go on stage and play. All my life - it is a struggle. I am certainly happy that I managed to extricate himself from the trouble related to the incident with my fingers (in his youth, Tony was seriously injured wrist - prim.avt.). There was a lot of other negative life. But, you know, I really love to play and really love to experiment on stage. For a real musician is like old wine collector, which must mature and brew.

MB: Some critics of your later work suggests that you have become a sort of "respectable" musicians. What do you think about etomN

TI: I try not to pay attention to it. For me the main thing is the recognition of other musicians and our fans. You know that many famous and really interesting bands and performers called SABBATH their "ideological mentor". This is my achievement.

MB: Most of the supergroups not cope with the problem of losing a key team member, a Black Sabbath, having lost inimitable Ozzie in 1979, the beginning of 80 years joined with superb albums "Heaven and Hell" and "Mob Rules". The reason for more "transparent" sound Sabbath'a second batch was your desire to somehow upgrade your sound or is it simply the result of tidal fresh kroviN

TI: That one and the other. And the reason is a comprehensive solution to this problem was the fact that the change of vocalist in the successful group - not an easy matter, as the collective task is not to surrender their positions. Arrival of the group Dio gave us the opportunity to continue our creative drift a bit in another direction. The approach to writing music material change. This happened because we did quite another singer. After Dio singing style is very different from the style of Ozzy. So Ronnie Dio allowed to open new horizons in our music, change the rhythm

. MB: How easy was entering Dio in the creative process of the group BLACK SABBATHN

. TI: When in your life occur regressive processes, . which result in the lowest point (in this case I'm talking about creativity), . you suddenly start to see the same beam of light at the end of the tunnel, . and immediately becomes clear: where to go,
. It gives you strength, encouragement acts. PonimaeteN time in the history of BLACK SABBATH Ozzy era were black days, or perhaps ultraserye. At that time, the instrumental part of the group was a hundred times more workable, so we were simply forced to replace Ozzy. This replacement was Dio. Fortunately, it worked. With him we began to compose the track "Heaven and Hell", which was to be the entrance song of upcoming album. Then I threw in the contrived melody guitar riffs. The same thing happened with the album "Mob Rules". You know, I really enjoyed working with Ronnie.

MB: And how and for what reasons had a break from your DioN Ronnie wanted to pursue a solo career, and yet you did not agree harakteramiN

TI: Over time, our relationship began to take a bad turn. It seems to me, Ronnie was conceited. I would even say - pontovatsya. Naturally, we could not tolerate such attitude towards us. After all, at first we just put forward Dio forward: give him the right to give interviews on behalf of the, . as we, . other participants, . like, . that he did not feel the loneliness within the team, . did not feel the moral discomfort of thought, . that he seems to be a substitute for Ozzy,
. The fact that Dio is not substituted Ozzy. Ozzy can not be replaced. It was a totally different singer and man. Together with Ronnie we have two very good album.

MB: After leaving Dio you have joined efforts with Yanom Gillan and recorded a record "Born Again", which was remarkable, but underestimated the public and critics of the work. What can you say about this album seychasN

TI: I really enjoyed working on "Born Again", despite the fact that we had problems with sound. When a record come from critics, in our measured during the events there was a sudden failure. (Laughs - note. com.) Ksta-ti, a concert tour in support of "Born Again" was very successful, there were many memorable moments

. MB: Tony, but does not seem to you that subsequently maintaining BLACK SABBATH as a creative unit was a manifestation of pride in your storonyN Because almost all postBorn Again period in the history of the group is more like a solo career, Tony Iommi

TI: I do not know, but I do, by and large, never disbanded group. I systematically went once begun business. There were no ordinary retreat on this path. For example, such as albums "TYR" and "Forbidden". But every job - is another story.

MB: Now, when this all behind, Share, please, my impressions of the recent short-term temporary reunification of the classic BLACK SABBATH. Why do not you have a new studio plastinkuN

TI: It all started with the fact that we have with Geezer Butler was born the idea podzhemovat with Ozzy concert. We first thought about the two songs, but it resulted in a full-Reunion. It was great! You know, we have not stood the challenges of global unification. Our record label did not insist on this. And the main thing was that we do not want to enter the heavy duty work: a concert tour, then a studio album and tour again ... We just did what we really wanted to do. It is possible that once we write new material, but ... Understand, no one thought or imagined, that we are capable of what happened ... So, everything is possible.

MB: Tony, you think you have achieved in my career all, as once dreamed of, or still see in front of a new gorizontyN

TI: What has been linked to the Reunion BLACK SABBATH - already over. Now in front of me are very different zadachi.gie problem. I would like to write something more than just a guitar heavy metal album. This may be the blues or even jazz. I am still eager to perform live ...

MB: Tony, who you are at the moment - "child" or "solid meng" N What do you in the soul itself oschuschaeshN

TI: Sometimes I think I have a child (laughs - note. com.), and sometimes I feel like a respectable man. There is no clear distinction. At the time of BLACK SABBATH, we pinned, as could. It was funny. It was all ... But this is a different issue.

MB: One last question: What is the determining factor in your life in 1970, and what happens to you now, at the beginning of the third tysyacheletiyaN

TI: I have always been hostage to its music. I never betrayed this global principle of his life. I believe in what I'm doing ... I've done this before - I do now ...

Iron Boys (1996)

Photos of TONY Iommi

Photos of TONY Iommi
TONY Iommi

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  • One of the greatest "heavy" guitar players. This exhibit - it must be stored and protected.
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