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Yngwie Malmsteen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Yngwie Malmsteen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN)
Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the most famous in the world of guitar virtuosos, . combining high speed game, . technical probity and neo-classical style with a commercial music, . that allows him not only respected by musicians and critics, . but also sell well produced one after the other albums,
. Lars Johann Yngwie Lannerback was born June 30, 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden, in a military family and actress. Just in the same year the Beatles shocked the world with his appearance on the musical Olympus. At that time nobody knew that exactly 20 years later, thin, long-haired Swede with hungry eyes of a wolf cub a revolution in the music world. These were the years of calm before the musical Armageddon February 1983, when Yngwie came to Los Angeles to ever plunge the world into a storm of his guitar talent.

But while earlier it was still far. Yngwie (mother decided to name it in honor of his former friend) was the youngest child in the family, he had a sister Ann Louise, and brother Bjorn. Almost immediately after the birth of Yngwie parents divorced. Yngwie grew quite wildly and unmanageable child, it seemed that his forces are simply inexhaustible. The first musical attempts were in vain. Piano and trumpet did not interest.

Yes, and acoustic guitar, which his mother bought him a 5-year old hung on the wall under the layer of dust. That was before September 18, 1970, when Yngwie saw a special report on the death of Jimi Hendrix. Something turned over inside Yngwie when he watched as Jimmy gently embracing his guitar and the next moment it plunges into the flames.

In 10 years, he changed his surname to the mother's maiden name Malmsteen. He was playing music day and night, which naturally affected his academic performance in school, he can say, abandoned. In school, he appeared merely to participate in fights with those who behaved stupidly in his opinion. The only things that he attended with pleasure, were English and History of Art. His mother quickly recognized the extraordinary ability of his son and allowed to concentrate fully on music. In addition to Hendrix to Yngwie awakened interest in creativity violin virtuoso Nicolo Paganini's 18 th century.

He repeatedly looked account Russian cellist Gideon Kremer, who performs Paganini caprice 24. This gave him the key to the secret of how to combine the attraction to classical music, talent guitarist and inner charisma.

In 1976, he organized his first band "Powerhouse", but two years later, gathered with friends new draft Rising Force,. Name of the group came under the influence of the second album Rainbow "Rainbow Rising". However, Rising Force, he recorded the first demo, unfortunately, the disc never came out, but one of the demos were heard by Mike Warne, producer and expert on the guitar game.

At the insistence of Warne Malmsteen moved to Los Angeles where he became the lead guitarist in the band Steeler. However, the group was fragile and after the eponymous debut album, the band gave several concerts and collapsed

. Technical capabilities Yngwie has not gone unnoticed and he received an invitation to the Kiss, UFO and Ozzy Osbourne, but managed to resist the temptation to join such teams are named, and preferred to be part of Graham Bonnet Alcatrazz
. In this part of Yngwie recorded two albums, one live album in Japan and one studio.

After the departure of Malmsteen Alcatrazz received an invitation to start a solo career from the company Polydor Records, the benefit of his popularity after work in Alcatrazz it was possible to take into account. Malmsteen recorded the album "Rising Force"; to work on the album brought the former drummer for Jethro Tull Barriemore Barlow, lead singer Jeff Scott Soto and keyboardist Jens Johansson. The album was presented as new singles and songs from early demos.

Even before the first album go Yngwie "Rising Force" became the bible of neo-classical. He took 60 th place in the hit parade magazine Villboard receives a Grammy for best instrumental rock album.

Yngwie himself becomes open, in a number of publications, and then and guitarist, after the proclamation of the album Rising Force album of the year. In 1985 appears the album Marching Out, Yngwie sent in November to tour America. Rock-press calls his guitar genius, and in the next two years he was the best guitarist in the world in a poll the magazine "Guitar Player".

But the real commercial success came to Yngwie in 1986 with the album Trilogy. By the time the group has already sung a different singer Mark Boals from Ted Nugent. Album "Trilogy" has received very wide acceptance.

Guitar technique Malmsteen now actively diluted commercial hard-rock tracks that perfectly suit the audience. The album reached the fortieth position in the Billboard U.S.. Many point and extremely high quality texts that are the perfect complement to the hurricane Reef Yngwie.

However, being on top of the world, Yngwie has been spared the kind of descent to the ground. 18 months he could not play, tk. literally on the eve of his birthday June 22, 1987 his Jaguar at full speed and flew into a tree. As a result, Yngwie was in a coma for almost a week and when he came to himself, then was horrified to learn that due to head injuries, was formed thrombus, which is pressing on a nerve that runs to the right hand, which meant his end as a guitarist. Almost half of superhuman effort it took to return to the world of music and here he lies in wait for another blow.

He learns that back home in Sweden, died of cancer, his mother, and it still was not the end, his manager has assigned his money, and Yngwie was left alone with their pain, without money and uncertainty of the future. His only salvation was music, and he returned, he returned with a new album Odyssey, Yngwie then say that he believes his successful, but this album is so fond of his fans, album instantly gets a gold status in the U.S.. Video "Heaven Tonight" has been on the TV screens.

I must say that success largely depended on the album and the new singer (ex-Rainbow) Joe Lynn Turner. Yngwie goes on tour, the number of Yngwie fans around the world increases. In February 1989, Yngwie arrived in the Soviet Union. He gives 20 concerts (and this for six months before the famous Moscow Peace Festival in Luzhniki). Copy your entire film and album Live in Leningrad / Trial By Fire. Album received mixed reviews, many found it not too successful, and the group leaves Turner. The group literally fell apart at the seams and Rising Force ceased to exist.

Yngwie once stood at a crossroads, he moved to Miami, Florida, and his new team, he has staffed from fellow. Becomes vocalist (ex-John Norum) Goran Edman, bassist Svante Henryson, keyboardist and arranger Mats Olausson, and drummer Michael von Knorring. In this composition, he will release a new album, Eclipse, recorded at Miami's Criteria Studios. Fans album does not check out, showered reproaches to the wretched vocals and pulled passages Yngwie. Polygram probably have not seen anything of genius in the album and has had a rather sluggish support of the album. As a result of stunted sales in the U.S., though despite this in Japan and Europe, the album earned gold and platinum status, respectively.

This situation did not suit Yngwie and in March 1991, he goes under the label Elektra Records.Vyhodit album Fire & Ice, filled with the classic sound, vivid emotions and incendiary energy Yngwie. The album clearly shows the influence of Baroque composers, who have always been ideals for Yngwie. And just in this album filled with dream Yngwie - he recorded the song with a symphony orchestra. It was Bach "Badinerie" from Orchestral Suite No. 2, became the first album charts in Japan and was sold in quantities of more than 100,000 copies. the first day of release. The album reached gold and platinum status in Europe and Asia. In June 1992, Yngwie returned to Miami to work on new album.

Alas, plans Yngwie constantly interfered with the events from outside. In August 1992, Hurricane Andrew walked the streets of Miami, bringing considerable damage. In January 1993, Nigel Thomas, Yngwie producer, with whom he worked for the past 4 years, dies of heart attack. In March, Elektra breaks with Yngwie contract in July, Yngwie managed to break the unfortunate right hand, and in August he was arrested, which caused a storm of gossip and rumors around the world. But all's well that ends well. In September, all charges against him were dropped, and in October his hand had almost healed. Now I had to look for a new record company, and it became a Japanese Pony Canyon. And for the record a new album had to recruit new musicians.

They have become the new lead singer Michael Vescera (ex-Loudness), drummer Mike Terrana (ex-Tony McAlpine), keyboardist Mats Olausson, Yngwie himself began to play bass. However, for the tour bassist Barry Sparks was chosen.

3 February 1994 the group began rehearsing in front of intensified world tour, and already 18 February 1994 in Japan released a new album The Seventh Sign. Primitive aggression album immediately gave rise to comparisons with his earlier album Yngwie Marching Out. Album quickly reached the top of the international charts and reached platinum in Japan. CMC International Records buys rights to sell the album in Europe and Asia, and begins to actively engage in promotion of a album

. In September-October 1994, Pony Canyon publishes two MCD Power and Glory (the anthem, . Yngwie specially invented for the Japanese championship wrestling Takada) and I Can't Wait (two previously unreleased songs and several live recordings from a concert at the Tokyo stadium Budokan),
. Just released a video recording of a concert at the stadium Budokan, rights to which again took CMC. The tour lasted for almost a year and victoriously ended in November 1994. Panel needed vacation.

But Yngwie decided to rest in the studio. To do this, in December 1994, he bought a building in Miami and makes her own studio, working hours which translate into a new album, Magnum Opus, which was released in June 1995.

The tour in support of the album on the tradition started in Japan in September 1995, then the band went to Europe for two months. However, in the midst of the tour Michael Vescera contracted bronchitis and had to miss 5 concerts. Yngwie did not want to cancel concerts and he performed songs that could sing, who could not sing, just povycherkival of the play-list. Michael caught up with the group already in Germany, where the group performed at the festival, in which they participated but 4 more metal bands, among them were veterans of the Saxon. In late 1995 the group returned to the U.S..

In early January 1996, Yngwie collects in his Studio 308 old friends, Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Scott Soto, David Rosenthal, Marcel Jacob and Mark Boals to work on a new project, an idea which he cherished for many years. He wanted to write songs, which grew, and this song recognized masters of the genre Deep Purple, Rainbow, UK, Kansas, Scorpions, Rush, and Jimi Hendrix.

So in mid-April there album "Inspiration". It designed the cover for a Japanese artist Asari Yoda. The composition of the group for the tour was as follows: Mats Olausson keyboards, Barry Dunaway veteran bass since Live in Leningrad, Mark Boals Trilogy vocalist and drummer Tommy Aldridge, who played for Ozzy, Whitesnake, and Pat Travers. The group went to conquer South America. Brazilians and Argentines every evening filled with great music halls. The same had been sold out and in the United States, Japan and Europe. Explosive guitar Yngwie, his unquenchable energy were more than proof that the music of Yngwie zhiva.Turne ended in December 1996 and Yngwie returned to Miami to sit in the studio.

The new album just stunned everyone. This album was entirely classical music Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in Eb minor, Op. 1. In June 1997, Yngwie arrives in Prague, . that within three days to record his album with one of the oldest symphony orchestras Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, . which recently celebrated its 100-year-old yubiley.Tri day of work with a great conductor of the Atlanta Yoel Levi and the dream became Yngwie realnostyu.Feny agog, . but the album was released only in 1998,
. And they were not disappointed. It turns out that many were waiting for this album for many years.

But Yngwie has decided not to rest on our laurels and in 1998 published his studio album, Facing the Animal, which participates Cozy Powell on drums. The album received very high praise from critics and fans, was found almost Yngwie's best work in recent years,. Yngwie willingly giving interviews and is considering new plans.

March 6, 1998 Yngwie brings to life another one of his long-held dream. He becomes a father. Son named Antonio Yngwie Johann Malmsteen. However, Yngwie and his wife April were not long in Miami with the baby, tk. schedule tour was painted for many weeks in advance. And the kid got his first passport in the life of three weeks old. Fortunately the child calmly endured all flights and travel, which gives reason to believe that Yngwie is growing a worthy replacement.

However, the tour was not without troubles. A road accident dies Cozy Powell. Yngwie was shocked by this event, but again takes himself in hand and employs Jonas Ostman as a drummer for tour. The tour made by Japan, South America, Europe and the UK. During a sold-out concert in Brazil was recorded live album and video with a simple name Yngwie Malmsteen LIVE!! Tragically fans a tour of the United States and Canada had to cancel because of bad publicity and low interest of record companies, . are more interested in the deal to sell Mercury / Polygram Seagram Company,

Yngwie returned to Miami and returns to the new role of father. Some would say that he has become complacent, and someone will say that the Maestro was considering yet another brilliant idea. And so it was. In 1999, Yngwie released album Alchemy under the old label Canyon International. Well, the millennium he spent well, and we can only wait for the next album and enjoy the great masterpieces of the previous guitarist

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Yngwie Malmsteen Discography

. 1984 Rising Force
. 1985 Marching Out
. 1986 Trilogy
. 1988 Odyssey
. 1989 Trial By Fire: Live in Leningrad
. 1990 Eclipse
. 1992 Fire & Ice
. 1994 The Seventh Sign
. 1995 Magnum Opus
. 1996 Inspiration
. 1998 Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra
. in E flat minor, Opus 1
. 1998 Facing the Animal Foundation Records
. 1998 Yngwie Malmsteen LIVE!
. 1999 Alchemy

. A brief essay on the Yngwie Malmsteen - 1988

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Photos of Yngwie Malmsteen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN)
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