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Biography LOMIDZE Levan
photo LOMIDZE Levan
Interview for GUITARS.ru (September 2001, Moscow, club "Alabama")
Tell us how you became a guitarist. How it all began and what influenced your choice.

It all started with the fact that I almost accidentally fell on the concert BBKing in Tbilisi in 1975. He played in the Philharmonic, in front of my school. I was a schoolboy. The fact that, BBKing arrived in Tbilisi, then few people knew about it even in Moscow did not know. Western rock / blues musicians were not given concerts in the USSR. But in Georgia in those years was all still have more freedom. And so it came to us not only BBKing, but also, for example, Luther Allison and many other interesting blues musicians.

And then I saw BBKing live at a concert and got him a mediator, which he threw into the hall from the stage. The mediator was nominal (autographed). The next day I met him on the street, he went on Rustaveli Avenue (this is the central avenue in Tbilisi) - BBKing walking in a Georgia cap "airfield" as Vakhtang Kikabidze wore in the movie "Mimino".

And after the visit BBKing I primer on the blues. General, in music by the time I understood well enough for my age of course. I studied piano previously. I was 11 years old.

After the visit BBKing much time has passed, I still played the piano, but in my mind were those blues phrases that I heard at a concert. And a couple of years later, my neighbor, a former drummer showed me the "one finger" how to play blues scale on the piano. Of course, I did not know earlier about the existence of this range. These are the magical notes of which are being built all the blues not only a blues guitar solo.

And then I realized that the blues - is a completely different music and all the other world and then I started trying to improvise on the piano. And then I transferred these notes on guitar. I am the guitar could not play. I just found some basis - this is the first string, etc.. And then I just found these blues music on the guitar fretboard - found this scale and played it up and down on the guitar.

And then I gradually began to understand more. For example, that some notes can be drawn is not "clicking" on a footing, making the lift. So got my first band.

And where do you appeared gitaraN What was it instrumentN

With guitar no problems were. First were the acoustic guitar, which my father gave me from time to time, and we break them and did not know how to play these instruments. A FIHM I have already started to focus on electric.

By the way, here it is appropriate to recall about another simply magical time in my childhood. I walked around the city. It was the evening after a certain circle or section, I was walking home. Passing by the house of culture some in Tbilisi. And go to him. As if someone calls me. And it's dark at all. This is a huge house typical of the Soviet era. In the foyer there is no one. I climb on the second floor, then on the third floor. So I do not understand why I went there. I open the door to some and get to the balcony. Imagine a balcony in the opera hall. Large-scale room and no one. It is absolutely dark and I'm standing on the balcony. And only the scene is fully lighted, and there sits just one person. And he plays the electric guitar. He is the amplifier (high above him). And he alone on the stage and his face is not visible. But these notes, the sounds that reached me - it was magical sounds.

After all, in fact, when you read the very first ancient instructions for guitar effects Fuzz, it was written that the Fuzz effect on the nervous system of man. Whether positive or negative, but it excites Fuzz. That's obviously something in me happened.

First, BBKing, then that's the case in the House of Culture. And I began to think - where there are such sounds. And I listened to various blues works. I thought, why guitar in them does not sound like the acoustic sounds. Then I was told that there is a lotion. And explained to me correctly, said that she called the "wah". And I began to look for "wah". And vunivermage sold to the Soviet "wah".

So here it all began. Then my father finally bought me an electric guitar. Semi-acoustic. Not ponmyu name, but it was the Soviet. The two probes it was. And then began, as always happens, different homemade guitar.

But a lot of time I took to figure out where do these magical sounds of a guitar.

How do you learned to play gitareN zanimalsyaN How do you assimilate this instrumentN I went to the teacher or did everything himself, removing and analyzing zapisiN

I myself, independently analyzing records. I once went to a teacher. It was a laureate of Lenin Prize, etc.. Teaches guitar. At the first lesson I came. I looked it teaches some three chords, but it's not blues chords and the so-called "criminals" and explains about arpeggios. I did not find anything to do with their hobbies.

But there was a girl and she played the guitar something (sings). I approached her and asked - and what it. And she says - and you do not know whether that is the same rock'n roll.

You have to understand that these were difficult times in terms of musical information. It appears from this girl had a brother-sailor, who sailed on a ship overseas, and he taught her to play the riff.

So, bit by bit I collected some pieces of their knowledge and skills. Something, somewhere, saw, heard somewhere, someone asked, etc.. But of course, for the most part - I analyzed the records.

What kind of music do you listen togdaN

Well basically, I listened to the blues. Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee. But still my favorite band - this is Living Blues.

Tell me how you became a professional musician, you have started somewhere vystupatN

I was such a stereotype that I should write, that is, I must be a person. Now I understand that the blues - this is an absolute original culture. Blues guitarist enables each - the maximum disclosed. I used to think that the blues is a kind of direction, but still need to do something of their own, using only some elements of this trend.

And with these ideas, I created a group. For eight years I played drums son Vakhtang Kikabidze. This is my closest friend, we lived in the neighborhood. We were then three friends and together we made a group. We made a group and rehearsed in the office Kikabidze. He gave us the first drums. And then he took us to the Philharmonic and two years we went to concerts. One would be the opening act in the first part before the performance Vakhtang Kikabidze. And we played and blues with elements of folk.

What language is byloN

At Georgian. Kikabidze generally a fan of the blues. And he knows the blues better than many, many blues musicians. He himself was the way the former drummer and a very good drummer. And I remember he gave us a clean classic shuffle-blues performed by E. Clapton. And he said - that is, you can sygratN Then I'll take you to the Philharmonic.

And we rehearsed. I played Kikabidze liked and then we began to speak.

In general Kikabidze was very erudite in terms of blues. By the way all the information about bllyuze. Records of the plate we took him. He brought. Well, and plus we took his microphone, all appliances, etc..

That is, he seems to be watched over VasN

Yes wardship. And not a little but quite. And we had a real band. We are engaged in promotion, rented videos, etc.. We called ourselves a rock band. Posoklku blues band - those names did not exist. And we were the first group in Tbilisi. Which released a record. It was a grand event for the time. These things had to negotiate with Moscow. I came to Moscow and listened to music all commissions. Texts translated into Russian and looked at whether there are something subversive.

That is, it was the first group in Georgia, which produced a record. And with the Georgian language but with contemporary music.

Yes. Believe - that we "first Georgian rock band, which released the disc". And we have had their clips. Even a movie for 40 minutes. Television has allocated 20 thousand rubles. Then it was я?я?п?п°я?п?пЄя?п°я? amount. And we made a film about our group.

. Interview for GUITARS.ru (September 2001, Moscow, club "Alabama") Part 2
. Interview for GUITARS.ru (September 2001, Moscow, club "Alabama") Part 3

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