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DMITRY Maloletov

( Guitarist)

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Cheerful story from the life of a musician

Dmitry Maloletov

This happened in 1997, at a party marking the festival of "Generation - 97 (or 96, do not remember). The club had gathered all sorts of people - pop stars, musicians, п╨п╩п╦п©п╪п╣п╧п╨п╣я─п╬п╡ and, of course, music journalists. After the speech I was approached by a girl with a nice muzzles and said that she was a journalist of some Toli newspaper, magazine, and Tolia, he wants to write an article about this "amazing" guitar playing technique. At first I thought: yes Well with this:

It really turned out to be a journalist, I started to ask intelligent questions and even something to mark in the notebook. I told her that this technique is called the game - an independent two-handed tapping, that these techniques are already many guitarists that this is a qualitative leap, a new stage in the evolution of thinking and performing guitar etc.

During our conversation, came up to us a solid couple - a man, intelligent appearance and it can be seen, the wife. My companion (do not know her name) told me that this is the chief editor, where she works, and introduced me to them so that this actually I wanted to write

. Turning to his boss (my wife), she said something like: "Sergey! Can you imagine this man (there is a view I) has a unique two-handed technique independent petting!"

. At this time in the hall where the music was playing, coincidentally silence
. At first it seemed that I heard it, but looking at his wife Chef magazine, I realized that with my ears all right. The wife of Sergei Yurevich just looked at me with great interest. Probably at that time, she represented all that progressive method, a unique way - petting, and even two-handed, but still independent!

. So guys remember - tapping, rather than petting! So when you take this technique, please do not confuse ...

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  • Maloletov DMITRY

Photos of DMITRY Maloletov
DMITRY Maloletov

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  • Andrey Zhuravlev for DMITRY Maloletov
  • Dimon! When I read about you, my dear, "fellow." And, we're buried with the words "Kitties" in 1996.'ll Live a long time. If pomnish :8-905-623-79-36
  • Anri for DMITRY Maloletov
  • Dimon, . buddy, . happy for you ... We're buried you in 1986. flew in Shaykovke, . there flew "Kish", . He is a taboy in п╨п╩п╟я│п╫п╬п╪ department was, . and told me that after graduation you are ill and died of tuberculosis .... That, . that you were expelled, I did not know ... in 2004., . Port Domodedovo met with Igor Antonov 1-th company, . talking and then he said, . he saw you ..,
    . I say, . because he "also", . and he says - alive, . well, . as you saw him .... In inete read everything about you, . but contact with you it was not possible, . tried through Shamri, . but, . probably thought, . I am a regular fan. Call, . will be glad to talk, . my hundred. :8-905-623-79-36,
  • Loreto for DMITRY Maloletov
  • Hello, Dima ... I think that you remember in 1988, Minsk. Very pleased with your success. Always knew and believed that you will attain only what stremilsya.Zhelayu success and faith ... faith in our strength! All the best!
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    DMITRY Maloletov, photo, biography
    DMITRY Maloletov, photo, biography DMITRY Maloletov  Guitarist, photo, biography
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