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(author of the text - Sergei Tynku)

On Saturday, April 21, 2001 in the Exhibition Complex PetroShop A group Megapolis. For 40 minutes before the performance I was able to talk with the leader of this team, guitarist and vocalist Oleg Nesterov.

Unfortunately I did not have the voice recorder and therefore the results of the conversation I reproduce from memory.

In particular, I asked Oleg to talk about his guitar. It turned out that he had many years playing the instrument semiacoustic Epiphone Sheraton. The guitar that was made in Korea and bought by Oleg in Germany. At the time Oleg walked quite a few German stores in poiskh inexpensive tool, until finally he did not recommend to stay at this Epiphone.

Initially, the musicians and the guitar evolved not very ideal. Oleg felt more "at ease" - was somehow unusual. But then, somewhere in a year, a guitar, played out and Oleg feel that it is "his tools". Before buying a Epiphone must say that Nesterov played semi-acoustic Muzima and workmen stratocaster.

Today, Epiphone Sheraton continues to conduct Oleg 100 per cent and he did not think about a new guitar or some sort of upgrade. On a guitar stand all tezhe Korean sensors and accessories. This guitar were recorded albums of Mega-cities and played a lot of different concerts.

By the way, Oleg tried to compare his Epiphone c by epi, which is sold in Moscow. In the view of Oleg his guitar better, but perhaps the point is that he has already been played an instrument, or perhaps he simply fell superudachny instance.

Currently Mr. addition to participating in the group MEGAPOOLIS is still rukovditelem sobsvtennogo record label Bullfinch (www.snegiri.ru). Thus, this Epiphone usually live in the studio this rekrod companies and in varying degrees, is used to record virtually all projects of this label. For example, it is projects such as Nike Borzov, Masha and Bear, wailing Vidopliassova, biplanes and etc..

Typically, according to Oleg guitarists visitors to the studio "disengaging" this Epiphone, and very actively trying to "write it in the studio. Even had to restrict them in this, selecting a guitar, because it is unacceptable that all groups had an album with quite the same sound, the - need more diversity.

Also from Oleg is an acoustic guitar Guild. But about it I can not vsponit something concrete.

Then I asked her about Oleg lotion, processors and amplifiers. In the studio with Oleg worth two amps - a Mesa Boogie and Roland Jazz Chorus. In principle, Oleg sounds very much like his instrument with these amps, although he is considering that the studios want as many different amps. And he had long dreamed of such wonderful pieces as VOX.

Any specific widgets to provide Oleg did not, saying that for any studio. In order to provide the musician the maximum number of different options for playing time, must be as much lotion - various. So very many of them, they keep buying more and enumerate them does not make sense.

At his concerts Oleg typically uses a rack of guitar processing by Roland. We Oleg several devices of Roland and he to them a very good relationship. This choice is explained by the fact that by using such equipment, the musician is immune to problems with adjustment and elimination of its sound in challenging environments in which constantly need to change a place of performance in the halls with an unknown hardware.

Processing Roland allows him to "Narula" almost immediately "its" sound in any environment and feel quite comfortable.

I asked Oleg, where he learned to play guitar. He replied that he graduated in due time studio jazz improvisation "Moskvorechye". This, incidentally, quite a place of honor and finished many famous guitarists - the same Dmitry Chetvergov.

In general, the roots of jazz in the game Oleg, in my opinion clearly felt. Poluakstika Epiphone amplifier and Roland Jazz - is a very common "set" among jazz musicians. Plus a little later I looked at "Nesterovsky" playing rhythm chords Party - was this something from jazz.

Finally, I asked Oleg, as a producer, say a few words at a very relevant for many of our readers' theme - how to attract the attention of record labels, how to get to "record an album in a major office. In short, what do young and unpromoted stars. In order to become heroes of ktoroyh said the whole country.

It turned out that there was no secret then no. Bring your records in record labels. There necessarily all listened attentively and someone from this stream records must choose. That is, incidentally, was found in his time Group Masha and The Bear and many others.

Another thing is that before the attribute somewhere its soundtrack - must find a label profile and draw attention to the direction in which it operates. That is probably not necessary to try to knock out a record deal in the blues label. Dealing with disco music, and vice versa.

What concerns, label Bullfinch, it seemed to me, they have trendy youth music relevant to today's FM-radio band (besides vsheperechislennogo - leg wound up, a knife for Frau Muller, DJ's Krugozory, Litmus, etc.).

Another issue. Which we talked about - is the ratio of Oleg Internet. It turned out that he is a very modern man in this respect. Same as we. That is, firstly, he actively uses the Internet to work producer (correspondence by e-mail, . downloading programs and files, . communication with the regions and business partners), . plus every night he is engaged in a half hour to consult the online news sites,

Another thing is that some children's chips. Seat type in chat rooms and thoughts about the new virtual space - this from Oleg no.

That is the essence of all that I could recall from the conversation held. I hope you were this interesting. Good luck.



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  • Chemnitz for OLEG NESTEROV
  • Dear Oleg Nesterov, recently in our regional newspaper article was about one Oleg Nesterov, who in a Berlin disco played the song "Lilies of the Valley", which refers to the city Karl-Marx-Stadt, now Chemnitz again. If you do this Oleg Nesterov, then answer, please respond to this message. Best regards. Helen Hoffmann
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