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Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich

( Guitarist)

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Biography Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich
Brief biographical note.
After graduating with honors from the music school in piano 1968godu, MA. Sudzhyan continued his studies in Yerevan State Conservatory in the class choral conducting, where he graduated with highest honors. Brilliant theoretical education combined with high performance skills made it possible MA. Sudzhyanu play in certain professional groups. Since the late seventies, worked in various vocal and instrumental ensembles of the Yerevan Philharmonic. Then he unexpectedly received an invitation from Ashgabat to work in folk - jazz ensemble "Firouz", in which structure was the winner of the Sixth All-Union Competition entertainers. A couple of years, having received an invitation from the leadership Armgosteleradio to work in pop - Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television of Armenia as a soloist and session musician, he returned to his homeland. During the period of more than a decade of being in this group recorded the guitar parts in the works of virtually all Armenian composers.

In parallel, together with like-minded people involved in the establishment of the Yerevan jazz college, where he began a course of jazz guitar.

1985 and 1987. became the winner of the All-Union Jazz Festival in the capital of Armenia - Yerevan, 1986. winner of the Tbilisi International Jazz Festival. As part of various ensembles performed in more than thirty countries around the world! An indelible impression for the guitarist left the co-operation with an outstanding composer Arno Babadzhanyan while recording his latest album, . including the famous works of "Nocturne", . where the composer himself soloist,

Moved to take up permanent residence in Moscow. Collaborates with an outstanding teacher Vladimir Hristoforovich Khachaturova. Currently working as an instructor of jazz guitar at the State College of Music pop - jazz (formerly Gnesinka).

1. Currently guitar is the most popular musical instrument. Do you think, what is it svyazanoN

- In my opinion, guitar is the most popular tool for the last 35 - 40 years. This is due primarily to the ease of the original, so-called "yard" of skills to play the guitar. A young man picks up a tool and a very short period of time accompanied with a simple chords, not having any musical skills.

Popularity guitar incredibly contributed phenomenon of Elvis Presley and the Beatles and as a consequence, the emergence in the world and, in the above privacy, we have many imitators and followers.

Raging success of the works of such guitarists as Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton created in the seventies cult guitar.

I deliberately did not call the names of other great guitarists, as they were and remain popular in a narrower range of guitar enthusiasts and professional musicians.

It may seem strange, but I think that the popularization of the guitar in our country is enormous role played by Vladimir Vysotsky

. 2.Ty have a great teaching experience, what qualities in the student you think is necessary, it turned out so good gitaristN

. In fact, I do not know what - or distinctive qualities in order to become a good guitarist, like all other tools: great diligence, talent and God's help

3. Weakness of the domestic variety of the school is, in my view, the main musical elements - rhythm. What is your pedagogical concept is a rhythmic oosheniiN

I would have still identified three main elements: rhythm, harmony and knowledge engineering. And in that order.

Unfortunately, many guitarists mistakenly believe that the execution of long, fast sentences and is a sign of escarpment. Often come to me, young boys who, having learned a few virtuosic solos famous guitarists, consider themselves musicians have already taken place. After listening, I usually give them a very simple rhythmic patterns to accompany. The result is usually disappointing. In my opinion, because of this we have a surplus and the lack of accompanying solo guitarists. It will be recalled that the guitar in the first place accompanying instrument. By the way, all the great musicians of the excellent accompanists.

This attitude extends to other instruments of rhythm - section (drums, bass guitar). Tell me, please, domestic rhythm section, playing on the "firm" level. Some are instrumentalists, rhythm - the sections are no. Generally this is a big and serious problem that is worthy of talking separately, preferably with an invitation to a discussion of different musicians.

4. Which of your students you would like to emphasize vydelitN

Do not consider my indiscretion, but in twenty years of teaching I have had many talented students. Their listing of the names will take a long time. Therefore, I note those who have studied in my class in recent years - Dmitry Andrianov and Anton Tsygankov. These are two very different in style, and at the same time fine guitarist, is already widely declared itself in music circles. Dima is working in group D. Malikov, released a solo album, which I consider a serious bid for the future. In addition, immediately after graduation he began teaching at Alma - Mater. And Anton cooperates with H. Vetlitskaya and Julian, and work to create a solo project. Both winners of several guitar festivals. Almost forgot. They are both twenty-odd. I, as a teacher, encouraged by the fact that the age of professional guitarists playing a younger. I think that is not far off when we receive your Al Di Meola and Steve Vai.

5. Guitarists for years looking for a sound, what are your criteria for evaluating the guitar sound, and why he zavisitN

. I'll start with the last and probably will be very trivial, but I think that first of all the sound depends on the talent of the performer, and then from the guitar and equipment
. Although it is so interconnected that provide that - or in this series will be difficult. With regard to the evaluation of sound that, in my opinion, this is a very subjective feeling associated with the state in which you are listening to or playing this piece. I give a definite answer to the question of how to find your sound, would be extremely difficult. Should always be looking for and maybe you are lucky - you'll find your own sound.

As for my preferences, I have long been in love with the sound of such diverse guitarists as George Benson, Pat Metheny, Alan Holsvord, Harry Moore and Robin Ford.

6. Guitars and equipment - that you use and pochemuN

That's the question of why it is very easy to answer, because there is never enough money for the continued improvement of guitar equipment. But seriously, my many years of love - this is a guitar company "Gibson" (model "Les Paul Standard", "ES-135", "Les Paul Custom"). This is an extremely multi-dimensional instruments that can be played in virtually all areas of music. Recently I discovered another guitar, which, as I was to compare, I was struck. This pezoakusticheskaya guitar "Carvin" AS -275. This guitar has a very expressive and recognizable sound. By the way my power the same company "Carvin" AC - 100.

From the "Wash" the past two - three years, I prefer hardware company "Roland". This guitar synthesizer "Roland" GR-33, and processor GT-3. I'm going to buy guitar System Roland VG-88. It provides an opportunity to experiment with sound. In general, "Roland" recently made a great qualitative leap forward in guitar technology. For example, the connection is a good guitar with the GR-33 and VG-88 gives you unlimited possibilities in finding sound.

8. What are your plans for this godN

Plans - the sea. It is already conducting preparatory work for the All-Russia festival - contest "Wind Rose - pros, which is to be held in October this year. This is the first festival - competition on the national level, to be attended by guitarists virtually all areas.

Of course this is our traditional festival - competition of guitarists, passing in the month of May in our school, which each year gathers under his wing more and more young performers. In the midst of organizational work to create a guitar course at the Institute of Contemporary Art, in connection with which I would like to express gratitude for the assistance in this matter to my friends and colleagues V.H. Khachaturov and п-.пг. Garin.

Despite the employment, it seems at last an opportunity to carve out time for the solo project, some of use who have long harbored. Well, certainly it is the daily sessions with students.

9. What would you like to advise young gitaristamN

. Beginning guitarists need to understand: it is not important technique, . and music, "removing" phrases from famous musicians in the first place should pay attention to the rhythmic component of it; do not try to learn to play on any kind of tutorial; always be themselves,

10. Mkrtich Artashesovich thank you very much for the interview the editors hope that you have enough strength and energy to carry out all tasks. We hope that we will meet again in the pages of IN / OUT

Thank you: I am a regular reader of your magazine, as well as looking at the latest novelties of guitar, computer and recording equipment. And I wish you continued prosperity!

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  • Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich
  • Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich

Photos of Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich
Sudzhyan Mkrtich ArtashesovichSudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich

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Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich, photo, biography
Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich, photo, biography Sudzhyan Mkrtich Artashesovich  Guitarist, photo, biography
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