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EUGENE Khavtan

( Guitarist)

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Biography EUGENE Khavtan
I no longer trust the shock of his heart than the rhythms of fashion radios ...
Interviewed by Eugene Ilnitsy (Papa John)

Each time a guitarist first meeting with the six-girlfriend, probably one of the most holy and bright, tell us about how it was you.

When I was in school it was very fashionable to play guitar in the courtyard, on staircases, in the company. Now I think there takogoN

You know, back ...

Yes, I recently walked the Manege Square, and suddenly I saw sitting company with guitars, so I liked it ... That's how I got. Those who knew how to play the guitar, regardless of the growth and muscle was the hero of the staircase, like this and I was the hero of his story, his home. House of the Rising Sun. Several years ago I met the guy who invented the chords of this song. I told him that he started making music because I heard this song and wanted to learn its three chord. He was very indignant and said that the chords were not three, but four.

Rumors about your collection of guitars, in which dozens of instruments, so I etoN

Yes, it is. Some of them are displayed on the site www.bravo.zvuki.ru This is the most interesting of them, the guitar with a distinctive sound, which were related to the history of Bravo, heard in songs.

Gretsch. How long ago I saw a recording of the concert Stray Cats, Brian on guitar Setsera was written Gretsch. Then I learned about this firm, it became clear that these instruments are very expensive and very nice sound. This guitar I bought when I was in Hamburg in 95 пЁп╬п╢я┐. In the port I found a shop Gretsch. She has her own unique sound and all the rockabilly musicians play on these guitars. Look at old photographs, for example, Eddie Cochrane - where all the tools from this company. I'm beginning to like rockabilly musician. I like this music, however, is not so trudge already from this. But the energy and thrust of rockabilly - very good, this.

Rickenbacker. This guitar I bought just because I liked the name of Liverpool. I saw the same guitar with Lennon. And it is something which has helped to create just such a Beatles sound a little harsh. Solo on it do not sound very good, but the chord sound - rich.

Ibanez Tallman. In this guitar is very distinctive country-western sound. The sound from her "fat". Generally, I have recently come to love to play on thick strings. On the "top ten", like string brands Deear.

Fender Jaguar white color I bought, because he has a very bright sound overloaded. KURT COBAIN not in vain played a guitar, he was such a collection of guitars. And many British teams have these Jaguars, this iconic instrument.

Such a number of guitars need to be able to play a different sound, or collect them as kollektsionerN

I never thought about what kind of material value of these instruments represent. Their value is that in the event of martial law in the country, they can light the stove, because of the value they know is I'm still 10 - 15 such as abnormal, which are good judges of these guitars. Really appreciate these guitars can only be in the studio, so I'm always in the studio privolakivayu 10 - 15 guitars, all say: why so mnogoN but the result justifies. They sound like a chorus of human voices. I'm still excited overloaded guitar sound.

And how you strive for an "overloaded" zvukaN

Best of all - tube amplifier. I - Fender Concert Pro, all beaten and killed. Sound of an overloaded tube amplifier - this is the best. Electronic processors can not believe they sound like a comb some. Whatever they are expensive, I had all. Best guitar cord and a good tube amp there's nothing.

But the sound of your guitar on the recordings - very versatile, as you play it all on kontserteN

My collection of lotions technology are together - he as the table (pointing to our table the size of two per meter). There 8 analog devices. It was very uncomfortable at the concert, because it is difficult to switch, but very good sound with. Among them there are a few rarities, a Fuzz Roger Myer. The British firm, which produces in a year, 20 such pieces pedals. This technology plays Jimi Hendrix. Tremolo Shaller. Although better than in the Twin Reverb never heard tremolo. Well and analog Delay. Now that's Phaser Electroharmonics acquired. It's old firm, which again took up the production of these effects.

You do not trust modern oborudovaniyuN

Yes, all modern as something wrong sounds. All these declarations on new technologies in my opinion no more than a publicity stunt. I often go to concerts of contemporary Western music when I'm abroad, just recently in Spain was at the concert Suede. And always look that they have standing under the feet. These new digital instruments I have not seen anybody. I do not know, maybe it's bias, but I love the old guitar and an old sound. Same thing with vinyl. I can not listen compacts. I have a lot of compacts, but more vinyls. I'm used to good quality analog sound. I have some records are in two variants - on vinyl and on CD. For example the album "Neck to Neck" Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler. The one that I listen to on vinyl with a great buzz, and then turn on digital sound and I hear a different plate.

You samouchkaN

I started with the fact that it included at reduced speed tape "Nota-M" and a solo shot Ritchie Blackmore. For example, the solo in "Highway star" they were all playing (sings) ta-ta-ta, ta-ta-ta, that is such triplets, but in fact there ta-ta-ta-ta, ta-ta-ta - ta, that is a quarter. It Timur Mordalishvili of Arax - very competent guitarist, said that all are wrong, if you want to make sound similar to Blackmore, then you should play it quarters. I played Lazy, now I can not have her play - it is very difficult technically, and then could.

So you have passed through this school of daily hours of zanyatiyN

Yes, of course. This is a very good school. Clearly, then you leave yourself with just the right. When I listen to some good modern guitarist, I could not help myself absorbed in the best of him. If he is a good guitar player and if it is properly transformed the school and played in some style as it brings its. I hear that he rented Paige there, or Blackmore or Buddy Holly ...

I went to engage in a jazz school Moskvorechie, very briefly. Jazz, apparently - not my music, it's a definite psychology, philosophy, and I like pop culture. Actually, I graduated from music school class of classical guitar. This greatly helped me in terms of harmony, in the classics a lot of good pieces of harmonic. If you immediately begin to pop or rock music, never you do not learn this. need to pass what is the main things. Classical music gives some composing, improvisation thinking. Especially I played a lot of Bach, and it's very handy to me then.

On the last album, that there were interesting when zapisiN

We have written power of 4 microphones. I was stunned, I never experienced this. We collected these 4 mixer microphone in 1 track. I guitars turned out very dense sound. It offered us a producer. Two microphones stood in front, two rear. I wrote this on his amplifier Fender Concert Pro. Guitars I used all those that on the site, plus an acoustic Guild. Another Guild model Les Paul. And I used the midi-guitar Roland GS-30. In fact, I was very attracted recording technology with MIDI guitar. The sound is quite space. Many who listened to the album Eugenics, they think that when writing pads used keyboards synthesizers, it actually plays a midi-guitar sound synthesizers. Psychologically guitarist plays differently, not as keyboardist. Thinking more, so all the pads I have played either the guitar or the midi-guitar. I use only one amplifier, truth in one song needed a guitar-heavy, and we used Marshall. At the concerts I use a Stratocaster - this versatile guitar, I think, the same invention as Polls-Poys. It has all the sounds, and a fat sound, and screaming, and grunting, very different sounds, if the guitar is a good. I'm old enough Stratocaster. At the concerts is good to have at least 2 - 3 guitars, but at club concerts purely technically does not work dragging a lot of guitars.

What attracts you most, studio or live rabotaN

I appreciate all the musicians who have talent and experience for concert work. Crazu shows they played at dances or not. This is manifested in the ability to communicate with the audience. I meet sometimes there are such groups that can put on the ears hall, for example a group of guitar-Stereo, still some rhythm and blues team whose names I do not remember. Or, in Copenhagen, I saw the black musicians who play acoustic punk: maracas, guitar and saxophone. Around "were cut" all, both children and adults. Amazing musicians who know how to do it. I myself have always given priority to concert work, it is now, after recording the last album was to catch kicks from the studio. Just when working with the last album I made for myself all sorts of discoveries.

The way in Copenhagen, and indeed in Europe now live many rockabilly musicians.

Yes, I know these teams. These are people who for many years deliberately doing just such music. They have done quite consciously. I'm not as orthodox as they are, I am very fond of rockabilly music, I came out of it, it hooked me. But I prefer to psychedelic guitar. I purchased the unit now called the e-bow, designed to extract the sound from the guitar. E-bow - this phenomenon is obscure, like a UFO, for me anyway. Guitar began to publish the psychedelic sounds, then as the violin, the cello as. The electronic project "Mickey Mouse and stilettos" I used a theremin, but certainly not playing myself.

In the latest release is clearly influenced by neorokabilli, and the guitar sound like Chris Isaak.

I love Chris Isaak, he is a stunning guitarist. And he has very good musicians in this genre. I like surf music. Favorite band - Laika and the Cosmonauts, a Finnish team. Surf music has not changed since then, when she started, she was a very orthodox. The sound does not change, growing only technique now playing faster. But I'm not orthodox, I do not accept the rules of the game. Over the past 10 years has not appeared any new guitar music. For me, there are the pillars of this - Scotty Moore, Brian Setzer, Ritchie Blackmore, Edge, Andy Summers, who really changed the sound of guitar, invented a compressed sound. Since then, as played by these people in guitar technique does not appear anything new.

And with any of our guitarists you obschaetesN

Communicate with Dima Maloletovym. He is an interesting guy and a great musician. In addition, he plays the guitar, it in itself - an unusual person. But I'm not from the cohort of guitar virtuoso. I'd rather be playing 2 notes, then 12, I love the thick sound of the guitar. The sound that comes from the Ventures, from surf music, it is very close to me. Do not really like bare technique, is when many kids try to play fast. But this way is anyone to play fast at first, and then intelligently. When you are 20 years old, then you want to play faster than anyone else, and then you come to that point is not the number of notes.

The game is like a human rechN

Yeah, right. For example, a person can speak a little, but very precise, but there are people who balabolyat and you do not understand. These speakers can speak accurately, clearly, while using a few words, but those who would beat the point. Such guitarists little. Eddie Van Halen and Ritchie Sambora, for example, it is not my guitarists, their music is built on the more outrageous. But when I hear Chuck Berry, although he is not a virtuoso, but a very accurate. Incidentally, I met with Chuck Berry, talked with him, he gave me a souvenir glass slide. I am generally very lucky because I met many famous people. For example, with Michael Stoller, who wrote songs for Elvis Presley.

The new album has just written, might be too early to talk about what will. But still, what are your team will seek to "Bravo" in the following rabotahN

I think that a few years back a wild fashion rockabilly. And this renaissance will soon. I do not think that I want to get into this wave, but still want to record an album with bass, guitar, rather than rockabilly, and rock 'n' roll. I have this dream.

Maybe this will help you young guys-rokabillschiki, many of whom now play for quite a decent European urovneN

I am very glad that there are guys. Sometimes it seems that from the music went all the romance. People engaged in music, knew exactly what they want to earn money, and guys who want to just play and have kayfovat from this there. It turns them very much, judging by your site, and the situation is not so sad. Now is the time .... For example, I learned that last year the Director-ever on turntables in London, sold more than electric guitars. Average price turntables - $ 250, the average guitar is the same. I was then a three-day shock. Had the impression that the guitar - a tool for the outgoing. But then I listened to some new bands and realized that was wrong, that all these turntables - is a fashion. held. What is a lot of guitar groups, and they do so not because of the "dough", but because of the fact that they simply kicks. And they will never change his music in order to get on the radio, etc., in order to make a group format, to issue the plate and what would the girls squealed. They want this, of course, but they do not do that ever, because more trust in shock his heart than the rhythms of fashion radio.

And you feel for yourself these Procrustean framework of the notorious radioformataN

Of course, we still have more difficult. If we were a young team, I probably would have spat on it at all. But still I want to make our songs sounded. I will never go to the rabid compromises any. I have always done, what I like. I do not think I changed much and do something that is fashionable now. I just do it that way, as I imagine, after all the time around us changes, life changes, people change and sound change. So have some things to open. The same MIDI guitar with fantastic sound. Technology, computer. But I see a man of the old school and I love the guitar, recorded on tape, rather than the most expensive and fashionable processors. Is best - two-inch tape and guitar, and there's nothing better.

There is such thing as a rock St. Petersburg, Sverdlovsk rock. Bravo - a group of Moscow. In your opinion, is there a Moscow rokN

If we talk about the Moscow rock, in Moscow there was one group, which the city can be proud of - is the center. Generally, a Moscow rock, in my opinion, does not exist, there is no such school in St. Petersburg and Sverdlovsk, Moscow has always been a sort of kitsch city. The Moscow group, who would I like - small, it is once again center, Sunday, may be someone else. With noise we communicate regularly by e-mail, he lives in Los Angeles. Center greatly influenced me, we were competitors. Vasya Noises is a different story altogether. Vasya was always spit on two things: the sound and the number of people in the hall. He came out and played their program is not dependent on this. Such an approach I have always been very surprised, because we depend on these things. Vasya was great in this respect the original. There were always very bad, but the concerts they were amazing. And they looked pretty cool. These were real dandies 80-ies, they created a whole style of the Moscow music. They had a very interesting company in the 80's: noise Sabinin, Loktev, Schnittke, who were very progressive folks who have always had good music, and I learned a lot from them, heard, we are very interested in communicating. Now I talk with someone who was an ideologist, Makhno this group, is Yevgeny Golovin. Golovin influenced very strongly on the noise, French poetry, decadent, Rimbaud ... Golovin - a genius, a man who lived solitary and does not accept the laws of the world today. I met him four times, he simply makes a fantastic impression. Never met people who speak so well about things he. And I caught myself thinking that the way people express themselves in art does not depend on age. If you take the example of conventional poets decade ago, they sound old-fashioned, but he has, everything he does - very modern.

In the words of Golovin, youth - it is not age category.

Yes, exactly, he is now 60 years probably, and he is forever young and smart people, like Robert De Niro may be. One song on our new album is written in verse Golovin, is Mauna Loa, it is very similar to what he had done Center. Generally indirectly Golovin very big influence on our new album, with some words of advice, just by communicating with.

What should you wish, those young guys - our site visitors who have just picked up gitaruN

It is important to know is, why it all started, and began a 30-s. Listen to people like Wes Montgomery, BB. King, Jimmy Page, Richie Blackmore, Andy Summers. That is, listen to old records, there's plenty of. All these new-fangled guitarists take everything from there. For example, modern glemovye musicians with a heavy guitar sound, it's all been in the 70-ies. Just when you are 20 years old, and you hear it today, you do not know what all this has already been.

28 April 2001.

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