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Anton Tsygankov

( Guitarist)

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Biography Anton Tsygankov
Interviews Guitars.Ru, Autumn 2001, talked stnk
If you try to imagine Anton, it is the first association that arises in my mind - is "running man".

It has become commonplace when we meet and I have come earlier, I see Tsygankov, which naturally runs to meet me through the crowd of people running with the guitar over his shoulder holster. The man who runs through life.

He was only knocked 21. He had already completed two courses Gnesinka, . to college, . work studio guitarist, . participate in a heap of competitions, . play in some groups, . odd jobs for pop artists, . teach guitar to the people, . take lessons myself, . make their music, . educate ourselves, . record audio tests guitars.ru, . climb to the Internet, etc.,
. etc.

Time to do much. The man who runs through life. This is very close idea of our website, which has a logo of a woman running on the waves.

We begin, as is customary in our interview guitars.ru with the question of how to start a hobby you guitar. When and pochemuN

It all started with the fact that when I was godika three, I went to music school. So there was my introduction to music. Prozanimavshis within four years at the piano, I realized that this is not my. And in the age of seven I began studying classical guitar. And I worked on it probably up to 14 years.

And then somehow I came to visit a friend and he had elektrogitarka "Ural". I fingered her and played some classical pieces.

And then when I was in grade 10, my dad bought the first electric. It was called ZZ TOP, and was made of plywood. With this guitar always something happening in terms of breakdowns and I was very glad when it sold. On it I played for two years and the electric guitar is sunk into my soul. I began to do a lot of guitar. Especially at that time I've listened to Aerosmith, Guns'n Roses, etc.. And all this begins to change stick.

Of course, I bought a bunch of useless notes and tried to play their favorite hits :-)

Eventually I began taking lessons from May Lian. At the time I bought a guitar Ibanez RG 570. It was a guitar in 1987 release. It was the year when the issue began to produce Ibanez RG series. Guitars were even cool.

Then I played a few non-professional groups. There was a lot of interesting cases in the 15-16 years. Then I started listening to all sorts of Steve Vai and other purely guitar performers. And of course studied. Quite a lot, from 8 hours per day.

And in that time I tried to go to music school (in Ordynka). But first, I was engaged in "Red Chemist" (Lenin Square) in Kuteinikova Alexander Y.. And then wanted to go to college. And I do not manage to play the guitar. All that was playing, and I was completely lagging. Nothing worked. The guard is a. That was before May Liana. And the more I worked hard then, the less turned out.

And then I decided to go to school "Gnesinka". And I came to audition and they told me - dude, your level of simply rolls, learn some work, anything, that somehow even do.

And I then have three months to play the guitar and the month before admission, took the "Lazy" Ritchie Blackmore - a very long thing, and before I did not know her. And now for a month, I taught her, by doing 12-13 hours a day at a time. As a result, played it and they took me. There I studied for three years and also very much involved and started listening to guitarists such as Ritchie Kotzen and Greg Howe. And listen to them until now and really like. My favorite guitarists. In my plays (BLUES, DANCING COLORS), published on guitars.ru certainly be heard echoes of their games and some influence.

And in parallel with the guitar I learned to sing. This also happened in Gnesinka a teacher at Alexander Sergeyevich Konnova. So I studied at two courses - guitar and vocals.

Course on the third I uchastoval in the competition guitarists, who organized the May Lian. Was 106 participants, who sent a phonogram, have recruited 10 guitarists who played live at the club "Yu-tu" and there I took the first place.

Then I participated in several competitions, ranks second. And this year it won the competition held in the first place Gnesinka. Also here in November was another contest "Wind Rose" in it, I also won first place

. I look at you a lot uchastvuesh in competitions, I'm trying not to let that encourage you to etomuN want to win or is it a check - we want to show a jury of professionals and know their opinion about your igreN

. I want to be first
. I have set in life are as follows: here I refer to the example of his father, a musician (People's Artist of Russia), in general there are no miracles and work hard to achieve something you need so just to Insanely. And we must always be equal to the most advanced. Moreover, advanced in the world but not in your country. At best. In my case, for example, Ritchie Kotzen and Greg Howe.

It often happens that after playing for a while, it seems that nothing turns out, it seems that nothing is done, and want to give up. It is necessary to override these moments deadlock. You can advise people to record their game and then after a while to make a new record and compare to see the difference and progress - to see that you grew. For moments when you want to throw it all - these moments occur, and therefore must have the record. Do you ever listen to her, you realize that time is spent not in vain in the classroom.

If I understand correctly your goals - it is first to be a pro musician, and secondly to be a very steep pro muzykantomN

Yes. Being a very steep. And here I must say

Excuse me for interrupting, but steep in some regard - consistent with some level of sternness, which you have in your head or just be better drugihN

Meet the level. Such a level that there was no weak spots in the game. And at the same time very important that this be the first. I see myself in the future as a singing guitarist, band leader and for me it is important in this regard to be a leader.

In this respect, for me the ideal Nunu Betencourt (it now has its own group). I have a CD, I now listen to him and I understand that none of my friends can not operate at that level. Especially it is on live.

And when I listen to Nuno, understand that we should be universlanym musician of the highest level, to be able to implement any of their musical ideas without problems.

Incidentally, the theme of "be better than others". And how do compare soboyN

I think when you reach a certain level, you can more or less objectively evaluate himself and his music. For example, I often start work on the records of some artists and try to play their stuff on their level. Naturally, I do not it. I am very strict with me always go up in this regard. So far, I think, not I, or obtained by half.

In general, I would recommend to people studying guitar sometimes try to play someone else's work "to zero", ie the maximum copy. Of course, will say that "one must have a face", etc.. But you still try to play the entire thing just to test myself. I always write down your game.

Ok. Let's talk about your tuition. As I understand you have already completed their stay in training zavedeniyahN

No. I'm still learning. Admitted to the Institute of Contemporary Art (located at Fili). And they do all the same thing - sing and play.

At the same time as I heard, you earn money and engage in professional musical activity.

For some time I played in a team Natalya Vetlitskaya. And now I'm playing the singer Juliana. And also worked with singer Natasha Storm.

How do ordinary people get to Vetlitskaya or YulianuN Many also looking for work. As a musician to get to work in popsuN

Well, either as an acquaintance. I was so with Vetlitskaya. I called and asked a few questions. And before that, people are familiar with my game advised Director Vetlitskaya ask me. They asked me if the phone type - you're sure we'll give you a record, and then you come to the concert and play everything right. I said sure, and there were no more questions.

And with Julian was different. I came to audition - there was something like the competition. Many guitarists. We played all. I have.

And something else you have in terms of earnings associated with the music - lessons, trade musical instruments or something toN

I engaged students. Despite the fact that I'm only 21 years old, I give lessons. Come very different people and young people and adults are uncles. And very happy that many working people that the music does not have any relation to life. Economists programmers:

Agronomists :-)

Course: :-)
And when it comes to musical activities at home I do my notes. But it is not for sale, and their creativity.

And as a studio musician you somewhere pisheshsyaN

Yes, I have had experience. I worked in the studio producing center Yarmolnik. Worked there for two years and writing groups, such as "White Eagle", "Pelenyagry" and many different other music from pop to chanson. Also tried to make it his project.

Incidentally, in this work helped me a lot Line6 POD Pro. Shabashnichat with him at the studio is very convenient. He can be very fast and did not bother to as. Comes some dude pops and says I need the sound of Santana. And you cut in it corresponding to the preset and all sounds very similar to his view. Man not zarublenny on guitar music all swallows. A director of sound in general baldeli of this instrument.

But I myself was not very fond. I have my tube preapm Hughes & Kettner TubeMan

And before I had a domestic lamp lotion but I sold it. She was weak section equalizer. This is one of the ills of our tube Wash.

What have you got in terms of the amplifier.

I have a tube combo Marshall JCM 900 series. The model is 4100 - a combo stovattny one speaker '12. I stuck my preamp H & K in the slot return combo and the sound I like.

But in fact, find the equipment is not finished and I continue to look for and try out different instruments lamp.

Incidentally, I Narula good sound using two instruments at the same time, I am stuck right in the Line6 and H & K + Marshall + microphone and then mix the two signals on the remote. And we have two signals - the vacuum tube and digital, which I mix. And the result is a nice modern sound in the spirit of Limp Bizkit or Korn.

Let's talk about your guitar. Forms her Fender, timber and construction gibsonovskie a set of hardware and electronics ibanezovsky. Where have you managed to get a guitar, how much it cost, and t.d.N

Should it not come cheap. I bought it poderzhennoy in the U.S.. I wanted a guitar with a form of telecom. My brother lives in the U.S.. And do not let me go. I asked my brother to buy tools. The choice was between two guitars Custom Shop - either Washburn or Fender. But the fact that Washburn was less rare, it can be bought in Slama, etc.. A Fender, this was quite rare. I decided to take it. But I took no listening. He took correspondence and when he looked at her in the picture, I was fully convinced that it is made of wood customary for classical body. And when I brought her, I was shocked. It was the exact opposite of what I basically wanted. But when I listened, I forgot all this, it sounds pretty cool.

And here I would like to say this is what. I think that the problem of Russian luthier in the fact that when you come to their home and they show you their tool. They tell you, dude, throw all his stuff, forget about it, these wood. We will make you super uletnoy tool for 500 bucks. I have many times found himself in such things. I want to say one thing - these people do not understand one thing - guitar should sound like a guitar, and not as a key. The range of frequencies it should be a guitar, and not some other. And this range of equipment designed guitar, combo, lotions, etc..

And when they make a guitar with non-standard sensors, with a very large spectrum of frequencies, trying to outdo the West, it turns out that the guitar sounds like it is not clear that all scores are. It turns out a complete mess and guitar pereplevyvaet them all, or it does not sound.

The thing is that when you play at home with the master on the combo - this is one. And when you're at a concert with a group of twist 50-watt combo to a picture completely changes. Sound change.

Here is my Fender - he has a very narrow range of sound when you play softly, but when you turn it on really loud, it sounds just super. She has such a sound, what should be a real guitar and it closes all the guitars that I heard from my friends.

Well, let's say that everything except my Gibson, but then I'll die of envy.

Well, everything except your Gibson.

That is, if I understood correctly the essence of what you said, the guitar must be highly. If the strata - that sound like a strata, and if lespol, how lespol, and should not try to make one supergitaru, which will for sure.

Yes, all is well. I can not say that I am against the Russian masters, they are cool guys, but the guitar I can not insert them, I have not heard one, which would have been better than the usual serial telecom. And listening to a lot of. Something in the workmen are not always as necessary - either they are too sonorous, or too dull, something is always wrong. Neto this firm tone when stuck a guitar and do not think any more in terms of sound.

What do you have more than Fender

There's Ovation collector 1997. Steep Acoustics. Previously was Ibanez and I sold it.

But what you studied classical guitar - something you have left out guitars neylonomN And in the hands of something left from the technology igryN

Nothing. Well I can certainly play a couple of plays. But I do not think you need to do first to learn classical guitar, then to play electric. You can just take and learn from the electric.

But you are pomoglo.N

Well, I can play with your fingers right hand.

And how did it happen that you have sent three people to the music shkoluN This is something unusual.

My parents are musicians and relatives in all directions musicians. Dad plays the domra. By the way, he is considered one of the best (if not the best) domra-player in Russia. Mama I concertmaster. And all the relatives of the musicians and so much choice I had. All agreed.

And some have been smacked in the other side of the tebyaN Sports or hijacking avtomobileyN Something compete with the music in your zhizniN

Well, while I have not tried an electric guitar, something I had. At one time engaged in petty fartsovkoy in times of shortage of goods (eyeglasses, shampoo, etc.). And now I can not do anything but music, something that does not benefit me in terms of music, something that does not develop me.

I always think that I spend my time in vain when not playing guitar. And even when students come to me, I am grateful to them because I am engaged with them and not let go all of the guitar lesson. If I'm watching TV, I also play the guitar. If talking on the phone, also play. Not connecting.

And how do you zanimaeshsyaN

Different. When there's no time to engage, when there is only an hour, then I sit down and stupidly drove exercises on alternating strokes and slurs, to remain at the same level of its. And when a lot of time, I try to drive less hackneyed their sentences, I take the music of other guitarists and try to analyze and understand. And when you start to disassemble it, then you realize that much to limit myself to try cook in own juice. And so - it is all very develops. And when you have time - I take all these zamorochennye jazz-rock chips. Shovel and try to understand why it all happens. Make out all sorts of unusual phrases. I'm trying to play more new things and techniques that do not know how to play. Some things I'm shooting for two months. And then I feel their development in terms of technology and thinking.

Speaking of Engineering. Let's not talk about how good or bad play fast. Speed gives you the freedom. Tell me about your technique. For you have difficulty to play something from the repertoire of Vai or MalmsteenN Or to Do It.

Well, I can certainly say that at its current levels, I can learn almost any thing. Vai I can play right now a couple of plays. While Malmsteen is probably complicated by the speed. A Vai normal. A couple of years ago when I worked only variable stroke, I could play almost all the time. And now I'm closer to the jazz-rock. Though of course if you try and work, then Malmsteen would play, but I'm not interested.

Zinchuk played 20 notes per second. And you pinpoint your skorostN

Well, I do not paryus over this thing and would never flog their speed.

What do you think about Russian gitaristahN

Well, when Arkady Starodub contest played his thing, he struck me of course strongly. What we have such cadres. Which is not just in the studio can write down the steep, but can go on stage and so rubanut minutes 5. Very much surprised me.

But in principle you listen to someone from nashihN OrientirueshsyaN

From our no. I always choose a maximum bar and try to listen to the most advanced.

Another question. You see its future as a musician. You are not afraid of life in razezdahN Moreover, all these soviet railway stations, airports and hotels - this is terrible. Hard because.

Yes, it is difficult. But this kind of life - need to work. We must.

Another issue of interest to many young people. That fascination with music and family, girl, etc.. Do not take it all in konfliktN

Well, my girl - a musician and she understands my situation. And if a close person does not understand that music requires time, it is certainly difficult.

Another interesting question - why do you no Ha'eri dlinnogoN is somehow not cool.

I was, but I sostrig. Grow hair in general can be just for one day in my life. This is a day when you go to the barber shop and sostrizhesh this Ha'eri. You wake up in the morning, after two years with long hair, which climbed into the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and a plate of soup, you'll wake up in the morning and you will feel so happy. This is happiness.

And again about your equipment, tell us about your shoes.

I use a brand of Nike - on my feet most advanced to date model and it is quite expensive. She has excellent sustain.

And finally the most serious question, tell what your favorite music instrumentN

Serge, of course, this accordion

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Photos of Anton Tsygankov
Anton Tsygankov

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Anton Tsygankov, photo, biography
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