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Lytkina EDWARD

( Guitarist)

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The main thing - off the ground

Interview for the magazine In Rock (N5, Fall 2001)
Author - Dmitry Tilley
Printed in consultation with the editors of the journal In Rock

June 7, 12:00 am. Ed Lytkin - by interesting Russian guitar album "Backside Flash" and "A Touch of Balance" - caught me in the music salon N1 city of Samara. "Now he will not go and answer all my questions" - a sinister smile, I. Our conversation often goes somewhere in the direction: it discusses the characteristics of the psychological aspect of balloonists, then how to scare a nurse with the help of small volumes of Sartre ... Here are the closest general musical topics fragments of interviews.

Tell me how you became supergeroemN

Do not about heroism ... I do not like stepping up events, everything should go the natural way. You grow, and then they give you some titles, and they deserve only if you did not notice. Or look like this: "Well, yes, it was the case, nonsense". And when your head hammered your uniqueness, it is only in the negative. If you "spin", to convince you that you are a genius - think you have already died as a musician.

What you nachinalN

As usual, everything started from the yard in his native Novokuybyshevsk. Guitar the first time in his hands took ten years. In eighth grade I was playing in a group of GdaеLsk GPTU. And then there was such a group "Bards", they taught me a lot: the year 1982-83 - no information, not even how to hold a mediator - and it is unclear.

How do you understand that music for you - glavnoeN And what's in it for you glavnoeN

Once, after a rehearsal, we decided to play something so, from myself and for myself. Then we played only strange thing - the same Kuzmina or "Time Machine". And in that time we were alone, . made them a cool light on the stage, . keyboardist felt some nice harmony, . and I'm on his "Ural" played without looking at some kind of note - at random, . and hit the pitch, . then another - and again hit! Then I realized: here it is! The main thing for me - this spontaneity, . separation, . ie improvisation,
. All this is, and of Bach and Paganini, Castaneda wrote about this, it teaches sitarist East.

Do you have a musical obrazovanieN

I have not finished school, immediately poctupil in the School of Music. In the late eighties, I traveled to different cities with jazz pianist Gregory Faina. As a porter - that pull the bass, then the column ... In the 88 th year in Ufa was a jazz festival. When Malmsteen released the first albomN In 1984, a 85-m to some unthinkable way brought to us through Yugoslavia and the Crimea. And we were among the first who heard it here. Then the only time I "took" some of its corporate arpeggios. And later in Ufa during the jazz festival that we were sitting in the dressing room, and the guys from the Ufa College of Music played something. I asked for a guitar and played it malstinovskoe arpeggios across the entire fingerboard. Everyone who was there, just "precipitated". They said: "Boy, you are obliged to stay here and go to our School of Music". So I was on the pop department. I then had his friend Dmitry Belonosova quit university and come with me. We competed in many respects, and now he is ... afraid to say ... makes the guitar parts for "Hands Up" and "Revolvers" ... What will not do to leave for Moscow.

By the way, how do you think about this contrast: Moscow on the one hand and "musical province with drugoyN

Hopefully it will eventually disappear. What Moscow luchsheN Why are all going tudaN bring in Samara a few studios cost a million dollars - and the music capital of Russia will Samara. That's all. Prerequisites for this is. We have a rich region. There are people who have these millions. To me they fit, you know, with these words: "Play, daN I, too, as a child listening to Purple". Although in this form, but the interest awakened.

What groups did you do before you had the idea to start a solo proektamiN

In Ufa, we had a group of "White Fire". Hard-rock team, at first things we were excellent. We even recorded an album in Chelyabinsk, in the studio band "Ariel". But then, a singer started having problems with drugs, and the group did not become.

What is Top GunN

Top Gun - that we with bassist Andrew Razveevym "Nitkinym". Most of what we had invented, you can hear on the disc "Backside Flash". They played and our wonderful drummer Andrew Arenin - he even hearing the absolute. But now this group is no longer - bassist went to Cyprus, there is jazz.

Do you have a favorite instrumentyN

Rather like this: I have loved playing. I really like the sound of guitars Music Man. Ibanez - is if you want to play something harder. Ken Parker. Steinberger - cool, 100% American sound. A favorite guitar, probably the one I made our Samara master Alexander Schapin. I was only a neck, and I developed all the rest. By my drawings he made a funky tool - there, for example, have carbon fiber inserts. Space Technology!

Favorite muzykantyN

There are many, a huge list ... Who comes to mind first ocheredN Petrucci, for example, but with one reservation. Great musician, but too academic: all the solos are great, reconciled to the last note. In this and minus. You know that play. In improvisation, he is not too strong. I watched the last video Dream Theater - all excellent, but clearly that they are a little tired of this music, looking for something new, more lively. Greg Howe love. Favorite artist in general - Richie Kottsen. He recently some crazy blues albums go, where he sings - it's not ... But his "Inner Galactic Fusion Experience" - in my opinion, the best guitar CD of all time. From jazz - very much appreciate McLaughlin. Yes, Nuno Bettenkurt - just a cool guy! He and improvisation, and with a sense of rhythm all right. There was a time ten years ago, when I just went crazy from Extreme. Of course, Vai and Satriani, but again, listen to them and think: "When they rasslabyatsyaN" They, too, all polished to the utmost, every thing - one big and very precise solo. This is a typical American approach to music.

About you say that you play fusion. What is fusion in your ponimaniiN What do you igraeshN

I will banality - music. Try, anyway. Fusion, such a mixture of all - is something that is Kottsen, it is not my case. For me, fusion and jazz-rock - a few different things. This does not mean that I'm playing jazz-rock. Now I do music, very different from the "Backside Flash". I have a thing for 95% consisting of improvisation. I go on stage and did not know what it would look like.

This music someone is playing in Russia but tebyaN

In some ways - Igor Plastinkin. But, in my opinion, he is too fascinated by Steve passer. For example, in the latest thing "Party X" - a project in which he plays a very frank heard "Crying Machine" from "Fire Garden" Vai.

On your page on the Internet says that you practice for 8-10 hours a day. Is this pravdaN

Five or six years in the early 90's played, though. Now to 5 hours, no longer turns. In general, the real work of guitarist this is the - to sit and do one. Everything you do, you make one. Photographer can not long look light, contrast, dynamics, and then he makes the picture, is preparing to print the film conjures over the snapshot and puts it in the developer, and only then - in the fixative. So, the game in the group and there is a fixer, fixer of what you've done one, let through.

How to advise learn igratN better "take" someone else's solo or use shkolamiN

You know, one day Michelangelo scored a group of pupils. Three years they have painted him only coal, but they were all wonderful artists and eager to paint. This discipline. Through this should pass any artist, any artist. When you "shoot" a song - the same discipline. But this is only a preparatory stage, for me the main thing - improvisation. But you can improvise, only having stock of skills, techniques. Here you learn a foreign language: the more words you know so you can speak more eloquently, vernoN But "shoot" someone's solo is not really too interesting. I have been playing a lot of complex technical exercises of different musicians. I listen to their records. And then the music is sometimes superimposed on these techniques and it turns out that you play some pieces in the style of, for example, Kottsena or Satriani. To catch yourself style without copying the specific party - are far more valuable then is not difficult to play a particular solo of a guitar.

On "Touch Of Balance" you use a system of Roland VG-8. Very interesting sound, that is for sistemaN

This is a brilliant thing, she has appeared in 96-m, and it is now used by many guitarists - from Al Di Meola to Kirk Hammett. It converts the sound of the guitar into anything: if you want - Fender 75 years, and want - Gibson 64-th. On "Touch Of Balance" I, for example, using the sound of flutes. Moreover, the transformation takes place in real time, no delay, as in the case of the midi-guitar. The effect is really stunning. In humans, many different kinds of musical memory - memory for music, the memory of the fingers on some devices, memory for timbre, by which we distinguish the different instruments ... And when you turn on the system and start to play, . something in your head you have something flips - disrupted coordination of these types of memory: how it is - playing guitar, . and sounds, . example, . pianinoN And then somehow inexplicably begins to remember different keyboard moves, . who heard, . somewhere even begin to think like a keyboard ..,

Tell us about the history with producer Ian Gillan.

Now I am looking for any opportunity to conclude a contract with a foreign label. And Ian Gillan, as you know, people brought in a huge number of musicians. Remarkable guitarist Ian cheese, for example. We managed to contact the manager Gillan via the Internet, he listened to one of my thing, very interested and wanted to hear more. But I'm an Internet business does not have, and the man who helped me with this, "disappeared" somewhere in St. Petersburg and the story is over. Now on my page (www.lytkin.egomore.com) fully tiled with "Backside Flash" and "A Touch of Balance" in mp3, so that from any point on the globe could listen ... and conclude a contract with me!

What are you now rabotaeshN

I really like the second album by Planet X Sherinyana, and now we Andrei Areninym trying to do something like. At home Roland'ovskaya studio - sit, write down the vicious riffs, suppose a broken rhythms. Another is "acid" guitar program, if I am invited, I go with her on various nightclubs.

What do you think the prospects of instrumental music in Samara, in Russia, in mireN

I do not think properly so sharply divided on the instrumental music and songs. Here's my shoes, for example. Cool shoes in general, but you can not say, "classroom outsole, beyond the rest, or simply" top class ". Music - it is one. But people have different tastes, no doubt. Prior to 1993, and I did not even occur to do something purely instrumental. Now I'm playing solo, but do not have anything against the order to play in the group with vocalist. Some progress - with pleasure. If we talk about the geography of instrumental music, it turns out that the focus should be on Europe. Here is a wonderful project with Billy Shihan - Niacin. In Europe they are popular, and in the States are not wanted.

In guitar music in general is buduscheeN Satriani now struck in the experiments, which relate mainly playing. Is human potential in the game on this instrument ischerpanyN

No! It is a guitar great future. A sea of opportunities to work with sound, with sound production - the right hand, left, a combination of. There are so many different techniques, . should only listen, . example, . Michael Angelo and Jennifer Button! Or Steve Lynch - it is not enough to listen, . see him have, . otherwise clear, . from both the guitar in general, you can extract such sounds: imagine, . He turns the lever outwards, . pushes his elbow, . playing with both hands on the neck!,

. True, that's your dream - to get into the studio Shrapnel RecordsN

. This dream of that period, when the question of survival, when I had to earn a living building hangars ..
. Now I'm here, well. Everything is as it should go. If globally, then I do a project with Vladimir Prokofiev. This is a unique drummer from Ufa. Just the plague! He has a full raskoordinatsiya limbs! He may have one foot beat any 35-e shares, . another - 17-e, . one hand - 28-e, . other - anything else, . while talking to you! Compared with rest, even a progressive monster, . as Virgil H. Donati, . not to mention Mike Portnoy ..,

Close your eyes and imagine that you are happy. What do you vidishN

I have a huge balloon. I go there a lot of cool things uploaded. The main thing - is off the ground. When detached, everything changes ...

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Lytkina EDWARD, photo, biography
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