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Zinchuk Victor

( Guitarist)

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Biography Zinchuk Victor
photo Zinchuk Victor
Viktor Zinchuk born April 8, 1958 in g. Moscow.

He started playing the guitar since 11 years.

Up to 16 years of age playing in school groups.

From 1976 to 1980. enrolled in the Musical Pedagogical College named. October Revolution, the class of classical guitar and conducting the orchestra of folk instruments.

In 1978 he was invited to the Symphonic Orchestra of the All-Union Central Radio and Television under YV. Silantyeva.

In 1979, playing in the orchestra, receives a state qualification "artist of the highest category".

During the training and after school working in the most famous musical collectives of the country, has toured extensively in the USSR and abroad.

In 1987 he began a solo career. Also continuing education and in 1994 graduated with honors from Moscow State University of Culture.

For his achievements in the field of guitar music in 1995 was awarded an Honorary Master of the International Academy of Sciences of the Republic of San Marino, and in 1996 the regional branch of the Academy appropriates Viktor rank of associate professor.

Viktor Zinchuk - a versatile musician: a virtuoso guitarist, composer, arranger. Promotes a guitar on the domestic scene, revealing a new musical instrument that. In addition to his music and songs, did a lot of transcriptions of classical music: Bach, Niccolo Paganini, M. Glinka, J. Verdi, G. Gershwin.

His guitar sounds in the songs of the most famous artists of the country: Alla Pugacheva - Yuri Antonov, etc.. Collaborate with Alla Pugacheva - the song "Mary" took a leading place in the various charts.

Now Victor deservedly recognized as the best guitarist Russia. His concerts sold out to gather the most prestigious halls of Moscow and many cities of Russia. Musician's hands are insured by "principal" at 500.000 am. U.S..

1980 - graduated music school.

1981-1982: working in a jazz ensemble Arsenal drew the attention of critics and won the sympathy of the public as an improviser in the style of fusion and flamenco. In the ensemble tours the country and abroad, improving skills.

1983 - works in the quartet "Quadro", becomes the winner of the Moscow and Leningrad jazz festivals, receives 1 st prize in the festival of. Valifa Mustafa-Zadeh in g. Baku.

1985-1987 years worked as musical director of Yuri Antonov. As arranger and lead guitarist is involved in the disc recording giant "from sorrow to joy".

1987 - went solo. His handling and recording Choral prelude in F minor by JS Bach and a number of classic works immediately put him in the first place of charts and brought him fame as a guitarist-singer. He is recognized as the best guitarist in a poll of the youth channel-Union Radio.

1988 - Central film studio of documentary films about him the film "Victor - winner". In the same year Victor Zinchuk organizing his own group "Horus". He writes music for the movie studios Tsentrnauchfilm Polar Bridge (Polar Bridge) and the cycle of films about the North.

1989 - winner of the international festival "Intershans-89".

1990 - tries to be a singer and became a laureate of the international television festival "Steps to Parnassus". Many tours the country, promoting classical music in modern processing. He is a frequent participant television program "Steps", "50 / 50", "Morning mail", etc.. His music is often played on the radio. Invited to the shooting of television programs in g.Turin (Italy). Since then, his name became well known in Europe.

1991 - entered the Moscow State University of Culture, specializing in musical variety art ". Successful tours the cities of Switzerland. It is the winner of the international festival in g.Friburg.

1992 - goes to Italy to record the guitar parts in the disc "Rock, Rock, Rock" group "Fil Di Ferro".

1993 - represents Russia and the firm SNC at the international festival "Bratislava Lyre, successful performance in the festival program, along with Chuck Berry and the group" Feyf Know Mo ". Highlighted its handling and performance of a lullaby J. Gershwin (Summertime). Writes music for the feature film "Short breath of love".

1994 - concerts in the city Zayndhoven (Netherlands), in the cities south of France, gives master-classes, was awarded a medal Mayor g.Ponshara, participates in an international rock festival Key-Brothers around g.Turin (Italy). In the same year the firm SNC-Records CD comes Victor Zinchuk "Mix No One", and the firm Soyuz its compact cassette. Processing of the 24 th Paganini Caprice, which was filmed a video clip, Victor makes the most popular guitarist in Russia. He devotes two television programs "Jam".

1995 - Finishes with honors (red diploma) Moscow State University of Culture. International Academy of Sciences, Republic of San Marino for his achievements in the field of guitar music appropriates Viktor Zinchuk degree of Honorary Master.

1996 - received the title of associate professor from the regional branch of the Academy. At the international festival "Golden Stag" in Transylvania (Romania) in the category "video" took 3rd place with a clip "Caprice N24 N. Paganini" (46 member states).

1997 - completes work on new album "Neoclassic" on the track from which the "Polonaise Oginski creates removes clip. Since then, the group of Victor ZINCHUK called "Neoclassic". Moscow artist S. Victor Kuzin wrote a portrait (oil on canvas, 200 x 100cm) included in the catalog of the gallery "Collection Yakimanka". Insurance Company Principal signed a contract under which the hands are insured for a musician 500.000 am. U.S.. In late November, "Variety Theater" with great success recitals maestro.

1998 - with the football team of pop stars 'Fortune' goes to London to participate in the match with a team of TV channel ITV, won with a score of 7: 0. In London, together with the team invited to a reception at the Embassy of Russia, visited the famous Abbey Road, talked with members of the royal family, took part in a show at the Freddie Mercury 'String Falloyz'. During a trip lost my passport and plane ticket, sent home with the assistance of Russia's Consul.

1999 - The launch of their new album 'Lonely in the Night' on the CD cassettes. From the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets' goes to Tel Aviv, where it participates in a charity concert for veterans of World War II on May 9. He appears in Italy, in the resort town of Lido DI Dante. In November, 'Variety Theater' is a concert with the ensemble of Celtic music 'Living in the hills' and string quartet 'Crescendo'

. 2000 - promoting the guitar music, . tours the country with the program 'Neoclassic', . recording the new album 'Neolirika', . one of the tracks which removes the video clip, . October 27 at a concert in 'Variety Theater' opens Internet site www.zinchuk.boom.ru.,

. Victor Zinchuk - discography

. Interview for "Jazz-square"

. Interview for the "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

. Viktor Zinchuk PEREKUEM "Fender" ON "Ural"
. Official site of Victor Zinchuk

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Photos of Zinchuk Victor
Zinchuk VictorZinchuk VictorZinchuk Victor

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    Zinchuk Victor, photo, biography
    Zinchuk Victor, photo, biography Zinchuk Victor  Guitarist, photo, biography
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