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Biography Didulja
Today there is hardly a man who at least a few did not like Spanish music. Amazing Grace is intertwined with a furious temper, forming thus this mysterious and fascinating musical style of flamenco.

Despite the fact that in Russia, unfortunately, the musicians involved in this style professionally, you can count on one hand, the regiment arrived today. In the firmament of Russia has a new pop star of instrumental music - guitarist DiDjuLja.
DiDjuLja - this is not a criterion for determining the age, and old Belarusian name, and at the same time stage name of actor. Music of Valera started early, about six, seven years old when his mother gave him his first guitar.

Passion for music was not limited to many hours of lessons on it, his passion for N 2 were recorded music. On the shelves of a young music lover could find records Paco de Lucia, Al di Meola, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presliey, Alla Pugacheva, gr. Bravo, recordings of classical music composers of different years - the list could continue for a long time.

After graduating from high school in Grodno, the hometown of musician, Valera comes to Spain, where and are the next few years of his life. It was there that he is familiar with flamenco, a musical style, which later changed his whole life.

Penetrating completely in the Spanish style, Didulja begins in earnest to deal with this music, and soon comes up with an idea, creates his own style. Returning home, he works sound engineer in the Folk Dance Ensemble of Belarus 'White Dew'. Traveled with him almost the whole world, Valera sent to conquer Moscow.

Attempts to improve relations with the musicians and the music industry in general with the end in failure, and he had no choice but to play on the Arbat. It was a very difficult period in his life - lack of money, a roof over your head - everything seemed to be against him, while his material does not fall into the hands of well-known producer and president of the company 'NOX Music' Joseph Prigozhin.

Almost immediately work started on the album, was shot video for 'Flamenco' with the ballet Ala Brass 'Todes'. In the summer of 2000 the company 'Nox Music' released their debut album, guitarist 'Flamenco', which almost immediately won the attention of listeners throughout the country.

Today DiDjuLja preparing to release his second album, which he says will be different from previous. He has toured extensively throughout Russia and the CIS. At his concert audience receives the maximum charge of positive emotions, feeling all the subtle nuances of the melody, communicates with the musician through music.

His performance art was highly appreciated by even the world-famous tenor Placido Domingo. At the VIP reception in honor of the arrival of the great singer in Russia, it DiDjuLja was honored to demonstrate their creativity. More recently he took part in filming a new movie Andron Konchalovsky's "House of Fools'. Its partner on the film became a legendary rock musician Bryan Adams. In the past year Didulja was considered the best guitar players in Belarus, as of today he is one of the most popular guitarists of Russia.

. Interview for the International Music Internet Contest
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  • Mary-Queen for Didulja
  • Valerochka, hello! I'm waiting, that you answer me, my name is Masha. I - cellist, I'm 23 goda.Zhivu in Moscow. I made a wild desire to play with you! Why not add the sound of the cello in the music Flamenco? What if it proves to be an interesting material? "I very much would like to discuss with you my ideas! Please, . find a couple of minutes to go with me to the link! My mobile 89262154387.! I am madly in hope! Maria,
  • Bee for Didulja
  • Remove the shameful images from your artist, have respect, if not for his personality, at least in style! Quite a shame lost - nothing is sacred! Do not make the Internet garbage ... Authors site! If you have children (or if you had one) - do you really do not care what they are FOR LIFE mastered it - normally see, and pereymut your cynicism here, the web, and go with him in all spheres of life ...
  • JULIA for Didulja
  • Deep meaning of these strings in those notes and now Conclusion leash in the sounds of the most important thing for us Thank you for your beautiful view music has always dreamed of with the girls form a band
  • Nastya for Didulja
  • Valery am GOOD Morning! I am guitarist and for me a great pleasure working with you and I very much want to play in a duo can get something interesting. My mobile: 89123541129 I hope that you call!
  • Arhimonah for Didulja
  • Not quite sure that it reaches you, but still a drop of something in this lies. I listened to your songs and came to the conclusion that they need to give life and I started to animate! Specifically, it is sound this enchanting music does not interfere. I am engaged in the creation of texts (with shower) for your songs. Know (certainly not), but it turns out beautifully. Words themselves rolls through your mastestvu. I'm not too well known, . to communicate with me, . but elsi you are interested in any of the foregoing, . Then write to me on a soap vova-krojtoru @ yandex (mail) (narod). ru I think you are curious, . and exotic providing music to the public for your songs - it is more, . than the group of "Bravo", . be more precise - is paradise!,
  • Anonymous for Didulja
  • vova-krojtoru@yandex.ru
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