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Valery Gaina

( Guitarist)

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Biography Valery Gaina
In the New Year's bustling streets of Chisinau suddenly flashed the crowd a familiar face. Of course, this is it - Valeri Gaina! I talked so much about him, his father, calling him only as "Moldovan Ritchie Blackmore". And although I have seen him until now only in photographs, long-haired and in black leather jackets with rivets, found immediately. Just cut into the memory of a legend about one of the coolest hard rock guitarists of the former USSR, the leader of the well-known in the 80 years of Cruise, who, with all that, still, and our countryman. And what could be nicer for the beginner guitar player, than to know that the team Malmsteen and Yangov there are "our people" N

. Therefore, after recognition has come "ofigenno" - and whether he etoN But he is now living in Los Angeles - if not obsession etoN's what it means "to saw" Deep Purple until five in the morning - already a rock star in the crowd see caricatures

But too few had the chance - to stand next to the living Valery Gaina - that, to attribute it to witchcraft, to turn and go my way. Sorting out all the fears went. Plucking up courage, he asked not oboznalsya I. Turned, . no! This is really it, . My "national hero", . idol, . idol, . Pillar, . kollos, . I do not know how they continue, . stands by and smiles! How could I not smile, . Imagine just stretched my face! Yes, . really, . miracles happen for the New Year!,

. After the first five or ten minutes of our "street dating" the assumption of a miracle confirmed - the same Valeriy flew from Los Angeles to Chisinau for the first time in several years, . for a couple of days of their Christmas vacation, . see friends, relatives, . and in mid-January, flies back to States,
. Whatever you say, I had the rare chance! With whom to share this floated radostyuN Answer lightning - of course with "www.guitars.ru"!

. I do not remember what I told him "rubbed" about our favorite site (Namber Wan, "guitarists of all countries, unite!", "Sergei Tynku - also ours! (Moldovanin)", and so on.), But in the end - nevertheless persuaded to give an interview
. Even more difficult was to meet later this conversation. Cunning local zhurnalyugi also got wind of this "unofficial" visit, and poor Valery had to pay for its legendary past of precious vacation time. I, in between appointments, transfers and postponing our meeting, listened to all the records "cruise", which was able to get it, and read about this group, all he could find. Yes, "there were people in our time" as the poet Lermontov! Here are just some of the "Milestones", without knowledge of which simply do not understand the extent of the value of this "giant guitar thought," what has been and remains Valery Gaina:

. Autumn 1980 CRUISE (guitarist Valery Gaina, . bass guitarist Alexander Kirnitsky, , . Sergei Sarychev keyboardist and vocalist Alexander Monin) recorded the debut soundtrack, . containing a number of things strike, . among whom was once Mrs. became a hit "Krutitsja top", . which was then in the eleven time zones sounded literally from every window,

The first official tour CRUISE took place in September 1981 in Kharkiv Sport Palace, where Cruise appeared in one program with Gunnar Graps ( "Magnetic Band"). At their concert in the hall of five thousand gathered 8,000 people, and thousands more stood outside and listened to music coming from the BO.

Despite the rapidly increasing popularity, about cruising is not mentioned in any press or on radio or television. Lack of advertising in those years was a kind of advertising group, scoring victory after victory on the fair "live" concerts are always held to the sold out. However, to be precise, one "reference" in the press still was - big, the whole band, devastating article in "Soviet Culture", under the headline "Beach Cruise", which appeared almost immediately after the Crimean tour group. The whole essence of ranting and moralism came to the fact that Cruise - quite ugly group, as well as at their concerts the audience break chairs. Well, blame for this, of course, musicians.
Would play such music, as all (meaning many little differed VIA), you see, would be the order. And a "television time" was also: in the "Under 16 and over" within twenty seconds. And this show was accompanied by the words of a young girl about what a bad team CRUISE, what musicians are dirty and hairy, etc. Of course, after this program engagement at the CRUISE though evaporated. Philharmonic in the work of the group refused, explaining that she ... too many fans. As for television and radio in general, that Cruise is not just a number in the lists of the Ministry of Culture among banned from the airwaves, but also in another list, on which the musicians were not even allowed to enter the building, "Ostankino" ...

In April 1982 the musicians launched the first serious blow to the capital's public. Moscow surrendered without a fight, and Cruise took a strong position among the leaders in the national scene.

In the summer of 1984 began serious problems with the authorities ( "black" year of the Soviet rock) and as a consequence, a special decree of the Ministry of Culture Cruise was disbanded.

While passion is not abated, Gaina with Kirnitskim Korolyuk fall and began experimenting with music and style. The experiment resulted in the recording, which appeared in spring 1985 under the name "KiKoGaVVA".

Within a few years of existence CRUISE-up of musicians has changed several times, but the personal changes had practically no effect on creativity and style of the group. This is due only to, . that the leader of the team remained the same Valeriy Gaina - by the concept, . of ideas, . an integral part of the image and the creator of the unique sound of the group, . who with two or three chords inflated whole stadiums from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok,

By the end of the 80's style of play Valery Gaina appreciably weight by ". He has released, under the name CRUISE, several albums: "Cruise-1" ( "Melody", 1987), and "Kruiz" (WEA-Records, Germany, 1988). This introduced some confusion in the understanding of style cruises as well as these "layers" were performed in a completely different manner to the native CRUISE - more rigid, with some elements of heavy metal and thrash. Therefore, part of the public CRUISE exclusively associated with "metal Paganini" - Valeri Gaina, Fyodor Vasilyev (bass), Sergei Yefimov (drums), and such compositions as, for example, "Distant Light", "Mirage", "Pilgrim".

Since 1989, Valeri moved for permanent residence in Los Angeles. In the "music capital of the world" it carries a number of projects. First - a group of "Gain" (a team of Russian musicians - bassist Alexander Szprott ( "Earthlings"), . vocalist Vladimir Bazhin ( "Hard Day"), . Alexander Shatunovskii drummer and leader Valery Gaina), . recorded in the "city of angels' first and only album,
. Then - a group of "Karma" (1990 - 1994) and "Insulated" (1995 - 1997) who have left as a single album.

Since 1997, Valery stops concerts, becoming a music producer. His company "MG Sonic" spins the young bands, speakers, mainly in the genre of pop music, including music market in the U.S. have achieved fame "Flam Boukie", "Leather Hyman", "Cain Tree", etc. At the same time conducts seminars for Performing Arts in Los Andzhelleskom GIT. (Guitar Institute of Technology).
Such are the cases. Frankly, I took up the search for materials about cruising to the interview to ask questions as little as possible to their idol. However, the more learned, the more questions arise. In this here "interrogative" condition and I began our conversation.

- The first question that has become a tradition already on guitars.ru: How it all began-toN

- I was born and grew up in a small district center Telenesti that in the central part of Moldova. Engaged in a music school accordion, repeatedly won prizes at district and national competitions. When I was 13 years since, my older brother, Alex began to learn to play guitar than me, and infected. Guitar enthusiasts at that time in our town there were many, but all played on 7-string guitar. Then, in the late 60's - early 70-ies, shestistrunok was not in sales, some semistrunki. So I played the first few years of the "Russian guitar". First, Vysotsky's songs, then the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix.

- But how do you get on a 7-beck and call, it is a completely different system and "Solyakov" not podhidyaschiyN

- And what was still to do. You would not believe, . but when our school was organized by VIA - was in those years in the Soviet Union rampant fashion for vocal and instrumental ensembles, . which were then in all schools, . DK, . factories and even a tractor brigades - and the director has acquired a set of Leningrad electric guitars and amplifiers "Elektron", . so we prepare them for seven-string fret and so played,
. Although electric guitars were produced with six strings. And only then, when I was in 1973, he entered music school in Tiraspol, the department conducting, there I was retrained on 6-string system. Until now, annoyed that a few years playing "not like other people".

But in Tiraspol was someone to learn. Then there were lots of guys who not only knew how to play 6-string guitar - that in itself for me then was a rarity - a passable mock western stars. There were those that played "by Santana, who were" under Blackmore, who "under the Page". It was a time of mass "guitar" of the epidemic, and in the courtyards of the guys competed not pull on the bar or getting your ball, and in who steeper "zavernet solos" by Deep Purple.

- Do you personally who tried to imitate, whose "solos" preferred snimatN

- Well, I just did not try to imitate anyone. I listened to a lot of records, I had then and large - about a hundred titles - a collection of vinyl records. Listen, basically, Blackmore, Page and Hendrix, but never asked to play their stuff "one-in-one". How many can remember the guitar, I have sought to develop their ideas, write their own songs or just passages. Of course, initially it could be a helluva lot of something original, like a style of Blackmore - he told me then most liked - but it was my. So even appliances play a solo, I was always on the "first" term - I had to deal with it, to be able to implement their ideas.

- And how did you become a professional gitaristomN

- Well, first, of course not at once, and secondly, the significant role played by "His Majesty the Case. It so happened that in 1975, the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Kordial DK Tiraspol Research Institute of Horticulture was left without a bassist. Quite by accident I was not objective, they at one concert. As a bass player, I was better than their previous musicians, and the guys invited me to stay in the VIA. But to play the bass does not suit me, I asked them to take me as a solo guitarist. As a solo guitarist, I already did not suit them, but in the end they took me. Since the Tiraspol musical college was not a correspondence department, I transferred to kultprosvetuchilische Soroca (north of Moldova), on the pop department, specialty - guitar. I studied there in absentia, and all the rest of the time - played. At dances, weddings, and other "trash".

In 1976, our VIA Kordial "gone for six months in Siberia, where we worked in the city of Surgut DC. There we saw some kind of administrator Gosconcert and invited us to become VIA "Magistral". The fact is that before there was such an ensemble, a purely ideological purposes, the Cultural Services of BAM - has been in the USSR such a building-mnogoletka. He sang it Yury Antonov, who was taken from the Amur Philharmonic, but in 77, he and some musicians left. So we have "highway" - gave us "a load" of the ballast of the vocalists and administrators, and about one year we trekked across the Baikal-Amur. Until now, his hands hurt when I remember, as lugging on his back amplifiers and speakers

. - By the way, what you then have "armor" N Guitars, Amps, primochkiN How do the musicians managed to equip oneself with dignity at the time of the Iron Curtain when the Soviet stores did not have sausage, not to mention Western instrumentahN

. - When I first started playing "Kordiale, suited me just fine Czech Iolanta" Star 10 ", the Hungarian power" Beag "at 80 watts with speakers and a pedal-wah Riga production, as I remember, for 40 rubles
. Of course, all this required "tuning up the mind", ie interference knowledgeable masters. For example, in a guitar perepayali whole scheme, and she immediately began to sound, with the same sensors, twice as loud.

Well, when I felt that I had grown out of these "pants", of course, that the question arose on the acquisition of Western Instrument. And although at the time, indeed, in the shops of imported guitars, at best, could hardly find the GDR "Muzimu, but strong desire for good money and could get all or almost all. In Chisinau, by the way, it was easier to do than in other cities of the Union, because it usually ended touring routes of foreign artists. After completing his tour, they without any problems selling tools for Soviet rubles, as they then exchanged for currency at a good rate.

In the same way and I arrived as a couple of weeks from Siberia, went to the concert ensemble under Sasha Saturday from Yugoslavia. They had a guitar Les Paul BBKing, from which I simply mad. But S. Saturday did not want to give for any money, and I understand. But asked me to replace the Fender Telekaster 1961. I did not know that the old instruments often sound better than new, and frowned as if they gave me the old sneakers. Yugoslavs then laughed at my simplicity. They persuaded me, and I bought one for 1,600 rubles Telekaster. This was my first "brand name" guitars, and I still think of her fondly.

Then I made friends with the manager of this ensemble, and he brought me a custom amplifier Fender Dual Showman. For this set of required and related gadgets, and gradually I bought a whole slew of harmonizer, equalizer, phaser, flanger, and even mikrosintezayzer.

Telekasterom her I was very pleased, but when at 78 he was stolen from me, from the locker of the Kiev railway station in Moscow, I thought, thought, and decided to buy a Les Paul. Fortunately, turned up a Bulgarian tourist model Les Paul Custom 1962. As he told me, this is Bulgarian, he bought it in the "second hand", in Western Europe, for two thousand dollars, to me, he asked for 3,500 rubles. Bargain, as usual, and I took her for 3,100 rubles. What was that instrument - just a fairy tale! Nothing in life so I do not regret, as that then sold it. And although I have now in the collection of 27 guitars, all, as you know, high quality, but the sound of my first Les Paul is not reproducible, and to me it is sometimes simply not enough

. - This is the same Les Paul, who gave birth to your unique, "kruizovky" saundN And what has been "made" one zvukN

. - Almost all "kruizovsky" period, I lost at the Forest Field, with the amplifier "Ampeg" for 120 watts with 2 cabinets, pedals Ibanez Tubescreamer and Boss Super-Distortion

- And how, by the way, "Magistral" became "Cruise" N

- Status "Railroad" in the hierarchy Gosconcert was, naturally, higher than the status of "Kordiala", which allowed us to attract attention and make useful contacts. As a consequence, we - Kirnitskogo, Korolyuk and me - invited Matthew Anichkin, music director of VIA "Young Voices". Invited as a "second composition", or, rather, the experimental group with the "Young Voices", which we invented the name "Cruise" (impact our wanderings through Siberia). But the debut soundtrack was so powerful that the question of "MG" resolved itself - they simply ceased to exist, and Matthew was Anichkin muzrukom CRUISE.

- What was the secret of the popularity of "cruise" - in your guitar technique, or something drugomN

- Probably, in general very difficult to find a team or artist, who would have become popular due to the technique, virtuosity. Technique, speed of the game - this is only a means of expressing the musical material, and the sympathy of the viewer or listener can win only the quality and novelty of this material. Did the Beatles were so much virtuozamiN - No, but they played that up to them no one played. Our style of play was something new in contemporary rock music of the USSR, we were singing their own, original songs, rather than imitating Western groups - in this, perhaps, the secret of success.

- You mentioned that you have a collection of 27 guitars. Which are the most lyubimyeN

- Most lyubimyeN Perhaps three can provide. Again, this Les Paul, Custom Shop model mikroseriynaya 1987. There was only released 100 pieces, and it probably speaks for itself, what kind of guitar. Next - Aria Diamond is a 68 year class Hollow Body. This semi-acoustic guitar with notches in the form ef. To look at the usual bluesy-jazz instrument, but it can play. He has one rare feature - the bridge is not made of metal, but of: ivory. Because of this, suffers a little susteyn, but what a powerful attack! Due to this, even a little overweight can play music of any "gravity", and in the pure sound of it gives excellent "bibikingovsky" sound.

Well, finally, my custom model, made by Carvin. Since her case was this: when I first arrived in Los Angeles, where just held a big exhibition of traditional musical instruments and equipment. I walked myself through the halls, watching while the exposure from this company for something lingered. Took one tool, started playing. Somehow unnoticed around me a crowd of onlookers. When people are divorced, the manager of the exposition Carvin asked me to come to them every day for the entire period of the exhibition and give a small presentation for demonstration and promotion of their guitars. He and I have not signed any contracts, or even orally did not affect the Honorary question. But two weeks later, when the exhibition closed, they gave me a set of amplifying equipment with effects and processors, and also offered to order them nominal tool.

They made this guitar for about four months, my every whim taken into account. As it can be identified - Active Electronics (many built-in effects), the mode switch to the humbucker pickups on singles, neck, reinforced by two graphite rods. In a word, not a tool - a dream!

- And what guitarists today love to listen to anyone voshischaetesN

- Yes, as in the past, very much, most diverse music, so make someone particularly difficult. If we talk about the rapture, I was struck last album Santana - "Supernatural". But the hit did not in terms of games this virtuoso, but in terms of how he taught himself on this album. After that he, in principle, made: assembled a team of "stars", with each played one song. On the one hand - this seems to be a collection of hits, the other - it is still a solid album of the legendary Santana because of his arrangements of works of different styles sounded as if a vein. But he put down the plate in the spirit of "Santana Band, 'do not sell it and a quarter of the volume of sales, in what is sold" Supernatural ". Thus, it struck me here not as a guitarist, but as a producer, marketer, or even. He managed to find a middle ground between the massive demand and their ideas. Today guitarists are able to less and less.

- And what is it svyazanoN

- This is because that today, as it is sad to note in the music world is not that "gitaromanii", "guitar epidemic" was observed in 70-80-ies. Rock 'n' roll, rock, hard rock were the main styles of mass music, "Maine striimom", so that even groups that are far from the rock, still formed the image of rock groups, with the same band's lead guitarist - a virtuoso. Today genres, requiring solirovaniya or guitar accompaniment, becoming every year more and more marginalized, relegated from the epicenter of mass music. See "MTV", go to the disco: that there is "twist" N - Techno, rave, hip-hop, rap, where the guitar and does not smell ". In pop music the same situation - has appeared a lot of new sounds that displace guitar sound.

- And what about such phenomena as "AC / DC", "Metallica", and drugieN

- And they, and other legendary rock bands are popular, and will be popular, but the size of their audiences have shrunk, and the sales figures of plates steadily declining. Believe me, as a music producer, I monitor these figures, as a broker for stock prices on the Stock Exchange. Even Yngwie Malmsteen albums sold less than in the mid-90. So I repeat: rock music is gradually losing the character of mass music, and this should just accept. But the Jazz, for example, has never been a part of mass culture, but he lives and will continue to live and long live. Therefore, the reasons for particular pessimism I do not see.

- Because the site is oriented guitars.ru, including at the beginning guitarists, so you can wish this auditoriiN

- In my time solo guitar set the tone throughout the orchestra, was actually the leading tool. That's why were very high demand as a professional guitarist, and the quality of the instrument and sound equipment. On the one hand, it was necessary to be a virtuoso on the other hand - it was enough. Today in the youth music is dominated by other instruments - or percussion, or keyboard, or just a drum machine. To find its place as a team, as well as in the genre, which is your team (unless it is a traditional rock), not necessarily be a virtuoso, but you must have the musical taste and originality. To cultivate one's taste, needs a lot to listen and analyze, to have the original game, you play a lot and practice. And then you start to play as before you did not play one. That's what I want to wish all guitarists - have their own, unique and easily recognizable "handwriting" of the game!

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