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Vinitsky Alexander

( Guitarist)

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Biography Vinitsky Alexander
Born in 1950 in g. Omsk. His family has always loved music. While still a teenager, influenced by his elder brother Victor, who played the saxophone, he became interested in jazz and took up the trumpet at music school.

But one day, Alexander picked up a guitar his father and tried to play on it: After that he would not part with it.

Studying first at random teachers, he mastered the initial techniques of classical guitar with nylon strings. Simultaneously, he began playing in dance bands on the electric.

Alexander listened to a lot of music, went to concerts. He studied at the same tape recordings, "removing" liked the theme, improvisation, chords with great musicians, mastering their style of play. His "tape teachers were: Dzh.Pass, Wes Montgomery, J. Benson, Dzh.Holl, C. Baird. Also inspired by his playing jazz pianists D. Brubeck, O. Peterson, B. Evans, E. Garner, saxophone P. Desmond, C. Goetz, J. Maligana and many. He was particularly attracted to music in the style of bossa nova.

After graduation, he entered the Polytechnic Institute. But at the same time, music lessons taking an even more intense. Alexander is doing on the classical guitar, played in different combinations of electric jazz and dance music. Supervises the institute ensemble, which includes instrumental and vocal quartet. Writes arrangements. Try to arrange for a classical guitar jazz tunes. Along with older brother, saxophonist, he played in various combinations, speaks at a jazz festival in Novosibirsk, Sverdlovsk,.

In 1974, he drafted into the army, where he served in the orchestra, playing the bass guitar, often gives concerts as a classical guitarist. After demobilization, Alexander goes to the Sverdlovsk School of Music in classical guitar class to the teacher Deruny VM. During his studies, he does not interrupt the live performances, speaking on radio and television, creating urban guitar and jazz club. In 1980, Alexander invited to work in Omsk Drama Theater, as music director. 5 years he spent in the creative atmosphere of the theater, creating a musical arrangement and sound effects to more than 30 plays and wrote for the 7 of them his music. Through ownership of a wide range of musical styles and ever-changing nature of work, it becomes a universal musician.

In 1985, Alexander met Helena Kamburova, who invites him to work in Moscow, in her group as a guitarist and arranger. He moved to Moscow. In 1986 he entered the Rossiyskuyu Academy of Music. Gnesinyh the Faculty of pop art to the teacher on guitar professor N.A. Komolyatovu. While studying jazz harmony and arranging for Yu Chugunova, the history of jazz with Professor E. Ovchinnikov, Alexander deals with classical music on the guitar with his teacher specialty. Fact. At that time was not a teacher - a guitarist who plays jazz music. Working with Elena Kamburova, he makes arrangements of many songs, some of which are included on the album "Yes overshadow silence", published by "Melody" in 1987.

Working with Elena Kamburova, he composes music for the guitar and wrote music in a jazz style songs on the theme AK Jobim, G. Gershwin, R. Rogers, Dzh.Zavinula etc.. Thus, by this time formed authoring program, which consisted of music in various jazz styles. In 1988, Alexander made his debut with a program on Polish classical guitar festival in Lublin. He is seriously engaged in arranging the guitar. Feature of the game Alexander Vinitsky was the use of "walking" bass and the rhythmic patterns over the entire composition together with the melody lines. The thumb has been serving as bass. The remaining fingers were like the musicians of the ensemble.

In his game he is making constant pulsation and the holding of melodic lines. Exercise of his music sounded as if played by a trio. This style is sometimes called the "fingerstyle". To implement these ideas was needed serious classical school, knowledge of tools and a solid "baggage" of jazz music. Alexander began to speak at jazz festivals and festivals of classical guitar with his new program (Petrozavodsk, Ekaterinburg, Donetsk, Kiev, Voronezh, etc.).

In 1991, the company "Melodia" released his first solo album, "Green soft light". Which included his compositions: "Time Travel", "Green soft light", "Waiting for news", "Metamorphosis", as well as arrangements of tunes AK Jobim, L. Bonfil, plays L. Almeida.

In 1993, Alexander went to Poland, where he worked first in Szczecin in the Center of Culture Youth and then in Cracow. In Poland, he is engaged in a concert, teaching and composing activities. Schetsenskoe video recording a solo concert of Alexander, who repeatedly broadcast on Polish TV. After speaking at one of the festivals in Poland, the French publishing house "LEMOINE" offers to publish his works. Alexander signed his first contract in 1995 went two notations album of Alexander - "Lonely Voice" and "On the Way to Jazz" ( "The Lonely Voice" and "On the way to jazz). Soon, he recorded in Krakow at the company "Paganini" and in 1996 went solo, two audio cassettes "Braziliana" and "Green soft light".

Krakowskie publishing "Marcus" publish once 4 original works: "Moja gutara-1", "Moja gitara-2", "8 treatments for the guitar works of Franz Schubert, R. Strauss, LV Beethoven, etc.. "Christmas songs for 2-and 3-guitars". In Krakow, Alexander is a frequent speaker in the famous jazz club "The Muniaka". He invited the jury Krakow Festival, where he also performed solo concerts and master classes.

In 1996, Alexander returned to Moscow and continues to perform live at festivals, writing music. In 1996, the Belgian publisher IMPRIMUS "publishes his children's jazz suite" Carousel ".

In 1997, the famous French company "GUITAR PLUS" released a solo CD Alexander "Guitar in Russia. Alexander Vinitsky "vol.25 This disc includes original compositions and arrangements in the style of bossa nova famous melodies AK Jobim, L. Bonfil, J. Gilberto, C. Baird.

In the same year, Alexander writes in Israel, the second CD, which he called the Yellow Camel ". This CD released by "Landy Star" (Moscow) in 2000.

In 1998, he recorded a new album with saxophonist Oleg Kireev 'Romantics of Jazz ", which is released by" Landy Star ".

In 1999, the publishing house "Music" produces two printed music collection "Jazz Etudes and Exercises" and "Blues and jazz prelude".

In 2000 the publishing house "Presto" produces a collection of "Children's jazz album". This album is included in the author's educational system Alexander Vinitsky, which has long worked in the form of seminars "Classical Guitar in Jazz". These seminars Alexander reads in Russia and abroad.

In 2000 the firm "Landy Star" released a solo CD "Travelling in time".

In 2001, the publishing house "Presto" has published the next collection "chords and chord sequences".

In 2001, the famous American publishing house "Mel Bay" will release three new sheet music collection of Winitzki A..

In 2001, the Belgian publisher IMRIMUS "will release the following work:

"5 tracks on Jewish themes".
"Suite in a jazz style for string quartet and classical guitar"
Jazz Aria - Three concert pieces A. Winitzki
Currently, Alexander Vinitsky teaches at the music school named. Gnesinyh class classical guitar. Read the college course of improvisation, harmony, arrangements for guitar.

. Critics of Alexander Vinnytsia.

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Vinitsky AlexanderVinitsky Alexander

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Vinitsky Alexander, photo, biography
Vinitsky Alexander, photo, biography Vinitsky Alexander  Guitarist, photo, biography
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