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( The leader of the group `Crossroads`, guitarist.)

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Biography Sergey VORONOV
Article from "Show-Master" N1-1995
. Recipes that are not a group of "Crossroads"
. questions and opening remarks - Eugene Il'nitskii photos, Sergey Babenko
. Article reprinted with permission from the author of the magazine "Show-Master" # 1-1995

. My Commanding "slowly cut slices poslepolunochnogo time
. The cozy nightclub filled with young playboy. The bar and the tables life boils.

I soaked the sounds that pour from the scene, shivers run through the back. Hypnotically uniform heavy foot bass, interwoven with the heels of drums and rhythm guitar reverie - a canvas on which hand soloist applied strokes, shades and colors blues image.

Guitar lumbagos, dramatic afterburner harmonica sweet hurt. Adjourned, and scrambled out of the depths of armchairs, a guide to the leader of the group "Crossroads" guitarist Sergei Voronov.

- Sergei, as the name of this veschN

- This was our "Diamond Rain".

- Your stylish blues sound persists even here, on the average level of club equipment. Do not think of flattery, but in my opinion, "Crossroads" - the only national team of the first echelon, having achieved corporate blues band's sound.

-Thanks for the flattering opinion. Maybe we really so it sounds good, but it is only because we use a minimum of effects

. "But how did you manage to achieve a decent sound on this" Regent "N

. "Today I played through the" lotion "Marshall" Bluesbreaker "(bought it in Paris) and a little overdrive - in recent years gradually use it, although it is not fundamentally

-Sergey, I would like to talk about the sound. At the sound of any musician or group oriented "Crossroads", if any, imeyutsyaN

-I have always been oriented to the roots. I am close to music, Robert Johnson, Guitar Slim, but it is a style guide. At someone's specific sound installations there. Perhaps this is because even at school I never took off "solos" as my school friends. First they copied the solo parts, and further subconsciously began to copy the styles and sounds of their idols.

I was not interested. In my nature, never do what they are doing everything. Here all can now begin to walk in those hats (pointing to her), I stop wearing it. The only "skimmed" my solo is "Samba Pa Ti" Carlos Santana (sings). I never studied, what are known people who have not analyzed their sound. However, once thought long over the sound, the Jimmy Hendrix, but only two years ago bought the magazine, which spoke of his amps and effects. I like the sound of Clapton as a solo guitarist, . sound Richards, . who invented all the riffs for the whole of rock music for a hundred years in advance (after listening to the album "Crossroads" "Between", . which was released in September 1993 in France, . and now comes at us on SNC Records, . I clearly felt the love Sergei to Keith Richards),
. When we, along with Keith "jammed" in his studio, I could never have occurred to watch what and where it involves, so it is interesting as a person, as a musician. I only know that plays Kate on the Telecaster, but everyone knows.

We are not one of those people who seek out a sound, especially when buying "gadgets" and Amplifiers. We all formed as a matter of. I have only recently brought to a single recipe, good guitars, plus a good tube amplifier.

-What in your understanding horoshiyN

-First of all, this guitar or amplifier's leading companies in the world, but, of course, neither Clapton nor Richards did not play any instruments directly from the shop. His instruments are equipped advanced sensors or bulbs.

I love buying and collecting guitars. They spent a lot of money and, perhaps, so I do not currently own a good amplifier. But I like the sound of Fender Twin Reverb and MessaBoogie. The whole album is "Between" was recorded at MesaBoogie and Stratocaster, a gift from Keith Richards. This red "Strutt" I only recently ceased to carry with them the world. During those 7 years that have passed since 1988, he was already so worn out: It was only later came: Holy smoke, what do I have him on the club, then dragging. I forget somewhere, crush, and this thing is priceless. I have enough other guitars to carry them, though most like to play it on it. Now playing "Skvayere" (Squire), but I do not like. Houses there are two "Telekastera" (Fender Telecaster), "Dzhazmaster" (Fender Jazzmaster), and road "Minitelekaster" (Fender Minitelecaster). Love clangorous with "a cold" sound "Strata" and "Telecom". To be honest, though I consider myself held a musician, I have yet to find a. I think you need to do some tube amplifier, and perhaps, tube preamp.

Will try in a few words to express what, on what looks like our sound. I think it has something of Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and "Rolling Stones".

-Not hence the album title "Between" (engl. between - between) N

Yes, we all "between". Because you can not say where it came from, where, as is, but it is a good thing.

"Who was driving your albomN

-Reduces it, we, together with Evgeny Trushin.

-So you can share the experience of achieving blues band's sound with svedeniiN

-This happens on a whim. The fact is that I do not understand the technique, in electronics, do not know what to call all of these engines, but know where and what tools you need smaller or larger. To do this, listen to a lot of blues, country, soul, reggae, that is the root of music.

Speaking more detailed, primitive, then the snare drum, from my point of view, must be heard at the same level of voice is necessary, others more quietly. Sound "barrels" should be "dusty" with a little mouse. Perfectly sound drums by "Rolling Stones". I'm talking about the drums, because with the reduction they raise the greatest difficulties.

-A few words about the origins of your hobbies blues..

-From the first to tenth grade, I lived with my parents in eastern Germany. Besides the fact that there was much more musical information than we have, in both parts of Germany were very respectful of the blues, and it probably left an imprint on my choice. There is a notion of musical roots, which we have in the country in 1975, when I arrived, there was no. Starting to play our "metal" have no notion that all these hardovo-metal riffs blues musicians were invented long before the emergence of rock music.

Also in Germany in 15 years gave me my first blues harmonica Company Hohner, and until 1986 I only knew that the manufacturer of professional harmonica, preferring to all model "Blues Harp". But then in America, I met a harmonica Lee Oscar, I gave it to William Roberts, author hendriksovskogo hit "Hey, Joe". This harmonica in some ways more interesting than the Hohner, her distinctive ringing, rumbling sound. Accordion often break down, in my opinion, it is inevitable. They, the same consumable, such as strings and cords. But there are still harmonic master class, they are more expensive (due to the use of special alloy to sound better), but, unfortunately, not durable.

-What are the strings you predpochitaeteN

- "Nine". For a while I was fond of number ten, but tore my fingers. They're not as powerful as that of black guitarists. But if you play on the slide, "better use" top ten "or thicker, richer sound. I repeat, I have no recipes, it happens quite randomly. Today, there are D'Addario-well, tomorrow is a Fender-too bad.

-Once they started talking about the slide guitar, in what order you play the harmonic "slide" N

-At the concert, I usually do not change the system, play a regular-fourths, although the slide like to play in the structure of "open salt.

-How "sleeve" give predpochtenieN

Newly-bought brass, it is cheap and gives a powerful sound. An American bluesman gave me a real bottleneck-too very much. You have a professional magazine about technology, but it seems to me that dwell on it should not. Need to know what you want to play. Play what you like, without thinking about what musical style would bring a greater quantity of banknotes. I am so alive. Someone may say, that's why you and play the clubs, not concert hall "Russia". I think we play fair music and knowingly "hit" songs are not going to write. If what we are doing will become a "hit" - thank God, and the technical means, they will make.

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