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In modern music there are so many styles and trends, that a person unfamiliar with the intricacies of show business, my head is spinning. Especially today, when genre boundaries are erased, and the appearance of new instruments entails another terminology mess. You hardly tell who is the author of the stupid word "brit-pop", who christened the whole course in English independent 90-ies. Keep in mind one thing: pundits laugh in your face, if the Brit-pop you call, for example, Spice Girls. Then they will read a lecture about this content: the beginning of the decade the British pulled out thoroughly amerikanschina represented by Jon Bon Jovi and valiant siettlskih Granger, . , they got national pride, . and residents of Britons accept the revived its own, . anything not sound like, . which is so famous for The Beatles, . Stones, . various glemmery, . medchestertsy, . liverpudliytsy and other punks,
. Brit-pop - it is indie music, alternative everything in the world, which today has already become the mainstream, but so good and its pioneers, that does not rest on laurels. While numerous followers "processed tried and tested", the pioneers offer viewers something brand new. And all new, as is known, is well forgotten old.

Okay, if you're not confused, proceed to the immediate object of discussion: Britpop pioneers were, are and remain Suede. However, as so often happens, from the honorary title of pioneers, they refuse to and from "britpopperstva" repudiate. They do not like ukladyvatsya the Procrustean bed of the laws of genre, but what is done - is done, labels hung, a bust at home of heroes installed, and the history of rock 'n' roll, no one will overwrite.

. Suede appeared in the right place at the right time: British moaning from the yoke of American music, and local low-grade group with silly names like "Atomic Ned Urn" trash their lives rozhami its sickening and disgusting sound, the
. The British waited for the coming of new idols, who were able to assimilate all of the wealth of musical experience, which is accumulated over the years. And they arose, appearing, as often happens, not because of the angle. Since ancient times, all good things in Britain came from the province, and Suede were Londoners - and this despite the fact that the capital had long been given up.

Although in reality they were "not exactly" Londoners. The founding fathers of the group, Brett Lewis Anderson (vocals) and Matthew David Osman (bass), his childhood and adolescence spent in one of the capital's suburbs, a kind of British Harlem called Hayward Heath. Anderson (29.09.67) grew up in a family of a taxi driver and a failed actress, parents Osman (09.10.67) were a primary school teacher and kommyuterom "(as he told Matt," I have no idea what he did and that generally means it word ").

At school, they met and became friends, because they had the same views on life and love ode to the same music. Their main characters were David Bowie and The Smiths, after which followed the variations on. And yet they share a common idea: create your own group. Thus appeared the first child of the Anderson-Osman called Geoff, which eventually transformed into Suave & Elegant, and then - in Suede.

. In fact, the name Suede ( "Suede") came up with a lady by the name Justin Frishmann, which entered the team's history for two reasons: firstly, it was Brett's girlfriend, and secondly, the girl played in the group on rhythm guitar
. Then she broke up with Anderson, and with Suede, and then organized a popular band now Elastica, three-quarters of which consisted of punks women. However, all this was "long and wrong", but the main role in Frishmann Suede is not so much making music (it turned out badly), but for sponsoring their first demos. Papa Justin was known in the country, urban planner, and she, therefore, the daughter of wealthy parents. Welfare of students Brett and Matt counted in a much more modest sums. By the time they both moved to London, enrolled in college and renting a flat on shares, who he studied economics (Osman), who architecture (Anderson).

. Another member of Suede Bernard Joseph Butler was (01.05.70), figure in British music completely odious and, by the way, in all respects worthy
. How to write about Bernard criticism, "he is considered one of the best guitarists generation, and this can only hear a dull". But today, and in those days, Butler was just a student-historian Queen Mary's College, bogotvoryaschim guitar Johnny Marr from The Smiths and not part with a tool for a second. Butler appeared in Suede, after reading an advertisement in the New Musical Express: "A young team needs a guitarist. Influences: The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, Bowie, Commotion. There are things more important than talent and. Call Brett. Bernard called, auditioned - and was adopted. Since then, in fact, began the history of. But at the same time and the history of more than amazing, carefully "overcast" relations elfoobraznogo Anderson and uncompromising Butler. They began writing music together, and this music has become a clearly defined "theme" color. Their songs were strong, bright, original, talented - and wildly emotional. At Suede began to pay attention. Group that was missing was a drummer.

After leapfrogging to successive strikers Suede finally found what were looking. Simon Gilbert (23.05.65) was met Brett almost by accident: he was selling tickets to the Virgin Megastore, where Anderson at him and ran. Gilbert arrived in London from the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, notable for being the birthplace of Shakespeare. Simon, too, have written the page in the annals Stratford because he was one of the first punks in town. Partly because of following fashion, in part - as the soul. As posited any punk, he had "been drinking vodka and violated the ugliness," demonstrated the toughness, at loggerheads with the police and listened to Sex Pistols, in those days was considered a very strange style of behavior for gay. "The truth about yourself" Gilbert realized in 14 years. Pomayavshis slightly from the consciousness of his own unconventional and unsuccessfully trying to remake himself, Simon rightly decided to give up on every hand - and no longer hide.

. Two months after the emergence of Suede in the Gilbert group left Justin turned his loving attention to Brett's on Damon Albarn, leader of the other music upstarts, Blur
. Since then, everything went on as usual. Suede concluded a contract with a small independent label Nude and recorded their first CD, in the tradition of all the debut album titled simply "Suede". This happened in the 93-th year. Interestingly, the plate has silver status at the stage of pre-orders, and the group members, failing to release a single single, were recognized as the best musical Rookie of the Year.

They came to success, they took the course with the first lines of all imaginable and unimaginable charts, traveled on tours to Europe and America, and widely reputed big brawler. However, the reasons for notoriety Suede was concealed by no means a massacre, vyshvyrivanii television from hotel rooms than sinning, many "presumptuous" stars. In the first public haunted frank homosexuality of their songs and image. Main chip was the fact that so much interested in all the "juicy details" deliberately ignored, and eventually it became a good tradition, a kind of group policies. Sexual orientation of participants Suede is still the subject of British journalists and one of the most pressing topics on the pages of music paper.

. Returning from a tour and tasted fame, Suede began recording a second disc, almost sprawled on the road: quit his job in the middle, the group left, Bernard Butler, who was considered her mind, honor and
. He left in English, not easier: just appeared in the studio, packed and, without saying a word, slammed the door. Butler for a long time refused to comment on his action, and eventually forced out, that his decision was solely due to creative differences. After bernardovskogo departyura Brett fell into a prolonged depression, . that the audience was thrilled, . and the press happily noted: "It seems, . together they not only composed songs - otherwise why would so perezhivatN "Simon and Matt had started to look for a new job, . Suddenly vynyrnuvshy of drug-alcoholic oblivion Anderson said, . Suede dissolve that he is not going, . and that the "holy place is never empty",
. As a result Launch SCO Group seeking a new guitarist ready to take the vacant post.

He was 17-year-old boy, Richard John Oakes (01.10.76), an ardent admirer of Butler, sent to the address fan club Suede their demo tape and a very cheeky content of the note, demanding to take it to the group. "I'm the one you are looking for - said in the letter. - Be sure to listen to me. But no - then give the gate turn to naught and the court no. According to legend, after hearing Richard, Brett turned to his colleagues and said the sacramental phrase: "This is really something that should be". Fans rejoiced: Suede remained alive, released a second CD, "Dog Man Star" ( "The dog, man, the star") and went on a European tour with new guitarist.

After the tour group for an indefinite period disappeared from sight and stopped giving concerts, did not show even on television. There were rumors that they are working on new album. However, before we started the long-awaited third disc, another event occurred.

This happened on January 26 1996 year. Suede for the first time in a long time were made at London's Hanover Grand, and all who came to listen, were surprised: on stage with Brett, Matt, Simon and Richard have already become familiar came fifth party. Creature of indeterminate sex with painted lashes and bangs falling over his eyes sat a synthesizer, crossed his legs, and at times brazenly smoked right during the performance. Meet our new keyboard - finally told Anderson to bear befitting the occasion pause. - His name is Nile.

Neil John Kodling (10.12.73) was born in the same city, and that Simon, in Stratford-upon-Avon, and he has a cousin. Neil - the only team members who have higher education: he studied the course of English drama and literature at Hull University, while laboring as model. A small case-note: not too Kodling advertises, but does not conceal his bisexuality.

History does not exactly where Neal learned to play the piano. The fact that he was not only a good pianist, but also a composer: the third album, which came in 96 th year and was called "Coming Up", was presented a few songs written by a duo Anderson-Kodling. The remaining songs were written by a tandem of Brett, Richard, or Anderson in splendid isolation. This CD represents a completely new, not similar to a former Suede. Music changed, became lighter and a little more "pops" a little less refined than at Butler, but no less remarkable. Suede does not become worse: they simply have other. Album immediately soared to the highest on the charts and gained platinum status, and the public took a new member of the band with open arms. Neal, similar to in English refined version of Leo DiCaprio, won the hearts of fans (and especially - fans), and immediately took honorable fourth place in the list of the most sexy men of the country. Anderson encouraged the mass hysteria in the address Kodlinga, saying in an interview: "I'm tired of playing the role of sex symbol, and my years are not the same - to cut firewood. Now And this honorable duty lies on the Nile, and I can relax a bit and give serious attention to creativity. Neil - this is my portrait of Dorian Gray ". It seems that Brett has always gravitated to the "office romances".

In 1997, the year released a double compilation Suede b-sides - songs that at different times were recorded in singles as a sort of secondary tracks. The paradox is that, . that many critics felt the album "Sci-Fi Lullabies" ( "sci-fi lullabies"), perhaps the best creation of, . and not in vain: at the outset of the opinion Suede, . that the b-sides in no case be worse than the pilot tracks,
. The first disc of this album includes songs written by Brett in tandem with Bernard, the second - samples of joint creative work of Anderson, Oakes Test-Kodlinga.

In 99 th year, the band appeared with the fourth license plate album, "Head Music" ( "Head Music"). To work on the disk musicians invited to a new producer, Steve Osborne, known for his collaborations with U2 and Placebo. It turned out very modern: sometimes harshly, sometimes - lyrically, very "electronic" and avant-garde. Keyboards have the same lead instrument, like guitar. And as neozhdanno light song "She's In Fashion", it is well known to you, as the waves swept over all radio stations.

. During the years of existence Suede Brett Anderson, the order changed: abandoning the role of a sex symbol, . he no longer shock viewers blue caperings on stage, . but sometimes it still continues to write songs from a woman's name, . what in the repertoire of many, . and, . as in former times, . vaguely hinted in an interview at his non-standard,
. Suede is not ashamed to admit his love for "Pops" by refusing to consider music exclusively from the perspective of genre stylistics. One of Anderson's favorite bands - Pet Shop Boys. With the aged "pet boy" Neil Tennant, they had even played at the concert, exchanging courtesies: Neil accompaniment Suede performed their song "Saturday Night", followed by Brett sang petshopboyzovskuyu "The Rent". In addition, together with the PSB Suede took part in the tribute, dedicated to the famous English musician and composer Neil Coward (Gaia, by the way).

. Latest news from the group are as follows: first of May of 2000, Suede began work on the fifth plate, . saying, . that they are "back to basics", . and music on the new album will be possible to recall that a fresh guitar sound, . they struck at the dawn of music lovers of his fame,
. Brett took a little home away from civilization, without a telephone and TV, and plunged into the creative process. According to the testimony of newspapers, twice a week, Anderson is seen with his colleagues in the group and gives them valuable guidance. Many fans of Suede froze in agony waiting for: a way out the album is scheduled for March next year. History does not end, it will still be continued.

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SVEYD, photo, biography
SVEYD, photo, biography SVEYD  Musician, photo, biography
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