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Ilya Lagutenko

( The leader of the group 'Mumiy Troll')

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Biography Ilya Lagutenko
Tale began in the late seventies - probably from the very moment when the ten-year Ilya tired of writing fiction stories and play in the railroad. Perhaps his love for rock 'n' roll was born after watching an old amateur film, in which a gang of thugs in white shirts and narrow ties rides his semi-destroyed Amber piano jazz standards and hits of Jerry Lee Lewis. Black and white footage of crumbling of the old 16-millimeter film, demonstrated his grandfather Elijah Anatoly Ivanovich - the rector of one of Vladivostok institutions. Suddenly, he nodded toward the screen and said thoughtfully: "The extreme right is me."

Having learned, Ilya invented cover future "adult" album and is marked by a dotted line on the map of the United States routes upcoming concert tours. Beginning with the second class a few years he sang in the choir, which traveled over half the country - from the tundra and the Sayan-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station to the Baltics and Ukraine. The choir performed songs mostly patriotic content. Ilya sang their high treble, standing in the middle of the first series. Like everyone else, he was dressed in a blue jacket, blue trousers, blue leather boots and a white shirt with a red bow. Whether in Vladivostok truly loved children, then I liked showing off, but the uniforms of the entire choir was at the level of world standards ...

In thirteen years, Ilya during summer vacation worked as a guide. One day he received a salary of three rubles. Having accumulated such a fantastic way for pupils of the amount of sixty rubles, he immediately bought a vinyl record on the beam "Barclay James Harvest". Missing fifteen rubles gave him my grandfather - branded drives in Vladivostok cost dearly. By this time Elijah has accumulated a decent collection of records

. Ilya listened to shortwave radio station Super Rocco ", aired live from Okinawa entertainment for American troops stationed near Japan.

. In seventh grade Lagutenko composed and recorded the entire rock-opera fantasy content - under the immediate impression from listening to "Jesus Christ Superstar". To provide them at this time a rock band composed of friends from the entrance, and was called "Boney P",
. Then - "Shock".

According to legend, the canonical name was coined 16 October 1983 year - in the 15 th anniversary of Ilya. Some of my friends saw a book of fairy tales Finnish writer Tove Jansson, and suggested naming the group in honor of the beloved mythical character Moomin Troll. None of hidden meaning in this label was not - with the same success they could be called and "Mickey Mouse". It is interesting that over the next fifteen years, Ilya did not even bother to read this book.

. Authorship of the text "Moomin Troll" belonged Lagutenko, as part of - his high school buddy Leonid Burlakov, who had already proved himself as a visionary producer
. At some point, it was he managed to convince Lagutenko abandon the English texts and another psevdoangliyskogo group names. Creative collaboration with young Burlakova more young Lagutenko rooted in the primeval times of the "Shock". Lagutenko learned to play guitar, and Boatmen - on drums, and really learn these tools they did not succeed. Lenya switched to "pure poetry" and prodyuserstvo, and Ilya began to master the keys and accordion. Soon the group started full-time bassist Vladimir Lutsenko - classmate Burlakova. He had a homemade bass guitar, and he knew a few chords, shown him by friends at court. Volodya had a good ear for music and the same - with its tall, bushy hair and long eyelashes - it is advantageous to look at the scene.

. "Ilya said that he spent several years singing the chorus, and to confirm his words showed black and white photograph - recalls Burlakov
. - And then all of agreed that Lagutenko will be in the group vocalist ". Another finding was restless Burlakova future keyboardist, guitarist and main arranger "Moomin Troll" Alex Krasnov.

As the history, the first collection of "Moomin Troll" occurred in nature in the late summer 83rd year. Raised on the music of "cruise", "Dynamics" and "Time Machine" Alex Krasnov invited to play something from the repertoire of the above groups. Try - not a technically and also did not like. Not long thinking, Ilya said: "Figure wrong song!" Let's do something to her. "

The first track was called "Cross". Of the old songs Volodya Lutsenko "Aquanaut" crystallized first hit "Moomin Troll" "Alien Visitor". Main early hit "Moomin Troll" Allo, Pops! " coined Lagutenko during the walk to the local supermarket. Songs were composed of both spontaneous and quite sensibly. "New Moon of April", whose title was inspired by a fresh hit "Duran Duran" "New Moon On Monday", literally constructed in piecemeal. The text was coined Burlakova, who was returning late at night from a date and on the move with inspiration for composing quatrain quatrain. Ringtone wrote Lagutenko and bass move was taken with the last plate "Eurythmics". Then gravitates to the pop group Burlakov remembered the single "Secret Service" "Flash In That Night" N, which is then spun on every self-respecting disco. Krasnov mixed all these ingredients into a coherent whole, giving "New Moon of April" element need to land.

Gradually, from the usual yard group, they began to turn into Yard supergroup. During summer vacations in the "Moomin Troll" there came a lull.

By the autumn of 84-year repertoire "Moomin Troll" was already a few dozen songs. Brought up in the western rock culture, the young musicians dreamed up to get some studio and record a debut album.

. The first semi-professional recording of "Moomin Troll" from the end of 84-th until the spring of 85-year in the building of the local philharmonic
. The last was recorded on tape, cassette boy "- another militant" Moomin Troll "was invented Lagutenko shortly after he saw in one of Western magazines advertising players" Sony ".

. "Headphones replace my hat in the cold ..." In early works "Moomin Troll" mixed youthful revelation and aesthetics "Banana Island", pop manifestos (for fun I do not regret the time and money ") and teenage humor (" Girls emansipe ")
. In their debut album found a place and a nice ambitions ( "someday I'll be number one music library), and naive maximalism and exciting sighs that" night and beautiful day. "

. Another surge in the popularity of the regional groups took place after the performance of some of the ideological boss, who said at a meeting of university students about the "looming in the Far East of social threats posed by" Black Sabbath "and" Moomin Troll "
. The reason for such a responsible accusation served as innocuous-lyrical "New Moon of April", which inflamed the imagination of one-party linked to the events of April pleniuma 85-year. The phrase became a winged. Directly in front of a group lit halo unrecognized underground rock heroes.

86 th year was not the most impressive in the history of "Moomin Troll". The city began to actively operate a rock club, and new groups sprang up, like mushrooms after the rain. About the same time, Ilya met his future wife, Lena - a student of one of Vladivostok institutions. Now Elijah begins "smooth affair", and time to the music is less and less.

. When it seemed that the "Moomin Troll" comes the first serious crisis, "the group-on the contrary, writes in the apartment Alik outline of the ten new tracks
. The guitar now plays a friend of Krasnov on school ensemble Oleg Ponomarev, and the Alex turns solely on the keys. In draft form have been recorded such songs as "Sayonara drive", "Evening Tea", "Moon Girls", "Parsec" and "Beat Boom", written by Ilya during lectures at the University. In the demo recording of "Sayonara Disk Lagutenko did not like the sound quality and the distribution of the film they were vetoed.

. The peak of the concert of "Moomin Troll" took place in the spring-summer 87-year, when a military service has finally returned Lutsenko, grown-up and recovered in the Army porridges.

. Before the "farewell concert" Moomin Troll "foreseen in the House of youth in the city came easy stir
. The record of this statement is preserved on video - watch it without emotion is impossible.

The next morning after the concert Lagutenko woke up in a sailor shirt Pacific Fleet. It was in July 87 th year.

. New Year's Eve from 88 th to 89 th year of Ilia gave a small acoustic concert at which a presentation of song "Happy New Year, baby!"

. While Lagutenko and Krasnov were in the army, Vladimir Lutsenko repeated "feat" musicians "Smokie", decided in time to speak without Chris Norman
. None of that, all of a sudden it occurred to Lutsenko act as the main vocalist Moomin Troll ". The legend of "Moomin Troll", built over five years, was destroyed in just one evening.

. "Do I like" and "Wholly all", the texts of which were written Lagutenko and Burlakova respectively, opened their second album "Moomin Troll" "Do Yu! S".

. potential of the album is without doubt, that confirmed the recent concert performances "Moomin Troll"
. New songs have become more mature, more complex and varied. One could assume that after the "Do S! S!" planned second coming of "Moomin Troll". But the new songs were unclaimed. Everyone was waiting for another group of "Allo, Pops!" And got hits on copulation and heartbreaking songs such as "boy-soldiers (who lost an eye)". It seemed that the danger to become famous in the next decade "Moomin Troll" is not threatened.

"Everything went at random, - says Ilya.. - In general, it was unclear who it would be ". Leader Moomin Troll "is still experiencing an inadequate response to the second album, about which no one said a kind word. "What we" Moomin Troll "N - Ilya said nervously in front of one of the concerts, seeing neotstroennuyu equipment and half-empty hall. - We are - this mummy ". Right there, right behind the scenes, Lagutenko together with friends from the "Misty groan" emptied a bottle of vodka. So "Moomin Troll" was "Mumiy Troll". The most interesting is that even at such a sound Ilya still managed to jump-start hall.

Under pressure from the growing problems ("... songs in basements, your accusations that the money is so little ") Ilya loses interest in rock-n-roll. Ilya graduated from university and student exchange programs leaves complete their education in China. Much of the life of Elijah at this time shrouded in mystery. Ilya at that moment perceived life is not the best colors. Sated Chinese exoticism, he - Aki pilgrim - flies a non-permanent residence in London. He was moonlighting as a film productions, in particular, plays a cameo role chemical factory worker in the film "Saint". A year later moved to Ilya Lena and seven-year son, Igor. Remains of a rock band stuck in Vladivostok - except restless Burlakova.

. "My task - to make of you this terzatelya souls - not disdaining therapeutic methods, inspired lost faith in the" pure art "Elijah of his old school friend
. - But they worry when even the gangsters listen to rave, techno and acid-hausN You must forget that the group has more than ten years, and released his first CD.

Meeting Place Can not Be Changed. Recording was scheduled for August 96 th year in London. Preparations for the upcoming session began six months. Ilya recorded on a tape outline of the new tracks and sent them "for examination" Krasnov and Burlakova Vladivostok to Moscow. Boatmen wanted not just to revive the group and raise it to an unattainable height in its previous composition: Lagutenko-Lutsenko-Krasnov. The first unexpected disappointment was the refusal to participate in the project Volodya Lutsenko. Krasnov also reacted to the idea of reunion with little enthusiasm.

Whatever it was, in the summer of 96-year Krasnov still flies London to help Elijah translated into musical notation of his intuitive creation. A few weeks later the capital of England comes Boatmen, who found finances to pay for such a costly project.

. With the help of guest musicians British new songs were wrapped in a melodic guitar sound, tastefully stylized as the latest examples of contemporary British scene.
. September 7, 1996 - the day when the reduction was completed - songs from the album were first heard on the radio station "BBC Radio 1". London fog lifted. In April, 97-year, by the time the Sea ", all the advanced young Russians surrendered unconditionally.

Great expectations Lagutenko and Boatmen placed on the shift, with whom they share military past. In the early 90's Eugene threw rock-n-rock, friends, a girl and not a little carried away Buddhism. However, quenching the spiritual hunger and reading practice with all the charms of abstinence, Zhenya has decided to return to rock 'n' roll. Shortly after the success of "Marine" Burlakov proposed shift to connect to work with "Mumiy Troll". In place of the drums was invited to one of the most experienced drummers in Vladivostok Oleg Pungin. Predkontsertny rehearsals were already underway when, in the doorway suddenly appeared a young dark-haired lady. "Hi, Ilya, My name is Olesya. I want to sing with you! "As the place of a backing vocalist in the group was vacant, then ... Why netN

Having moved from Vladivostok to London, Lagutenko, Blake and Krasnov entire second half of July working on demos. Material for "caviar" Lagutenko began to compose the very next day after work on the Sea.

"Without Krasnov I just could not bring myself to do, - confessed to a couple of months before the session, Ilya. It turned out to be stronger for Ilya blow when he learned that Alex left the band.

. September 4, 1997 record album "Roe" was successfully completed.

. While in London, was working on "Roe" in Russia was held in absentia competition as the new guitarist in Mumiy Troll "
. Creative competition for a clear advantage won Jura Tsaler - at one time the lead guitarist of the Sverdlovsk group "Bird Zu". Once the problem was solved with a guitarist, before Lagutenko Burlakova and the question arose: "How to replace Alika KrasnovaN". The choice fell on Dennis Transkei, which was shot in the accompanying band in clips "flowing" and "cat cat". When the first rehearsal, he put on his glasses, all around, choking with laughter, found his apparent resemblance with Krasnov, set down on the cover of "caviar".

. In December 1998, sold-out concerts in DK Gorbunova "Mumiy Troll completed a concert tour" So it is necessary "
. The tour lasted almost a year and a half. During this time, the group took about 150 performances in 100 cities and was released five albums ( "Marine", "Caviar", "Shamora I", "Shamora II", "Happy New Year, baby!"). Pressures faced by artists during this time may be compared only with the load to orbit the astronauts. "It's time to stop this mad race" - uttered while Lagutenko. He, like anyone else, felt strongly that it is now the time has come "to stay on the run, look around and comprehend what is happening. Overall the whole of 1999 it was decided to abandon the tour and speech in DK Gorbunova announce "the latest concerts Millennium".

"Having the experience of recording the previous records in a few hectic environment, we decided this time to abandon such experiments. Now we want to devote themselves fully creative work on new songs - leader of "Troll". - We want to free up time in order to discover something new. Or yourself to something new to try ".

Voluntary self-isolation group has created a lot of rumors and alternative versions. "Mumiy Troll" - a group generally illogical, - expressed in the pages of the magazine Fuzz Artyom Troitsky. - Contrary to all logic, they built a scheme releases its records - released in a very short time a lot of albums. From the perspective of the literate record business is a step absurd. Nevertheless, the case they are not bad ... I think Leonid Burlakova very talented entrepreneur. Ilya Lagutenko - exceptionally talented artist. In any case, they will not be wasted, and all that they could lose - it is only money. Generally the activities of "flowing sound recordings" was one of the prettiest features of the year ".

New Year's Eve on MTV Russia was first shown the clip "Ranetki" Riga director Victor Wilks. After a few weeks "Ranetki" reached number one in the top 20 MTV and with a spectacular year late got into hot rotation set radio. After some time rock-magazine Fuzz handed "Mumiy Troll" Award "Best Rock Group of 1998" and "Best video of 1998" ( "Dolphins"). The season was completed on a high note.

The end of January and part of February 1999 took place in London under the sign of Zemfira. It was at this time creative project of Zemfira - Lagutenko - Boatmen and sound engineer Chris Bandy finished mixing her debut album. Work in full swing on Beethoven Street Studio - the very same studio, which recorded the album "Caviar". For Lagutenko it was already producing his second experience - a year ago in its custody immediately recorded countrymen from "Misty groan". Interestingly, responding to questions on this side of its activities, Ilya persistently uses the word "producer". Taking part in the international music forum "Forte Riga", Lagutenko subsequently found the wholesome and modest, the term "counselor". At the stop and.

In May, the group met in London, where she played a successful solo concert in one of the big clubs. On the London stage there were four people: Lagutenko - vocals and guitar, guitarist Yura Tsaler and rhythm section Shift - Oleg Pungin. New tracks will not run - decided not to risk. Preserved videotape confirms the stories of musicians that the concert was held at "Hurray".

All next month, the band began rehearsing the new songs, while preparing to record as well as the intervention in Russia. In June, these concerts were held - in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vladivostok. In the capital, "Mumiy Troll" played in the festival "Moskovsky Komsomolets" in TN. open space "Megahausa". It was in the Luzhniki Stadium - in the presence of 40 000 spectators. Skeptics predicted that before such a huge crowd who did not have several months of concert practice "Mumiy Troll" not shoot ". But this was not the case.

The speakers at sunset, as headliners. Light, sound - everything was at an altitude. So play with the mood. Performed as many as five new songs: "Karnavala.net", "North Pole", "Hush", "Gill", "Butter". The old enjoyed the greatest success in the untwisted MTV "Ranetki" and "Dolphins", during the execution of which soared over the Luzhniki pyrotechnic geysers and started up the forest of human hands. The feeling of unity was not misleading - it was later than it has been recognized by readers of "Moskovsky Komsomolets" the best concert of 1999 ".

End of July and the whole of August at the studio of Peter Gabriel's place to record a new album. "Initially, when we rehearsed the songs, looking for ways how we can write and that, in fact, we want to invest there - says Ilya. - It was assumed that we bring to account a large number of musicians from the same UK. But in the end we realized that to realize at least the ideas that existed within the group - this is hellishly difficult job. We realized that do not need someone else's advice ... "

While work was going on in the studio, in Russia turned out limited edition collector's edition of "Marine". From the canonical version 97, he was distinguished not only improved printing and publication of texts of all the songs, but also the release of the second "concert" disc, which consisted of six tracks recorded in DK Gorbunova. Copies of the plate should not exceed one thousand five hundred copies, which soon became rarities.

In mid-September the tour "Troll" on cities in Japan - together with a group of Rose of Rose. All brought CD-production was instantly sold impressionable Japanese. The volume of newspaper articles could not be counted, and the main All Japan NHK TV produced 70-minute program on "Mumiy Troll" called "Here come Russian rock". One of the centrepieces of this epic kinopolotna a concert in the city of Hakodate, during which the song "Girl" was performed in Japanese.

At the beginning of autumn "Mumiy Troll gave a real holiday for Russian fans. In the capital's club "16 tons" was played a "secret show", which were finally performed the majority of tracks from the forthcoming album.

"The concert allowed after all the troubles to meet with close friends and fans in such a situation that's easy - with difficulty breathing, said in the dressing room immediately after the speech Lagutenko. - And to make each other a little pleasure. Since we are already eight months bombarded with questions - where we go, what we do that for the new album ".

The next day held a press conference at which, in particular, demonstrated Japanese "travel experience". It is noteworthy that both actions were characterized by unusual time of. The concert began at two o'clock, and the press conference - at eleven o'clock in the morning. At the same press conference, Ilya first described music "Troll" by "rokapops" and proclaimed the theory of "the victory of rokapopsa in one single country". Directly in front of the musicians has become an ideology, and journalists that same ideology relayed to the territory of all eleven time zones ...

Eighth of November a way out of the first single, "NevestaN" and New Year's Eve from 1999 to 2000 - the second single "Karnavala.net". The emergence of singles was supported by video clips, and clip "NevestaN" shot Viktor Vilks, considered to be one of the most successful works of the "Mumiy Troll" in the field of video. No chance in the next few weeks, clip led Russia's top-10 on MTV.

In the interval between these events was published "Collection of new music U2" (which included composition "Three times", performed by Ilya in Riga rappers from the group "Fact") and completed work on the album. Around the middle

December Boatmen returned from London with his version of the mixes, and a week later in the capital with the New Year's Inspectorate descended Lagutenko. With him he brought not only definitively otmasterenny option, but a strange, somewhat shocking title: "Exactly Mercury Aloe". "I'm terribly proud of the album, like all members of the group - said then Lagutenko. - This is the same "truth" about us, our impressions of life on which we were able to "

. In the New Year's Eve Party appeared in several Christmas programs, . singing "Happy New Year, . baby! "(in the film by Leonid Parfenov's" 300 years of the New Year "), . new hit "NevestaN" (TV-6) and modified beyond recognition to a cover version of Hit Alla Pugacheva Million scarlet roses ",
. Was present during telezapisi Leonid Parfenov has pledged to release the screen, this "obtrollenny" option only after an hour of the night, "when asleep hegemonic". He kept his word.

Winter of 2000, several publications have published the results of the past century music. In the top twenty singles century were once two songs, "Troll": "Dolphins" and "flowing". Furthermore it became clear that a loud confident step begins its triumphal march "NevestaN" which won first place in the vast majority of "current" hit parades.

So what itogeN in all its activities, "Mumiy troll" confirmed the thesis that the relevance of earlier "generation of janitors and watchmen" on the eve of the XXI century has ceased to be the driving force of history. He was replaced by a new generation - a generation of winners. The legacy of which we will get a holiday, will get a carnival. Whom, as we know, no.

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Photos of Ilya Lagutenko
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Ilya Lagutenko, photo, biography
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