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Marc Almond

( Musician)

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Biography Marc Almond
photo Marc Almond
Different people know, in fact, different Almond. For some, this is a new pop singer, enchanted sentimental housewives, for others - a nostalgic recollection of the discos of their youth, where full swing spinning records of his group called "Soft Cell" (Soft Cell). For third-experts, . Collectors, . artistic bohemia - is quite different, . unknown previous categories of students Marc Almond: a refined singer Jacques Brel songs, . cynical and tender poet, . demonic British musician andegra-undnoy scene, . associated with its most extremist representatives,
. Fourth learned about it, thanks to the efforts of "MK", exclusively as a fighter for the rights of sexual minorities.

. Yet all of the above combined in him alone - that London's decadent, heir to Oscar Wilde, Dorian Gray and Lord Douglas, at the same time
. Once, he even offered to play the role of Dorian, one of his favorite characters. I make enough sobriety to reject the tempting offer. Too much is not suitable for his appearance for the Northern Antinous: jet-black hair, height 160 cm, on the fingers - immutable vulgar rings with skulls, and decorate the shoulders is quite symbolic tattoos: angel - on the right, the devil - on the left.

. Now he is on top of his solo career, which began in 1984 after the collapse of "Soft Cell"
. The success of the album, "Symphony of hire" (Tenement Symphony) was laid down as follows - "Twelve years tear" (Twelve Years Of Tears), is a record of his triumphant show at one of the most prestigious halls of England - Royal Albert Hall ". Six months later (May 93rd), he was applauded and Moscow. In the capital, he gave one concert in place, perfectly matching its "cruel romance" - pompous Operetta Theater with great classical chandelier and gold five-pointed stars on the bas-boxes. Hall Theater, where that memorable day in May, met all the bohemian underground Moscow, shuddered, his old man's body can hardly bear the decibel of applause, threatening to bury its fragments most eccentric part of Active Population of the capital. Prior to this, Almond made a two-week tour of Siberia, Belarus and the Baltics, and from Moscow went straight through London in the United States "untwist" its a live album. Mark jokingly complained, . that he spent two weeks, . speaking cities, . where, . perhaps, . Only one person has any record of them recorded two dozen, . whereas in the States with their world's largest music market of its concerts will depend on the actual raskupaemost CD,
. But, unlike many of his colleagues, he was not sorry about the adventure. He liked the country in which, as it turned out, it is known and loved. In addition, the contrasts were always on his mind: for example, his European tour with the songs of Jacques Brel is held in churches, then to a strip club.

. Such is the man, . close London apartment crammed with collections of objects whose kitsch, . diligently replenished them during campaigns for "flea" markets such as our Tishinka: crazy dolls, . porcelain figurines, . saccharine cards, . old soul plates, . Bone, . skulls, . crosses, . things and erratic and severe, . often having magical significance to their host,
. There he buys and lost from their regular rings. Fans once broke his finger trying to pull off his hands one of these bulky "pirate" widgets.

He believes in astrology and the occult significance of their tattoos. His solitude shared only two-meter python with tiger prosaic name of hose. One journalist said: "What do you want from a man holding a serpent in its spalneN"

For those who think of him as an ordinary pop singer, a lot can be unexpected. Not simple, and his 13-year career, during which Almond had to do, and commercial, and non-conformist work. Today's commercial success for him is not unexpected. This is the second, "mature" ascent to the top of the wide popularity. In fact, the glory came to him too early. Mark was a perfectionist, and it frightened him. He has studied fine art at Leeds Polytechnic, . when the duo's debut album, "Soft Cell" (Mark + Dave Ball) "Non Stop Erotic Cabaret" (Non-stop Erotic Cabaret) made a splash on both sides of the Atlantic Song "tainted love" (Tainted Love) has already become an international hit, . and Mark still lived in one room, . served him and the living room, . and bedroom,
. He and Dave got an advance of one thousand pounds from the company Fonogrem ", which has a contract with their 18-year-old manager, Steve. Pretty crazy, and while most business, he is in such a tender age has already organized a non-conformist label "Some Bizzare", loyalty to which Almond retained until now.

. Desperado electro pop Soft Cell "had a great influence on the style of groups such as" Bronskaya Beat "(Bronski Beat)," Ireyzhe "(Erasure) and" Pet Shop Boys "(Pet Shop Boys)
. This was the brief but impressive takeoff neoromantikov with their passion for the heroic spirit, Byron. Finery and electronics. Steve Streyndt already prevailed in Mecca romantics club "Blitz", which frequently among others dressed young ^ poseur directed his feet to anybody then unknown George 0'Daud (Boy George).

But Dave and Mark were guys tetchy. They were not of those who sleep and sees himself as a star. After moving to New York, they plunged into the life of nightclubs. Endless series of outrageous adventures, drug-related argument with important persons music industry, more and more gloomy and destructive plate gives them the reputation of "difficult artists". Although time and again out singles that become hits, Mark and Dave did everything to undermine their own success.

Needless to say, the life of young Almond has been tumultuous, and the creative potential of enormous. Along with "Soft Cell" he created a completely non-commercial project "Mark End else Mambasa" (Marc And The Mambas), reflecting his desire to music serious and aggressive. Attended the American tour group gathered in a short time the wild "Ze Immakyuleyt Kensamptiv" (The Immaculate Consumptive) along with such personalities as Nick Cave and Lydia Lunch.

Fourth album, "Soft Cell" called "Last night ... in Sodom "(This Last night ... in Sodom). The band's sound was quite unimaginable, sharp and unpleasant. Machine-guns drums and songs with the words: "Meet the murderer, my angel" and "... but we utorcheny in smoke", did the rest. Popularity among the masses fell, the company Fonogrem was in shock. Night in Sodom and in fact was the last. The contract was broken, Mark and Dave, had long stayed in serious relationships, and dispersed in different directions.

. I must say that despite the fact that Almond's solo single hit the charts regularly, and tours of Europe had good press problems with recording companies pursued him and the career of their own
. Because, whatever one may say, and the eccentric singer's records did not sell as well as we wanted the big firms like "Virgin" and "EMI". Besides Almond's work has always found a greater understanding on the "continent" than at home. British establishment in general bear the singer had difficulty. Bi-Bi-C, used to prohibit the broadcast, according to Almond, his "songs with pepper". The book of poems Mark "The angel of death in the room of Adonis", . Viewing perceived literary criticism, . long time could not find a publisher because of the frankness of topics and language, . until the cause has not taken, . as that might be expected, . British Publishers Gay Mensah Press "(Gay Men's Press).,

. Despite the insatiable love of life in all its manifestations, hedonism inherent in each convinced hedonist, Mark is always keenly aware of its transience
. So he always showed interest in the dark side of life. What, in general, not typical of Western man. Almond songs are themes of death, sadomasochism, suicide, homosexual erotica, passion and magic.

. He developed his own unique style - an exotic cabaret with post-punk motifs, which strongly influenced by French chanson, and Spanish flamenco
. Almond successfully balances on a fine line between kitsch and high art.

Consummate romantic, gypsy-fortune-teller who predicted an early death, Mark, fortunately, has a characteristic British self-irony. This is reflected in his work, and tell them everyday small stories.

In response to a question, find out whether its on the streets, he said that yes, to learn, but people tend to think that this is someone who seeks to resemble the Marc Almond. Laughing, Mark told me how a girl asked him if he does not Almond. After receiving a negative reply, she exclaimed: "Glory to God!" and began to berate the singer and his music. Mark recalls how one of his friend, who works at the restaurant, talked about his colleagues, which was unknown to the fact that they are dating. Heard during the Almond's song on the radio, they began to say: "Yes it is -" blue ", I never bought his records and will not, and t. n. Then Mark came specially to his friend at work to watch their reaction.

. In 1985, Almond agreed on the proposal of the "Bronskaya bit on the provocative action: he and Jimmy Somerville, . known "openly gay", . performed a duet disco number "I Love" (I Feel Love) Donna Summer, . which is precisely in this period made the statement antigomo-seksualistskogo nature in connection with the problem of AIDS,
. The song took 5 th place in the national charts Britain.

. In another version of the same old pop star hit the 60's Jen Pitney, . performed a duet with him, . Almond made in 1988 of first place in the charts and first entered the hearts of old ladies, . which were thinned in the concert halls of the usual, . dressed in black audience of the singer.,

. In the last year of life, our hero Niko has recorded with her song "Your kisses burn" (Your Kisses Burn)
. However, as saying her keyboardist James Young, has recently visited Moscow, Nico remained not happy about this collaboration.

. The following year, Almond, a longtime and passionate fan of Jacques Brel, was a huge success in France with a whole album of songs of the legendary singer
. The widow of Jacques Brel praised the enthusiasm and skill of Mark, saying that it is the best interpretation of works of her late husband.

Since then Almond's popularity has grown significantly. Each of his old fan can now ask the question: "What is dalsheN Save whether he status of pop stars or the newly voluntarily dive on dnoN In fact, until this day he does not break ties with its" deep "friends:

. 91 th year, he sang a very dark song on the record of the radical group "Coyle" (Coil), and the 93-m at a small firm of the same, Steve released a non-profit "Absinthe" - a collection of songs of French singer.

. This question remains open, as this material - unfinished
. "Only death, - wrote Pasolini - performs the final assembly of our lives ... when the infinite, vague and fuzzy now is transformed into a clear, stable past.

And Mr. Almond's only the future ahead.

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Marc Almond, photo, biography
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