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Biography BOY GEORGE
Boy George never forgot. Although the last album, Cheapness And Beauty, he released after seven years. Shifts his fantastic image and the deafening scandals that followed his career, the public's attention was chained to his person worse than musical achievements. In addition, he recently published his extremely candid autobiography Take It Like A Man. With the help of Andrew BUKHARIN cast a retrospective glance the way of the brightest stars of the 80's.

Everyone knows Boy George, but few people remember the group Culture Club, and it is precisely in its composition, he became a star of world level. When I first heard their debut record, I could not identify who is singing: a guy or girl. And the picture on the cover could not help. However, it was not in my Soviet backwardness. The British public is seeing for the first time Boy George in a television program, asked the same question. Initially, Boy George managed to head the list as the best singers and the best singers. This affair has done much for his success. Although, of course, it was the combination of the obvious musical talent, beautiful voice and amazing, even for neoromantikov image.

Casket was opened just. Nowadays, all immediately began to discuss not his sex and his sexual orientation. But me and my friends, each of which houses were plates Culture Club, is not concerned by the question of his homosexuality. This we did not care. Excited music. Moreover, in the early years of his career, Boy George did not declare their sexual preferences. In those days it would be bad for business. On the question of a woman's magazine about his sexual experience Boy George replied briefly, but eloquently: "SeksN I prefer a cup of tea."

. But in his shockingly frank autobiography, he is more than atoned for all the unsaid, from memories of his childhood, when the child gradually becomes aware of his otherness to their peers.

. George O'Dowd was born June 14, 1961 into a poor Irish family, moved to England
. Besides George, the family had five children, and until such time as he left the house, he did not even have their own separate room. He hated the clothes that he bought his mother, he wanted bright colors, red velvet, towering platforms.

. His family lived very modestly, but a little George wanted to dress like Marc Bolan or David Bowie.

. It is believed that punk and new wave ", which belonged to Boy George, broke with previous tradition of rock music
. But there was a continuity of generations and. In particular this applies to glam-rock 70's. Boy George describes the concert by David Bowie: "He was like alienia. It was the most exciting thing I've ever seen. I knew the words of all the songs by heart. Returning home, I was singing in an empty jar from the cola. No concert has since had no such effect.

He spent the whole day, standing among a crowd of fans under the windows of the house where he lived with his wife, Bowie's Angie. "She opened the window and told us:" Fuck off. I was really happy ".

Could then George guess that in the 80 th year, Bowie will come to a favorite club of George and his friends "Blitz" specially. to look at them. new romantikovN Then he uses the idea of costumes, which they saw in his legendary video Ashes That Ashes.

. In 15 years, George left the school, which, as you might guess, was the darkest period in his life, and began not less dreary career
. Not the same place he did not linger long. He was always late for the service, which came in a striped suit, different socks and plastic sandals. Color his hair constantly changing: orange, yellow, white, or shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

Real life for him began only after nightfall, when opened disco. "You do not have to be rich or famous. If you had Look, then you were a star ". The apartment of his girlfriend (the connection with which, of course, was of a purely platonic nature) was the laboratory, where the most daring experiments with a wardrobe. For days they were spinning in front of the mirror, putting hair gel, pereshivaya and combining different things. Her brother studied at the hairdresser, and they enthusiastically began his "guinea pigs". My mother locked the door and not let him out of the house in those outfits, 15-year-old George went away with his belongings in a bag and changed his clothes outside the house.

It was 1976, when Britain shook the punk explosion. young people from disadvantaged families have found, finally, the musicians with whom to identify with. Their idols are the same age, but not rastolstevshie millionaires gather on their concerts Stadiums. Then, England was far from today's tolerance and freedom of manners. Ragged, festooned with pins punks hit the streets. On the punk group the number one - Sex Pistols - was carried out a targeted attack. Despite the fact that they fought as gladiators, they thoroughly beaten and slashed with razors. At the disco-clubs were not allowed to come in punk attire.

One SECURITY, detaining at the entrance to George, took pity and told him to go to the club Bangs, where, they say, and going to like it. George followed the advice and first arrived in this gay club, which liked to come and punks. There he saw the legendary Sue Ketvumen, talisman Sex Pistols, and Billy Idol. Finally, George felt among their. Here he became friends with Philip saloon, an eccentric gay man who became his punk-guru. Philip was known in all the London clubs, and with his help, George entered the gay world. "Philip was a gay leper. And I was happy to fill up their colony.

One of the first true lover was George Wood, editor of a magazine for teenagers. This man remained the only lover George, with whom he maintained friendly relations until his death from AIDS in 1993. At acquaintance Wood gave him the latest issue of its magazine, the cover of which was John Moss, a future party Culture Club, a man who played an important role in the life of George.

In 17 years, George left the family home and moved to squat with the company of friends, among whom was a strange guy, who later became known transvistitom (drag queen), under the name Marilyn. George began to write poems and sing. Before the eyes of every young man stood Sex Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten. "If Rotten singer, then why they can not be and I" - every thought.

Replaced burnt-out punk came neoromantiki with their dekadenskim chic. Their clubs were "Studio 21" and "Blitz", open the group's leader Visage Steve Strange. Every evening, George made a new Look, converting any of their appearance in public in the presentation. He loved the oriental charm: kimono meykap in the style of a Geisha, hats with ostrich feathers, decorated with fruit, flowers and birds. Steve Strange took him to work in the wardrobe "Blitz". George recalls: "When I became famous, Steve never tired of the world to remember that I was his wardrobe employees. However, he forgot to say how much he paid me. "

In 1981, George made his debut on stage as the second lead singer of Bow Wow Wow, that patronize after the collapse of Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren. Photo of George appeared in the New Musical Express, and immediately attracted the attention. Negro bassist Mickey Greyg found him at the club and offered to start a band. They were joined by John Moss, a drummer who worked in such well-known punk groups, like Adam And The Ants and The Damned. Guitarist became Roy Hay. Name of the group came up with John Moss. He said: "Look at us: Irish transvestite, a Jew, a Negro, and Anglo-Saxon. We - Culture Club ". George took the stage name Boy George, under which, and became known around the world.

Culture Club was a serious business. Guys wanted to achieve true success. Policy Group purposeful directed by John. The son of a millionaire, who had a good professional experience, he clearly knew what he wanted. Culture Club is not only hard rehearsed, and worked on their costumes, trying to reflect the cultural mix. They were inspired by the ancient astrological and Catholic symbols. Star of David worn by Boy George, came from marginalized Jamaican religion - rastafarianstva. On the cover of their first single White Boy George was in the guise of a Geisha with the Rastafarian dredloks (thick braids, imitating the lion's mane).

It sold 8 thousand copies of the single. "I was so happy that someone bought it that I wanted to write and thank them all personally". Boy George's dream came true - his picture appeared on the cover of NME.

Their first album, Kissing To Be Clever was a typical neoromantikoy: passionate, even heroic songs about sexuality and Prejudice. He remains the best, although not the most popular plate group. More Culture Club has never been so did not play.

Nobody knew that the energy and desperation of their music was nourished not only the young enthusiasm of musicians, bursting to fame, but also a sense of Boy George to John Moss. And although he was not gay, to resist the love Boy George, who eclipsed even the most beautiful women, he could not. The whole history of ups and downs of Culture Club - is the story of their love.

Boi George was invited to the television program Top Of Pops, which saw 8 million viewers. After this song Do You Really Want To Hurt Me. based on the rhythm of reggae, climbed the charts in the first place. All in all, it has become number one in 23 countries. Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris - began a dizzying trip for a guy who has never been outside of England and never had a bank account. Wherever he appeared, everybody wanted an autograph. Members of his family lost their individuality, as relatives of Boy George. His elder brother, Gerald, even a boxer in the ring declared as a brother Boy George.

Begun the inevitable process of falling away of old friends who had nothing else to do beside the world famous. Hundreds of girls, dressed as Boy George, besieged his house, each of whom turned out for him in an adventure story. He had to get out of the house through the rear window, which was not easy to do in his "clever" "outfits.

Importunity fans was a new experience for George. Thanks greatly complicates life. Therein lies the difference in the position of pop stars and cult. Artistes, who has been called a cult, is the popularity of a much healthier. He has a clan of ardent admirers, who appreciate and understand his creative achievements. He has the opportunity to lead a normal human life. It is quite another thing when thousands of stupid teenagers, copying each of your movement, constantly pursue you. However, there is also a difference in financial income.

"I lived under the magnifying glass. My image gave a firm assurance that I have never and nowhere can not go unnoticed ". Like every narcissist, he longed for fame and public adoration. He liked the squealing fans, but not in his own house. Soon, George realized that the fans - it is terrible people who, like drug addicts, always small. The more you give them, the more they want and the less you give. That is why the pop star secretly hate their fans. But they have to portray sympathy for them, because they live on the money.

The second album Colour By Numbers was based soul and therefore gained tremendous popularity in America. The song Karma Chameleon was the hallmark Culture Club. How would the British not despise America, but it issues a certificate of world fame. Every English boy, who took up the guitar, dreaming of Babylon of the modern world - New York.

During the U.S. tour started Uniforms battle-mania. Three songs in the top ten at the same time - this has made the first British group after the Beatles. The second album was sold in the States 6 million copies, becoming a platinum six times. During a tour of the world's warmest welcome awaited the group in Australia. The museum Madame Tussauds wax figure was installed Boy George.

In principle, all this and what followed afterwards, the essence of the classic history of show business, repeated many times with different variations, beginning with the pioneering Elvis Presley. Boy George was 23 years old, and he was known as David Bowie. In an instant, my lad, and a poor family with many children, suffocating in the grip of a wretched existence, became a millionaire. The reality surpassed the wildest dreams.

Time was passing on the move and work. George did not even interested in his bank account. All the doors were opened for him. He does not need the money. It was like the Kremlin communism: if during the tour had to buy something, he took cash from the touring budget. And, as usual in such cases, the group paid the manager more than he them.

Then the group began the difficulties. Musicians nervous under the burden of fame, they felt that they no longer belong to myself. Frustrated their relationship with each other. The wealth provided them with opportunities that were interesting to work. Writing songs has become a painful process. As a result, their third album Waking Up With The House Of Fire, retaining the distinctive style of Culture Club, proved to be much weaker than the previous ones, in what should be aware of even the musicians themselves.

. All compounded by the fact that in 1985 in New York, Boy George first tried the new drug - Ecstasy, which made a tremendous impression on him
. Drug odyssey began: marijuana, cocaine, acid ... He tossed between Paris, New York, Los Angeles. Meetings with celebrities, cocktails, party, fashion shows. Stellar life whirled his. The most expensive hotels, rented limousines, drugs, travel in first class. He even had no idea about how much it spends on all. Everywhere he was accompanied by an old friend of Marilyn, which was later Boy George was inclined to believe his evil genius.

Marilyn really was unbearable fruit. He belonged to the category of ambitious failures. Unable to build on the success of his first single in Britain, where he bought the fans Culture Club, because they knew that their idol everywhere appears to Marilyn, Boy George, he whispered: "Culture Club - it's you."

. His 24 years of Boy George magnificently celebrated in New York in the absence of colleagues in the group
. On the balcony Palladium-club mini-orchestra played Vivaldi. Among the 325 guests were Nona Hendrix, Madonna, Andy Warhol, representatives of the European aristocracy. Marilyn introduced a new song, which produced the birthday boy. He was on vocals. Then Marilyn danced with Madonna, which is expected to be used to support his career, but managed to quarrel with her, calling her a bitch. Boy George for the holiday was over his chronic asthma attack caused by the brute force of cocaine.

As George himself says, "... cocaine - is the way that God inspires you thought that you was earning too much money". Drugs - is the shortest way to see a superstar. You can imagine how many there were hunters to supply Boy George drug. In the end, he came to heroin. Joke's over. With great difficulty Culture Club in the Netherlands recorded the fourth album Luxury To Heartache.

George once a week, broke off to London for heroin, despite all the tricks to keep his colleagues on the spot. His relationship with John, who are increasingly distanced himself from him and struck up romances with the girls, clearly reaching the end. Born George sobbed desyatistranichnye wrote him letters, sending them into the wastebasket, defied his last words, and increasingly losing control over a. In between these fights broke out. At the video shoot Move Away Boy George knocked over a vase of flowers on the head of John, fully dressed and made-up for work, and then hid in the toilet. Furious, John tried to break down the door and cut it with a piece of glass.

In connection with the permanent Flight George was forced to undergo customs inspection, having a drug. Customs officials have turned to him in an endless nightmare. He was invited to Stockholm for a meeting with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Breaking this promise to himself, he appeared before the royal pair perfectly obdolbannym.

In all these stories with the drug was a striking infantilism. Boy George, as a child, wanted to eat all the sweets of the world at a time. Grass, acid, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin - was used all in a row, and large quantities. Of course, heroin because of their "natural weight" outweighed everything else. Ecstasy and cocaine were destroying the psyche, but heroin has caused a real tight relationship.

Fourth album sold 1 million. copies. But in terms of business, when his record was spent 500 thousand. pounds, success was hard to call it. And the real problem was not in the statistics, but the fact that the music Culture Club left the heart and soul. The record has an excellent epitaph for the group.

Boy George told the magazine Smash Hits: "I do not care about their business, I love music, I'm sick of the role of the pop star". It has long been a favorite of the public, but over his head, clouds are gathering. And finally, thunder. His personal photographer made a sensational press statement saying that Boy George had sold him grams of cocaine. Rumor has it that for this he received a round sum. Further, the press leaked a story about their relationship with John. The yellow Sun ran an article under the headline "Junkie George remaining 8 weeks of life". The scandal grew like a snowball. Crawled even rumors that Boy George is infected with AIDS. Press just unchained. Daily Mirror on its pages directly asked: "Will do something politsiyaN"

And the police heed the voice of the outraged public, conducting raids with searches in the homes of his friends and himself. Were confiscated letters, telephone book, answering machine recordings. The whole story began to resemble the famous persecution of Oscar Wilde, whom the British company wholly repay their adoration.

Around the world hundreds of thousands of people use drugs, tens of thousands of them are true Junkie. But their fate was interested in the mass media is much less than one Boy George. On their pages, it has become downright fabulous addict in a giant, if we take for granted those doses, which he attributed. As George himself says, "... they did not care what happens to me. All. what they need - is to increase circulation ". The situation for poor George has developed and really awful. He was in the situation the addict under the magnifying glass. It is not easy to buy and take drugs, when your every step followed the whole country.

George came to the aid of the head of his company Virgin Richard Branson. He hid it in his house and found the doctor, who immediately started to treat.

Police searched for George, and he himself, suffering severe withdrawal, watching the developments on TV. He felt. like a hunted fox. One newspaper caps read: "Find him!" What was it like to watch this cowardly, hysterical man, who are already experienced in breaking the terrible paranoia!

Branson took over negotiations with the police, informing her. that George is under his supervision and is an intensive course of treatment. But the police sought to question him about the possibility. Finally, Joji was taken into the cell. He was interrogated twice by two and a half hours. The last time - at night.

In principle, the arrest and interrogation of Boy George was not a pure matter from a legal point of view. Neither he himself nor in his house no drugs were found. It turns out that the police can go to any drug treatment clinic and arrested everyone there in a row.

At the misadventures of George not stopped. His American friend, a talented musician Michael Rudetski, drawn from New York to record a solo album, the first night was found dead in the house Boy George. He died from morphine poisoning in ostutstvie master, who spent the night outside the home. After a short time, victim of drugs was another friend, George - Mark Vauthier. This was abroad. Randomly treated by different doctors, Boy George still "tied up" with heroin, although his health was not able to enter into a few more years. He admitted: "All my thoughts were about the heroine.

But trouble did not leave his. George was arrested on the street with a group of friends, and they found 2 grams of hashish. The result was a sentence - two years on probation.

"It seemed I was doomed to spend my life in courtrooms''. Nevertheless, his solo record was a success Sold. She was much weaker than work with Culture Club, but times have changed - and when Wilde's career was over irrevocably, the single Boy George Everything I Own once again achieved first place in the British charts.

. Solo European tour, in which Boy George went, still suffering from psychosomatic pain, was less successful
. During his speech in Hamburg, he again had convulsions. Fortunately, the last song. In Zurich, he stumbled and fell off the stage, and if not for a guard who caught him, he just turned to his neck.

His next album, Tense Nervous Headache was even less expressive than the previous. And George stopped making records. He disbanded his group and has organized its own dance label, More Protein. specializing in the acid house. They are George "ill" in the years of the New York follies. Moreover, in England began booming acid.

Once he overcame his obsession and took up the affairs of the label and other artists, which he produced and who helped to write songs, his mood began to improve. This is characteristic of psychosomatic diseases. In an effort to anonymity, which taught him house music. George created a new band Jesus Loves You. In it he spoke under the pseudonym Angela Dust. That's how far gone it in the refusal to be a superstar.

Recorded a single, they went to Australia. where the last time a tour Boy George was an event of national scale. At this time in the airport they were met by a single fan but the team of TV. But George has matured enough to upset. Calling in London her mother, he laughed at how short the memory of the public. In Sydney, George met his New York friend - Nayyanu Hare Krishnas, who invited him for Christmas in India.

On this occasion, to withstand the style. George shaved head and dressed in Indian clothes than extremely surprised his welcoming Indians. With Nayyanoy and her lover, Michael Dunn, who was with him in the most difficult times, George was in Delhi. Bombay. Goa and even Kathmandu. Met with senior officials of the Society for Krishna Consciousness. Thus began the famous flirtation with Boy George krishnaitstvom. Not too trusting in God, George decided that Krishna - the most stylish of the gods.

This fragile alliance was advantageous for both sides. Boy George was able to once again draw the attention of his new exotic image. He did not burden themselves with too much respect for all religious prescriptions. He chose those. which he liked, such as vegetarianism. Hare Krishnas, in turn, grudgingly tolerated his homosexuality, realizing how important their religious propaganda is so popular among young people, like Boy George.

Boy George has visited twice in our country. For the first time as part of a concert organized by the Stas Namin. second - within the Week of the Society for Krishna Consciousness. Then he gave an exclusive interview with "Arguments and Facts" in exchange for information support of the Krishna Week.

Now, apparently, the band of his hobbies krishnaitstvom passed, which shows all the same about his sobriety. He writes: "I have not found God and do not follow any doctrine. I simply believe. that there is something that goes beyond our understanding and guide us step by step. It could be Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, the energy force. Maybe. is God of orthodox Christianity. "

His new album, Cheapness And Beauty difficult to identify outstanding. Authorship of the best of his songs by Iggy belongs to the priest and his childhood idol David Bowie. But it changes nothing with regard to the public to a man who was the most extravagant star 80.

In his 34, George learned to fight to be free. Free to live his life as he chose her, and make mistakes, which are an integral part of.

Andrew Bukharin
"OM", January-February 1996

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BOY GEORGE, photo, biography
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