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As soon as you have the courage to invite him to dinner to his "old man" - unless, of course, you are not the offspring of Ozzy Osbourne. Even without their war paint scenic self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar looks as if it had just dug out from the mass grave (or, perhaps, was summoned from the underworld with the help of magical zaklinaniyN). He collects prosthetic devices and is lingerie. His autobiography is called "Long Road out of hell. And his favorite "toy" - embalmed in formaldehyde head rabbit. Thus, the most controversial rock singer of the nineties, an idol for teenagers, and "Great Idol rotten" for their parents, horrified by the name of Marilyn Mznson.

. Thirty years ago in a provincial Canton, Ohio, the son of the spouses Warner has been born a boy named Brian
. Until the age of eighteen future superfrik rock and roll led a life of 3 and large everyday for the American provincial child - student, lugging a grandpa-distance pornographic magazines, flagged for girls and listening to KISS records. True, . the hero says, . that besides these sets he had another passion - he de sex with chickens on the parent farm - but this assertion can be explained by excessive impressions of the famous stories about Ozzy and shattered his pigeons,
. Anyway, already in the tender age ptitselyubivy Brian became interested in the dark side of the world - as the ambient and the underworld. So far, however, it is escalating into an endless listening album AC / DC "The line to hell". Several years later, Brian began to blaze his own path toward hell.

At eighteen Warner moved to sunny Florida and had worked as a journalist in local music publications. Interestingly, the largest of its achievement in this field was published as a separate book biography of the terms of the positive and Christians Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, visitor to the early nineties, and in our region. And who remembers him now, poor Yngwie ... In his spare time, a young journalist diligently studying the "Satanic Bible" by Anton LaVey and the writings of famous out devil and warlock Aleister Crowley. In 1989, Brian met with guitarist Scott Mitchell, is also fascinated by all sorts of weird gadgets. The friends decided to organize a group and get a befitting aliases. This was the last moment, Brian Warner - now and forever he will be known to the world as Marilyn (after Monroe), Munson (the same Charles, whom you have recently read). Mitchell called himself Daisy Berkowitz. The fact that the names they were now women, friends do not bother - are all accustomed to Alice Cooper. The group was called Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids. In Manson and Berkovitsa it Gidzhet bassist Gein and keyboardist Madonna Wayne-Gay-si. Soon they gave up a drum machine and took in some of Sara Lee Lucas and her drum kit. Their performances at surrounding clubs and produced at his own expense tapes soon Manson and his comrades have done something like a local celebrity. Self-made special effects, makeup and plentiful loud, half metal, half glemovoe sound led some (those who are younger) in ecstasy, others are curved and contemptuously called Manson, Alice Cooper for the poor ". Either way, the popularity grew, and in 1993, Manson released a well-known hunter talents, the group leader NINE INCH NAILS Trent Reznor. He suggested, first, the contract with his record company "Nothing" and, secondly, the performance "as the opening act" during the American tour, NINE INCH NAILS. Manson accepted both offers, is now becoming just Marilyn Manson, without doveskov.

I immediately began the scandals, which, of course, made all-American celebrity Marilyn Manson. At a concert in Salt Lake City, the unofficial capital of a highly influential in the United States, the sect of Mormons, Manson publicly tore up the Book of Mormon ". Approximately the same effect would produce the destruction of a Torah scroll in Jerusalem or the Koran in Tehran - the only difference is that in democratic America, he managed to leave the scene alive. Founder and High Priest of the American Church of Satan, the late Anton LaVey, books by Manson so carefully studied in his youth, he immediately made it to the priests of his dyavolopoklonnicheskoy religion.

. Soon the leaves and the first album of Marilyn, "Portrait Of an American Family" ( "Portrait of an American Family"), dark semimetallic opus, full of hate anthems with titles like "Pirozhki and sodomy"
. The album was a definite success, and talked about Manson as a potential superstar. Next opus-"Smells Like Children" ( "Smells like children"), . - Despite an even greater misanthropy and an abundance of "irregular" vocabulary, . were in the top twenty American hit parade - thanks largely to evil sounding version of an old hit EURYTHMICS "Sweet Dreams",
. As explained by Manson himself, "people heard a familiar melody and thought that the rest of the plate is the same, But as a result of listening to" Group sex with chicks "and" Eternal sucker ". People really listen - and many like. While some resented. But for the final division of America at the camp of friends and enemies trenches Marilyn Manson will need the following disc - released in 1996 album with the modest name "Antichrist Superstar". Disc broke into the top 10 - just in third place, largely due to provocative, but really bright video clips. Religious leaders have expressed outrage and called noisy, and the content of the album, which undoubtedly added more surpluses Manson popularity. Released in September, . by December "Superstar" is firmly established in the lists of popularity, . that led to the strange situation: the press appeared the letter parents, . who complained, . that bought the plate as a gift for children (!) for Christmas (!), . and coming home and trying to listen, . horrified,
. Still interesting, . name of a gift to American parents have been able to read, . then not plakatsyaN And he went Manson - and more, . than before, . - Appeared on the covers of magazines, . not only music, . mleyuschimi and talk to reporters about everything,
. For example, he removed his de two edges, the better to deal with ... as it is polite ... oral sex with a. Not known how he is as a result and not how And this information is generally true, but agree that defies the imagination. In the end, all these excesses led to the emergence of the Internet myriad anti-mensonovskih sites. Moreover, in contrast to the pages haters "SPICE GIRLS", which is, as a rule, clearly a little (or order) need the services of a psychiatrist, opponents of Manson's most people fully imputed. Given that the inhabitants of the World Wide Web tolerant people - judging at least by volume of the "network" Pornography - Marilyn Manson has managed the same of some of them "get it". However, he spit on everything from a high tower. While old fans were partly put in deadlock rapid transformation of a Satanist, Satanist in the rowdy millionaire from the habits of an international playboy, legions of new fans as something to brighten up for Manson is a sad fact. Guy from God-forsaken hole has become another symbol of the great American dream - a modification for perverts.

Released in 1998. album "Mechanical Animals" ( "Mechanical Animals"), some marked change of style and image. Music became less heavy and more like a tough version of Alice Cooper glam-rock Seventies. Theme songs, however, not changed to positive, and one threatened to sacred songs, arguing that "Rock is dead". Maestro himself also mutated: mut-noglazy androgyne with false breasts (recently Manson says that he plans to implant itself an artificial breast) instead of mad messenger of the underworld. Although heaven knows how they're actually look, these messengers. On the inside cover of Manson and was called for a new way: Omega - an example of the Artist Formerly Known As Prince, apparently, is contagious. "Animals", of course, also became a hit. Manson went on world tour, having won and a skeptical Europe, hitherto intended for him as just another overseas quasi-metallic pacifier.

. Whole year Manson spent on tour, continuing to raise hell from time to time, but in a more mature, perhaps, the manner
. What can you do - tridtsatnik. Manson even expressed a desire to marry a Hollywood starlet Rose McGowan, . star of the horror movie "Scream" and the notorious tape Generation game DOOM "- selected a sweet couple! Apparently, . under the influence of cinematic girlfriend Marilyn engaged in writing a script titled "Holy Wood" (a play on words: Holy Wood - Hollywood),
. This is a parable about the human desire to destroy himself in a world where violence - and every religion - is a star, what an idea it is, incidentally, borrowed from the aforementioned above Aleister Crowley.

. There were, however, and something finally damping Manson's reputation in the eyes of those (few, indeed), who saw him seriously as a messenger of the underworld, or at least radical rocker
. Bacchanalia shootings in American schools is seriously concerned society. In the media, a version that young killers were fans of Manson, and allegedly even killed, to paint in the manner of his idol. This "advertising" like she could be at hand "the Antichrist", whether it remains a local celebrity without a contract, but not the pop star with millions of copies of records. And millions of readers provide mainly teenagers. And in a loving America suspected bad influence on kids is almost ruined in time, for example, JUDAS PRIEST. And whether Manson himself, or his management decided to quickly divert suspicion from himself - Satanism Satanism as a business business. Marilyn broke a lengthy article in the magazine "Rolling Stone", from which it followed that he himself was a staunch opponent of violence in the lives of flies are not offended, and murderous teenagers in general, it can not stand, and listened and did RAMMSTEIN.

. Last week, Manson attended the MTV awards ceremony in Dublin
. Jumping out of the "Mercedes", swept past on duty at the hotel entrance, shouting journalists that, well, later - now he is without makeup. But already during the show was just beautiful - leather is dyed purple, from clothes - cloth loins and cowboy hat. In those days it goes live album "Last Show On Earth" ( "Last Show on Earth"), a video cassette of the same name and the full collection of videos titled "God Is In the TV" ( "God - on TV"). There is no doubt that all this will be an enthusiastic sold out.

... A man calling himself Marilyn Manson, all the same, perhaps, sold his soul. But the buyer was not the devil ...

Basil DARK,
"MK-Boulevard", N 49, 1999.

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