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Tarchevsky Igor

( Member of the Russia Academy of Sciences and Academy of nayk Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Scientist of Russia)

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Biography Tarchevsky Igor
Born January 24, 1931 in g. Omsk.

. He graduated from Kazan State University, then graduate, . then worked at the Kazan State University 20 years, . first as assistant chair of plant physiology, . then assistant professor and head of the newly created Department of Biochemistry, . which he continued to head for 7 years, . already working at the Institute of Biology, Kazan Scientific Center (KSC), USSR,
. 26 years in charge of the Laboratory Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics RAS. Seventeen years has led the Institute of Biology, Kazan Scientific Center, Academy of Sciences of the USSR and five years - KSC Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Since 1991. by 1996. vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan.

And. A. Tarchevsky - a great scientist, known in the country and abroad, more than 45 years devoted Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. He heads created by him and widely known Kazan scientific school of physiologists and biochemists plant. In recent years, is actively developing the emerging problem of participation signaling systems in the immunity of plants to pathogens and resistance to adverse climatic factors.

And. A. Tarchevskaya published more than 200 publications, including 7 monographs. Actively collaborates with researchers in foreign countries, only the last 5 years made 9 presentations at international scientific conferences in our country, Germany, Israel, Poland, India and Azerbaijan. In 2000 he teamed up with Corr. RAS AN. Grechkina won them in. A. Engelhardt Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan.

And. A. Tarchevskaya prepared 37 candidates and 8 Doctors. Lectured in Minsk, Mordov repeatedly in Pushchino, Mari, Bashkir State University, the All-Russia scientific school of young scientists in Pushchino, Memorial Lecture, SP Kostychev in St. Petersburg.

. On his initiative, was established a number of laboratories on advanced physical and chemical biology, leading to the transformation of the Institute of Biology in the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics
. The Institute of Biology IA. Tarchevsky organized basic Department of Biochemistry at Kazan University and the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology, participated in the organization and development of the educational process at the bioengineering faculty at the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology.

. Currently, he - Adviser Academy of Sciences, . Member of the Presidium of the Kazan Scientific Center, RAS member of the Bureau of the Physical-Chemical Biology, RAS, . Vice-President of the All-Russia Society of Plant Physiologists head of the project and the All-Russia Scientific Council for Plant Biotechnology, . member of the Expert Council for Biological Sciences HAC RF, . supervisor training and research center for the Physico-Chemical Biology, University of Kazan and the Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (Federal Target Program "Integration").,

. I
. A. Tarchevsky leads the All-Russia project "Fitobiotehnologiya". In connection with the draft June 5-7, 2001 in Moscow will be held the first international symposium on the signaling systems of plants.

For more than 40 years of teaching experience and. Tarchevsky participated in the preparation of many hundreds of young professionals who contribute greatly to the development of science and education in Russia and the former Soviet republics. In his lectures and seminars on the lessons promoted the most modern advances in biological science, awakened interest in scientific creativity, brought up a critical attitude to research. He continues to actively participate in research and teaching activities.

IA. Tarchevsky Awarded "Friendship of Peoples", "For Service to the Fatherland" IV degrees, medals and honorary certificates and other marks of distinction.

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  • Zinaida V. Shapovalova for Tarchevsky Igor
  • Igor, hello! I am in Sochi daughter. She found information about you on the Internet. I'm glad your success and the fact that you are alive ! Here I'll be until May 18, telephone 695-722, it is best to call after 15 hours. My home address has not changed, and the phone number 5-24-40. Zenaida V..
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    Tarchevsky Igor, photo, biography
    Tarchevsky Igor, photo, biography Tarchevsky Igor  Member of the Russia Academy of Sciences and Academy of nayk Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Scientist of Russia, photo, biography
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