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Khalikov Alfred Khasanovich

( Doctor of historical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the ANT. Chief Scientist IYALI them. G. Ibragimov ANT.)

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Biography Khalikov Alfred Khasanovich
photo Khalikov Alfred Khasanovich
In April 1956,. seriously ill famous archaeologist Nicholas Kazan Filippovich Kalinin sent a letter-testament to his disciples (the letter is kept in the Archaeological Museum of Kazan University). In this letter, he wrote, "... my love for you is based ... At the universal, which I had occasion to observe you. I love you because you are young and cheerful that you are full of bright hopes and good feelings that you're working, can be given to enthusiasm, to put a fair goal and work towards their ...".
. The first of the disciples of the archaeologist in the letter was named Alfred Khasanovich Khalikov (Sasha Khalikov), later a member of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, merited scientist of RT, the professor of Kazan University and laureate of State Prize of RT (posthumously)
. At that time it was already formed a scientist, . published six scientific papers (first publication in Studies of the KSU "was written in his student years and is awarded 1 st prize of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR), . defended his thesis on the history of the population of Kazan Volga region in the Bronze Age.,
. The love of archeology, devotion to science, youthful enthusiasm Alfred Khasanovich throughout his meaningful, full of creative success life
. It just had a lot: the energy and enthusiasm, obsession with work and life, love for his students and colleagues.

First, in ax. Khalikova struck deep knowledge of archeology and history of Eastern Europe. Few scientists, so well versed in the history of the Middle Volga and Ural region of the Stone Age to modern. His research Alfred Khasanovich opened it in monographs and articles (and there are more than 400), . written on the basis of factual material, . collected in them led archeological expeditions in the territory of Tatarstan, . Mari, . Udmurskoy republics, . Penza, . Ulyanovsk, and other areas.,
. Alfred Khasanovich, apparently for the first time launched a profound, scientific study of the history of the peoples of the Middle Volga and Ural regions in ancient times - from the Mesolithic and Neolithic to the Early Iron Age
. They carefully studied by a number of cultures of early metal: Volosovsky, Balanovskaya, prikazanskaya, played an important role in shaping the peoples of our region. As a leading archaeological experts by highlighting several archaeological cultures of the Bronze Age in Eastern Europe Institute of Archeology of the USSR, invited ax. Khalikova participate in writing the volumes of "The Bronze Age forest-steppe zone of the USSR" dvadtsatitomnoy Archeology of the USSR.

Of course, ax. Khalikova could not fail to interest the problem of Archeology of the Volga Bulgars and the history of their relations with the peoples of Eastern Europe. Since 1966. after the publication of a monograph based on the excavation of more-Tarkhan burial - "Early Bulgarians on the Volga" (with VF. Gening) Bulgar topics attracted his attention. Since 1967. under the leadership of Alfred Khasanovich begin excavations Bilyarskogo mound - the ancient capital of the Volga-Kama Bulgaria X-X111 cc. Nearly thirty years study of this unique monument allowed to provide the most complete pre-Mongol culture of Bulgaria and justly determine the place of the city in a number of monuments of world importance.

In 1986. under ax. Khalikova completed a six-volume "archaeological map of Tatarstan". It comes from years of painstaking exploration, shipping, office, work on a continuous survey of the territory of the republic. The work of archaeologists was awarded the State Prize of high Tatarstan.

For several years conducted extensive archaeological work in the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. But not everyone knows what efforts were required by ax. Khalikova that in the late 70's, these works have been resolved by higher authorities.
. All his scientific, . pedagogical and social activities Alfred Khasanovich contributed to the revival of Archeology in Tatarstan (and not only in Tatarstan), the success of which were widely known before the Revolution, the works of the Society of Archeology, . History and Ethnography at Kazan University,
. As a professor at Kazan University, head of the department of archeology IYALI Academy of Sciences, Alfred Khasanovich did much to bring up the interest and love for the history of his native land for students and young professionals. He revived the Archaeological Museum of Kazan University and for many years presided over the student scientific circles, which involved not only students but also students.
. Alfred was a true Khasanovich Polevikov - an archaeologist, honored expeditionary tradition, was the organizer of festivals "initiation into the archaeologists," he knew and sang beautifully with the students of archaeological songs (even from the scene of rural club)
. Being by nature a very addictive personality, was an avid mushroom pickers and fishermen, by the way is also very "lucky" as an archaeologist. He loved nature, music, painting - in general was a romantic by nature.

We have already mentioned about the scientific significance of Bilyarskoy expedition. She had a great training and educational value. Tens if not hundreds of university graduates recall with gratitude the days spent on archaeological practice in Bilyarskoy expedition organized efforts ax. Khalikova. Thanks to the work of the hospital and was created Bilyarsky historical and architectural reserve, the final determination of the administrative and scientific status of which to date have, unfortunately, not ended.
. Can not neglect the scientific works ax
. Khalikova on the basics of the ethnogenesis of the peoples of the Middle Volga and Ural region, in particular, the ethnogenesis of the Finno-Ugric and Turkic peoples of our region. Extensive knowledge of archaeological and historical materials are often allowed him to raise many new questions. You can agree or disagree with certain provisions of his numerous publications, but certainly they are read with enthusiasm and interest.

Alfred Khasanovich had a great gift link archaeological materials from the modern history. Each trip with him in the bus or on the boat turned to his companions in an interesting trip, full of archaeological and historical facts.

This included not only travel to the Middle Volga and Urals. People have carried with him on the boat trip around Europe, told how he became a freelance tour guide, who, along with other listened and professional guides. This was not surprising, . because wherever he did not go by invitation with scientific lectures Alfred Khasanovich, . whether Finland or Italy, . Hungary or Japan or any other country - he brought a lot of books everywhere, . albums and slideshows, and not only on archeology, . but also on art,
. Immediately after the visit to the seminars and meetings of student circle, he showed the materials and Reproduction, told of his observations and impressions of students and staff of the Institute and the University of.

Ax. Khalikov could not only interesting and meaningful to talk. He possessed a remarkable gift to listen. At any conference or seminar, attended by Alfred Hasanovic, he listened attentively to the speaker, and usually ask 2-3 questions on the merits of each speaker, the answers to which, in some cases allow for a fresh look at the report. And how many of these issues to students and young scientists led them to the thesis defense.

And the young with gratitude the professor, the more so to talk with Alfred Khasanovich was very easy and interesting. At any time he could call and get advice, as well as a rare book from a vast library of Professor. Incidentally, this library as a bequest of Alfred Khasanovich Abkhaz transferred to the University, with whom he had many years of scientific communication, marked by Diploma of the Supreme Council AbASSR.
. More difficult to fully appreciate all the multifaceted scientific, pedagogical and social activities of Alfred Khasanovich
. Not everything went smoothly in its brief stormy life. Not everyone agreed with some of his scientific work. In this respect, and himself, Alfred Khasanovich repeatedly changed his vzgyady on certain issues. This is understandable. After all, they studied the vast territories and historical periods. One thing is certain. Science has lost a great scientist, teacher and organizer, raises and answers important problems in the history of Eastern Europe. His work will long continue to define the development of archeology in our Republic.

Scientific specialization - archeology. On the account of the scientist about a hundred scientific archaeological expeditions. Opened, examined and put into scientific circulation of archaeological monuments of different epochs: the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Bronze and other monuments of the ancient Bulgars, Hungarians, and the Kazan Khanate of Kazan, the ancient Mari. It is considered a leading expert in the field of archeology of Eurasia and especially in Eastern Europe and Urals. Author of about 500 scientific publications, including twenty monographs. Major works are devoted to ancient and medieval history of Tatarstan, Kazan, Volga Bulgaria. Many of them were published in Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, Romania, Japan and other countries.

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Khalikov Alfred Khasanovich, photo, biography
Khalikov Alfred Khasanovich, photo, biography Khalikov Alfred Khasanovich  Doctor of historical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the ANT. Chief Scientist IYALI them. G. Ibragimov ANT., photo, biography
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