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Sofia Gubaidulina Asgatovna

( Outstanding contemporary composers)

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Biography Sofia Gubaidulina Asgatovna
Name Sofia Gubaidulina is one of the brightest figures in the series of musical art of XX century, who lived in Kazan and internationally acclaimed. Author of more than 100 symphonic works, today it is one of the most recognized composers of the world.

The creative path of the great composer begins in Tatarstan. She was born Oct. 24, 1931 in g. Chistopol, 7 months later moved with his parents in Kazan, where were her childhood and adolescence. Here she lived from 1931 to 1954 in the house N29 on the Street. Telman. In Kazan, she graduated from school and music school. About the School of Music, its director - Reuben Lvovich Polyakova and first teacher Catherine Pavlovna Leontyeva in Sofia Asgatovna were the warmest memories.

After high school she enrolled at the Kazan Conservatory in piano. It was here, under the able leadership of Salih Sajdasheva, Nazipa Zhiganov, Leopold Lukomski, Gregory Kogan, Albert Lehmann, Seeds Kazachkova grind and polish every facet of unsurpassed talent, Sofia Gubaidulina. "Without the Kazan period, nothing could happen" - confessed once Sofia Asgatovna.

In 1954 Gubaidulina moved to r. Moscow, where she graduated from the Conservatory as a composer in the class NI. Pejkov, then graduate school in the class VY Shabalin (1963). After graduating from the Conservatory, has written much music for feature and documentary films, animation. The best known of its work in the movies "The Day of the angel," "Mowgli", "Anna Golubkova," "Scarecrow," "Cat that walks by itself", etc.

. In 1969-1970 she worked at the Moscow Experimental electronic music studio, since 1975, was part of the improvisational group "Astraea" together with the composers Viktor Suslin and Vyacheslav Artemov
. In 1985. was withdrawn by the "iron curtain" and she was first allowed to travel to the West. Since 1992 she lived in Germany in the town of Appen-Unterglide. Russia's citizenship, she maintained.

Works by Sofia Gubaidulina is widely known throughout the world. She is an Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1990), laureate of State Prize of Russia (1992).

Sofia Gubaidulina was awarded several international prizes:

1975. - Prize at the VII International Composers' Competition in Rome for the essay for orchestra "Steps".

1987. - Prize of Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

1990. - Prize of Sergei and Natalia Koussevitzky (U.S.) per piece for violin and orchestra ( "Offertorium") and to transcribe symphony hear.: Hushed:. " (1994).

1991. - Awarded by the Italian honorary title "The September music.

1995. - Prize Ludwig Spohr.

1998. - International Award of the Emperor of Japan (formerly the award, . established in 1987., . were awarded: Leonard Berstein (1990), . Alfred Schnittke (1992), . Mstislav Rostropovich (1993), etc.) In the same year, Sofia Gubaidulina is an Honorary Fellow of the Academy of Art in West Berlin,

1999. - Music Award zoning and premium Stiftung "The Bible and Culture".

2000. - Honorable Order of Merit (Germany) (among the recipients of the Order of, . established by the decree of Friedrich - Wilhelm IV in 1842 were: Charles Darwin, . (1768g), . Giuseppe Verdi (1887g.), . Robert Koch (1906g.), . Albert Einstein (1923), . Richard Strauss (1924g.), etc.),

. Earned enormous popularity and the love abroad and not recognized for a long time at home, today Sofia Gubaidulina is celebrating its 70-year anniversary

Given the contribution of Sofia Gubaidulina in world musical culture, the administration of Mr.. Be set up in Kazan, Kazan Center for Contemporary Music of Sofia Gubaidulina. Possibility of opening the Center for Contemporary Music and the Festival of Music has been agreed with Sofia Gubaidulina at the meetings in Germany. The main purpose of the Center and the Festival is to create conditions for professional meetings and promotion of contemporary music world of contemporary music culture, . outstanding representative of which is our home town of Sofia Gubaidulina.,

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Sofia Gubaidulina Asgatovna, photo, biography
Sofia Gubaidulina Asgatovna, photo, biography Sofia Gubaidulina Asgatovna  Outstanding contemporary composers, photo, biography
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