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Fedor Konyukhov Filippovich

( Honored Master of Sports)

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Biography Fedor Konyukhov Filippovich
photo Fedor Konyukhov Filippovich
Born December 12, 1951 in the village Chkalovo Zaporozhye region Ukraine. Father - Konyuhov Philippe Mikhailovich (1917g.rozhd.) Mother - Mary Konyukhova Efremovna (1918g.rozhd.). Wife - Konyukhova Irina (1961g.rozhd.), LL.D., Professor. Son - Konyukhov Oscar Fedorovich (1975g.rozhd.). Daughter - Konyukhova Tatiana (1978g.rozhd.).

Future famous traveler Fyodor Konyukhov lived and grew up in a peasant family, which had five children: three sons and two daughters. From infancy they are accustomed to the uneasy collective farm labor in the field, to work in the garden, but Fedor is often went with his father, a fisherman Putin in the Sea of Azov. We are pleased to bear watch on the handlebars, helped the fishermen to pull the network. As a member of the Great Patriotic War, which has come down to Budapest, my father often talked to children about the heavy fighting against the fascists, called to work honestly, to preserve their land. The young Theodore sank into the soul of interesting stories of his grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel imperial army, about Georgy Sedov, with whom he served in a garrison. Before his last, which turned tragic trip to the Arctic, George left the other Orthodox cross with a request to deliver the most sturdy of the sons or grandsons who could implement his idea. And, as we know, Fedor is a testament fulfilled - at the North Pole has visited three times, and one - alone with the cross on his neck.

By long-range cruises Fedor prepared himself from an early age, at first, perhaps, not quite consciously. Learned to swim and dive, go on the boat by oars and sail. Bathed in cold water, slept in the hayloft. In soccer, and running long distances among school children was not equal to him, and most of all he attracted the sea, and the romance of the sea. Rote Goncharova and Stanyukovicha, Jules Verne and other marine painters, he is a 15-year old made his first trip - on a rowing boat across the Sea of Azov.

Realizing that the sea - his vocation, Fedor graduated from Odessa and Leningrad seaworthy polar School, he received his degree navigator / navigator and ship's mechanic. In 1977 he organized the sailing boats on the route of Vitus Bering and the other sailors in the North Pacific Ocean. Curious pathfinder patriot and wanted to know how Koreans in leaky boats, three centuries ago, discovered the island and bays, Russian America, founded settlements there. Such noble objectives pursued Fedor and cruises to Kamchatka, Sakhalin Island, Commander Islands. In Chukotka, went dog sledding, appreciating the opportunity to use them to reach the North Pole, but for this purpose later chose Skiing.

Assault of the North Pole was preceded ski transition in the polar night to the Pole of Inaccessibility in the group D. Shparo; trip to Baffin Land (Canada) as part of the Canadian expedition Transpolar ski jump on the route of the USSR - the North Pole - Canada under the leadership of Dr.. Shparo, participation in the first autonomous expedition "Arctic" to the North Pole, led by Vladimir Chukov.

Having a good experience skiing polar expeditions, Fedor in 1990 went to the pole in a separate trip. It was not easy to overcome the lone wanderer hummocks and ice, to the same behind a heavy backpack, and dragged on a tow sled loaded. He slept right on the ice, getting into the tent and sleeping bag. After 72 days reached the North Pole, realized his dream and doing the will Georgy Sedov. However, once nearly killed during hummocking.

It did not frighten him, and after five years he was back in alone to force the ice desert of Antarctica. For orientation in the extreme conditions used compact space navigator "Navicom, focused on a stationary orbit satellite. With his help traveler to the 59-day arduous journey just to point out the South Pole and the first time they hoisted the flag of Russia. At this time F. Konyuhov one replaced the whole expedition. On behalf of Atomic Energy, he measured the natural radiation field in Antarctica on the way to the pole. On instructions from doctors assessed the physical and psychological condition of the body, while subjected to a great height (over 5 thousand meters), low temperature (-60 degrees) and a strong wind (up to 30 meters per second). Conducted as observations on the program of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. And has accumulated considerable material for these departments and their books.

Domestic and foreign experts believe Fedor Konyukhov most universal of professional travelers. He has about forty different character hikes, including the mountains. Without special mountaineering skills, but possessing great physical endurance and perseverance in achieving the goal, he decided in honor of 850 anniversary of Moscow to climb the mountain peaks on all continents of the Earth. It took five years of persistent work. As the train ran on Kluchevskoy height of 4750 meters and believe in their strength. Then there were the peak of the Caucasus Elbrus (5642 m), Asia's Everest (8848 m), Australia Mount Kosciuszko (2230 m), South American Aconcagua (6960 m). Of course, it was most difficult to climb Mount Everest, but three peaks were in their own interesting, puzzling and difficult. Has long been extinct African volcano of Kilimanjaro (5895 m), sung by Ernest Hemingway, particularly attracted the attention of a Russian Traveler. Rising up from the tropics, he gradually experienced a change of climate and weather conditions. If the foot was on the sun-scorched vegetation, then from 3 to 4 miles begins evergreen tropical forest, is even higher - alpine meadows, rocks, and then, finally, the kingdom of ice and snow. As an artist, he could admire the beauties of nature, sketched many pictures. But the most difficult and dangerous for climbers found the ice-Rocky Mountains: North America McKinley (6193 m) and the Antarctic - Vinson Massif (5140 m). Here and in deep snow, and treacherous cracks in the ice, and constricting the breath of the fierce cold wind. A well go down (sometimes had to crawl) to the array, nearly died from cold and hunger - more than three days aircraft could not fly over them because of the played much blizzard.

Most hikes traveler performs alone, but he willingly takes part in collective expeditions. And he organized and led two interesting transcontinental path: Soviet-American bicycle route Nakhodka - Leningrad (1989) and Soviet-Australian car - Nakhodka - Brest (1991). In the long journey to the expanses of Russia Fedor showed his foreign colleagues, travelers, many natural sights: pine forests, Lake Baikal, the mighty rivers of Siberia, the Ural Mountains, the new city. The result of these runs were the reports, documentary films, photo albums, released in this country and abroad.

Yet the main line of travel yacht captain - is the sea and ocean. And he, the only Russians alone made three voyages round the world. The first of them - in 1990 - 1991 years on the yacht "Karaana". Off from the Australian port of Sydney and there came back through the 224 days. And chose the most difficult route: between 'roaring' forties and "violent" fifty-latitudes, where mostly favorable wind and went where the first Russian world explorers Ivan Kruzenstern, Mikhail Lazarev and others. But at the same time, the route - cold, and even gale with snow or rain, dangerous meeting with the whales and icebergs, especially in the Drake Passage, Cape Horn. But overcame seaman, however, lost weight while at 11 kilograms

. One year later, Konyukhov went into the second circumnavigation of the other, the equatorial route: Taiwan - Singapore - Indian Ocean - the Red and Mediterranean Sea - Gibraltar - Atlantic Ocean - Hawaiian Islands - Taiwan, calling on all continents
. Solo Voyage on the big two-masted yacht "Formosa" lasted 508 days and was associated with a dramatic and heroic events simultaneously. In the area of the Philippines, the captain severely ill and was hospitalized. Meanwhile, the pirates stole his boat to another island. But Fyodor - not from the timid. It served in the Baltic amphibious assault ship, doing work for the command in the jungles of Vietnam and Nicaragua. To find the "Formosa" in the far island, had to steal a boat from the other pirates. And found on board the yacht drunken daredevil robbers bound and immersed in their rubber boat.

Participating in the international sailing race Around the world - alone, "he made a third tour around the world, driving the yacht" Modern University for the Humanities ". Initially, on 39 candidates enrolled for the competition from many countries, but to start out to be only 16 ships, the others dropped out for various reasons, including those who do not pass a qualifying run in 2 thousand nautical miles. Fedor test stand, but was hit by three hurricanes hit. Especially hard it was to combat Hurricane Daniel "in the area of Bermuda. Three days on board the yacht was lying, and the captain had to make tremendous efforts to straighten it.

The race covered the entire length of Oceans 27 thousand nautical miles, ie. 50 thousand kilometers, and was the following: an American port of Charleston - Cape Town (South Africa) - Auckland (New Zealand) - Punta del Este (Uruguay) - Charleston. (Interestingly, all these items were flying on a plane wife Irene, son of Oscar - for moral support Fedor. I helped him to address the technical problems on a yacht).

Just the way sailors have been eight months, from September 1998 to May 1999. Experienced the tropical heat and the piercing wind of Antarctica, shied away from steel ships and icebergs all the time drove forward, not knowing of sleep and rest. Some courts have been 15 different breakdowns, not avoid it and yacht Konyukhova. At night time he encountered a sleeping whale, resulting in a bent wheel. When approaching Cape Horn on board jumped the dolphin, that rarely happens in the practice of navigation, the skipper had a hard time to push hard and slippery body of the sea guest in his native element. And off the coast of Brazil, he barely strayed from the modern filibusters with a signal flare.

Unable to withstand the extreme conditions of the race, seven players have gone the distance. Chartered psychologist came to finish third. In his name in America came a telegram from the government of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. "We are pleased - it said - that such a legendary traveler lives in Moscow and continues the tradition of our compatriots in the development of the planet".

By application of F. Konyukhova he is registered for participation in the international sailing race "Wind Globe 2000, the launch is scheduled for November 5, 2000. The main feature of this global competition - it is carried out without stopping, . without a single call to the ports! And that is attracting Konyukhova: We must circumnavigate Antarctica, . and he has long wanted to pass by the discoverers of the sixth continent Russian naval officers Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev,
. It will be a fourth tour around the world brave explorer. And before that he managed to take part in the International Sled Dog Race "Ayditarod-2000" on the snow-covered Alaska, along the way gold miners of the XIX century.

Hiking and Expedition wonderful traveler gives a lot of our science, sport, tourism, the whole society. They show what people can achieve, well-prepared physically and mentally, able to preserve the health and performance, often in difficult situations. It is not surprising that 48-year-old pathfinder is planning to travel up to 2020.

Enhance their knowledge, he is studying at the Faculty of Modern Humanitarian University, the same directs the Laboratory of distance learning in extreme conditions.

Fedor Konyukhov always, even during the campaign, has written and drawn. He is a member of the Union of Artists and a member of the Journalists Union of Russia. In 1999 came his three books: "I saw a new heaven and new earth", "Le Havre - Charleston" and "How to open the Antarctic", was previously published anthology "Russian Traveler". This is mostly the diaries of the author, but they are perceived as adventure stories.

The name of Fedor Konyukhov is among the prominent figures of science and technology in the international encyclopedia "Chronicle of Mankind". Traveler awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, a diploma of UNESCO for contributions to ecology. He - Honored Master of Sports, yacht captain.

In addition to the main drag of his life - travel, Fedor Filippovich wrote poetry, music for organ and artistic works.

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Fedor Konyukhov Filippovich, photo, biography
Fedor Konyukhov Filippovich, photo, biography Fedor Konyukhov Filippovich  Honored Master of Sports, photo, biography
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